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40% water, 60% Horror. |🎙️ @DailyHorrorPod | ✍🏻 @CultVultures - @KillerfromSpace Apologies in advance.

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If The Leftovers happened in 2020 it’d be a single episode where everyone just said “It’s only 2% of the population…
Retweeted by Jay @housefuzz @netflix not wrongDecided to throw on Killer Klowns from Outer Space (@netflix) while I write, and completely forget JUST how fucked… @ManipulateThisKicking off the holiday season with a live-tweet of Better Watch Out (Streaming @PrimeVideo & @tubi)! Join us on…
Further proof that swords make everything METAL AF new Killer episode is up! We end our discussion on cannibalism films this month with the greatest of them all, T…
Retweeted by JayHer: Eat something Me: Why? Her: You aren't yourself when you're hungry Me: That's not true Her: ... Me:
Retweeted by JayA shorter week, BUT I still made time for three #horror movie reviews!  I'm also 15 listens from @DailyHorrorPod B…
Retweeted by JayJust late enough that I don't want to start another movie, BUT not late enough to go to bed... Guess that means it'… @Laser_Cat Lmao @Laser_Cat I thought Ozark looked just OK, and then binged the entire thing in 2 weeks. @Laser_Cat Hannibal, Ozark, Peaky Blidners, The Haunting of Hill HouseWhelp, #RunMovie was fantastic. An absolute must-watch thriller, with a stellar debut performance from Kiera Allen… Eat something Me: Why? Her: You aren't yourself when you're hungry Me: That's not true Her: ... Me: @ManipulateThis Man, that's what our Tuesday nights are for#NowWatching RUN via @hulu I really enjoyed director Aneesh Chaganty's previous film Searching, and from what I'v…
@ManipulateThis FUCKKKK I can't believe I forget Julie Estelle. @_daddydisco I'm due a rewatch of You Were & Old Boy. Definitely let me know what you think of Old Boy. I'd also re… @_daddydisco Hammer time scratches a certain kinda itch, ya know? I'm going to guess You Were Never Really Here?🔨 see Reddit front page is having an extremely normal one shorter week, BUT I still made time for three #horror movie reviews!  I'm also 15 listens from @DailyHorrorPod B… there's our little cinephile! Haha Just joshing lil buddy, so how's being single at almost 30 ?
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Hey there's our little cinephile! Haha Just joshing lil buddy, so how's being single at almost 30 ? the Big Red Dog is a kaiju, no questions at this time
Retweeted by Jay#BlackFriday Digital Deal One of my favorite films of the year #Possessor is currently BUY HD Digital $7.99 (Ren… @housefuzz @ManipulateThis I have! I meant considering rewatching it. One of my favorite series of all time. @ManipulateThis @WaiterNumber3 @ManipulateThis Or the wire. @ManipulateThis I have! But I think I'll rewatch that next!'s a wrap on The Leftovers. Crying, it's what's for dessert.
@WaiterNumber3 Yesssssss! So proud of you, homie!Thanksgiving dinner: ... Me, headed for my fourth plate: the morning playing The Last of Us II, just like the Pilgrims did., I guess it's a dbl bourbon night. It's Matty's world and we're all living in it @WaiterNumber3 I'll admit, my priorities BEEN fucked up @WaiterNumber3 oh, is like that., I have an HBO week trial, so I guess FINALLY finishing The Leftovers and crying is my Thanksgiving 2020 main… @roxxyhaze @TylerIAm @ehimgood_ @bkay_youngkip @LightsCameraPod @THR @ManipulateThis 👀👀
"you really sit around and JUST watch movies?" Me: define "just"'s attention to crafting a compelling cold war narrative compliments this brutal sci-fi #hororr creature fea… #Thanksgiving tradition Faust’s “Girl” probably won’t be anyone’s new rural-noir favorite, but it’s a competent thriller with hard-hit…
Retweeted by Jay @ristolable, just stumbled upon these digital deals for Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula Amazon: Rent HD $4.99 & Buy… would be a mistake to go into Peninsula expecting it to even resemble Train to Busan. The film focuses on blendi… week's #LiveTweetTuesday was a blast to the past look at the wild and weird original CGI fest superhero flick…, like 30 of Spawn's 40 mil budget all went to Cape tech #LiveTweetTuesdayWhat's with the rats? Spawn isn't Willard. #LiveTweetTuesday @chapel3929 Sam & Twitch! I think they were supposed to develop a series around them, but as usual, that never arisedThis whole Hell finale is really.....something. I can imagine all the stoners in the late 90s packing into theaters… hobo MFer really slapped some chainmail on his head #LiveTweetTuesday"and Kickstart the Apocalpyse Now" *Smiles in Francis Ford Coppola* #LiveTweetTuesday"See you in hell, Jason!" He said it! He said it! #LiveTweetTuesdayMichael Jai White has got that spin kick down #LiveTweetTuesday @housefuzz One of us! One of us! One of us! @ManipulateThis Yes. It is, as you'd say, complete nonsenseLove how this homeless guy left Spawn in the dark on his powers up until the last 30 minutes #LiveTweetTuesday*Spawn gets wrapped in his own chains* "Jokes on you, this is very much my kink" #LiveTweetTuesdayI love it when computers in movies announce the operation they have just completed #LiveTweetTuesday @chapel3929 How much of the comic have you read, and are any particular runs worth revisiting? I need a break from… was a great shot #LiveTweetTuesday Violator looks so much cooler than any of that hell shit in the begining #LiveTweetTuesdaySpawn & Spaz taking on Heaven and Hell together. Now that's a sequel I'd watch #LiveTweetTuesday @housefuzz putting it lightlyIdc what decade it is, naming your dog Spaz is a weird move #LiveTweetTuesdayLeguizamo is legit revolting in this. Respect. #LiveTweetTuesday"What do we have here, doc" "Gunshot wound to the head" Perceptive AF #LiveTweetTuesdaySpawn is just Leather & Spikes Kink Spiderman #LiveTweetTuesdaySpawn is like 95% Cape #LiveTweetTuesday @Laser_Cat @PrimeVideo @IMDbTV It's called Marslines , dude! DUH!A-6 is real wishy-washy on their workplace attire, huh? #LiveTweetTuesdayI was never a huge fan of the Spawn comics story, but Spawn remains one of the most METAL AF characters ever created #LiveTweetTuesday"This is where old folks go after Florida" got a legit laugh out of me #LiveTweetTuesdayHell looks like a Tenacious D video #LiveTweetTuesday @Laser_Cat @PrimeVideo @IMDbTV Jinx!Who the fuck would allow a clown-like that at a kid's party? #LiveTweetTuesdayWhich is worse? Going to hell or getting cucked by your best friend ? #LiveTweetTuesday @Laser_Cat @PrimeVideo @IMDbTV CHEESY, BUT SO MUCH FUN hobo have a Green Lantern ring or something? #LiveTweetTuesdayGlad to see Hell is just a Tim Burton set #LiveTweetTuesday"I have a problem with killing and I want a transfer" "Ok, but first I need you to kill more people in a DIFFERENT… people is one thing, but an office with spiders and scorpions, that's a big no from me dawg #LiveTweetTuesdayuhhh, does Al just leave his dog outside when no one's home? #LiveTweetTuesdayViolator is just a bundle of red flags in facepaint #LiveTweetTuesdayThis intro is just one long Windows 95 screensaver #LiveTweetTuesdayThis flames intro has series Jason Goes to Hell vibes #LiveTweetTuesday @housefuzz lmao"a great soldier" Who else if not Michael Jai White ? #LiveTweetTuesdayI swear to god if this opens with a Todd McFarlane monologue #LiveTweetTuesday what the fuc
2020 on CF! @PBrennan87 champions 'Blue Sunshine,' a 70s-era satire about "Drugsploitation" paranoia. "...a windo…
Retweeted by Jay @KillerfromSpace @b_rollbanshee Great review @b_rollbanshee ! For anyone that uses @hooplaDigital , DEATHCEMBER i… my series review of The Fly with a look at The Fly II, a mostly misguided follow-up to Cronenberg's film, t… @24th_Doctor Happy birthday, Katelyn !