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@petrifyingz @GeorgeNotFound @DreamWasTaken I did! The first ten minutes I was running on pure adrenaline, but then… @TimeDeo @DreamWasTaken @GeorgeNotFound I'm offended you would assume I nah i'm kidding I didn't. @skxxxpy @GeorgeNotFound @DreamWasTaken My perspective is youtube recommended one of george's videos, and i fell in… @Markthomas007_ @misterk7_ @DreamWasTaken @GeorgeNotFound My muscle memory to press q to switch active item (from f… @OddBreadtwt @misterk7_ @DreamWasTaken @GeorgeNotFound Switch version, for like half an hour. @TCMartinn @FrudDoorJebus @DreamWasTaken @GeorgeNotFound I don't remember if i changed it over to my new email when… @misterk7_ @DreamWasTaken @GeorgeNotFound Oh yeah, definitely. I remembered most recipes though. @FrudDoorJebus @DreamWasTaken @GeorgeNotFound New account, they did some server magic to make it appear like Notch.… @DreamWasTaken @GeorgeNotFound That was absolutely terrifying, but a lot of fun! Thanks for inviting me. Rendering… was a blast, video soon! @GeorgeNotFound @notch
Retweeted by Notch @Kappische <3 <3 :D @Jash_Bauva Oh wow, I didn't even realize there were different rock types now! Looks neat, good pick :) @Cpotatoe1 @Vernaculis Possibly because I'm not talking to you. @Jash_Bauva What's yours? @Vernaculis I can (and probably am) play off this to myself as I don't want to finish figuring everything out yet,… @KyeYeee I used to be VERY interested in it. Then I broke all my VR headsets and misunderstood the meetings I had… @thurbridi @Cryonicus But look at how much time you saved! @Jash_Bauva The grass block's pretty high up there. (grass on top, dirt on sides were directly inspired by 2d sideview games btw)I flirt with learning like a skydiver flirts with death. I apparently go out of my way not to learn, but I like the rush of it. @WubWubWeb The frame is metal!! I had forgotten that, it took a while to get since I ordered it. But yes, the meta… @LockFarm @BenSS I was going to argue that I didn't know what yet, but that just made me realize I totally do. Bei…
@1iron4 Thanks! @iykury @Def_Not_Dan *now noticing. @iykury @Def_Not_Dan I'm back on my (extremely dirty, I'm not noticing more than ever) Model M, so I can press spac… @Def_Not_Dan yesicopyandpastedthose. howamithiseasytoentertain @Def_Not_Dan i am w a s t e f u l! @DeshFyre IMightHaveToStartTypingLikeThis.ISureHopeNoneOfMyPasswordsContainASpace. OkIllSwitchBackToTheModelMUntil… keyboand, feeling cute. might delete later @_WOLFPACKED btw thank you for your candidness, this is where I want us to go. @_WOLFPACKED Definitely the latter one. Just starting to see that now. Initially I thought what I was doing was sh… @jimiginis Procedurally generated ring world? That's neat stuff! @RezoNarte I seem to have deliberate gone about this in the most chaotic way. @_WOLFPACKED I liked that boulder a bit too much, I think. I wonder if I learned my lesson, or if just miss it and… @_WOLFPACKED With minecraft, the player base certainly took that role. Or at least it felt like it was them who were inspiring me. @11Cubes11 I did order a couple of super duper neat graphics card with ray tracing tech for me to keep having fun w… @11Cubes11 I could be playing with the tech still, but I really doubt I'll finish it or anything based on tech on m… @Commanderstitch *of silliness. @Commanderstitch Rubberbrain is me and Jakob playing office. We have no structure on top of us, and I suspect neith… @j7ht The response I've been giving people all this time is "because it wasn't any fun", but I suspect part of me n… @Fredsplacerad I had a moment where I went "well I clearly can't call it 0x10c", followed by a brief pause. "Well… @iKiWYs Or I was thinking something pronounceable.And status update: I'm going to need someone driven to help me start up a studio, but I'm afraid to ask anyone I kn… the things I want to try to make in VR keeps gravitating towards a game quite similar to what I was planning wi… @Vernaculis Is that like getting an ad to buy spotify premium because it gets rid of the ads? Like that's the defau… @slyceth something like that yeah @SpikeyNDS Boneworks: "Where do we go from here." Index Controller: "Anywhere but forwards!" @bloodmute Haha, yeah that about sums it up. Trying to use the Vive controllers now, and I'm seriously considering… @JesterScout I spent a couple of hours running diagonally in boneworks until that started getting unreliable as wel… @Tackleberry132 I'm less inclined to say yes now. 1000 dollars, and my controller broke after a few weeks? I can af… @Quien_Sabe_UwU They're fantastic. A couple of other albums I dig about equally much are Music Has the Right to Ch… out the Valve Index controllers are a bit fragile. The left analogue stick will now longer go all the way up,…
@KyleMcCarthy @JERICHO @jennaezarik I go for little strolls in my apartment in the middle of the night, kyle. I get… @jennaezarik @KyleMcCarthy @JERICHO It's the best one imo. @ShroomieD aww man @KyleMcCarthy @JERICHO @jennaezarik Bless your soul, you blissful fool, these be not true olds! Hear my warning and… @superbskeppy @DreamWasTaken I wish I had your freedom. Going through all those messages takes up easily a minute o… @DreamWasTaken Check this out. I'm telling you man, being famous is hard work. You'll find out once you get as famo… @DreamWasTaken Ok, I'm in. Tomorrow and Tuesday evening Swedish time works for me, or any time Wednesday. Also th… @MIITRIN And half life fans think they have wanted forever... I want my laser mirrors in 3d!!
Retweeted by NotchRescue Rover is to id software what Shiny Happy People is to R.E.M.
@Yabokuwu1 Yeah this is just pure addiction to closure at this point, haha. @Thomas_beest And if you're using the valve index, teleport movement only works if you're not holding the grip butt… @Thomas_beest Thanks for the tip! I checked out Derail Valley in VR. Early access, and plenty of jank, but you hav… didn't expect Boneworks to turn into Out of Bounds Simulator, but I'm digging it. I'm also apparently massively o… @shoddycast @Jovial_Duck Well also what you said. But that version up above makes me look better, so I only mention that. @shoddycast @Jovial_Duck No I said that because the good guys are starting to win, and i want you to be part of it. @glowingbubs @dakedres Haha, nah he's dope. He's a bit unfiltered, and I love him for it more than it drives me nuts, so it works out. @dakedres It's totally benign. I'm quoting a friend who told me that while asking me for a favour, but I didn't wan… @shoddycast Maybe you're joking. It is a pretty funny joke after all, to threaten violence. @GregoryMakles I guess it also has a certain magic the gathering charm to it, where I try to make sure I've prepare… @GregoryMakles So that's probably our core preference difference. I go hardcore in FPS modes, but prefer strategy a… @GregoryMakles I was sort of bluffing, but this is cool! I think I prefer the small amount of RNG in strategy game… @Gooddarandomguy There are a bunch of different techniques and substances available to make it easier to practice i… @shoddycast You appear to have violent tendencies. Maybe go talk to someone if these get worse."You can't be trusted to do anything other than play games", he said. I don't think I'll be helping him out with h… @BadGuacamoleTV I was told this was not the case, but that sounds neat. @GregoryMakles You should probably calm down and let me enjoy my fun. Instead of saying what is bad about the one… @GregoryMakles @SkyWilliams this guy chesses @Graizur I did, just now. @JERICHO @KyleKashuv @KyleMcCarthy Oh hey look at that, turns out I did an stupid. That's good to know. @IsaacPlumbo @Emanthedawg @CountDankulaTV You win this round. @IsaacPlumbo @Emanthedawg @CountDankulaTV Look pal, I'm not about to sit here and take y... "Granular"? @RealRichRacc @MoB0dy *hugs* @poker_210 i have no idea whateverstv'd you're talking about. @toast_toaster Um. Ok so.. Uh. I'm playing on switch, where there are no mods. I don't know if it supports mods on some other platform. @IsaacPlumbo @Emanthedawg @CountDankulaTV Yes I do, yes I do! *clears throat* A coding is when a brain and an idea… @plazak2 I'm not a gambling person, but no I'm not. @dragonwolfwinds Belated well wishes to you and yours too. <3 Thank you, I had a lovely time, and it appears to be… @dammit_itsahmed I feel naughty, yet powerful, like the mighty cat when it's pushing your keys to the floor while making eye contact.The only mods are: Asleep, Quick Post and Central Processing @Emanthedawg @CountDankulaTV It's not a magic trick. @GavinFree @xxlonwolfxx11 Must be a long video! @CountDankulaTV I did not expect that to be that neat
@Sarcastic_hubby @Bloodstainer Yeah I glossed owner spawn points and environmental effects. The addition of randomn… @SkyWilliams Yeah, I thought I unlocked the final characters the other day. Turns out I unlocked another 25 coins t… @Bloodstainer Turn order is: 1) enemy plans their turn and shows it on the board 2) player plans and executes thei… @Mitchfynde @SkyWilliams It makes it so clear I obviously have not mastered the game, and even if I learned that th… @Mitchfynde @SkyWilliams I think part of why I like the game so much now is that I usually realize the perfect solu…