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@RandomH88283179 That's up to you, as far as I know. @Spikemuth Thanks, haha My mom played some for me recently when we were showing our different musical worlds to ea… @Spikemuth As in I don't know much about pink floyd and don't have a favorite. Not as in I think it's bad music. @Spikemuth I listen to the other end of music. @WastedMemess That sounds more like the plot of a terminator movie. @Spahgetty @chipwhatever @50up1p @TheRealOJ32 @BarackObama @realDonaldTrump @HillaryClinton They don't got to be yo… @hmokmevale Geez what a stomper! Yeah I dig this! Thank you @itsDamL If you mean that in the sense that it has a hypnotic quality, heck yeah! That's part of why I love this ge… @carluw_ Huh? @abc_thenope I haven't been listening to a lot of music recently. A bunch of minor changes to habits all had "less… @CountDankulaTV That's his way of making sure he's the best maybe. Or self esteem issues.You clearly need more acid. @LeadheadYT Still smokin' @CountDankulaTV Well, it IS you @chipwhatever @50up1p @TheRealOJ32 @BarackObama @realDonaldTrump @HillaryClinton what an odd group to be in... Fin… @alberta77 i think only cartoon characters actually do. @FDrip30 haha, i like your description a lot! @LessThan3HTTP @eigenbom (i had finished 1.0 and stopped working on it years before i sold it. I was working on 0x10c and such, remember?)
@thatboredguyy Hey I did it!! @Gudlund88 @SatisfactoryAF Try running off and exploring the area while you let things sink in, maybe! That's how I… @thatboredguyy I read it as eyebrows at first, and for some reason I tried to do that too. @oliverbcampbell The rules are there to control the people gullible enough to think they have to follow rules. God… rubbing only one hand the next time you're looking forward to something. The reaction is way different.
@t_i_m_e_c_o_n_s i think on the contrary that we should be free to do as we will, not as others want @eigenbom art is never finished, only abandoned. @NicholasJordon5 @Cryonicus @UpIsNotJump You don't get it. @VHSGlitch you ok?
@Cryonicus @UpIsNotJump I'd like that defined too, and that's the one I personally fear the most. @Wannab3Spaceman @UpIsNotJump And that's the definition of the world coming to and end? @_chrisdowns_ @Wannab3Spaceman @UpIsNotJump And to save a click: the number of ants in a colony ranges from a few h… @_chrisdowns_ @Wannab3Spaceman @UpIsNotJump This sent me down a minor rabbit hole where I ended up learning there's… @Wannab3Spaceman @UpIsNotJump Thanks! @BradyHaran @Unmade_FM I feel called out, and justly so, but I did get to feel clever and subversive. :D @BradyHaran @Unmade_FM well yes @_chrisdowns_ @Wannab3Spaceman @UpIsNotJump And on a technical level, heat death cannot by definition be observed,… @Wannab3Spaceman @UpIsNotJump See, now you're doing it too. I can think of a lot of aspects of life, and you're lea… @kanyewest Update: I forgot your were running for president and thought it was general life advice! lol @Kirbiruu I just saw it trending and immediately watched a clip spoiling the ending, lol Makes me happy :) @Wannab3Spaceman @UpIsNotJump I just want the terms defined. Like how do we know when we're there. If this is unre… @OldtobyLP And the only reason I did it too was because they're fun to say in themselves. @bytelmao he was there.archaic arcade archive achieve reward @mikesperanzo @banditsfreedom @kanyewest I.. forgot he was running! I thought it was general life advice. Yeah you'd be correct. @Harmchair @UpIsNotJump What do you mean by world coming to an end? The universe vanishing? Earth exploding? @LABasedComedian @Malkavsmarauder i didn't know you had a show and i feel foolish! Not that I normally have the gre… @banditsfreedom @kanyewest A rule that defines itself, thereby serving no other purpose or providing no new informa… @KyleMcCarthy I started out making an Aphex Twin reference, but Tucker mentioning halloween made me realize I truly… @_ade There was one other. I'm also feeling old, but also a bit like we're the only ones cool enough to know about… @LABasedComedian Ah yes, going through more effort, just to avoid doing something. Once when I was a kid, I made t… @IndustrialPigg @LABasedComedian Oh thank you! I don't know exactly why, but I think my street cred just went up @JERICHO oh man i need it @dannycantalk @kanyewest Sure, and I do appreciate the koan of it all. Why did the chicken cross the road? Because… @LABasedComedian well I guess I've also been playing Satisfactory nonstop @usufructionist You win the reference game! :D @LABasedComedian hahaha, I like your attitude! I'm in sweden at the moment, and I don't think they're currently le… @CountDankulaTV Which kind of magic? The one with a bunch of nerds who sit around a table, or the competitive card… @taber_noah Huh? You're good :) Worry less @pighairlol I can relatively confidently deconfirm that. @kanyewest Yo that's a tautologyHaving a party is my idea of a fantasy, especially right now.
@misterk7_ @mickle_tickle haha dammit Yes, it's definitely up on that list. Absolutely wonderful game! @wopzzie By what criteria? @DarthChowder Hunt: Showdown? Was the best I found.. no, i haven't played any hunts @Arsenick26 I'd jump in and take some pics for you, but right now I need a break. Feel free to ask again in the fut… @st0l_ it's back up on my radar. My first attempt to play it went comically as you'd expect. It was in co-op with a… @DarthChowder now I'm thinking stuff like Sacrfice, or possibly Planetfall for the feeling of being one of many @shaybryder I'm super in love with the world they built, and exploring it and seeing all their little tricks was a… @humanbeen10 yes @madgreenb haha, true! I forgot you don't know what's coming up when you first play. Too many new factories where I know what to prepare for @Arsenick26 It.. it got weird when I started doing long sessions. ;) @_WOLFPACKED I tried it a bit, it was pretty fun. A bit too simple for my factory building needs, but super smooth @BjarniVaff I don't know! I guess seeing my friends is a good start, never know when the next game high hits @Qrax__ I don't think it has VR support. It would be pretty amazing @madgreenb Yeah I still get that sometimes when considering setting up a new production line or gathering more raw… @_WOLFPACKED thanks for the tip! @mickle_tickle Right now I'm still high on Satisfactory, so I'd probably say that. But thing is, I've done this wit… @LegitTmr 10 @MasakTomas pretty much yeah @_WOLFPACKED i found it too confusing last time I tried it, but now I'm considering it more seriously... @CarelessLabs I'll probably poke my head in from time to time still, but i'm definitely past the peak. ... I hope… @Tabuob sup! I hope you're having a great day :)Ok, 750 hours into Satisfactory, the world is starting to feel small and conquered. What a fantastic journey, some…'t be an escalator. Be an escaNOW.
Retweeted by Notch @RealEvanDoThin1 I appreciate the warning. I think I need it considering how poorly I handled doing anything other… @arnaudot_ it do @PixelCanuck I've gotten used to behaving like this, it's sort of human nature, but yes! Very! @RealEvanDoThin1 Oh, it does? I'll look into it! @No_Appli Sort of. I learned I will always favor whatever position would benefit me the most, regardless of hypocri… @CountDankulaTV @Vernaculis @datnofact should've been called A SiriOS IssueAs a huge fan of their game, I was feeling the upsets about them being on vacation for so long and bragging about i… @SatisfactoryAF twitter account is a bit of a monorail locomotive wreck and I love it. Man is it relatable. @nihiofkdi @CountDankulaTV @Vernaculis @datnofact That's what happens when you get one. Whatever you do, all people… @Hevymin @CountDankulaTV @Vernaculis @datnofact I should watch this. Joaquin apparently does intense social sufferi… @CountDankulaTV @Vernaculis @datnofact I still haven't seen it, so I do not fully understand the reference, and try… @Vernaculis @datnofact why am i experiencing feels? @SatisfactoryAF oNe Of Us OnE oF uS @notskullzon Would that mean I DID take part of the trend I missed when I was playing satisfactory? @DevilKBronk I see you've made up your mind. @alberta77 but my curiosity