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i like streaming, just chilling and gaming. main @chaselyons . lmk if i forgot to follow u back

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@dr2xter wait nvm i have it on there @dr2xter nope @may_wedda @dr2xter nope @dr2xter nope don’t have @dr2xter screenshot it @dr2xter what @fxckjuice u asked first bro @fxckjuice yes ahhhhh @dr2xter what does it look like @Suendo_ i don’t want reply guys at all @fxckjuice’t check it @fxckjuice really @Moristiko the pogchamps make it 300x funnieri still don’t have that reply thing so please just don’t respond to this tweet @Lil_Led7 @xoxabstract salma your followers are so lame @koreandaughter is that real @Lil_Led7 @xoxabstract i’m 6’1 240lbs jacked and fuck and handsome get destroyed @xoxabstract not me @xoxabstract hot guys that are funny >>> @JortFant LOL i actually don’t have any pelvic tilt i’m pretty suresometimes i think i have bad posture but then i realize i just stand weird because of my big giant assthe return of the US Army esports team on Twitch is going really well imo
Retweeted by chase @leavemealon8 i don’t even be walking into places at this pointi’m 6’1 240lbs i’d like to see this dude try it against me @JERMAlNE good lifting big weight wbu @JERMAlNE weight lifting room @ownagesauce @nCaustic_ abandoned supermarket @Ultra15151 @Abzorbb at the gym bruh @Abzorbb BRO @Abzorbb JOKING BRO @Abzorbb @asyyyc renegade @linabbina that guys so funny and also most likely us a fat cock and balls @rosariosenseii it’s just fucking weird and predatory @ROCKSTARBELLZ bot lane @azeritealt sorry for letting you down. @chaseshaco there’s always that 40 year old dude with a towel on his shoulder that does nothing but talk to people @thekategambino the fuck ? @thekategambino who the fuck reading a book on modern ethics on vacationif u try and flirt with random girls in the gym u are a complete fucking weirdo no exceptions sorry @TommyThroatEm @Ultra15151 ofc @Ultra15151 suuuuure @chaseshaco @bellzmi yo chase thanks for beating the shit out of my grandma @dagostlno wtf @micca_osu @lolYisus we go. @bellzmi i’ll explain it @bellzmi ok wanna play @Abzorbb @BigFnDawg00 my friends and prob some people in chat @may_wedda yes @Abzorbb YEAH OF COURSE US ON STREAM TONIGHT???? DO U GUYS WANT TO WATCH THAT?? @no9mi how r u r u doing well @no9mi hiBoy hell nah. I fuck witcha tho 🤜🏾🤛🏾
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Retweeted by chaseim going to change things up today and instead of having sex with a lot of women i’m going to go to the gym and then play video gamesgm @THump the fuck browho got a big giant ass @peekm1d fr @rizzielol osu @mrekkosu z @hentaiirelia *starts dry humping you*don’t worry guys i wasn’t restricted you can stop the rumors now @hentaiirelia anyone could realistically @imjaoc LMFAOOOO @dr2xter o i thought u said ur playingDetroit, Michigan 📍 @dr2xter if u guys have room i’ll play after my shower @Abzorbb marshmary goat song it’s my top play let’s goSuwaru, suwaru OH SIT DOWN PLEASE (YEAH!) FEEDBACK ni karada azukete Meguru, meguru OH TURN IT AROUND (YEAH!) Un… lie about who i am every day so this among us shit easy @YisusAlt let’s go @Abzorbb i gotta stop dying bruh @YisusAlt when are we playing. AMONG US IDK WHATS GOING ON @GxbeLynch yesosu @FlSHSAUCE acid cord?playing osu
Retweeted by chasei’m not like other guys i’m a braindead degenerate piece of shitNOW I HAVE B RANK CHIKA IN MY TOP PLAYS FUCK YOU of those days ki ki @FlSHSAUCE ur shoulder mobility is nuts holy shit @FlSHSAUCE let’s fucking go
i’m bad at literally every video game i touch holy shit fuck this kinda just want to leave for a few months and see if i have any desire to come backburnt out*feel so burnt with everything