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Jason Howard @NorthFaceHiker Washington, USA

Sr. PM on the @WindowsInsider Engineering Team @Microsoft. Opinions = mine. Go @Rangers! #MakeWorkFun

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Build 20221 is now available to #WindowsInsiders in the Dev channel. Hope you all are enjoying #MSIgnite and all t… MINUTES TO SHOWTIME: Join us at 8 a.m. PT for Day 2 of Microsoft Ignite. Catch all the latest news and product d…
Retweeted by Jason Howard @aiddya @intunedin @CatMsft @LURIE_MSFT @Anderson 😍 Yes !!!
@WinObs @thisisrajiraj I had the fortunate opportunity to chat with @thisisrajiraj and @ramashastr1 about (the form… @WinObs Shout out to @thisisrajiraj ! @ElJefeDSecurIT @SQLAllFather ^^^ this ^^^ @wcstillwell Someone needs to port the original DOOM into VR. apologies - there was a slight delay with 20H2 Build 19042.541 rolling out to the Release Preview Channel. It s…
Retweeted by Jason Howard @wcstillwell @marknoble Good grief. @isdixon @brandonleblanc Best WFH screen ever! twitter account is #MSIgnite / #MSIgnite2020 famous @marypcbuk, front and center! @98codes Ugh. I *STILL* can't get the site to load properly. /sigh @marknoble That happened for in-person schooling too back in my day. (Wow, I really did just use that phrase) @jym_m @mattleibow Phishers gonna phish! @mattleibow What in the world is that font? Eww. @ASpittel Figuring out where to start, and getting advice such as "find a project you want to do and learn". @_achu The one, the only... @SoniaCuff @divinetechygirl *raises hand*
@Hawkeyes46John @Angels @Rangers Congrats on the win. Looking forward to getting back to normal next year! @vivekelan @brandonleblanc @MicrosoftTeams @amanda_lango @DJ_EddieL #MondayMood image is courtesy of @brandonleblanc. He took this perfectly timed screen shot via the… @Hawkeyes46John @Angels What's the final series breakdown for the year? Close to 50/50, yeah? @woelfel @woelfel Uh oh, what do you have up your sleeve? YOU signed up for #MSIgnite? 200+ topics, 500+ meetings, and near-endless opportunities to learn about what is…
Just posted a major Sysinternals update: Sysmon clipboard monitoring, Procmon enhanced filter edit dialog, Procdump…
Retweeted by Jason Howard @GeoffEff Goldeneye for life! I need to set up my remote server for it again.
@rschuerer That build wasn't compiled back then, so I'm not sure how you pulled that off 😁 @Hawkeyes46John @Angels That's awesome, congrats!!! @Hawkeyes46John @Angels Boooo! 😝
@adhall_msft Amen to that! @dipayans24 How are you attempting to shut down? What does it do when you try? Any messages or errors? @jym_m No. @jym_m That's a generally safe assumption. 😀If you're a #WindowsInsider in the Release Preview channel, check this out!
@hiphippie Even the most introverted introverts still need human interaction at times. @CarmenCrincoli I'm a couple days late in replying (haven't been on Twitter a ton), but a belated congratulations is due! @CarmenCrincoli @jpsays @joelatwar @dabit3 On Redfin for 19 hours, and it has nearly 8k views. WOW. @joelatwar @koryteg Validation of why Bellevue costs what it does. ;) @imhelendt @bluewhackadoo @NerdPyle Absolutely!
@ASwisstone @TheRealHariP @JenMsft @brandonleblanc @DJ_EddieL Glad you enjoyed it! I'll take that feedback on the… @tweet_alqamar Join the UR session and provide that feedback! :D @kendaleiv @Microsoft Congratulations and welcome aboard!For any #WindowsInsider who wants to participate in an email-based user research session, check out the link below!… to learn more about #WindowsOnARM? Have questions? Join us live on the #WindowsInsider webcast with… @bluewhackadoo @NerdPyle @imhelendt They rotate what they do on different days. Po'boys are definitely on the list though! @imhelendt @NerdPyle Time to put it in your checked bag! @SwiftOnSecurity @imhelendt @NerdPyle Wait, what? They took away your seasoning? What the heck? @NerdPyle @imhelendt Bring your appetite and eat at their small deli while you're there. Sarah wants to take a lon… @NerdPyle @imhelendt Altha's in Kent. You gotta visit it if you want Cajun ingredients. 😁 Same to you too @imhelendt!!! @NerdPyle @imhelendt It just makes me really want some boudin 😭😍😭 @NerdPyle @imhelendt I grew up in the sweet spot of Texas where we cook and eat tons of Cajun food 😍 @imhelendt Is it even legal to try and charge in arrears like that? @NerdPyle Hey @imhelendt... time to drop some knowledge on Ned! #ThatsHowItWorks 😀It’s my favorite month of the year! Join me at #MSIgnite to hear the latest innovation from #Azure. Be sure to regi…
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@BenThePCGuy @alex "Well this'll just take a minute, I'll be quick." @balanionut @windowsinsider @amanda_lango @JenMsft Congratulations! @bluewhackadoo @the_m4a Why not both!?! @ClintRutkas Walnut is the best! 😍
@threddyrex, you're at Target!
@DJ_EddieL @Hawkeyes46John @brandonleblanc @thenewnumber2 @simonallisonuk @XboxWire @tacobell Wait, what? That too? Sheesh! @Hawkeyes46John @brandonleblanc @thenewnumber2 @simonallisonuk @XboxWire @tacobell First the chili cheese burrito a… @aavdberg @windowsinsider Sending you a DM @kevinurquhart1 @DJ_EddieL We're actively investigating! @gus33000 @WithinRafael @windowsinsider Hey Gustave, given your install success, could I trouble you for your updat… @squimjay @surface I have that problem with teams when I plug in my Blue Yeti microphone to do podcast and webcast… @Niels9001 @surface Do you listen to music through them? How's the sound quality? Did you download the Surface Au… @BoddyZachary @surface Sorry to hear about the issue, but glad the support team helped resolve it quickly. The mor… #WFH for six months, I've finally decided to snag a pair of wireless headphones. A surprise to no one, the… @TheBuddmeister @thenewnumber2 @brandonleblanc @simonallisonuk @XboxWire @tacobell Oh my goodness yes, the chili cheese burrito! 😲 @Hawkeyes46John @brandonleblanc @thenewnumber2 @simonallisonuk @XboxWire @tacobell Which is worse, how our teams ar… @brandonleblanc @TheRealMKelley @simonallisonuk @XboxWire @tacobell @brandonleblanc @thenewnumber2 @simonallisonuk @XboxWire @tacobell I get the Doritos tacos or the mexican pizza! @Hawkeyes46John @Angels I told you today would turn out differently! Next time Gadget... Next time!!!!
@Disch_InTheVOX @JenMsft @brandonleblanc @DJ_EddieL @windowsinsider Needs more racetrack. :)Here we go! Build 20211 is now available for #WindowsInsiders in the Dev Channel! Check out the details in the bl… @Hawkeyes46John @Angels I'll take the win, but let's see what happens today! @tweet_alqamar
@n_silva @DJ_EddieL @windowsinsider @panos_panay @amanda_lango @mpaison @JenMsft @brandonleblanc Congratulations indeed! @zacbowden @bdsams OH SNAP! @MichaelGillett @windowsinsider Congrats!Do you want to learn more about #WindowsOnArm? Have a question you'd like get answered? Submit it at…
@Hawkeyes46John @Angels Yeah, this season definitely isn't going well! :D Taco tuesday was definitely fun though!…
@sfdesigner @BenThePCGuy @Applebees @olivegarden Red Lobster!!!
@SecurityGarden @panos_panay @amanda_lango Congratulations! 🤩 @ReztaNZChap @JasperBoerstra Depends on the burger!
@TheDrTek @windowsinsider @brandonleblanc This isn't something I'm directly familiar with, I'll have to do some res… @MasterDevwi @_CharlesTaylor @windowsinsider Thank you again! Great conversation and definitely a fun time! 😁
@scotthassler @OrionListug @blowdart @ajohnsocyber @CrazyCatsGot2 I like the sound of that! @dwizzzleMSFT Add WA trash to this list. It's horrible here, especially as someone who grew up in TX and has been… @kevinurquhart1 a new flight appears! Build 20206 is now available for #WindowsInsiders in the Dev channel! And be sure to li… @ClintRutkas @BenThePCGuy @lancewmccarthy WHOA! @Rzaucak @windowsinsider @_CharlesTaylor @MasterDevwi You can tune into the podcast while you're waiting! latest edition of the #WindowsInsider podcast is now live! Last month we talked about how Start/Taskbar origin… @MSmaniac_au @brandonleblanc Oh I'd definitely do it in flipflops.