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@PKMNmstrWilliam Yes, in the most complicated way I could think of!
@nathanielhofer I don't think it's super likely I'll do it unless I stumble on inspiration for it. I already comple…'ll post a video if I ever finish the video importing thing I wanted to do. Meanwhile, here's the test animation I… you keep shifting a value to the left by one and check if it's negative at each step, you can extract 32 bits pe… @jack_papel Who would use left to signify 1? That's like making the presence of electrons be "negative charge"Although he might just be using UTF-32...Turns out he's not, it's mostly 0's. numberphile video thumbnails have the logo on the left side. Some have it on the right side. Is Brady sending… @Telos786 @Vernaculis No, I'm straight. @Vernaculis and with seemingly no ulterior motives! @Vernaculis well, i enjoy the fruits of your boredom then! @itsKroovy hahaha @itsKroovy I don't know. It was made by someone in the community, but my memory for actual events that happened is… @DecLXIV I don't think that's the exact image though. I think it had a goatee, but I know it didn't have bared teet… @DecLXIV hahaha, this is basically exactly how it went down. @bitflipped oh yay, i'm programming!! I love programming! @dyno64 Steve? is a perfectly cromulent name((((also, i'm skipping three))))((I think it was a quake skin texture))(and by "reference image" I mean I scaled a picture down in photoshop and cleaned it up)Actual answer, for once: I based the face on a reference image that had a goatee. Why I needed a reference image f… @Vernaculis This is why I immediately tweet every single thought that pops into my head. Yeeess.. this is the reason.As you grow older, you'll spend more and more time doing what you're good at, and getting even better at it. So don…
@JustinWhang Dramatic reading of cumbox over snes music and a (poorly looping) earthbound battle background.. mmmmmmmm!! 5/5 @JustinWhang why is this quality entertainment to me? why would i ever WANT to watch a video about cumbox?I am going to pretend like people get it as I am very proud. Carry on.Vacation tip: You could choose, or be chosen, to visit Mississippi 17 @Commanderstitch @ludumdare haha, I appreciate this on two levels! :)
@optimus6128 What the.. I applaud your attempts to shoot the bug, btw. I'm aware this sounds sarcastic, but I did love itI did it! I managed to somehow find a single flaw in Dusk! Also, you need to play Dusk. @MarsOdyssey @Vernaculis Not even close. Like wow. @Vernaculis You should see indie game development. We're going through a bit of a storm at the moment, just hunker down and start laughing. @Vernaculis I made my mind up around the time melania was quoting rick astley. Oh and the song choices on rallies and appearances are gold. @discxrdant but stallion @caps_lockman I like it already! Cod is dry? @Pol17610735 If I were, I've made it quite clear I don't want any spoilers. @TheYoshinator60 Oh before you get too invested in this narrative... I am known to salt it up sometimes.. @YourNerdWonder woke like oak @Jalilsalomon1 But you DO know it's relevant, right? @TheYoshinator60 If they need more, yeah. Usually chips come presalted though. It just dawned on me it's a strange question. @caps_lockman I don't remember trying pollock.. So i suppose pollock then, as I'd like to try it! @YourNerdWonder (because where's the fun in knowing that) @YourNerdWonder I think that's completely up to you :) I'd suggest you try to remember you CHOSE whichever one you… @YourNerdWonder I love silly. :D @YourNerdWonder Planet coaster maybe? I'm losing track of the analogy a bit tho @JohnDev__ hahaha, I don't think that's how a single part of that works. I like it. @4li4miri @davidgeyzer Only when it's funny. @YourNerdWonder The distinction is more about spreading them out over time. Here's a helpful rollercoaster tycoon e… @alberta77 I had homemade pizza with surprisingly much cheese on it not three days ago! Did I tweet about it? @MauricioBalan i understood this reference @RSithis You know, I'd probably be a lot more productive if I found completing tasks more rewarding. @trippyjmusic Like I'd stop my feet, to your dope-ass beat, 'til I admit defeat, and you'll know it's neat @Smitt_Zero That's quite the leap, but also a fine choice! @SDuffersJ haha SUCK IT, CULTURAL INSPIRATION @RSithis Huh, I suppose that perfectly explains our difference in opinion here then. :D I love taking the long route just to explore it.Chippy Gov'ner 2019 @SJP176 I have never had haggis, but I genuinely think I'd love it. @razessbu nah it's fries. @davidgeyzer Like we're all assholes. @MarcaPlays_ muoahahahaWhat? You never played tuber simulnah just kidding this tweet is about food. Fish and chips. Mmm. @RSithis And you can disable clipping in Doom if you find locating the exit difficult @SilaZofficial In case you're having similar thoughts as I did; certain insight definitely makes things less dramat… @ChrisRGun oh wow @TylerGlaiel i get a strong feeling i don't even need to double check that. @TylerGlaiel when was this rule even decreed @Kyle_Beckley I did? haha, did i have a point or was i just overreacting to something? :D either way, thanks for being part of my adventure @TylerGlaiel I'm still trying to figure out why all countries have a little flag AND a theme song.
@SoSayethBob @Flow62208611 @ploota19 @AustinSudomemo @pewdiepie Maybe you're still holding on then. :) @JockTheRipper88 @oscthetv @Vernaculis Life is a series of pranks you play on yourself to trick yourself into understanding yourself more. @AlastairGrayson @Elijah02064584 Oh wow, how have I missed the term "lexeme"!? :D @Flow62208611 @ploota19 @AustinSudomemo @pewdiepie I do hope you appreciate the humor in what you just did. :) Thin… @albiTheGiant Haha, happy to have accidentally, and after the fact, have helped. @Racer4Lif3 Spot the difference for your answer. @FoxTango6 @Vernaculis Fair point. :) @MarcaPlays_ You got way further than I've ever gotten! Nice! :D @oscthetv @Vernaculis No,I love him.A "quine" is a piece of software that displays its own source code when run, and one of the most effective casual p… @Vernaculis So the truth? @ploota19 @AustinSudomemo @pewdiepie like we're all assholes. @TylerGlaiel alright @ConorSmith2241 @JeffSwiper @jschlatt nah. @AustinSudomemo @pewdiepie focus on the right part @xkt3c So all the advice is just recreational knowledge and not intended to affect or even help? I'm being sassy t… @xkt3c We've drifted off into parallel play it seems, plus other things also aligned, so I'll go do things now. Tha… @xkt3c (again, this conversation is inspiring a lot of interesting thoughts for me, so I don't mind) @xkt3c Then why are you externalizing it on me? @xkt3c There's a story behind you asking me that, and I don't know the details. From my perspective, that is a need… @xkt3c I'm amazed I even function. @xkt3c So as usual there was a story behind it! haha That might be my favorite realization, even if I still haven't… @xkt3c We're not expected to understand everything. @xkt3c As much as I question what you say, you are talking about things I am actively pursuing and have been for a while. @xkt3c Now you're preaching. Like I said, if there are specific guidelines, i'd gladly hear about them. Until then… @xkt3c I don't think so. And I really thought about it as you've been on point so far. it's more along the lines o… @xkt3c I'm not sure I WANT to. Some new skills and slow improvement so I feel like I'm leveling up, sure. but say I… @xkt3c It's super easy to get caught up in the moment, but I think that's.. intentional. Half-life 2 is more fun on harder difficulties. @xkt3c Well sure, because cheating is fixing the symptoms that remind you of what you REALLY wish you'd take the ti… @xkt3c With breaking habits, it almost feels like the autonomous part has to keep being annoying enough to overcome… @xkt3c I've thought about exactly these things recently. I'd ask you to get out of my head, but i feel like we're well past that. ;) @xkt3c Hard to tell as I don't know what I'd do if I had free will. But habits are hard to break, so maybe?