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lifting and gaming , i use this account to be a real person and not @chaselyons he/him

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@NickiAabank yueah @lolYisus @Cloud9 @lolYisus @Cloud9 yo holy shit congrats dude!!! @Achselis accurate @WuhSix tySome days I feel like a monster from greek mythology and some days I feel like a small anime girl. @WuhSix yeah @oFabz meowww @oFabz damn ur older than me wtf @dracubina i’m sorry to hear that, i hope things get better soon @dracubina supo @Theedoo3 @Koast @MightyD0c @_ProjectAce the bank is coming to take my house tomorrow. i lost it all @Koast @Theedoo3 @MightyD0c @_ProjectAce personally i like collecting money @dracubina hi @jehlpxyz sorry @solarswxtch sounds beast @kariyu101 volume warning but holy shit im cringe @joshttd TY @expIicityy AHHHHHHHH422PP FINALLY GOT 7 STAR FC MEDAL THE MEME IS DEAD @Arenth__ black coffee the drink of champions @bottobagaV2 eggs with cheesei don't think my tastebuds work anymore, food is merely an energy source.i have eaten the same breakfast for like 70 days in a row and not gotten tired of it @drizter1 i have listed all of their names inside of my book, thank you drixter. @savannahIol sotp. @sail0rbuck real shit @reallyjewy DUDE @FavsPriv I FUCKING FOLLOW YOU DUDE @drizter1 I LITERALLY FOLLOW YOUSTOPstop quoting me on private. i won't stand for it.“are u a girl or a boy” first of all i’m a fucking beastOMG THERES NO WAY THIS IS HAPPENING @MEMENTOMORlI i wish you would think of a new joke 🙏 @Darkpitqwc stronglifts 5x5 is a really good program to build a good strength baseYEAHHHHH @carboxylace @XaHayden3 fuck @carboxylace @XaHayden3 chill i didn’t even do legs today i need a pump @Ultra15151 @nmgreen57 welcome to the void @carboxylace @XaHayden3 you underestimate me @imbabyfr my bad @MEMENTOMORlI what @MEMENTOMORlI yes @Aireuu have entered the third and final stage of my transformation @carboxylace i’m not lazy i’m a beast @HarryButAverage i will die as i lived @HarryButAverage looks like shit @carboxylace WTF @carboxylace honestly it’s fine though i can’t really see myself going any earlier than i already do tbh @carboxylace that’s beast @carboxylace bro wtf my gym doesn’t even open till 5 @carboxylace nah fr @limbolul always @PaintClown_ it’s not about what you eat it’s about how much @nottoxiclol it’s from september, ty @nottoxiclol 5 years @PaintClown_ my dietplease keep in mind in the picture on the left i had already been lifting for almost 5 yearsTWITTER DEAD AF THIS EARLY START FIGHTING ALREADY GOD DAMN @takanashikiara chilling @singIetap get well soon 🙏 @singIetap the not from NJ debuff @buffcore boy, time for the gym. @KityZorb uh oh @KityZorb stfu @drizter1 gm @pissboymcgee holy shit @vsshole he looks dumbi’m not a girl or a boy i’m a beast @buffcore anyone that says no, i will remember this @buffcore LETS GO @buffcore want to go on a date @buffcore im a hungry hungry hippo @asoingbobert yeah and you also skill capped yourself and can’t play the game bc you only farmed @LuTzzNice nah fr @bobapubby look at the date on the screenshot man @bIuezenith wait maybe this wasnt my first 100 since im like 186k in the pic @bIuezenith holy f @tralizia apparently not @joshttd i need to decay 20 ranks @joshttd thank you 🙏 @bobapubby huh @ForestWithin i’m in the recovery phasesold all my crypto, i’m finally free 🙏 @buffcore sorry i can’t be themI be double penetrating myself with Q-Tips
2021 @nbltmd shut the fuck up, bitch. @bIadedance i’m mf dead 😂 @bIadedance 😂 @buffcore NICEEEEEEEE @bopndop fuck microsoft @justBmanNow @greasypurp eh not really @bopndop ur god damn right