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I am told this is funny
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!Biden (who - again - I’m no fan of) passed an executive order that prevents discrimination against trans children…
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟! @kxzzt 10/10 yawn from Toast there!!!!!
Now that Biden is president we finally have a new Tojo Clan chairman
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!it's inauguration day, release the dog from its tomb joethis dog walked on stage during a biden rally and joe had his campaign team bury and seal the dog underground with…
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!i'm sorry but what the hell makes you think she would have been re-elected
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!trump left biden a note with all the tweet drafts he composed after his ban with the comment 'you know what you must do' @rudeasHECK ahahaha that ownsI'm excited to see the Biden animatronic, I assume they'll ask Universal if they can just take one of the old Termi…'s still extremely funny to me that they were clearly preparing for a Hilary robot and had to work around what th… @leninliker1990 I like that I haven't seen anyone question it either, it's like the forum, as an entity, just gave you mod powers.fuck I just realised I'll never get to see the Trump animatronic speak I'm just worried for everyone in the cspam trump thread now, typing out all caps funny misspellings of 'BIDE… was cool that he did this
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!several things here: -biden is magnitudes better on trans rights than his uk counterparts -starmer was elected on a…
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!If number 1 on your list of 'why Joe and Boris will get on fine' is 'because Biden's great, great, great grandfathe…
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!im told that wearing my Denim kimono to the oscars will probably destroy racism and sjw in one feel swoop
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟! @Ouijae I love Gon and Killua so much
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!French Luigi...
This is the Japanese equivalent of a weeb account going “zoomers don’t know SHIT about this masterpiece” and postin…
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!Sorry, but this is the best how it started / how it’s going ever. I love this so much.
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!Tesla is hiring a full-time position to handle people talking shit about @elonmusk online
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!I don't trust him
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟! @GriffinMang I believe so, but iirc that article was 100% a fabrication!I know these are all descriptions supposed to be read in isolation but lmao
1/20/20 2:21 PM
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@Ouijae 👏MORE 👏 CAT 👏KISSING 👏star wars fan: [crying] you cant keep doing this george lucas: now this guy is a pretty bad customer. his name is darth crumbo
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!Computer...? Cancel my plans
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!(なんだこのツンツン頭…)
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟! @weedhitter i opened the google doc and my head is actually spinning at the 'Kid A picks up at Optimistic' takelook at this image to instantly die
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!i was trying not to comment on this dipshit's current plot arc but what the actual fuck man
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!for like 8 months i thought covid was one of those joke diseases where you ask "what's covid" and the other guy tells tou to suck his nuts
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Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!British politics is a means to an end for our media class: the means is decades of hard-right rule that destroys th…
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!I made a comic about Frasier and Niles. Contains Bloodborne spoilers
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!based on the level of rhetoric ive seen, Its almost as if all the girls on this site actually WANT bit coin (BTC) to fail. There i said it .
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@hauntedchasm reposting the same drawing I made until enough people finally like it
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!Baked Alaska’s plan to livestream his crimes is not going great
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!Me watching Baby Geniuses 2
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!ass ointment seeping through the top of my perilously tight jeans leaving unsightly horizontal stripes on the sofa #Supernatural200thEpisode
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟! @ColdmanHot lmao, maybe they're confident no one cares enough about the game to make the effort!YIIK.jpg remember when the complaint about the Golden Alpaca was that it made too much sense and didn't have enough scre…
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!Hard life
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!“Argh! Ninety Sea Shanties on three compact discs!”
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@CuttingSongs Music box version of the Toreador March plays while Nic rips off his head and kicks his shuffling robot corpseI assume Cawthorne's going for a more PG-13 movie with FNAF so yes, absolutely, please give me Nic Cage covered in… ultimate QoL fix to YIIK would be an update gives you an MP3 of the Toby Fox battle theme and deletes everything else."Alex cannot speak" is the greatest quality of life improvement a game has ever implementedI haven't gotten far enough in the YIIK update to cap anything else (Although I've already seen too much) but I wan…
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!FOLLOW US AND RETWEET to win copies of 'Watch Dogs Legion' and 'Immortals: Fenyx Rising' on PS4! Winner announced o…
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@PrototypeCube can't wait to murder scores of monsters with the Shovel Knight class. Enix has posted a new trailer, screenshots, and details for Bravely Default II, detailing several new classe…
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Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!I beat Yakuza 5 and I'm going to say again that Shinada is so far my favourite character in the entire series up to…
wrong. the 4th character has been revealed to be Sephiroth
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!okay now impeach him a third time @Sparklykiss I'm so sorry dear :(
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!Doing normal pedestrian things“Wow. A golf shirt. With my corporate logo on it!”
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!boris: "hey keir a footballer is owning me much harder than you are"
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It's a national holiday everyone! @jonbjohns With MachineGames doing it I have a bit of hope! @carlyfromonline Since his family business is emerald mining I think he's more on the Eggman end of things. @Scallysays Absolutely not! @vrovoom i like to dream 😔 @MatthewW1991 Hell yeah!That Indiana Jones game should put a Da'at Yichud artifact in as a little easter egg @MatthewW1991 All ND games since the PS3 era have sucked hard, this is a hill I will die on! @BEAT_TWITTAR Oh he 100% doesn't, no doubt about it!I guess someone asked Todd "what if we made Uncharted, but actually good?"
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@nilvoid I'm saluting and crying right now, RIP to a true American patriot @rudeasHECK @NotFaulty
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!Onlookers claim the man who tased himself in the balls also had sparks flying out of his body and his skeleton coul… these false allegations, I'll have to stamp these tweets with the highest rating I've ever given, SEVEN PINNOCHIOSNo, a man at the Capitol insurrection did not die of a heart attack after tasering himself in the testicles. HALF… @DrWallkick Extremely sad that snopes, that source we all know and 100% trust in the year of our lord 2021, would s… CHARIOTIm really glad vehicle are back they bring me fond memories and this have the power to be playable in standard i t…
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finally i can learn why people think a bee-killing pesticide is bad! I finished Shinada's story in Yakuza 5 and he now might be my favourite character in the entire series????lol nobility are normal people, just like us !'s important to get your rest after being menaced by a vacuum cleaner
Retweeted by YES...HA HA HA...Y͟E͟S͟!i'm trying to imagine what trump sounds like saying 'bing bing bing' before hitting send and i'm dying BING