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genuinely think quitting my job is the best thing i’ve ever done for myself @noahfinnadams tiddy out
this makes it sound like we’ve been doing it for over 2 years but it’s only been 1.5 bc it literally took almost a… to say other than i’m very proud of @SciGuysPodjust over 2 years ago i had the idea to start a science podcast with my friends and now we’ve got over 75 episodes,…’m not the only one that worked on this we all worked hardi’ve put SO much work into this and honestly I’m very proud of how it turned out the episodes are only a minute lo…
Are you an aspiring writer who is part of a marginalised or underrepresented group? Fancy 5 days of novel writing…
Retweeted by corry (but spooky) 🛸’m still thinking about this and tbh you should be too course i assumed the role would go to me, but i’m sure tim can go on a journey with a firefighting squirtle that… debut album BUILD A PROBLEM is out March 5th the first single, COOL GIRL will be premiered on @BBCR1 TONIGHT…
Retweeted by corry (but spooky) 🛸for pretty much all of my childhood the best representation i had was tarzanrepresentation good i guessbeen thinking recently about how the first live action pokemon film had a mixed race main character and how that w… @DanielJLayton @bendandSNAPPER u always get in with the self burn before anyone else can @noahfinnadams this is a good tweet i think
warm water is good on the outside but cold water is good for your insidePumpkin picking yesterday made me feel so festive!
Retweeted by corry (but spooky) 🛸watch this now
anyway i know that the iphone has 2.5x optical zoom and not 12x but i’m sure you can see what my brain diddo you ever realise that you misspoke 2 days after saying something and now it’s too late to bring it up so you jus…
if i see one more video essay about the hero’s journey i’m going to go insanewhen u block or mute someone on instagram you shouldn’t be able to see any posts that tag/mention them either @95yakuuuB that’s your logic i’m saying it’s arbitrary, and race is social moreso than biological. by that… @95yakuuuB right. but by that logic your descendants will always be mixed... if you’re mixed then so are your kids… @95yakuuuB all i’m saying is that the experiences of being mixed race vary hugely bc of that, and the fact that ra… @95yakuuuB if they wanted? it’s unlikely that they would, given how race is dealt with in our society @95yakuuuB so anyone with ancestors of more than one race is mixed race? most people would be mixed race if that’s the case... @95yakuuuB I think it’s arbitrary and you don’t really have grounds to say that someone isn’t black because they’re mixed race @95yakuuuB let’s say you have a child with a black person, and so do your kids, and their kids, etc At what point are they black? @95yakuuuB how many generations until someone isn’t mixed race, then?can a mixed race (black/white) person call themselves blacksorry but unless your burger is made in the Hamburg region of Germany, it’s not a burger
Rowan made a video to celebrate 100k and it’s very nice & chill so you should watch i think
@DanielJLayton you’ll have to pry this account from my cold dead handsanyone wanna proof read my paper on why god dislikes pictures of plants? it’s my photo sin thesisi have such a clear picture in my brain but my hands are stupidcharacter design is hard and i’d like to sue whoever did that @jammi_dodger94 cgi got cheap and people stopped caring about straight advertisements @noahfinnadams could be shorter @noahfinnadams nah they’re dumb arseholes with long heads @CalumMcSwiggan it works :olegend has it that if you say “twink” three times in a mirror calum mcswiggan appears @nancy__mal between 8:18 and 10:45 though all perfectly acceptable times, just inconsistent @nancy__mal what worries me is how varied the times are
@noahfinnadams what a good boy
@lilyellx just radiating coolness @lilyellx you look so fuckin GOOD @noahfinnadams how did they even fit
@HeyRowanEllis @noahfinnadams totally fair!! not saying i’m right, it’s obvs subjective 😅 @HeyRowanEllis @noahfinnadams i guess it’s just that imo it didn’t have a hugely groundbreaking story, and didn’t r… @HeyRowanEllis @noahfinnadams not that they’re direct and only competition! it just felt thematically similar. i j… @HeyRowanEllis @noahfinnadams yup, that’s most of what I was thinking through it lol tbh I thought the musical was… @HeyRowanEllis @noahfinnadams idk to me it feels like they dressed up billy Elliot in drag and drastically reduced the quality @CalumMcSwiggan @noahfinnadams That’s fine, but I don’t see how you can disagree that it’s not for us. I get that y… @CalumMcSwiggan @noahfinnadams that’s not to say you can’t enjoy it, though. but it’s made for you, not us @CalumMcSwiggan @noahfinnadams non-lgbt enjoy it as a novelty. at least our audience did... so many of the jokes s… @CalumMcSwiggan @noahfinnadams it’s a very white gay story though. and as soon as they take it to the big screen th…✨ THE SHOP IS LIVE!! ✨
Retweeted by corry (but spooky) 🛸 @Spice8Rack what’s really funny is that scientific study isn’t necessarily profitable neither is making YouTube vi…’s not to say that these steps aren’t good or important! i just think we need to be aware of who benefitslet’s not pretend that a step forward for cis white gay men is a step forward for the entire lgbtq+ communityDon’t get me wrong, it’s great that these stories are being told. I absolutely believe that. I just think we shoul… since so often these stories seem to be presented as a Big Deal™ As though it’s revelatory and so incre…’s great that those stories are being told, don’t get me wrong! just feels like we’ll need to wait another decad…’s kind of disheartening to see almost every mainstream queer story focus on white gay people @Laurensrvh masterpiece imovery happy that white gay men have another story to enjoy though!i feel like everything it did for queering masculinity, billy elliot did better decades before’ve been reconsidering the ethics of it recently and there are certainly ways to be a more ethical landlord - but… all honesty, being a landlord (after making enough money to invest in it) has always say in the back of my mind… @EvanEdinger butter is murderobviously not all landlords are evil, but as a whole the profession is rooted in inequalitypeople get mad at statements like these because one day they aspire to be leeches who profit solely off of owning m… @Nate_Makes @AinsleyFoods @GreggAWallace @GordonRamsay Nigella @gaywonk good luck
@Thelaserbearguy Corry might play hades @Thelaserbearguy did i come up with an idea that’s already been done again?omg and they end up freeing the minotaur(who then joins them)also Perseus is gay and Medusa is a lesbiangive me a comic where perseus goes to kill medusa, finds out how she became a gorgon, then they team up to Kill Godi don’t have a lot of memories from my first school but the two strongest ones are finding out busted broke up and… you agree with my tweets it’s a revolution but if you don’t dw they’re just jokesI propose we change LGBTQ+ to CWGM+ It’s stands for “cis white gay men” and the “+” is for everyone else i feel i… @_hello_im_eve_ shhthis is a joke i am also whiteif you’re white, shut up @honeylavendar_ most things could be taken poorly... you’re not helping by saying someone could be offended. you’re… @seocelot @honeylavendar_ you realise that the only bother people had with it was saying “someone might be offended… @seocelot @honeylavendar_ @noahfinnadams if you knew, and didn’t think it would be. then keep quiet and move on. i… @honeylavendar_ @seocelot @noahfinnadams then what is the issue? someone might be offended? if you understand the… @seocelot @honeylavendar_ @noahfinnadams it would have been seen lol, just dm next time regardless, it’s not a ba… @dicavid @noahfinnadams It can be taken that way but the reference is incredibly obvious I think I’d have noticed… @honeylavendar_ @seocelot @noahfinnadams he is leaning honestly i get where you’re coming from but you’re not doin… @CalumMcSwiggan @noahfinnadams sure @CalumMcSwiggan @noahfinnadams if you’re trying to break us up this would absolutely work @izziewinter ahhh thank u!! but honestly i have trouble with any kind of singing 😅 @Hattiethepirate I only just saw (sorry) this but could I possible nick that essay from you at some point pls? absolutely disgusting though @Nate_Makes nah, never too late you don’t have to though, I just can’t be bothered with being told “why inktober i…