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22. are u okay?

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@obeycohdz @pokimanelol @Toxic__Kat Same here @EthanMotion Understandable! @PallassCheeks Damn, ya I think it depends but also like ya kinda just become friends gradually it either happens or doesn’t @ObeyCast @Graham527 ^ @ObeyCast 🌚 🔑 @simple_dp @ObeyCast He’s mad cause I’m better that’s allAre yall friends with ur exes 🤨🤔 @simple_dp @ObeyCast Play Genshin tho you’ll love it @ObeyCast @simple_dp Wtf I’m not a try hard >:( @DarienBMG Well theneverybody in America thinks they could one day become a billionaire but nobody thinks they could get covid
Retweeted by noshin @Jasssiex SAME when I was 16 talking to a fkn 26 year old like wtf was I think @ChildishTommy One day it’ll come back @SmurFysLife I’m dyinggg😭 idk what I expected his grandpa to b like but I’m not shocked @reallychillguy WTH
@xCaptainxMURICA She a baddie @ShinSnipes Viper?? Really🧐I’m crushing hard on Sage tho’m fucking crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Retweeted by noshin @SmurFysLife I’m Prince when it comes to running LOL but it made me realize if he could do it then I could too 😆 @SmurFysLife Iconic anime truly the best @Xouped OMG @SmurFysLife PLS DO IT IT IS SO GOODGoodnight everyone c:
Retweeted by noshin @crunchytitty This is so cool @AstralSkye @JKap415 yessss so good @_YouLoveMo @Cuddlefull YESSent my friend this tweet and her response sent me 💀 is joe biden’s plan to get rid of riverdale
Retweeted by noshin @LazasBautista YES @SmokeXII @Jasssiex How- @criizum WHAT @Jasssiex HOW @BuyMeAScuf It’s taco Tuesday thoAre you paying $60 for this seafood platter?
Retweeted by noshinCraving seafood @LobMeSomeHoes Fr?? Lemme see @ClawdiaFox @ProfessorSoop Vouch @LobMeSomeHoes YES @ItsGioDude_ They’re mad because they don’t get anything for freeTonight, we have made history. Scotland will be the first country in the world to make access to free period prod…
Retweeted by noshinThe amount of crying men under here...
@austxnnn Nice Austinif U ever had to open up the notes app gon ahead n block him
Retweeted by noshin @f8the LMAO @BlondedJacob Yay Jacob selfieyuh in my white tee
Retweeted by noshin @srryimsara SAME lol. They like what was ur path, *me not knowing where I am rn* uhhh @srryimsara It affects my life so much actually. So I totally feel this @ballljeeet Hiii @austxnnn Lil* @austxnnn Maybe a lik @austxnnn Ur crazy u know that right @austxnnn Who r uWhy must I b so forgetful this has caused nothing but pain.@TheWeeknd shockingly received zero nominations at the 2021 #GRAMMYs.
Retweeted by noshinNot Chloe x Halle about to ousting Elsa & Anna with their song 😫
Retweeted by noshinPOV: You are gaara vs rock lee
Retweeted by noshin @toadsxo So cute @helpIyss LMFAOOO @tcupq Happy birthday((:💙 @austxnnn HELP @Hydrah Tysm @Jasssiex Love u🥺 @ObeyCast @Thenamesjan Dat was wild @KingStaxy Ikr me too, an eraif i dont hit 700 followers tonight im pussy
Retweeted by noshin @EthanMotion IM 5’3!!!!! @MATTHEIS96 Ya she lied bout her age lmao it’s still weird @simple_dp Happy birthday 😁💙 @R9jogabonitoR9 Yessir @eXFayte They all broken LOL @DaBadPun1 Bro @Mewhix Thnx bb2019 me was so much hotter and cooler sigh @BuyMeAScuf Maybe if I get hi enough tn I will pass out early enough.... we’ll seeTook a 3 hr nap.... rip sleeping schedule)))):Men love to call out Biden for being a pedo or some shit conveniently forgetting the children and women who have co…
Retweeted by noshin @omfgiddy Yes @DarienBMG Name? @epSilent Proof? @Thenamesjan True @Leo__ffs Fr imma need to c something different @LazasBautista They sleep on my girl futaba ☹️Why is everyone dressing like her nowadays did I miss something weeb // the weeb tattoo ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏~♡
Retweeted by noshin“can we talk in person” no bc we gon fuck 😔😔
Retweeted by noshin @Lostboys191 Lmfao no
Okay sorry I’m blind @Lostboys191 Wait what voodoo shitOkay it was pretty fkn good. Check it out if u guys haven’t already 👍🏽no words needed. nishinoya's sincerity is placed fully in his fingertip 'without you, i wouldn't have made it, i wo…
Retweeted by noshin @ObeyCast Okay @lesglazerr Y’all show me new levels of crazy on this app @Thouxancapsules ....... meanwhile I was reading each one in a single day