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i have a problem w buying lingerie my problem is i don’t have enough money to buy as much lingerie as i want 😔finding a sliver of warm sunlight to sit in while i take my smoke break just cat girl things 💁🏼‍♀️ @bucketofgrease that time of year bryson?how would they know 😒kind of rude when my sisters tell me i’m not a witchthanks mom for the smokes
getting sad to daniel johnston’s 1990 album wbu @depraved_gf i’ll stock it up full for him 🥺 @TheCoolerYoshi omfg okay scott pilgriminsert pic of scott pilgrim and ramona flowersscaredy-cat bf and his super scary gfwonder if the snow will be quiet this yeari deserve to live in one of those cities where they deck out all the streets and storefronts with halloween decor a… miss when jack-o-lanterns didn’t rot in a week
Retweeted by ⚠️have to go in on my day off for manager stuff 👋🤪almost just lit my bangs on fire 😜🤙just read two books out loud with cotton mouth to my little sistersMY FAVORITE VIDEO ON THE INTERNET.
Retweeted by ⚠️if you’re watching this please stop
are you there dubhe? it’s me, the north star. @SailorNibiruX you’re welcomeeveryday i wake up and i’m not a kewpie baby doll and my day is ruined空気が澄むこの季節は、天体観測をしましょ ☆  秋の四辺形を見つけてみてね。ペガスス座の一部よ☆
Retweeted by ⚠️ @yashatovah oh 🥺 @SailorNibiruX wow i love your hairi mean c’mon watch twin peaks anymore all the characters make me too horny 😔did you guys know bath and body works doesn’t accept food stamps? nobody told methe alley behind my work smells like the little leagues snack bar i worked at when i was 17 and high on valiumwish i was a schizophrenic person in the 60’s that died during an exorcismsitting on the damp ground idc 😌 @cuntslaw @imonthetvboat i overachieve 💁🏼‍♀️ @cuntslaw @imonthetvboat it will never be worse than that for me so 😤 @imonthetvboat @cuntslaw thank you 💁🏼‍♀️ @imonthetvboat @cuntslaw yes 😌 @imonthetvboat @cuntslaw when i lost my virginity he used lotion instead of lube and i got my first utifound acid on the fridge @TheCoolerYoshi truth hurts 💁🏼‍♀️ @TheCoolerYoshi i think you need a license to drive firstthinking about him (tiptoe my rat beanie baby) @cuntslaw 😳 you know just what i like to hear 🥵 @Smoking_Gem right 😭 @martymoogle please marty i’m going to be sicki’ve always been #1 and i’ll always be #1can i get a “damn bitch you’re really out here doing everything you don’t want to do huh?”
@TheCoolerYoshi keep retweeting cute possums and i’m gonna end up like thisguess who is the new store manager @MKBULMA @altonbrown disgusting @MKBULMA @altonbrown the only thing about this that says “pie” is the tin @MKBULMA @altonbrown the whole thing is an abominationyou want me? to stop bf tweeting? ha you’re out of your mindthinking about how my bf says “oh my goodness” all the time and how it’s the cutest thing a man has ever done @MKBULMA why would they even post this it looks rotten 😭 @martymoogle why are the apples gray 😣このバケツにお菓子いっぱいもらえるといいな☆
Retweeted by ⚠️i thought only punks and youtubers did communal livingIf I was icarus I simply would have not flown into the sun
Retweeted by ⚠️why does it sound like my cars belly was empty and it just drank a lot of water ?don’t you hate when something that isn’t your bf tugs on your curls? my purse is really out here trying to get fresh w me huh 😠could really use a rainy diner parking lot rncutting my tongue on this blow pop 😏i gotta get home in time for the pot roast and moon magic
@MKBULMA 😳🥺 @vanesaorianaaa thank you 😭😭💘 @TheCoolerYoshi yes@ starbucks anyone need anything mascara who dis ?who wants to get together and wail with the fire trucks tonight ?just gonna have a warm cookie fresh out of the oven and a glass of milk and cry myself into a napnobody tell grandma it was me that spilled coffee in her antique wash basinif i’m not the head of the house then why does everyone listen to me ? @TheCoolerYoshi it wouldn’t be a fair fight at all @cuntslaw yeah i shoulda 😤dads ex gf that lost the family dog started YELLING out of nowhere and got huffy when i told her to shut the fuck u…’s talking cryptids 🥵thinking about spontaneous human combustion and having anxiety over it @TheCoolerYoshi i was wondering why there were so many people looking at their decorationswas trying to see my neighbors weird halloween decorations on my way to work this morning and the closer i got i realized it was a yard salejust went to two metaphysical shops and spent money i shouldn’t have so if i smell like patchouli mind you’re business
Yugioh sucked
Retweeted by ⚠️my after work ritual? slowly stripping off my clothes as I get deeper and deeper into the parking garage and once t… you’ll excuse me i have to go wash my boss’s blood off my hands
Retweeted by ⚠️Danny Elfman could STILL get it idcYugioh time
Retweeted by ⚠️gonna try to fall asleep w anxiety to my heart pounding like a big loud metronome ~i’m getting sleeeeeepier~ @dannyalexson she deserves it @TheCoolerYoshi of course @poko_hahaha uncannymy sister charged me $100 for this
yes you can borrow my little twin stars night light but only for tonight @Dannlockielle it’s always a mood boostercashiers have been calling me hon and sweetheart lately how can they tellan al bowlly kind of morning okay 🥺 @cuntslaw twins 👯 @cuntslaw omg same ☺️mom is bragging about how she got a 90 day script for prilosec for $3.50 like i’m not gonna fucking rob her ?stopped @ the pharmacy w mom tonight doing a med haul vidsorry my head is empty today