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i like streaming, just chilling and gaming. i use this account to be a real person and not @chaselyons he/him

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chilling and gaming HAVE TO UBER TO THE GYM MY LIFE FUCKING SUCKS it’s finally the weekend which means it’s time for my life to be the exact same as it is usually @thredcount u can @puppyelise chilling needa go to gym @jasminericegirl no @puppyelise sup @puppyelise @puppyelise none. books are stupid. let your brain melt @OliviasNotFunny content is just outdated and too easy @MattgG93 no thanks i like games that don’t look like they’re from the 80sthere’s no way people actually play classic WoW anymore right @dracubina i went beast mode @dracubina @dracubina @dracubina yeah cuz ur bronze @meetyvon @bunbalI that was so bad man i literally submitted a blank pagegod fr testing me this week i am not one of your strongest soldiers @HarryButAverage thanks for the advice! @Funkeffec probthis was a terrible idea @KityZorb failed my exam it’s grind time let’s goYESSSS simply allow fate to determine my gradei have never and will never study for an exam @FakeySensei next few weeks maybe @meetyvon @bunbalI wait a second @Blankzy_ ty blankzy @dr2xter thank u :> @dr2xter higm two exams today
Retweeted by chase @Nefertidddy i like lifting weights @Nefertidddy do people actually eat kfc @cyberstephanie i did actually @savannahI0l’t wait to be shredded as fuck in 30 degree weather going shirtless everywhere because i look like an absolute shredded beast @sejjjes you could argue he’s responsible for kickstarting fitness content in general online @QwertyQuarter me too man @puppyelise i have trouble sleeping >.>dude imagine how crazy the fitness community would be if Zyzz was still alive @eamon_jt goat song @puppyelise chilling got some anxiety about a bunch of shit i gotta do this week and 2 exams tm @rossstopher_ google him he’s the goat @puppyelise sup @rossstopher_ Zyzz @puppyelise @buffcore yes. this is what happens @FvckTalley trying my best @AlreadyGlodUp so you’re admitting the president has little control over state issues @AlreadyGlodUp what is your point @nmgreen57 yeah i think he forgets sometimesthis guy knows he’s been the president already right fell off @slamongfIobo yeaexcept now they’re on my stomach bc i bulked to 240 instead of 220 FML @KityZorb wtf @KityZorb bedtime soon got 2 exams tm then grind time @slamongfIobo OkayChampdamn my stretch marks on my chest faded so much in the past 2 years @LukaG0AT AKA use the framework of famous programs to create your own @LukaG0AT honestly it depends, using wel known programs like 531 and 5x5 but also adding in some stuff of your own… tilted atm @LilSpaceMermaid I WONT DO THAT @LilSpaceMermaid WHAT @LukaG0AT what does that mean @itskaiito i’m talking about raiding in PUGs @Frxsty007 world of warcraft pugsi promise you it’s worse than League Of LegendsWoW gives me more brain damage than any other game @SkreetMan holy @huffingcooters @Cheifslap i don’t recommend any sort of diet to anyone, as long as you’re eating in a deficit you will lose weight @buffcore I HOPE SO @buffcore PRETTY OKAY I GOT 2 EXAMS TM THO @SamManlol @IHATEVIRGlNS wow @buffcore lol hiiiii 🙄 @Cheifslap there is a difference between strict and correct @liImorg you know it’s not serna bc he didn’t say sup @Cheifslap dieting correctly @PLDroneOperator *Walks Into CVS* Hello What Isle Is The Deca Durabolin In?
@MightyD0c you need to scroll down it’s on the bottom @MightyD0c you shouldn’t @tearjerked about 300 @ScootTheToaster keto + IF @sadmandev go* @sadmandev it’s always the first thing to do @MightyD0c hdmi2 is the standard for 240hz @joshttd ty @reaIlyfunny good luck on your journey @10dollarname 5 years of lifting and eating a lot @sebastianjii @10dollarname yo220lbs chilling @FakeySensei LMFAO done with month 1 of 6 yeahPhase 1 of my diet is officially complete @cheesykrust yes due to myonucleiGETTING SHREDDED BY THE DAY WOWWWWW @AWengryn why lift in shoes?