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just chilling and gaming. main @chaselyons . lmk if i forgot to follow u back

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@bunbalI np. @bunbalI good luck . @CrypticNo got my check and ran. only 7 figures but i’ll make it workit takes more time to unlock diamond camo in black ops 2 than it does to become a police officer and people will si… @lilsamsquanch66 good luck man i just can’t justify quitting it rn im insane @lilsamsquanch66 i had that same experience a few weeks ago and cracked midway through the day and had caffeine @killuariel how many times am i gonna see that second picture on twitter @RamzeyOT @oshinh_ nah some random ones SBH isn’t that bad @GRlNCHIE @emmyuh @sinatraa 81 where i’m at rn @oshinh_ i’m level 25 just not having good quest day @oshinh_ yea @oneslickmf yeahhaving a terrible day of gaming. @postedinthecrib nah that’s a good thing i feel the same wayfresh air smells good as hell i forget this oftenbiggest release of the year btw happened to that “liberal coffee shop” guyBREAKING: The 3 other officers involved in #GeorgeFloyd's killing will be charged with aiding and abetting murder,…
Retweeted by chaseonce gyms reopen i will return @Mako @RohnJobinson @Mako @SkreetMan this guy thinks he’s a chad 😂 @Mako make a few calls. let’s see it happen. @Mako 🧐 @xberrt rn 6 when i’m jacked woke up @deathlessley yo
@KaleiRenay they will do whatever it takes for the ruling class to maintain order, that’s how they’re trained @Huntrelol Raidersyes @lilbunball good luck @deathlessley thank u u too lia @deathlessley do u want me to have a good night @deathlessley sup @savuwu i’m sorry i’m not enoughany girls up @deathlessley @Mako sent y’all both my meat @deathlessley @bleasyouttahere @Mako ok fine i’ll go @deathlessley @bleasyouttahere @Mako it’s your turn @Mako @deathlessley gaming @Mako @deathlessley hey @deathlessley @Mako ok i like u @deathlessley @Mako yea u do want me to @deathlessley @Mako i miss us @deathlessley @Mako please do it for me @deathlessley @Mako what do u have to lose by becoming a short haired girl. @deathlessley @Mako what. @deathlessley @Mako can i get sum :) @BrenBrenlol ilycurrently what im dealing with. i knew this was gonna happen when i moved home so im not surprised, not sure when n… @xHitan @scobesx @realDonaldTrump the founding fathers are losers @OfficialPoggers labs
Retweeted by chase @Blankzy_ few days ago @Xouped yeah
the right hates overbearing government until it comes to the government using military grade weaponry against their… @dagostlno you full kitting @gawrshh 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭 @gawrshh what level are you @gawrshh what about it @CrypticNoOne 😐🖕thinking by my pool @Mxriarose i chose it it’s yummy!!! @lemiwrap both of these are new!! @TristanGHill ?WHICH ONE DO I HAVE FOR BREAKFAST was such a good decision man this show is so fucking good can’t wait for next season @thatsdatingnow just keep scrollingany cute short haired girls awake @dr2xter @jirgeberries hm. @KaleiRenay i do not know how to correctly express affection because of thisi have not had a hug in years @xoxabstract you wouldn’t know her tbh @Mako @lilbunball have officially decided that i have a girlfriend @deathlesswhore @deathlesswhore very good show @Yos1mar this one is good i’m watching it😼
@lilbunball i’ll get u a graduation gift @lilbunball yes i will do that for you @lilbunball okay i’m gonna make a sign to hold up during it @lilbunball i literally will i think ur not that far from me @lilbunball anything for you @lilbunball how about 2k @xoxabstract $chasefml @N0rmel yeah i like mha @Jdnwds i’ve read the manga so it’s fine but the next arc is insane i’m excitedAoT so fucking good might rewatch second half of season 3i’m really happy for you guys 🙂listening to her tell me about her boyfriend againis the og berzerk anime worth watching @LilSpaceMermaid help