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ok i made one for today
Retweeted by noshin @brandopvpi BUT SO TRUEMight have to cop @Lostboys191 @wholfiess LOLL OKAY @PallassCheeks LMFAO @SoaRZephy happy birthday 💙💙Hybrid strains are my new fav now. They do be hitting different @externaljew @bootlegmegz Best exposition I’ve heard on this topic.
Retweeted by noshinWomen have been deprived of pockets for so long that they’ve evolved to this level of grip strength
Retweeted by noshinme slowly deteriorating over the pandemic
Retweeted by noshinQuick stream playing some valorant 👍🏽😎 @DiRtYPLaTaNo Right!! I feel that. It sucks /: @uhXena It’s so annoyingWhy is it every time I take a couple days off valorant idk how to play anymore....😐😐😐😐🚨WE LIVE 🚨 GAMING SOME COLD WAR WITH VIEWERS COME STOP BY AND SAY HI
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@KittenElise May I squish pls @brandopvpi Yesok i made one
Retweeted by noshin and shrimp jerk pasta 🍝
Retweeted by noshinI’ve decided to return to Twitter. I will not let my voice be silenced by the toxic bullies. So good to be back! It’s a whole new chapter!
Retweeted by noshinI have decided to quit Twitter. It’s just too toxic and a time-suck. Degrading to my self-esteem. I will miss all m…
Retweeted by noshin @DevlisHere It would be so entertaining @kenmahrs Goals @kingtutll He a fit baby boomer @SleepyMoan Sit on me queen🧍‍♀️☀️ 🧍‍♀️🌑
Retweeted by noshinMe: “if you need me call me” Also me:
Retweeted by noshin @NotYosa Happy birthday!!This is my new fav video try to stream today.. no promises tho @Vymps Pretty much I basically get the same thing all the time it’s soo goodThe way that the people at Starbucks know who I am now 😭I go there damn near everyday @Ninja @adidas W
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Retweeted by noshincleaning your cleaning ur room room bc…
Retweeted by noshinAnime Intro Anime Outro
Retweeted by noshin @daniedarkoo @srryimsara Photo dumptruck @RiohNardo @GhostGaming @LaKsoh Insaneee3 ACES IN ONE GAME!! #GhostRioh @GhostGaming @LaKsoh
Retweeted by noshin @xoxabstract No but it’s cute!! @KOBPatrickHayes I don't blame them. Working in fast food/retail in America is a thankless job. Customers treat wor…
Retweeted by noshin @andreas_racz Oh ya aren’t u guys on lockdown again @timmyshakes Night Timmy @privacre LMFAO a real oneYou know what I can’t type today goodnight twitter @andreas_racz What ya gonna do for ur birthday @PzFlash Insane @PzFlash @VinkolaJokic I used to hate soda and I worked at a movie theatre for 5 years .. now im addicted to it /: well sugar in generalTill u start drinking it again... really dont be getting treated with compassion and understanding, yo that is SAD
Retweeted by noshin @OddNeon SAME I CANNOT ANYMORE @OddNeon Right? Like it’s not an option sweetie... @Raayha28 The fact that she is even famous doesn’t sit right w me @epeaslee9854 Only man I’d ever simp for @hydrah I’m sorryfit check i guess bc i don't have a normal mirror
Retweeted by noshin @srryimsara well u look really pretty in it 🤩when you rediscover songs you used to love
Retweeted by noshin @morroe6 HOW DARE THEYI JUST GOT PREGNANT when henry cavill brushed his hair and people went crazy yeah
Retweeted by noshin @helplyss LMFAO damn u can be my tall gf 🥺👉🏽👈🏽😔
Retweeted by noshin @srryimsara Oooh that’s a really cute topMikasa Ackerman ⚔️ | ig: africa.jpg
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Retweeted by noshinIM LIVE ON VAL CUTIES. COME HANG :) • #OurOmen @OmenCommunity
Retweeted by noshin @helplyss Ur 5’7 right?
@ultimately_emac LMFAO @SteadyCam_ I really don’t get it lmao guys be like “this is a problem!!” And then go watch them like pls stfu 😭 @an7ml Facts it doesn’t affect them in any way @Icy_Rapture LMFAO KAM @SomarHD Exactly I don’t get why people act shocked @CrypticNoHoes I know but hella people tweet complaining bout this contentI think it’s really funny when people keep reposting these girls. You know you’re only helping their growth right??… you remember that ur future depends on you
Retweeted by noshin @wethsworld Hey welcome back I haven’t seen u in a bit hope everything’s good 🤗 @reggiemills_tv Happy birthday:Dima just leave this here.. #JusticeForDaunteWright
Retweeted by noshin @ionrichy @DarienBMG It was okay.. solid 6/10 @DarienBMG Overhyped @juicegodjake @DarienBMG It wasn’t the worse but I didn’t like it much @DarienBMG How I felt w goblin slayer honestly @inhumist Same but that’s why we love recaps! @xvslader Bet lmk what u think @xvslader YES omg I had tears at the end very well done @inhumist Oh yes very sad. I know I hate waiting for weekly epsAnyways watch the anime “To Your Eternity” only one ep out so far but it made me so invested and so attached to the… asked for ranch and I got hot mustard ....☹️ @f4wnprxncess OO YEESSSFresh hair so that means a couple selfies :))
Retweeted by noshin @Kittyghostin UR SO HOTTT OMG @KaleiRenay @DojaCat @MixrCreative @zestiscool1 Vouch @MindOfDvs YAYAY @egypttian Ppl rlly do anything for clout @egypttian 😍😍😍