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I put the Adam in Nostradamus. Simply navigating the duality of life. [❤️🚫⚔️,🎤,🕺,🃏,🎲,🎴+💰,🎓+🤸,🔧,🍖≠🍽️,☮️=⛺,(🌎💧🔥🌬️)=⚖️,🇨🇳=🐲+🔥]

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What you witnessed happening to Bloomberg tonight is basically the same thing that happens when someone tries to sk… Democratic Party should be on notice: if you even think about using superdelegates to take the nomination from…
Retweeted by NostrADAMus ☯️Man, I just can't with the nonsense anymore... @DarkCovfefe It's not literal. It's based off of inflation.
@lvtohnt @DarkCovfefe What's so wrong about allowing people to get health care, when they need it, not because they… with the times. That's old news... It's [Officially] "What happens in Vegas, only happens in Vegas." now. @johnnyb496 @DarkCovfefe Not a Bernie or bust. I like Warren too. Outside of that, it's just more of the same. We d… @TrumpMustGo9 @DarkCovfefe Said the kettle to the pot. Ain't no bot here snoop-a-loop. @DarkCovfefe Reality is: No one is perfect. There is no perfect solution, but you go with the person who most fits… @DarkCovfefe So you like paying out the ass for health care? You like that we get into wars with other countries? Y… morning, Tweeps. Another big event happened for bitcoin just yesterday. Knew it was coming. Thought the 20th,… @DarkCovfefe Well, it's "forced" ideals that millions of Americans agree with. 💁 He didn't come up with them himsel… @heatherswan 😂 @heatherswan As you're typing a tweet there's a plus sign to keep going. Or just reply to the first, then, second, etc... @heatherswan Well said, but we need to teach you how to thread. 😉 @btowngirl24 @ResilientMF @shaunking For real, despite the PoC and sex issues, like it's hard to understand that ev… @DarkCovfefe It's because he realized the majority of democrats say they are for the working class, but don't actua… @MomForProgress it weren't for the startups in Boulder, I'm not sure if I'd have any clothes to wear.
@IamNurseTrish Except Bernie has polled higher than Trump in just about every poll. He was crushing in 2016 vs Trum… really wants to run against Bernie. Just like Hillary wanted to run against Trump. And look how that turned o… crickets, I had no idea! @TysonApostol So... Since none of the houses have basements, that's a no go? 😂 I may have some options though. I'm… bet if Trump loses he pardons a lot of his, literal, partners in crime. @JoJoFromJerz Damn. @DelTaco Cool story, bro... but some of us don't eat meat. Love these free Wednesdays that completely exclude people... Brilliant!He forgot step 0: "Rural America follows GOP fearfully and ignorantly elects them."[Burglar breaks into house] Narrator: "It was at this moment they knew they fucked up."[At funeral] Are they gonna lie around all day or what? @MRoose97 @shafieikeyvan Or maybe... The Bleach Boys @shafieikeyvan Boomer! @MRoose97 @shafieikeyvan The Boomer Boys. @Clarknt67 @PipeLarry @yungxbung @SeanMegaByte @Alex_theGRM @BenjaminPDixon "Vote blue no matter who" = "I have no moral backbone."These responses. 😂 BUT there ARE only 2 ways to load a dishwasher... Efficiently and stupidly.
If Warren had been in the lead, I'd have cast my vote for her, but Bernie is. So had to lean that way. Biggest thin…
@BernieSanders 🚨🚨 NEVADA EARLY VOTERS 🚨🚨 Below is the ONLY valid way to cast your ballot for just Bernie (if you do…
Retweeted by NostrADAMus ☯️
How about seats already come reclined, the entire inch they are able to be reclined?
@spatial_anomaly Oh, I see. Never had a layover there. @spatial_anomaly Hmmmm.... Maybe I'm remembering incorrectly, but they have multiple sections of security gates aro… winning an Olympic event and all they do is talk about the second and third place finishers. It's unfortun…'s lucky for Roger Stone that he was just a wealthy white man convicted of obstruction of justice, perjury and wi…
Retweeted by NostrADAMus ☯️Amazing. Do you want to know why we go so hard for @BernieSanders online? This is it. As if he didn’t even win.
Retweeted by NostrADAMus ☯️ @LovesTheBern'all we need to keep our eyes peeled for trickery. Yes, Bernie got more votes, but he's somehow still tied with Pe… @Basselhajj @deep_beige @imraansiddiqi Too late. He's out. @spatial_anomaly Really? You should try some other airports. I always thought KC was the easiest in and out. It's way better than many.Bernie is on stage.
Retweeted by NostrADAMus ☯️🔥🔥🔥 are they giving Biden air time? He's flopped twice. Pay attention. It looks like they are still trying to prop him up.
@Matt_Matros @AdamLoebSmall @JenShahade @chessqueen Yeah, saw that... but if it all went to plan, it wouldn't. 😉 @AdamLoebSmall @Matt_Matros @JenShahade @chessqueen I also didn't originally see the checkmate if black moves their… @AdamLoebSmall @Matt_Matros @JenShahade @chessqueen Sort of... You could put up a fight. Still going to be tough to…'s why people like Bernie. He has the foresight to not get into these situation. Last thing we need is a leader… @antiprosynth If BTC dies, they all gonna die. ETH created the biggest market of cryptocurrencies that's all a bunc… @AdamLoebSmall @Matt_Matros @JenShahade @chessqueen I'm 2 moves away from another one. @AdamLoebSmall @Matt_Matros @JenShahade @chessqueen Yes. @AdamLoebSmall @Matt_Matros @JenShahade @chessqueen Also the more I look at it. White's options are kind of limited… @AdamLoebSmall @Matt_Matros @JenShahade @chessqueen I disagree. Being down I'd love to have the opportunity to exch… @AdamLoebSmall @Matt_Matros @JenShahade @chessqueen There's a few ways it could play out. @AdamLoebSmall @Matt_Matros @JenShahade @chessqueen More I look think the best move might be BxE3. Protect your bis… @Matt_Matros @AdamLoebSmall @JenShahade @chessqueen That's fine. Still the right move. I'll exchange my bishop and… love that Trump thinks he can easily beat Bernie. Just like Hillary thought she could easily beat Trump. It's al…'m white... But not, "make a weak parody song for a boomer", white. The Twitter gif search is needs some serious help. If I had a dollar for every time I had to go find a gif so… it before and I'll say it again. Independents decide elections. Fight them at your own peril.… @shaunking @JoeBiden *Pokes in chest.* Go vote for somebody else.If you’re a Black person out here promoting @MikeBloomberg, we need to have a serious conversation.
Retweeted by NostrADAMus ☯️Can anyone give me one example where these email petitions actually worked? Got one about Vindman... Like, yeah,…
Any chance we have one of those MIB flashers yet so they can forget what happened, where they are, and never come b… are my people. had a roommate many years ago that went to Afghanistan, because he was hired by Haliburton to run rec programs fo…, well, well... This tells me he's been planning to run for President for a while and wanted to have a good res…
@bmckenz44559503 @Jay1043 @amyklobuchar @MichaelBennet @JoeBiden @PeteButtigieg I disagree. Everyone will be so rel… thing I like about Bernie is he can fairly easily respond to his opponents, because he's dealt with their BS his whole life. 😂I do not have what you have. You do not have what I have. Therefore, I cannot have what you have, but you cannot have what I have either. @bohemiantoo @shaunking @BernieSanders @chrislhayes Well I get Bernie is greedy vibe from it, so others will too an… @bohemiantoo @shaunking @BernieSanders @chrislhayes Bad gif, my friend. This is not Bernie. King John wanted it for… Drumpfire?
Oddly, this explains a lot... only is his Tupperware spaghetti-stained looking face NOT photoshopped, here is the link to the original, unalt…
Retweeted by NostrADAMus ☯️ @Elynnbarstar @Brownsugarguy70 ... knowing is half the battle. @Elynnbarstar I was President, on day one, I'd write an executive order abolishing No U-turn signs and mandating a flashing ye… thing I'd add is about interest, you miss a payment one time and they jack your rate. Ok, fine. But if you… also need to reign in some of these fees. It's bullshit that automated transaction cost you that much. @shaunking @BernieSanders @chrislhayes This is the onset of senility.If they have a problem with it, then I'd just say: "Ok, we'll just let people borrow directly from the federal rese… a company that makes apps for government elections. I want to make sure it doesn't seem like ANY funny bus… USA doesn't fit. 😉 much as I don't want Buttigieg to win, we all must remember he can probably steal votes from Biden. thread. 😂 is starting to make sense. How did a no name mayor all of a sudden get billionaires to fund him? He's cle…
This is the best. one of the worst videos I've seen. Don't watch. It's basically 2:33 of a gingerbread man, with feet on fir… @vet_med_ms So, by that rational, if a more superior species (that makes us look like bumbling idiots) comes to thi… those silly Missourians... Definitely no one from Kansas there. No way. Only Missourians. Yep. 100%. Can't poss… come after Bernie, he raises 25M from the PEOPLE. Always has, always will. If for some reason you don't see hi…
*there Screw you @Twitter for not having an edit button. If I delete the tweet, it f's up the whole thread. Jerks.I know... I know... It doesn't make your propaganda look as sexy.Another thing I think should be required is: Any posted polls have sample size and margin of error in the same, or bigger size, lettering.