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that's not what I mean- oh. huh. well then.
Retweeted by nota 🐙 @simonszu @f2k1de Ist so oder so eine gewollte vendor lock-in technologie, die von hartcodierter proprietärer canon… story about Crypto AG is 🔥
Retweeted by nota 🐙I met this lovely gentleman on my walk today.
Retweeted by nota 🐙 @0xabad1dea I also make sure I'm not leaking any information through the side channel of elbow/wrist movements @prauscher @_kunsi also, swap netzlaufwerke über dhcp verteilen geht schon mal @hikhvar @InfinitySamurai @j0zeft @b0rk @jbaiter_ Some people complain about this, but I think it's very nice that… @InfinitySamurai @j0zeft @b0rk @jbaiter_ I think credit cards are so popular in the US (2.5 cards per person!) main… @InfinitySamurai @j0zeft @b0rk @jbaiter_ Everyone has a payment card. However, afaict because we have better inter-…
@23n27 @FirefoxNightly I think that's the cause yeah:, someone wrote this a while back, explains most of it: tl;dr: There's two implementatio… @23n27 @FirefoxNightly Ah, so there's a .parentlock file. So when that's there, it presumably tries to contact fire… it documented anywhere, or does anyone know how the "a firefox process is already running" thing works on linux?…
@fluepke hWhere are the engineering VTubers? I want VTubers that stream doing things like doing CAD and CAM, or doing things like rocket design.
Retweeted by nota 🐙Never seen this tag before. I guess it's nice for bars and stuff. But rolling it out to dozens of stores via corpor… if we kissed 😳 in the power tool aisle 😳😳😳
Retweeted by nota 🐙half, that's a lot more than I expected. Maybe I should put something better there.This is especially useful because any single failure often seems simple to prevent without considering the big pict… I try to do to help with this is mentally allocate a budget out of which I pay these costs. It's useful beca… other people like it, here's an adhd&more strategy I find helpful I call "dysfunction budgeting" Between lat… @LAK132 phew I thought you were going to say it would increase @alt_kia @The6P4C aw, finding out what this is was anticlimactic
@Foone There's a whole talk on employing this defensively to send automated vulnerability scanners into infinite lo… love blaseball because it knows what it's saying with its systems.
Retweeted by nota 🐙new dorian electra album is so good @Foone corollary: if you really want to annoy web scrapers, return incorrect status codes randomly @joncraftyjon @kicad_pcb Seems like a great improvement for the many people with red-green color blindness too @neingeist usually they all brag about using markdown, which ultimately just means it's nearly impossible to link t… @neingeist python api? sphinx, still there's a bunch of fancy "modern" tools out there but IME they're all worse e… @DrLukeKA sieht so aus als wäre es irgendwie ein Problem mit dem xinput2 protokoll? @DrLukeKA firefox mit MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 ist nicht betroffen... vielleicht ein xorg+gtk bug? @DrLukeKA bei mir getestet, nicht betroffen: telegram-desktop, speedcrunch, alacritty, keepassxc, libreoffice betr… @DrLukeKA ich habe das problem auch, aber komischweise nur in firefox und chromium. Muss ich auch mal debuggen. @DrLukeKA `libinput debug-events` um zu gucken ob der event überhaupt richtig bei gnome ankommt?I was hoping to be able to fit something more fun but it didn't work outshould have said "before reading this tweet" so I don't go wasting a bunch of people's timebefore I replace it: do you know what that base64 in my bio is @wolfonthenet This is the last thing you see before your problem is solved optimally in 1992 @wolfonthenet wow this guy's is one of the most insufferable twitter bios I've read. He has a link in there to a sl…
@lethalbit my brain tried to c++-demangle thispresumably relevant to some of you: I convinced my psychiatrist to prescribe me multiple dosages of my stims a few… anyone done the "all of europe is red except germany and austria" image with an asian country for scale yetpresenting the world’s first HTML5 accelerator card, for high-speed web browsing
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@Komaniecki_R ok I've found what you're subtweeting and I take it back @Komaniecki_R I think it's gotten better now, but it was especially painful back when adele was popular and everyon… @Komaniecki_R @Sideways440 It kind of depends to me, "bad technique" as in sounding bad or as in permanently damagi… @0x47DF now that you say it, I don't think I've ever actually seen paste that's not out of date. @dbsmasher @ladyaeva @stevekinney taking credit for the work of the 10 engineers you've just empowered could work @0x47DF what about the things you shouldn't eat because they're not food and also they're out of date @Random832 @eevee @gamemakerstk Isn't it basically already what they do? I recall some of them only let you play so… @thingskatedid inspiring thread, thank youoccasionally i think about the challenger disaster, and how the o-ring problem was "discovered" a nasa employee l…
Retweeted by nota 🐙 @alexwlchan "looks like our most recent update doubled our engagement! congrats!"
Halloween but you're safe at home and the spooky part is cool people becoming mutuals and giving you impostor syndrome @SwiftOnSecurity can throw rocks really farstarting the day with 250 tabs open and ending it with 5 🥰wat (this is how they link to their home page) @isosteph This is how I found out it isn't..."Intel SGX is the most researched, updated and battle-tested TEE for data center confidential computing" That's ce… fun thing about "no single use plastic" packaging is that absolutely everything in the supply chain comes in si… @godwhoa fun times but yeah, if you install packages from a source tarball, it runs the wh… @godwhoa didn't you write code that did this for enet :Dwhat i don't understand is if Sisyphus hated his job so much, why didn't he just learn to code??
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@ravenslofty heheheheyes I know it's being run by the IDE companyapparently the official python developer community survey has time for three pages of questions on the minutiae of… a dream that Nintendo released a new handheld that was just the bottom half of a 3ds and had no buttons, just t…
Retweeted by nota 🐙The "x received a reply" feature is absolutely brilliant because now I get to see all of the absolutely horrible re… miss when this was the top result
Retweeted by nota 🐙 @yaahc_ trying to friend people with social anxiety @BlueSpaceCanary they're trying to deprecate the pip3 binary for this reason, in favor of python[version] -m pip. H…
huh so the sv tech bro influencer from the 100k median income town who can't stop bragging about his two engineerin… @theavalkyrie I agree, but I think it's also important to keep in mind just how much time and money big tech compan… @apenwarr @modernserf pep8 does mandate CamelCase for classesI don't remember who it was that told me you can just sleep with hair ties but thank you @frank_rieger is this supposed to mean something
I love Twitter's attempt to moderate content. It's like "are you sure you want to see this," you click a button tha…
Retweeted by nota 🐙 @mydearworld Keine Kritik am Post, zeigt nur wie siehr die Industrie den Diskurs beherrscht. @mydearworld finds auch lustig, dass alle drei Optionen hier gewollte Ablenkungsversuche der Öl-/Autoindustrie sind. @Braendtstroem @f2k1de @darkspookers Der Hintergrund: diese Symbole wurden in Unicode eingeführt, um kompatibel mit… @2DArray @LAK132 also how "balance" implies the ideal amount is half of your lifeIs people referring to Compiler Explorer as "Godbolt" the modern equivalent of people referring to Frankenstein's Monster as Frankenstein?
Retweeted by nota 🐙 @LAK132 to be fair the author deliberately gave up the distinction by removing the subdomain @lethalbit I don't know how DROELOE is so good at that. Backbone and Weird Machine still randomly pop into my head years later. @elchefe Bold of you to assume there's a panel and not just people at twitter handing them out to their buddies arbitrarily
@mcclure111 This seems like an above-average experience to me, considering that 😬 @mcclure111 ah, it's hardware, I'm not surprised about anything now. @mcclure111 how do they test anything (ok I know the answer) @lougrims @IanColdwater @alicegoldfuss perhaps ian should start playing golf @lougrims @IanColdwater @alicegoldfuss Knows the right people. Checkmarks are really just a marker of being connect… schockiert, dass die Juroren der "Tanz für uns Schlucker und vielleicht werfen wir dir ein paar Scheine zu" sh… it is a funny coincidence the CNCF, who basically define the tooling landscape today and are arguably one of… complain a lot about people "thinking they're google" and that's totally right. However I think it's import… @Eulenzuechter gute nachrichten @ruby3x3 @QuestForTori It's caused by the exact same thing (google's incentive structure being built around "launch… @QuestForTori Hopefully it'll fail so some more people can get a promotion out of it in a few years. @QuestForTori That's six guaranteed promotions for successful launches in just one category! Pretty efficient and clever if you ask me. @bycubex @f2k1de so muss das