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spooky pussy es 👻 @notasexworker_ sf • top 1% • 18+ • 23

• i have a father im just a sl*t • b’s c*m dumpster • don’t save my content • alt @slutburner

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Joined Twitter 8/6/11 @ARook163 @slutburner to the fair! :p
Retweeted by spooky pussy es 👻 @JRADOPE @JRADOPE omfg @SheIuvPapi @Bvinson22 ask brett i’m not into tht @C0ld3r_ FBI PLSi would like to know!!! @SheIuvPapi @Bvinson22 get your ass pounded then @NotpradaYouJJ @Bvinson22 shit me too @NotpradaYouJJ @Bvinson22 i ain’t no pussyi could @ a couple but y’all probably already know who they are
not my reply guys tho <333333 ily !!!!reply guys are the parasite of twitter @NotpradaYouJJ @Bvinson22 i normally don’t, i just pass out most of the timenakey
Retweeted by spooky pussy es 👻
Retweeted by spooky pussy es 👻 @kaykookiedough teach me how to aim like tht 😩he put on a turtleneck n i bout squirted in the dressing roommy whole body aches @hylianbaby__ @GoochYoinker @Kniggwardd @dom_da_dog WHAT DO U MEAN @matt_lasagnaa BITCH FUCK YOUIM 5’9 ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ @DLegacy12 @sp_ceii @CeciIiaaa @kaykookiedough @kayladanieII @latinaIover i’m 5’9 wtf u onnakey in his dm’s, his cum is a part of my nightly skincare routine. we are not the same
Retweeted by spooky pussy es 👻 @ihyykev v good how’re u homiev close to 17k heheheh @GlennRhodes9 i will ☝🏽1989 LMAOOOOOOOO @C0ld3r_ gm ty i will <3 @AodhnOflynnagan mornin :) @OverSizedMonkie gmmm joey @tyskyx morn t ! @N1GhtW1ngWarior gm!! @s1mpkage WHO ???requesting a gm from everyone + y’all better have a good day 🤝💛nudes in the sky pt two !!!!
Retweeted by spooky pussy es 👻just had sexhes abt to kill offset now
@thaboyjozu manipulation works @laprincessaari 😭😭😭😭 I AM IN LOVE W YOUUUUUUUUUUU @Bvinson22 @laprincessaari she means u needa get outta the picturewe love back pedaling ☝🏽😎 @spooky_ceo yeah @spooky_ceo wrong actually @s1mpkage bitch 😑who in texas rn 😎😎😎 @matt_lasagnaa @DLegacy12 yes i can tweet, i slide across the keyboardwould y’all still follow me if i was a snail @spooky_ceo it’s just my natural hair lolfrom the back from the back from the back from the back from the back from the back from the back from the back
Retweeted by spooky pussy es 👻 @XenovisionLife appreciate it 🥺nudes in the sky pt two !!!! @majin_clutch @C0ld3r_ i got two two braincells ion kno abt all tht @jayeedropemoff @slutburner @DLegacy12 LMAOO @C0ld3r_ the plane wifi will not let mewhy cant i watch monster porn on the plane @slutburner @DLegacy12 n thts why ur goofy ass in 2nd circle @DLegacy12 @slutburner we love to see it 😎favorite thing abt being addicted to nicotine @x2Dubz u gotta point @x2Dubz why would i offer this white women a free trial to my ofmf like me squirtshe hasn’t done anything but look at me but i don’t like itdo i call her a mayo monkey or whatyall i’m sitting next to a white women n she keeps looking at menudes in the sky !!!!im on a plane,,, yall know what tht means 😎bitches really try it as if i don’t love to fight @loventic1954 @Bvinson22 try it again @loventic1954 @Bvinson22 no it actually wouldn’t lol @JoLOLW i hope today comes around for u <3 @GoochYoinker yes @GlennRhodes9 apple juice is very goodgood morning guys howre r we feeling today,? i’m 0, extremely happy :) tryna dick ride my bf, yall both are very fucking wrong lmao this i know
oh nvm i turned brightness upi am confused @x2Dubz @Jonatha84848087 @Gokublackburner wrong ☝🏽 @Jonatha84848087 @Gokublackburner no @Gokublackburner i’m just giving them to my bestieI FOUND MY AIRPODS!!!!! THEY WERE UNDER MY CHAIR IN MY CARRRR. I JUST BOUGHT NEW ONESSSSS ONFFFOSSLSLSLSSnah you think this is going to work when ur w an astrology bitch ??? thopussy is so prettymy pussy abt to waxed n i’m getting a facial right after, couldn’t be happier :p @kaykookiedough when ur both facing each other n hes fucking u while ur curled up on his chest >>>why’d you have to ruin it @Apple_juice_bae great idea @DLegacy12 “it’s nothing racism is dark humor” if you can’t make a joke without putting people down you’re not funny, you’re fucking dense @xxJasonJxx embarrassing @DLegacy12 i’m LOOKING n i see nothingwho’s raising these peoplethis is quite literally parentless behavior @T_da_depressed1 @TheeHornyyPoPo he’s a fraudsomeone call the horny police on me please i can’t do this anymore