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Long Live Lorms

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✔️ I can’t sleep so I’m gonna play Minecraft Come hang, listen to music, talk about life Quiet hours asmr Aleksi??… @dontknowvan Kinda slappedLil alopecia 🧑🏼‍🦲 jaundice 🤩 hysterectomy 😤 my beautiful and talented gf for amazing art on your TL. She makes prints of her original work as well. Twit…
Retweeted by 공원 likes and I order from a restaurant called “b*tch don’t grill my cheese” @amandaklawrence Yessss we love noodle 🥰🥰🥰
Imagine walking into the homeless shelter as a teenager with nowhere else to turn, and they tell you “oooooh sorry… @SoulComet Me 🙄 @whereiskumba @DavidSavely Peep this is 2012 too, lucki been hard for fucking ever @Drawnvirus Right like if I can get one song poppin on tik tok I win music
99 problems all gone in that 1 joint My neck gold froze like I held it at gunpointAnd 9 times out of 10 I get it wrong That’s why I wrote this songIf this isn’t my energy then idk what is 😭 🥰 @professor_mgw Shit I be fuckin in public anyway the plushie is just a bonusBro 😭 what is this an uwu peepee in class because @NotAleksiPark told me to.
Retweeted by 공원 @untitledjenni 🥰🥰🥰🥰 WHY ARE YOU NOT WATCHING ME CARRY GAME AFTER GAME @SoulComet 😏
You can ask anyone, I’m literally the best Moira player of all fucking time Boutta go live in a sec :) come hang outLook @ my cute new shorts 🥰 keep it on 🥴 we appreciative out here @graciegeurts Yeesh 🤩 @jadeleine_ And not the good kind of choke 🙄 @PIGB0DY Keep being yourself, that’s all anyone could/should ever want you to be. Love you homie keep your chin up… everyone! I'm doing a 12 hour stream special for 600 followers! Hope you can stop on by and enjoy the festiviti…
Retweeted by 공원Why that first guy got on his paintball uniform 😭 @LilyFrog Hi love you lil @Chrismus97 Don’t worry the worlds always been spinning 💗 enjoy your peaceful night ChryslerMy bed set is all light pink satin and I have 6 pillows We are not the same I sleep like a god damn princessHead so good I gotta wipe my ass when she finish 🥵 @GoGeurt I was literally thinking “she a lil close to shorty’s eyeball” fuck I’m tipsyIf you still use the term f** as an insult you are an absolute knuckle dragging mouth breatherIf you’ve never heard of @PIGB0DY you need to, a great friend, and a fantastic person all around. Check out his str…
@blackapinaa Ty jagi 😘I’ll smoke weed if my baby let’s me ~or I won’t get laid~ lovely reckless time 🥰 @614president ♥️♥️♥️ I’m always off on mondays text me big bro much loveLook like he opened a pack of gum in high school IS A DIFFERENT BREED MAN
Retweeted by 공원Every load is lighter when you bear it together Confide in your loved ones Don’t hold in what needs let out Speak y…
@blackapinaa Yo wassup @LilyFrog @LilyFrog I’ll photoshop your head onto a duck and put peck your beak next to it @graciegeurts He’s part of the reason they still cripping out in Brooklyn!That stim TebowThat stim mcgrawThat stim AllenThat stimmy HoffaThat stimmy turnerThat stimmy carterThat stimmy butlerThat stimmy FallonYo I need that 2k stimmy KimmelRelationships should be 50/50 I eat ass She eat pasghetti @blackapinaa Damn I’d fuck @blizzeraa And also awesome and cool :)Dirty pistol in the car I call it hot box Left him chalked up in the street like playin hop scotch
You guys should go support jade, she’s super cool 🥰 ever happened to those scene Osiris wearing girls? I hope they doing okayI DRINK CHEAP BEER SO WHAT FUCK YOUSo I drive home at a hundred miles an hour, just to see what it feels like to fly And I crash my car, into someone… calling her a slut ✨🥰✨ @cufffyobitch Why can’t I vote 8 @Uh_Liza Yayayaya can I join 🥺Y’all don’t understand how excited I am for my custom shoes to get made @blackapinaa LMAOOOO trump and the giant peach 2: revenge of the peachNothing hurts anymore I feel kinda free We still the kids we used to be I put my hand on a stove; To see if I still…
@blackapinaa Damn I’ll miss uPls pls pls 🥺 you post a picture at any point in the month of may and your caption is “I feel like Floyd in this may weather”… @HoneybLved Yay!!! Much love, well deserved 🥰 @HoneybLved 💕 I rock w you !Like obviously I don’t know what I’m doing when mixing vocals but if I can do this on my laptop, imagine what an en… I just spent like 2 hours messing around with mixing my vocals This is the most effort I’… miiiiight be done fuckin around 🥱
Retweeted by 공원 @DoubleOTucko I don’t no knowbody @PIGB0DY Beautiful 💕 @PIGB0DY Yes but very small and personal 💕 @emiIeeee_ people will put your name in anything BUT a prayer. 😇 @blackapinaa n who @LilyFrog Yes
me and who????
Retweeted by 공원I feel attacked @amandaklawrence Okay you give him one too Come hang out :)Cozy
@graciegeurts :( Right can’t I even get a