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Sr. PM and Chief Taco Hat Officer on the @WindowsInsider Engineering team @Microsoft. Opinions are my own. Go @Rangers!

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@brandonleblanc @CrazyCatsGot2 So much this. No more "pile of empty chips in the middle" nonsense. @seaotta @kylealden @reybango Getting m pressure washer two years ago was one of the best things I've ever done. D… @FPieces @Ryen_Mac @aquastor @reybango #NotWrongThough @seaotta @kylealden @reybango It's so cathartic to pressure wash. One of my friends showed me the subreddit on it. WOW. @brandonleblanc @CrazyCatsGot2 @CrazyCatsGot2 @brandonleblanc Brandon is so dang ridiculous. @brandonleblanc! A new #WindowsInsider build for the Fast ring! 19569 is now available. Check out the icons!… @MichaelGillett @BenThePCGuy And now I want an explanation for what they are testing. I verified: I don't even ha… @BenThePCGuy @MichaelGillett Yeah, I got it this morning too. Super random. What is it exactly? @murmanz @PPlus2020 @DJ_EddieL @DJ_EddieL is helping validate the doc I put together, but there really isn't an "ea… @regancodes Yes, do it! It's a blast! You absolutely will learn more about the hardware. And if you have questio… @sinclairinat0r @Lasselukas @SwiftOnSecurity 😀 @murmanz @PPlus2020 @DJ_EddieL You'll actually want to listen to our next podcast that releases the first week of M… @murmanz @PPlus2020 @DJ_EddieL Sometimes this is the only way. In this scenario it's because the other services th… @Lasselukas @SwiftOnSecurity In conjunction with... 😉 @doctordns I absolutely have a shirt for you after you tackle this! @jongalloway @JenMsft
@stevetex Plenty of people have a record of public service yet have no business doing such. History is littered wi… @stevetex What if they have a long track record of being a politician but have never actually accomplished anything? @Hawkeyes46John Go @Rangers! 😁 @Hawkeyes46John Can't wait for the season to get started! @InsideCow @JenMsft Interesting! The dog is turning pages from left to right. I wonder if the book is in Arabic, Hebrew, Kurdish, etc.? @SwiftOnSecurity Remind me who invented Thunderbolt? @InsideCow @JenMsft I responded! 😁 @StephandSec Ripley approves! @InsideCow @InsideCow @JenMsft My apologies, could you restate the question? @evil_pro_ @Shad0wKn1ght93 @DarvasStefan1 @mdreinders @brandonleblanc @JenMsft @DJ_EddieL Good grief. Yeah, block implemented. @DarvasStefan1 @mdreinders @brandonleblanc @JenMsft @DJ_EddieL No idea what this image is supposed to represent. @mdreinders @brandonleblanc @JenMsft @DJ_EddieL What was Monday? Hmm? @ITB302020 Monday was a holiday which usually shifts our schedule by a day. I'm betting well have something tomorr… @jerrynixon @matvelloso I'm thinking 1620's. @murmanz @PPlus2020 @DJ_EddieL The closest thing to "easy" is the automated tool to help with the KD setup. Otherw… @mdreinders @amanda_lango Are to hitting it too? @PPlus2020 One root cause was fixed. For others hitting it, we need kernel dumps to investigate. Will likely requ… @woelfel Couple thousand years later... #StillTrue #DogsAreTheBest @bjdavids97 I'll check. Did your registration say the same? @pdxmisfit It's the best! @Janisku7 Poor pup! Here's to hoping for a quick recovery! @pdxmisfit The dance she does when I get home from work always makes me smile. Dogs are the best. @Janisku7 Thankfully she doesn't hurt. She wanted to be pet and the fell right asleep. 🤗 @eToroUS If you need a Baldwin to advertise your product, you're doing it wrong. 🤷‍♂️ @amanda_lango #Jelly!When you're on the couch doing research and your #dog wants to hang out, what do you do? You become me a human pil… @doctordns Repro the issue! The good computer will catch the dump of the error happening.
@Public_Citizen Who set the definition of success as "being a billionaire"? @seaotta @doctordns The content in the upgrade logs doesn't point to the specific cause. Without putting that machine under… @jamesoneill @doctordns Depends on if it's an OS bug, and if so, whether that bug is in the uplevel or downlevel OS. @GHotshot1995 @windowsinsider @JenMsft Thank you for tuning in! We're excited to have you along for the adventure!
@AliZaminShah @windowsinsider Patience grasshopper! 😁
@NicoleAbuhakmeh 3 years @BenThePCGuy Send me a link and I'll buy it for you?
@BillTale85 @brandonleblanc @DJ_EddieL @MicrosoftHelps Hooray! I was looking for the doc to link you to, but if th…
@Disch_InTheVOX @JenMsft @brandonleblanc I just use the @wesleysnipes method. #AlwaysBetOnBlack @Disch_InTheVOX @JenMsft @brandonleblanc I pick... the person who makes all the required left turns in the fastest overall time. 😆 @jsnover Fuzzy's? @WZorNET Fixed! Thank you! @Disch_InTheVOX @kittyguy77 @JenMsft @brandonleblanc Why would you manually do that? @Disch_InTheVOX @JenMsft @brandonleblanc Stop hogging all the bandwidth! 😱 @kittyguy77 @Disch_InTheVOX @JenMsft @brandonleblanc Sounds like everything went smoothly? @troyhunt Umm... why are you trying to impersonate Tory? @Disch_InTheVOX @JenMsft @brandonleblanc Ok, ok. I'll cut you some slack. :) @WZorNET Let me take a look. Thanks for the heads up! @Disch_InTheVOX @JenMsft @brandonleblanc Downloading? I figured you'd have it completed already!Anna is going places. This thread is totally worth the read. @craigcalcaterra #GameSetMatch Parenting. You're doing it right. And she's smart as a whip. @JenMsft @Giffdev Does this tweet have proper spacing? I think it looks pretty good if you ask me. #AllTheSpaces @NerdPyle "I'm super cute so do you don't mind my house leaves, right?"A little love for #WindowsInsiders in the Fast ring today. Build 19564 is now available. And check the blog post fo… @doctordns @DJ_EddieL @PPlus2020 Oh that would be magical, but sadly it's not at thing (not for what we need at least). @paulosalem @Kasparov63 The irony in that quote is amusing. @PPlus2020 @DJ_EddieL @doctordns Looks like Eddie requested your feedback link earlier. Were you able to share it? @LuiseFreese @sinclairinat0r E, sadly 😭 @intunedin @Microsoft365Pro @aiddya @_achu I want a stuffed bin chicken!!! 🤩
@RussSr1998 The phone is the one place I let auto-formatting take over. I'm betting it's single-space, but I'm usu… @CrazyCatsGot2 @windowsinsider Thank you! I love doing the podcasts. I can't tell you how much I've learned along… @ericlaw Good grief. That's nasty right there. @chesscom The only correct answer is: "why does this question even need to be asked?". Everyone who wants to play d… @WZorNET With all this keeping you busy, what do you do for a day job?I *know* there are a ton of #WindowsInsiders out there who are #ITAdmins. If you want to participate, please reach… @RussSr1998 That's the odd part for me. I used an Apple IIe in 7th grade, so I knew my way around a keyboard, but… @jimdorf #OxfordComma for life! @ITB302020 @JenMsft Stay tuned later in the day!Why is it that the double-space after a sentence is being phased out of modern typing? Even #MicrosoftWord is now… @MichaelGillett @woelfel Likely to allow the developers in attendance to see the demos and such firsthand. Happy to share the feedback to the team. @Janisku7 That's a tough request list given the current mobile OS environment. @woelfel That's funny, I just polished off breakfast. @LyalinDotCom @borumnet I'm going to need the name of the class. I'd love to take it. :) @Janisku7 Everyone has their preferences! @AquaBuzz79 @windowsinsider @brandonleblanc @JenMsft When was the file deleted? @woelfel 8:30am PST! :D @CrazyCatsGot2 @johnwinkmsft @brandonleblanc I know, right? 😆
@johnwinkmsft @brandonleblanc Now? Just now? *chuckles* 😆 @woelfel And now to ask: have you listened to our latest episode of the #WindowsInsider podcast? :) @murmanz @aluhrs13 @DJ_EddieL @JenMsft @Windows Wait until you see the document I'm crafting so others can hop thro… @murmanz @aluhrs13 @DJ_EddieL @JenMsft @Windows Andy: I just tagged you into an internal thread I have going on this. 🧐