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@ZentronZ @Sub2AEmilk Yeah i found a few more when i was out! Should be some in the chest. @georgebsocial Sure does! haha @airplaneboy14YT Hard to know from here. :) @georgebsocial That's pretty good @Sub2AEmilk ye ye, you got it! *hands over like 12 pearls*
@BurgerDelivery3 I think burger..Whoopsie doopsie! All is working as intended here sir! Always has! *kicks remnant of previous iteration back under rug* @KyleMcCarthy Smashville? @Abyvs_ @CRJdos @LeadheadYT To you, sure. With no evidence either way, you are choosing to slot in an explanation… @CRJdos @LeadheadYT You're filling in the gaps. @Kindhamster1138 @LeadheadYT I wish you luck. @Kindhamster1138 @LeadheadYT Are you unaware she encouraged civil discussion about these things? @CRJdos @LeadheadYT So the people who are just there for the content are bigots? @TylerGlaiel @Mynamebetter1 Counter-example: Boots of fire walking @TylerGlaiel @Esque_FL @MGVoltJesker I love that stuff in like a space flight simulator. In an FPS i operate strict… @Esque_FL @MGVoltJesker @TylerGlaiel Same, haha @MGVoltJesker @TylerGlaiel I think so, but I'm usually completely oblivious as to what armor actually does. I only… @TylerGlaiel Armor that does the same thing as health.
@dim_n4 @Xenthio oh no!! also, were they tasty? @Xenthio Actually on second thought, DO NOT EAT BATTERIES @Xenthio Consume fidet toys! @Xenthio It's a new thing, only cool people have heard about it, he says in between sobsExternal batteries, yo! You lose them easier and they're generally a mess to charge, but you get built-in fidet toys to any gadget. @LeadheadYT Yeah, but like... If I made a video that isn't related to me being cis and open up by saying I'm cis, w… @LeadheadYT I'm not sure they automatically have to be transphobes. You seem to be slipping away from your original point. @YourNerdWonder Because people got told it was wrong by their friends who got told it was wrong. @SkipperDDev @grockallschmidt Oh that's interesting. My immediate guess it's treating the center as 0,0 somewhere s… @SkipperDDev @grockallschmidt Haha, nice. Probably because the screen is an even number of pixels wide and this was… @alberta77 Yeah when i do remember things, i remember the deeper internal thoughts pretty well, so moods and ideas… @alberta77 Yeah, it's super clean. I mean other than the ink on the hand. @angeloliver80 It's a little phone, you know, for your [joke cancelled for being too easy] @jojowasem I got distracted by the game idea! @alberta77 Yeah, it was one of the suggestions. I honestly am pretty sure the permanent marker tick on the back of… @Dan_Deitch Aahhhh, that guy! :D :D @Maximus29903732 <3 @MrChairWasTaken I saw a night mind video on it, very cool :) @Dan_Deitch I have not! Tell me more!Dictaphones come in delightful 90's designs still, with power switches that actually do something, and lcd displays… @waveofmist paying for some missed sleep in the most comfortable way possible! Feels goodman! @Dreijer_EU Numberwagwan? @alberta77 Down and to the left @IronGapple hahahaha @JoeBGrech Stellar!'ello lovelies! Wagwan? @KyleMcCarthy I'll carry you for a bit.DON'T TAKE CRITICISM FROM SOMEONE YOU WOULDN'T TAKE ADVICE FROM.
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@PeterMilko hey I need to learn some way ok @ArchAzriel_ It hurts the most when it's during wordplay. I was so happy! @wssnr Ack.Famous Insurs: Rection Monutable Ance @grave367 I think it's mostly my brain keeping me up at any cost tonight apparently! @therealduckie I have plausible deniability and thus did no such thing!A period piece about how they made jockstraps for women. @konna_keke also, yeah I probably wouldn't have responded. I still would've thought the same things; it looks good… @konna_keke Me too apparently! <3 @konna_keke Disclaimer: I'm not actually sure I think art can be killed, so maybe it IS just because it bothers me. @TechConnectify Pokemon. Go. @konna_keke All is good :) @konna_keke Anyway, your style is not what I'm looking for, but thank you for showing it, it looks cool :) @konna_keke Main reason is not that is bothers me. If people say their stuff is bad and it fees good or works or wh… @konna_keke It's a bit rude to guilt bomb people like that. If you're phrasing it that way because you're in a phas… @gavanw @HuntingFluff The grass is always greener on the other side. This sounds like a curse, but could also be a blessing. @jamiepine haha @Neurisko interesting! @eigenbom @TyCurtright @RealYungCripp bonus: Apocalypsie daisy! @RoboJ1M I I am! @eigenbom catchper? cache-per? @TyCurtright @RealYungCripp Apocalypse Then is such a great movie @HuntingFluff @gavanw haha @eigenbom My mental image, a ghost programmer sitting in a chair with the keyboard in its lap, is adorable and I want a plushie @eigenbom Every chance I get, sir! @eigenbom Probably, yes. No eye holes pls @eigenbom Oooh I could automate this! @HuntingFluff @gavanw "How did you do that!?", i ask, all excited. And they just flop their girthy tool down on the… @HuntingFluff @gavanw The tools they keep talking about make no sense to me. I'd say mine was obviously better, I m… @HuntingFluff @gavanw Oh, that! Yeah, the feeling's mutual. :) There is a very specific tool in my brain, and I kn… @TheNetherPaladn @HuntingFluff @gavanw Thanks, siri! @DaveOshry but crypto IS memes @realKashuzu Expansion packs and VR support are two stretch goals. @HuntingFluff @gavanw What even are we? haha @HuntingFluff @gavanw We are more similar than you give yourself credit for. And I suspect you added that bit just… @HuntingFluff @gavanw Yeah.. It.. it almost feels a bit unreal. The difference between an obviously laughably bad… @HassonnTaroot We'll see if I can resist :) @Polaaaaarr @TheWildSto @zSenshi_Sama oi! @NinjacksonXV @ucheehQ Yeah, I think that's part of the problem with lists for me. . trying to get it specifically… @nightquaker Possibly! It was mentioned, and I'm using this as an excuse to get a really cool simple dictaphone. H… @Fallansaint I like this take. @NinjacksonXV @ucheehQ If I got multiple in a row, I'd probably get too excited about working on it anyway. So pers… @Polaaaaarr @TheWildSto @zSenshi_Sama I have to confess I'm a member of team salve. It's a great word! Salve, Sens… @randuk12 @ItsBenDev @googlechrome Probably not a major security breach. Probably. @dlseth_ @ucheehQ As long as you had fun! @gavanw @HuntingFluff Yes! At least with that one I don't have the concrete evidence that it DOES work sometimes, s… @IdeaUnavailable That's very clever! @notch Take a permanent marker, put it next to your bed. If you have a late night idea draw a line on the back of y…
Retweeted by Notch @ucheehQ I love how clean this is. Super pure. There's no performance, no exchange of information with future self,… @ucheehQ Oh wow! @gavanw @HuntingFluff It's they turn into adorably funny but bad sleepy ideas when i write them down, or a… @gavanw @HuntingFluff Yeah, i do that a lot too! But when I just wake up and do the thing it's usually a good thing…
@reaverman I kind of want one that has a little tape. That'd feel not-comptery enough to still be sleep vibes! Of…