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@NickBuckleyMBE Unless you are a family that is struggling to afford food right?Virus Nonce desperate for attention. @LeeHurstComic Yet you talk about it. Twat. @LeeHurstComic Snore'I have spent years talking to people that think exactly the same as me... so your take is fantasy' @LeeMckenna7 @alfienoakes63 What has he signalled? @LeeMckenna7 @alfienoakes63 But that won't be because he isn't a socialist - it will be because he has made enough… @LeeMckenna7 @alfienoakes63 Because they are not popular enough and FPTP really goes against even a tight fight on… @LeeMckenna7 @alfienoakes63 I didn't say they weren't popular. @LeeMckenna7 @alfienoakes63 So because he hasn't set his policies out in stone for a GE in four years you dismiss h… @LeeMckenna7 @alfienoakes63 No it's reality. Which you can of course continue to deny and live in some fantasy lan… is in the 1st sentence. I would just add you voted Johnson in, so if you are surprised at any of this you are… @MartinDaubney Why do we need a positive argument for the EU mate - you won , where the Brexit positives? @MikeRea15167544 @ElectionMapsUK Agree, though Iowa really is a toss up too. @ElectionMapsUK Me too. What do you read into the massive early turnouts - anything? I think now I have seen the nu… OMG I would love to see your botoxed face try and gurn in disgust when Johnson does PRECISELY what h… @ElectionMapsUK That's pretty near mine - but Georgia?? @lisaocarroll Not with my fucking tax money! @LeeMckenna7 @alfienoakes63 You disagree that worthwhile candidate that is no electable is worthwhile? Walk me thro… @LeeMckenna7 @alfienoakes63 Why does everybody think I am trying to 'win them over'? I am simply pointing out that… @JulieWa95599900 It's garbage fantasy. What is behind you and others wanting to believe in fantasy rather than reality Julie? @Paul68958640 You may, you did! @elaineaddison13 @Otto_English Bravo!Dr.McDonald’s Cabinet of Curious Crossdressers ‘Desi’
Retweeted by Back and even more f*cked offDr.McDonald’s Cabinet of Curious Crossdressers ‘Brandi’
Retweeted by Back and even more f*cked off*sighs* It always said that - never said anything else you twerp. Two tweets ago you were saying we should go no de… garbage @StevePayne2018 @LeeMckenna7 @alfienoakes63 BINGO! @StevePayne2018 @LeeMckenna7 @alfienoakes63 A stupid meme. Give me one of his announced policies so that we discuss if it socialist or not. @StevePayne2018 @LeeMckenna7 @alfienoakes63 Hence never getting anyone but the actual Tories in power. Starmer is a socialist. @RebelEmG Ta! I think. I mean, low bar and all that! @rfj1966 @NicolaSturgeon @jasonleitch OK well nowhere on this thread did you say you had, other people have suggest… @LeeMckenna7 @alfienoakes63 1 - Corbyn lost big time - no candidate is 'worthwhile' if they are unelectable 2 - th… MP Steve Double BANNED from cafes in his #Cornwall constituency over free school meals vote Whiskers…
Retweeted by Back and even more f*cked off @LeeHurstComic If only this were real...
@Otto_English But she's got a Union Jack and everything! @LeeMckenna7 @alfienoakes63 So keeping the Tories in power. Well done, proper socialist eh? @alfienoakes63 Not really. @rfj1966 @NicolaSturgeon @jasonleitch Just ask for one! @claredhunt @miffythegamer Unless you are dessicated old homophobe I have no idea why you think it necessary to rep… @fourcheeze @AndrewBrookLdn Not quite sure what you are getting at here, in how that relates to Fox. But I agree it's not a modern view. @fourcheeze @AndrewBrookLdn @berniespofforth @Fox_Claire Disagree that she doesn't dodge bullets either. She blocks… @fourcheeze @AndrewBrookLdn @berniespofforth @Fox_Claire I do think she's a bad person. One that is outwardly appea… @lunaperla @miffythegamer You know, part of me wants to correct the slight liberties taken on that graphic which ar… @pazza1971 @AndrewBrookLdn @miffythegamer @Fox_Claire @fourcheeze @berniespofforth That's copyright @miffythegamer used with permission! @ms_duckworth @drdavidbull @matthew_elliott 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Biden and corruption? @fourcheeze @AndrewBrookLdn @berniespofforth @Fox_Claire The specific view is that nothing should be removed no mat… @fourcheeze @AndrewBrookLdn @berniespofforth @Fox_Claire Not missing anything, am aware of what she said. That's my… @fourcheeze @AndrewBrookLdn @berniespofforth @Fox_Claire You misread what I said. @fourcheeze @AndrewBrookLdn @berniespofforth @Fox_Claire Such as what? You can add utter barefaced hypocrisy, refus… @fourcheeze @AndrewBrookLdn @berniespofforth @Fox_Claire Society and the state already condem and make illegal chil… @fourcheeze @AndrewBrookLdn @berniespofforth @Fox_Claire No at the heart of it is what society allows the state to… says different. @fourcheeze @AndrewBrookLdn @berniespofforth @Fox_Claire *humanity... Red wine and fat fingers is my excuse @AndrewBrookLdn @miffythegamer @Fox_Claire @fourcheeze @berniespofforth Why do you care who's on your timeline Lady… @fourcheeze @AndrewBrookLdn @berniespofforth @Fox_Claire She can voice it, it doesn't she isn't a moral vaccum. The… @miffythegamer You sure do!Can’t help noticing ‘Red Wall’ Tory MPs love the mantra to not “play politics” (aka being held to account). They’ve…
Retweeted by Back and even more f*cked offThe Chancellor has turned his back on the self-employed. It’s economically wrong.
Retweeted by Back and even more f*cked off @LeeHurstComic Bedwetter @DrummerNelson @LeeHurstComic Oh do fuck off @miffythegamer Virus Nonce @lucyallan No. Just no. @miffythegamer Stop bigging it up! @miffythegamer That he's a twat? @Matt_JE7 @martin_compston Nothing to see in them though... was he tucking??JoJo sums it up... @Nozzie_5252 @jennyrickson Ohh what did you do?You are a moron. @freddythefrog13 @LeeHurstComic @MR2Qannon Dick. @sturdyAlex So happy to see some food on your timeline again! 😋State of this pissy man baby @LeeHurstComic Nonsense of being asked a fuckin question ? Did you pick up some tenaman you monumental betwetter?You're a prize idiot. Labour returns to the lead, with a 2-point gap between them and the Conservatives #LabourLead #Polling
Retweeted by Back and even more f*cked off👏👏👏👏👏👏 reminder to send prayers tonight for the real victims this weekend. The downtrodden, the abused, the down at h… Gorka the Corker More than pearls have been clutched! 😛😛😛Let’s all join in silent contemplation as we send thoughts and prayers to Johnny Mercer & his £80,000 a year salary…
Retweeted by Back and even more f*cked offF*cking amazing victimhood there Johnny. Transformed for the worse. @JohnnyMercerUK You are joking? Tory austerity has mean less money per schoolchild!! @DrummerNelson If I were it's not much of a job tbh. @DrummerNelson Is that what I am doing? OK LOLZ @ljmatt It's not really a thought though Janet is it? They both contribute to a reduction the spread. Both together… @DrummerNelson You can't do any better, that's the rub. @GaryTevs @glittabones Histrionic garbage.The snowflakes are out in force on Oxford Street. They're not marching for an extension on free school meals for th…
Retweeted by Back and even more f*cked offYou should know.... @DrummerNelson Ah your tweets continue to be as trite and stupid as I expected! @Kirlea75 @Keir_Starmer You are happy to see the Tories in - that's on your conscience not mine. Tata. @LeoKearse ha! @Kirlea75 @Keir_Starmer yet won't vote against them. Your own conscience should have something to say - apparently not. @Kirlea75 @Keir_Starmer Like I said, voting against the Tories should be anybody's first priority. If blinkered ide… @Kirlea75 @Keir_Starmer If you can't be bothered to vote against the Tories then you are part of the problem. But I… @Kirlea75 @Keir_Starmer I am not upset. What irks is you firing missiles at Starmer rather than the Tories, making… @Kirlea75 @Keir_Starmer oh dear. Yes he literally is the only leader that can rid us of the Tories - deny that you… @Kirlea75 @Keir_Starmer You don't 'understand' anything but you presume lots. @Kirlea75 @Keir_Starmer So just to be clear I would not call myself a 'Starmerite' I will reserve judgement of the… @Kirlea75 @Keir_Starmer So you want an opposition but also know that the opposition would find it very difficult to…