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plays well with others. he/him

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@aquariaofficial @thatonequeen @dragraceukbbc This gave me a good lol I needed last night. My two fav queens. Miss u 😽LGBT hate crimes still happening everyday here in America. In 2021. They lost everything. Go donate if you can.
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Mama a fruit more addicting than pomegranate seeds @sha__wn Bring back the beardThe way the spice girls still slap 20+ years later. Sheesh you can’t fuck with girl power, huh? @_ToxicKing_ 💰 @CoreyBlimey Natural selection @CoreyBlimey 😭😍Let’s ride in LA 🥶🥶 @antwou How do I become part of said group @touchmelovely Get to work birthday to a real king @majormitchmajor dancing til sunrise at 2017 Sydney Marci Gras 🎉 @rauIed Let’s see it
@sugarbbychris Everybody loves a party trick @ryanntweets_ I quit @DustinNorris I wish I was lyingMoved into my new place yesterday and already lost a set of keys 🤡 @ryanntweets_ You’re lying @sugarbbychris Same @rauIed The later @urdadssidepiece Actually tho
@sugarbbychris BlockedHonestly there’s nothing like ur friends telling you they’re proud of you 🥺 I’d rather my friends than parents! @iAsOmer @AnalGoddess770 Dm me! @JohnnySibilly Can do 🙃 @jakewil Yesssss that was the first one I made @sugarbbychris !!! Just don’t call me @jakewil No one else could literally ever for ever @ryanfleischer_ @fernfromecuador Said no one ever @mikey_almeida Don’t trust anybody @mikey_almeida No it’s just people lying saying that their in the top 1% 🐸 🍵Moving into my own place today and bought myself a lil housewarming present @djmxtitty Girl same. as we speak 😛😛 we on that same cycle mamaAri shoulda remixed Motive and added Meg. boom 🤯 @ColtonPappas sigh @demarcocolby assemble!wheres Onika when you need her. Calling all BarbsBeyonce is the real queen when it comes to remixes. she gives u a different song. a REMIX. when she collabs with so… hate when remixes are just added verses. its boring. nothing on Ari's part was different. meh34+35 remix...
B*rret P*ll is gay cancer @JohnnySibilly Sometimes you wanna lounge long ways but not have to turn ur neck 🥴I hate these people so much 😩
Retweeted by Cameron @ColtonPappas I wish m*dison b**r wasn’t coming to mindSay *i-i-i-i-i in favor of making Hallucinate the National Anthem say I @smith__ryan__ Here here 🥂I’m not saying I’m a genius but I’m also not not saying I’m a genius @tylersunderland 😔 @itslikeeveryday @thatonequeen @monetxchange Tv is hanging from the ceilingYallll 😩😩 @thatonequeen @monetxchange @ColtonPappas !!!!! I just heard it for the first time and was so confused. Like we really listening to a love song by a 16 year old 🥴 @rauIed All the above @MannyDye I’m skyImagine not being gay @farrahrized Agreed @ColtonPappas It’s fairnot this #Facebook story getting me put in @Facebook jail 4 “nudity” & “sexual activity” when it’s just 3 Black que…
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I think my crush removed me fro his close friends. What should I doMy guess is Meg and doja for some reason Meg in the commentssssfjdlgjsvf @MaartenThor That’s this one! Just doesn’t say for some reason @highluronicacid Very that @Javichondo @ALXJLCR I’m fag @DustinNorris That part @r33dles 😂😂 @ColtonPappas YuhRemember, mixed signals mean no @ColtonPappas @ALXJLCR My brain is too ADD @CyberBully92 @ALXJLCR She’s got a lot to say!There are two types of texters out there. Which are you? @ALXJLCR @thewhitmore @LoveIsland Get to grafting! @samartinezjr ViewsGave myself a cut @ColtonPappas The girls are deaf apparentlyOof. It stung reading “20years” @_ToxicKing_ No
Ibiza, 2017 || search results for the word “sky” in your camera roll @AuntyTare I’ll investigate. Is she a tiktok girl or something! I just am missing the connection how she has this m… @ryanfleischer_ @PopCrave I know I’ve seen. But I’ve seen her name all over the place so who is she?Can someone fill me in on who this girl is @eww_donald Make up team quit too 🥴A pet peeve of mine is when distant acquaintances hit you up to casually chat on Grindr. Like I’m not tryna be rude… from the song being fire, it’s the she ate up the video in ONE continuous take 🥵🥵 @touchmelovely That’s not Richard 😩 @sugarbbychris I hate our country @sha__wn Le kingThis is sending me @th3saddestangel That’s amazingWhen you stop & think about it...Janet Jackson’s ‘All For You’ really is one of those perfect pop songs hey? 🔥
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When people say “virtual hug” as they go to give an air hug