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@shi77e @sam_6x3 @theneedledrop Ahhhh kl Snm didn’t no US ppl listened to UK rap thought they didn’t take it serious
@loski_hs when your fully free you need to do an album with this new style , the wavey flow on hot steppa and Forre… @ProdByWalkz No details could matter that’s his sonLoski - allegedly
Retweeted by okeen @shi77e @sam_6x3 @theneedledrop Oh yeahhh ru from the UK cuz if not I’m suprised you know about it yourself . J hus… @theneedledrop can you review big conspiracy by j hus and gang by headie one which is a drill rapper going to alter… @shi77e @sam_6x3 @theneedledrop What’s HH TwitterWhy is it that when spiderman put on the BLACK suit he became angry and aggressive?
Retweeted by okeenHappy Birthday LD🚨 🍾❤️🎉 @Scribz6ix7even #GODFATHEROFUKODRILL Looking Forward to having you back⏳ ( Everyone Comment…
Retweeted by okeen @ProdByWalkz It doesn’t matter what ur son does if you are an absent father there’s no excuse your child should b m… I GET HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM SOMEONE 😤
Retweeted by okeen @sam_6x3 @theneedledrop J hus big conspiracy > both + Fantano we need a review on that and headie ones gang mixtape…
Retweeted by okeen @theneedledrop Are you going to review big conspiracy - j hus or gang -headie one the gang mixtape is something very different @sam_6x3 @theneedledrop J hus big conspiracy > both + Fantano we need a review on that and headie ones gang mixtape… @CarlosWavey
Retweeted by okeen @KoshaPalmer @CarlosWavey The institutional racism @KoshaPalmer @CarlosWavey I disagree I don’t think racism is a natural thing I think it’s characterised by our soci…
@BillyCampbell_1 @owenjlfc @6x_nj @Kele901 Yeah I’m saying generally it’s apart of black culture anyone can engage… @BillyCampbell_1 @owenjlfc @6x_nj @Kele901 An exception to the rule that generally rappers are black because it’s a part of black cultureNo way did this guy snake his boy for Boris Johnson 💀😭
Retweeted by okeen @Nikp87livecouk1 @Utd1st @6x_nj @Kele901 I don’t care if most famous rappers in German are white actually they’re T… @Nikp87livecouk1 @Utd1st @6x_nj @Kele901 I ended this discussion with someone else courteously and we came to the s… @Secretlyjurgen @EamonnDriscoll @Friddy007 Yeahhhh I guess I just saw the tweets but I don’t personally follow football @Secretlyjurgen @EamonnDriscoll @Friddy007 You too bro . Don’t worry though people usually hve a harsh reaction at… @Secretlyjurgen @EamonnDriscoll @Friddy007 Ohhhh I guess yeah maybe it’s racial ignorance tho see I didn’t know all… @owenjlfc @Crouchpotato__ It is a fact the vast majority of rappers are black just because there’s a few exceptions… @Secretlyjurgen @EamonnDriscoll @Friddy007 More I guess you know more so you win the debate but thanks for giving me more details @Secretlyjurgen @EamonnDriscoll @Friddy007 My bad for that one whole thing still seems dodgy to me but I don’t know… @owenjlfc @Crouchpotato__ Your not being called a racist at all mate im just describing racist parts of society tha… @Secretlyjurgen @EamonnDriscoll @Friddy007 3) he wore those clothes in his spare time to the best of my knowledge a… @Secretlyjurgen @EamonnDriscoll @Friddy007 2) “to look like a rapper” whatever that is shouldn’t be a limitation on… @Secretlyjurgen @EamonnDriscoll @Friddy007 1) you being referred to derogatorily (or not) as a rapper is an excepti… @Secretlyjurgen @EamonnDriscoll @Friddy007 Ok let’s say he looks like a rapper what is bad about looking like a rap… @owenjlfc @6x_nj @Kele901 Furthermore , how can he limit someone’s opportunities due to their likeness to rap his n… @owenjlfc @6x_nj @Kele901 It could be argued to be ... sometimes it’s what people don’t say . Because no one charac… @TopBoyJemz Hopefully not for road he should grow up and mature like blanco and make less violent music so he can m… @Secretlyjurgen @EamonnDriscoll @Friddy007 Tel me how he’s dressed as a rapper? I promise you I have no agenda I do… @owenjlfc @6x_nj @Kele901 What has blonde hair got to do with being a rapper ? I’m not a racist I just understand r… @Secretlyjurgen @EamonnDriscoll @Friddy007 This rap culture obvicomes from race though and is characterised often b… @6x_nj @Kele901 No he stereotyped him as a rapper which makes him at least have subconscious racial prejudice @joel_oseyili @Bg22842496 @Kele901 Your using the I have a black friend trope m8Mane is a devout Muslim, a truly humble lad and he STILL ran to that stereotype? Yh Klopp is a racist. Nothing will convince me otherwise.
Retweeted by okeen @DavidSt01225597 @Friddy007 Rap is part of black culture the white rappers are the exception @Imyishereoutlo1 @Friddy007 @RilwanLucas Not the same thing m8 cmon @EamonnDriscoll @Friddy007 Rap culture is a part of black culture @Dimma6ix7even Because the media underrepresents black girls and shows white blonde girls as beautiful so people th…
Man don’t ever be a person that can’t stand in the sun without seriously risking your health and ask me what specie…
Retweeted by okeen @TopBoyJemz Can u make money from this if not find a way to @TFliving2 Wordplay is cold and makes u better as an artist but what gives u the goat potential is the storytelling @TFliving2 Nahif you make it clear your telling someone elses story and dont pretend it’s ur own it’s fine ur a wri… @imjustbait Notice how you guys be extra harsh and offensive and make racist jokes thinking it’s ok cuz the kid was… @DWilkins69 @KalvinC17 @imjustbait Jus plain racist it’s not rly funnyBlanco - Shippuden J Hus - Reckless Chip Skeppy Young Adz - Mains
Retweeted by okeen @TFliving2 You don’t owe anything wait till u blow don’t b too kind it’ll slow u down jus do what u thinks best musicallyRIP Black The Ripper 🌹🕊 your verse on “Obama Nation 2” back in 2011 will always be iconic
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@RashyRashy5 @pinacoladajoe @LickshotLippy hes made racist commentsI won’t say anything bad about Boris Johnson but I aint gonna be the cunt to wish him well either. I don’t care tha…
Retweeted by okeen @TopBoyJemz Jeremy corybns not even shadow leader of the party anymore doesn’t make sense it’s Kiers stammer @theneedledrop J hus and harlem Spartans @LegendOfBuku @frediecruze Never forget
Retweeted by okeen @RobertoRojas97 how does that make sense rn its a weekday??? its Monday idiot!Anyone who knows classic movies knows it’s goodfellas pulp fiction and the dark knight @RXMMIE_ @_TwoFootIn Numbers literally do lie: do u not know about stream farming ? @RXMMIE_ @_TwoFootIn Also one direction had more opportunities. and are more artificial. those are ways they are wo… @RXMMIE_ @_TwoFootIn so the amount of sales means an artist is better in every way by that logic Jake Paul is bette…
@KashinKojii Does the visuals come too @RXMMIE_ @_TwoFootIn If you don’t like them then why can’t you they made cheap boring shit childish music that was…‘fair enough’ is the DEADEST reply ever
Retweeted by okeen @Gervinchy K trap @pyr3xg3neral Nahhh next summer bro once loski beats this case and can finally talk crud on a track @pyr3xg3neral Ru talkin bout the one without loski if so how do u listen cuz it got taken down? @loski_hs Shout me, got some beats for ya🔥🔥
Retweeted by okeen @TopBoyJemz @EliteJemz Elite tik tok but to improve make the writing in red shorter n more to the point it’ll b funnier @ProdByWalkz @DJ_Larni Maybe they should introduce that tho on ppl who get enough views they deserve it cuz the liv… @ProdByWalkz @DJ_Larni Maybe they should introduce a 5 second add wen u go on it tho because ppl like Tory Lanez wh… @ProdByWalkz @DJ_Larni 🤔🤔🤔there’s ads on insta generally n wen u swipe through stories ads pop up but by being on t… @cashtasticmusic @blanc0b0urne doing the same as u not following but making his own wave doing things different n n… @ProdByWalkz @DJ_Larni Instagram needs to monetise views on their lives tho @HeadieOne Nahhh but you’re allowed to release this
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You aint got the minerals bro
Retweeted by okeen @JWhi64912226 @metpoliceuk Too true! We need more white rapists being focused on too have you heard of this Jimmy S… @jazsom @metpoliceuk @kwilliam111 Your right we need the White ppl out too tho have u heard of this Jimmy Saville g… @HeadieOne DROP THISSSSSSS
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@alhan Energy was fine!Gloryholes were ahead of their time #COVIDー19
Retweeted by okeenNot surprised to hear boris got the corona my man don’t even comb his hair let alone wash his hands
Retweeted by okeen @TopBoyJemz @WooskiFrmDaO *meloncholic @TopBoyJemz @WooskiFrmDaO Skill wise it’s not perfect but it’s got substance n the best is meloncjolic @TopBoyJemz @WooskiFrmDaO The chorus is very very good they should put blanco n mizormac on it and it’s an elite song😭😭😭😭 If Fredo doesn’t have a publicist, he needs to get one ASAP
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GANG out tomorrow at 7.30pm #GANG
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Retweeted by okeen @m1llionz A message . It all works together as a whole. Timeless not fast food
@loski_hs Release this please
Retweeted by okeen @blanc0b0urne The one with @rvpochettino
Retweeted by okeen @blanc0b0urne The one with @Jhus
Retweeted by okeen @blanc0b0urne The jHus remix is powerful
Retweeted by okeen @blanc0b0urne Blanco x rv
Retweeted by okeen @blanc0b0urne came in with a mask and hoodie DEM MAN KNOW WHATS GOODIE
Retweeted by okeen @blanc0b0urne The one with Hus
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