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@soapthelord POGGAZRAYS IN 7 @DonovanParr @Abdeezzy @jfumezzzzz @coochiel0ver wow sick prediction bro, the #1 team from korea to win worlds? thats bold as fuck donovan!YES SIR!!!!!!!!!! she texts you to come over 🤪😏
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Seriously @XfiniiDFS ? You guys keep just giving me free money! I just wake up every sunday and collect my coin! My… Tagovailoa went back to the field and he’s sitting around the 15-yard-line in full uniform. It looks like he’s…
Retweeted by k4 @Xfini13 @AaronRodgers12 I AM HERE FOR THE SLANDER!philly fans are the epitome of white trash bro i swear 😭😭 the best team in the NFC north? @RySwaN6 i was ready to call him elite last week because I hadn't sat down and analyzed his game log. was looking a… Rodgers so damn trash LMAOO nigga did that celebration and turned into Jeff Driskel
Retweeted by k4brady is the only qb to lead a team to multiple sbs with a defense ranked 30th or worst
Retweeted by k4Tom Brady would NEVER throw back to back interceptions like that. Genuinely elevates him above Rodgers!....
Retweeted by k4I really dislike Ted Cruz and I hope he continues to search for his name on Twitter and he sees this. That’s the tweet.
Retweeted by k4 @ProfessorSoop Looks Great, keep us posted :D @Xfini13 He got an early bye week and is unfadeable for the rest of the seasonPoor watson. plays out of his mind and just loses this game off a coin flip @FourVerts Dan Orlovsky was not only awful at playing football, but he’s just as awful at spectating iti searched baker mayfield on top tweets and i am hootin and hollerin
Retweeted by k4? @Abdeezzy @jfumezzzzz @coochiel0ver @RySwaN6 you gotta call it quits @jfumezzzzz how does it feel to know that my favorite team is in the semi finals of the league of legends world cha… @Xfini13 @ItsCuzzy LETS GO CUZ BUZ#G2WIN #G2ARMY @TheRapacious yah @DepoloDfs @Abdeezzy @xxxinfrared @Xfini13 @Rayswag_ @Jupider27 and if u suck u have to suck me off
@Abdeezzy @xxxinfrared @Xfini13 @Rayswag_ @Jupider27 last time i played clash with infrared he locked in amumu and muted his mic @Froste adderalltlaw digging for gold got damn 😭😭 @BradKelly17 we must take initiative @icedoutomnitrix how could anyone take these as anything other than a joke lmfaoWhat the fuck is this
Retweeted by k4 @peesh 37 kc got ballista limbs & zenyete @peesh 35POG @xxxinfrared FNC has won 2 more games than TSM today alone @xxxinfrared cuz EU is the masterclassLEC>LPL @jfumezzzzz JACKIEWHO @xxxinfrared G2 will win. We are winners. We are #G2ARMY. We. Are. G2 Esports. @xxxinfrared, if I must. Now pay attention: “White supremacy or white supremacism is the belief that white people are superio…
Retweeted by k4he’s so good 😢 @PRPLXD 💯💯
The Chiefs now have a first team All-Pro at QB, RB, WR, and TE. The first in modern #NFL history.
Retweeted by k4 @_AllenSZN Im sure ill hear about it at work today lol @W_Fisherrr They support the orange meat brain because he'll cut taxes!our president is really this retarded“Newsflash buddy”
Retweeted by k4 @Cantguardmike This is some great advice for yourself, Michael. @Abdeezzy i’ll eat your ass while you play runescape
@EricOctoberr jesus christWHO IS THE REAL GOAT!!!! 4-10>>>> 6-0!!! RT
Retweeted by k4Shoutout @Abdeezzy for the Cold War beta key! apparently he has hundreds left! hit him up! #ColdWarBeta #Abdookie #Beta #key @wojespn @Xfini13 @shmeat he’s from alaska, ain’t no bitches in alaska, let him rock 😭😭 @Xfini13 @jasminime wrong jasmine brothis may be the worst attempt at a play on words that i have ever seen begging for pass fail. poverty school 🤣🤣 @notchaselyons total frat move 😝 @defexe @TitanzcL he’s proven he’s elite
@diorslippers true!I can’t imagine the nightmares Josh Norman must have at night.
Retweeted by k4 @Xfini13 @xoNeglect mental illness3 Month anniversary of streaming! Got a little Giveaway at 9 Est! Make sure to come thru!!!
Retweeted by k4 @Xfini13 @xoNeglect word on the street is Neglect gets 0 bitches @TitanzcL Yup @noby618 absolutely @ProfessorSoop @PRPLXD Fax @RaisedByKingsGG @ShuckIez23 @FishyFeelings damn near @PRPLXD Lmfao i’m so sorry. i never thought it could be this bad* @21G8R on pace for 40TDs and 6.7k yards when he got injured. any other QB would be elite with those numbers thoboy was my borderline elite wrong LOL can’t believe humans like this exist employer can’t ever tell me I’m being unprofessional in the work place ever again 💀
Retweeted by k4#Broncos' RB Melvin Gordon was arrested for DUI and speeding more than 25 MPH and 39 MPH over the speed limit late Tuesday, per @MikeKlis.
Retweeted by k4missing juice wrld hours
Retweeted by k4 @Xfini13 wake up at 3 am with a jupider sleep schedule ?The interception was big, but the return from Malcolm Butler was something else! 🔥 (via @NFL)
Retweeted by k4future patriot Henry 😳💪 📺: #BUFvsTEN on CBS 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app:
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D2 Island
Retweeted by k4Could Adam Gase be a good bet to win 2020 NFL Coach of the Year? Here’s why it might be worth laying a few bucks…
Retweeted by k4My brain stop working when this shit pop up
Retweeted by k4 @OhWuzy LOOL @CrypticNoOnee got @Abdeezzy in my ear talkin about “there’s a reason they won’t mention their refresh rate, it’s nothing compar… with androids watch every apple event live tweeting about how their phone is better 😭😭 get a damn job WE DONT CARE LMFAOOO @ltsCamo i hope our defense can really make some changes so andy can keep up. otherwise we’ll be out of games and a… still can’t believe dak got injured. this football season sucks. @Abdeezzy @Xfini13 i’ll be home in 30-45 @Abdeezzy @Xfini13 you should have sex with him @Xfini13 it’s probably from diving in your 80 foot deep pool. that low pressure can really mess your ears up.. CC: @Abdeezzy @PugginRS Pog