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@Ter0me On everything I was hacked
Retweeted by AdamJW @neotippity @Ter0me How you know?
Retweeted by AdamJW @akasyns Lemme see
Retweeted by AdamJWHow Bronny look playing against kids his own age
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Retweeted by AdamJW @awhnutss @Cloud9 @scottiyioioioio @amnesia_cs @Blakerscs
Retweeted by AdamJWIf you don’t do shit but post your ass & tittes on this app please take yo ass to IG. We wanna see thoughts and jokes on this side.
Retweeted by AdamJW @tweissCS @foxwounds True^ @foxwounds @tweissCS
@yeasnar @scottiyioioioio trust no nigga that eats chocolate ice cream
Retweeted by AdamJWNo dude should be watching his girl pay for anything That’s why I stand outside
Retweeted by AdamJWbro what’s the spray pattern for the PP again I just pissed all over my toilet
Retweeted by AdamJWPetition to replace Mount Rushmore with the 2016 XXL Freshman Class
Retweeted by AdamJWmoaned when i got out the barber chair
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Retweeted by AdamJWBro you cheated on her 8 times why are YOU crying
Retweeted by AdamJWmy 6’11 ass jus woke up
Retweeted by AdamJWLMFAO @ariessqc I been on the wave🥱 @amnesia_cs @Big_Bryan_ @ZlNCC @zroyalflush_ Mepee after sex so you don’t get a HDMI
Retweeted by AdamJWif i’m wearing slides and you see me trip mind yo damn business
Retweeted by AdamJW @NotAdamJW @ariessqc
Retweeted by AdamJW @amnesia_cs @ariessqc CS LUL gg's @NiPGaming we win 2-0 in @BLASTPremier! happy for our first win together. we play the JUGGERNAUT @Complexity next
Retweeted by AdamJW @ariessqc No goat anything in them @ariessqc Them hoes cleanthey called Kanye West crazy
Retweeted by AdamJWmaking some guacamole 😩 who want some?
Retweeted by AdamJWit's crazy we was fr in the polling stations lighting all the trump ballots on fire 😭😭
Retweeted by AdamJW @ariessqc Ram not human @RSGLORYANDGOLD tony horny on main
Retweeted by AdamJW* Zero Viewers on Twitch * Me: SOMEONE CLIP THAT
Retweeted by AdamJWthis stupid ass mf the reason im at work rn
Retweeted by AdamJWgamer mode : initiated
Retweeted by AdamJWShe’s using the playlist you made her to impress the guy she’s smoking with right now.
Retweeted by AdamJWidk why mcdonald’s keep callin their sprite a soft drink nigga that shit is hard liquor
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Retweeted by AdamJW @Jet_CSGO @mooseloff GreatnessIf I ask a girl who’s pussy it is and she moans ima go in her bathroom and overdose on her birth control pills
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ima be mad af on new years eve if the clock go from 11:59 to 11:60
Retweeted by AdamJWNiggas be givin they address up so easy for the pussy.. now look atchu..MURDERED
Retweeted by AdamJW @kabooseCS That face is the reason why I enjoy eating @JackBoxDamn they really made a phone for people under 5’10 @Blakerscs @jmohGG @jmohGG It’s the 9900k of 2020Parked my car at the gym and it got fucking carjacked. Now it’s a muscle car
Retweeted by AdamJWthey play this at a party i’m just gonna start stealing shit
Retweeted by AdamJWParents be like “aNoThEr pAcKaGe?” Yea get yo money up lil nigga
Retweeted by AdamJWPOKEMON FACT: Greninja ate my girl out better than I ever could. I hate him.
Retweeted by AdamJWGrandma out here taking NAMES this year
Retweeted by AdamJWyeah she’s thinking about you rn, thinking about ghosting you nigga take yo ass to sleep
Retweeted by AdamJWShe finally kicked me off her Hulu account. smfh
Retweeted by AdamJWTL sleep? Yes I pay Iranian hackers to bounce my IP address off several VPN’s all over the globe so the US Governme…
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Retweeted by AdamJW“I don’t do relationships” bro, nobody wants you.
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pussy is canceled
Retweeted by AdamJWwho trynna link up n drink water
Retweeted by AdamJWNever seen a republican with a good hairline
Retweeted by AdamJW$10k for a dog?? that lil nigga better bark in 4 different languages
Retweeted by AdamJW @ariessqc @awhnutss Can y’all fuck already I just wanna see funny shit again @CrypticNoOnee @koordell what is he top 3 in?
Retweeted by AdamJWhate when niggas think listenin to female artists is gay nigga shut up and come listen to this rihanna
Retweeted by AdamJWYou really gotta be pissed to fight a nigga with one arm
Retweeted by AdamJWi miss the days back in 1734 when i didnt exist
Retweeted by AdamJWimagine being the lead designer of icebox, putting it through alpha and beta testing, thinking the map is perfect a…
Retweeted by AdamJW @mac1_cs Zipline go zoom
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i thought the G-Spot was dat movie wit them guinea pigs yo wtf
Retweeted by AdamJWniggas got action figures but can’t get no action... figures 🤷🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by AdamJWIf you don’t come to my funeral I’m not comin to yours 💯 simple as that
Retweeted by AdamJWjust copped a turkey off the Deep Web
Retweeted by AdamJWNiggas swear they fighting demons whole time it’s consequences to they actions
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Retweeted by AdamJW @dudesnare @scottiyioioioio"Alright, wheres the queef compilation at" - @ramuelcs
Retweeted by AdamJW @ramuelcs twitter be like AOC this AOC that... AYO SEE some bitches
Retweeted by AdamJW @foxwounds @amnesia_cs @rikugoat @AlexExamples @tweissCS @giraffley Hey man @scottiyioioioio I refuse to believe men are genuinely below 5’10
Retweeted by AdamJW @Hiko @tweissCS LMFAO @tweissCS let me fix that
Retweeted by AdamJW @scottiyioioioio There’s ranked aram? @scottiyioioioio Hose mad @tweissCS @ramuelcsNot good at video games because I’m not a tier 3 shroud sub
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Retweeted by AdamJW @ramuelcs learn the spray idiot
Retweeted by AdamJWMy bitch really made $30 in 2 months on Onlyfans and gon get mad at me cuz I told her drive for UberEats
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Retweeted by AdamJWNiggas will be software engineers but still have to wear glasses aye bro I thought u could C# 😭
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