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@kazekagekj2 Congrats kj🔥🔥🔥 @_DIVlNE gm g been a min fr, enjoy ur day @The25thBam_ oh shit ye do that but how’s haikyuu tho @AlexOfAqua That layout upgrade 🥶 @The25thBam_ Not much g just hangin out, hby bro @GunsmokeTyphoon …. @The25thBam_ Yo @infinite_6s Congrats fam you deserve it @DezDog5 hru nigga @DezDog5 Good Morning Dezo @Freddy7513 Goat consistency i see @Freddy7513 Yessirr i will @MosIIey Gn, sleep well g @kazekagekj2 ye gotchu @gondadisgon gotchuGoodnight Everyone 🤍 @VioletsRailgun Spittin @SatoruSenjou that “intimidating pfp era” 😭😭😭😭 @UllrControl Same arrancar arc kinda slow but i’ll get thru it quick this weekend @CodeineWaifu he really is tbh @UllrControl ye gotchu fam @CoolDavid_15 bet gotchu g @ReaperRaikiri bet @The25thBam_ Cap 💀 @The25thBam_
@40yoMoomer bet gotchu too @AlexOfAqua Ye yours been on too 🥸 @RoyReadsManga Ik been having them on goat @GunsmokeTyphoon Ik, had to put yours on when it got restarted @RoyReadsManga hyped for it ngl man @Father_Ungalo Bet wb mine🌛 @netorelunaa Gotchu wb me 🌚 @ExiledCroww Gotchu wb me g 🌝 @NotDawn1 Gotchu wb me 😼 @Bleach_Bryan bet got you @witniino i will @CoolDavid_15 ikr @Bleach_Bryan idk about that still but yea defo one day @DRRRTails been thinking about it for sometime, we’ll see when i finish tybw @MosIIey Gm king, have a great day 🥸 @Theta_Genesis 😼’ll see about that, But focusing on finishing bleach for now @SatoruSenjou It’ll be a great arc when it happens @witniino NeverOne day..’m rlly raw dogging life no coffee no weed no meds just mental illness and vibes
Retweeted by ⭒ᴄᴊ™ • ᴄᴡ: ʙʟᴇᴀᴄʜ @iBeChewie gotchu @PyroSenju bet i gotchu king @clarebearsama gotchu, yea why not @ascinhiding Iconic @kazekagekj2 my goat @SatoruSenjou you got on tybw? 🥸 @SatoruSenjou Bet my king @SchwarzeBlume28 Gotchu 🗿 @Shinatoe Gotchu, the quality😭😭 @CantTakeAnyLs bet gotchu @_BANKAI_GODS_ Gn fam @witniino W, yours is on now @Pi3tro_13 Real one, Gotchu fam🤞🏾My twitter notifications got restarted, Who wanna go Noti for Noti? has arguably the best volume covers🤷🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by ⭒ᴄᴊ™ • ᴄᴡ: ʙʟᴇᴀᴄʜ @LukaZer0 Even though he looses much but he still has a legendary persona imoVegeta will always be my favourite character in Dragon Ball, his development is amazing and he's the best written c…
Retweeted by ⭒ᴄᴊ™ • ᴄᴡ: ʙʟᴇᴀᴄʜAfter finishing the last volume of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2, I'm convinced this series has the best colored…
Retweeted by ⭒ᴄᴊ™ • ᴄᴡ: ʙʟᴇᴀᴄʜ @P3RCSZN W, need u on it king @RoyReadsManga Common Roy W tbh @NotDawn1 My goat 🏄🏾‍♂️ @40yoMoomer Woomer my mans 🤞🏾 @CantTakeAnyLs yea, u fell off tbh 😕 @nemesis_captain soon probably, interact 😼 @ahahaharsh Glad to see it 🥸 @KatanaBroken W broski @JuroGoat love to see it queen @reaper_szn glad to see it 🤞🏾 @GunsmokeTyphoon My goat stamp been on 1🤞🏾 @Weebzhit840 W broski 🥸 @ExiledCroww Love to see you here g @_BANKAI_GODS_ Glad to see it 🙇🏾‍♂️ @kaio_9k Common Kaio W @DRRRTails you’re close i see it 🥸 @AlexOfAqua Love to see it 😼 @CoolDavid_15 I see you g + W layout 🤞🏾 @SatoruSenjou Gotchu fam @adrianofthedrip Late but gm adrian 🤞🏾Circle 3 • pt.2 @gondadisgon @Et_GHOST_Ng @KatanaBroken @wintrucearig @reaper_szn @iBeChewie @JuroGoat @nowhere_bye @ahahaharshCircle 3 @DezDog5 @DiamondRainx @MosIIey @Longaaaar @Raeven_Lol @AnimefanJ11 @det_critics @BerserkerVEVO 2 @kazekagekj2 @_BANKAI_GODS_ @witniino @Weebzhit840 @kaio_9k @Pi3tro_13 @CoolDavid_15 @AlexOfAqua 1🤞🏾 @40yoMoomer @GunsmokeTyphoon @goodheartkillua @RoyReadsManga @juuxiie @NotDawn1 @Freddy7513 @_DIVlNE Of October 🤍🏄🏾‍♂️ @AlexOfAqua Dbz & Bleach characters goated fr 😼My top 5 characters from my top 5 anime and top 5 manga
Retweeted by ⭒ᴄᴊ™ • ᴄᴡ: ʙʟᴇᴀᴄʜ @Freddy7513 Gn king 🤞🏾 @SlanderNoKaisen Gm doing great hby king? @DezDog5 reading this & moaning fr @AnimefanJ11 One piece do be goated 👀 @wintrucearig Noted, next time i land there @lametardlauren Congrats 🏄🏾‍♂️ @wintrucearig L seafood, but you deserve to enjoy 🤞🏾 @AnimefanJ11 That sounds delusional, you can’t expect everyone to rate your favorite show a 10 wth 😭 @aviirito on peak, enjoy it fam🥸