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What a race 😵
@wtf1official Sainz right now: #F1 @Lucade56 "It's a perfection"? @joramvanloenen @bugshake @Leukbaars ..But that also made me super lazy, not only can the automatically unwrapped u… @joramvanloenen @bugshake @Leukbaars Haha, same, used to hate UVing before Substance :P @sovietvisuals r/WhyWereTheyNude
@IRCSS Sorry, I meant ctrl+K ctrl+D, haha, the action is so automatic in my fingers that I don't even rationally know what it is.#antiprotip: Writing tweets with bullshit [artsy] titles sucks when you really want to find them couple of years later @IRCSS Looks nice. I'm so reliant on automatic formatting (and frantically hitting ctrl+L ctrl+D each time I finish… wheat is usually quite sharp. All I feel watching this video is pain 😬 @luisparravicini If you find out, let me know(no seriously WTF?)..Just a normal day in Serbia 😗🎶
Un "dust devil", tourbillon de poussière filmé par le rover @MarsCuriosity le 25 juin dernier. © NASA/JPL-Caltech/M…
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@dtConfect #HPS1 @thegameawards DNWEAPONS @farty Plausble 🤔 It had a full day to read my tweet, put the real trash can and drill 2 holes! 😱Mystery resolved @dtConfect I had to go back and check what those scary eyes looking at me from the trash can were. I'm relieved to say it's… 13 vibes! (..the good ones!) @fonserbc True 🍴 Not sure how safe is it to tho to eat the homemade potato :|Phew, it has recovered! 😅!
@Beetlenaut Nah, built inOk, didn't make it much less noisy as I expected, just smeared it a bit.Twitter compression to the rescue weird, the wiki page lists and describes all the scenes, yet google didn't catch any of those when I searched!, that's a cut version, here's the full one: @Bananaft Here, found the full English version: @Bananaft Here it is, but with Spanish dub. A big chunk has been cut :( @Bananaft After the "I wonder why" there seems to be an abrupt cut. @Bananaft Good spot! I definitely remember cars falling into the water! This must be a shortened version.r/tipofmytongue found it!! That's it: are helping me improve this: reflection/scattering references I took over past few days @yankooliveira Haha, just did: @corpsepile Nah, it doesn't feature any famous characters. It's very likely a one-off thing.Can't believe google can't help me. Trying to find a very old cartoon about cars, from 30s/40s, where driver gets l… @RC_1290 Yeah, this was just a joke, I didn't think about the actual use. I thought of this because of a bug caused… is..? @dtConfect Thanks! ..for ruining my sleep xD I'll have to come back tomorrow just to make sure that isn't a monster so I can sleep well @dtConfect _dies_ _respawns_ I knew it! It was one of those chest monsters lured me into a trap!! @dtConfect WHAT THE.. 😱😱😱There's something quite wholesome about this lone trashcan in its own little purposeful nook @CiroContns John Oliver's part X incoming @CiroContns @krem09 I assume both Gileads come from the biblical Gilead. Tho why would a pharmaceutical company have a biblical name 🤔 @th_conway Has there ever been a wet Austrian GP? @Why485 @seanish0v Ok, I'm sorry I was talking about ECS, not DOTS in general, you can still reap the benefits of t… @Why485 @seanish0v .. And the api changes all the time. Sure, you should experiment with it but don't use it for pr… @Why485 @seanish0v But they say they're working on eliminating that overhead so you could have 1000+ systems. Which… @Why485 @seanish0v And as you say, the overhead of scheduling and systems is big. You can only reap the benefits wh… @Why485 @seanish0v Don't waste your time with DOTS, trust me. Have been using for more than a year. It may make the… @MarkusLatvala Phew, thanks for giving me hope! @adrielxyz Ah, good to know!Ahhhhh didn't water the potato for one day and it already looks like it's giving up on life. Hope I can resurrect i… @CiroContns Uh AE traumas indeed
#indie #indiegame #itchio @itchio @hauntedps1 #betula #horror #letsplay #otherworldtelevision @Nothke Betula
Retweeted by Иван Гамедев 🌲🏎️💨🌲 @martinpi Dot matrix printer @BooDooPerson Or maybe the "too long games" are just not for you? - Devil's Advocate @alanjack @BooDooPerson @Ninfa_dp And there are so many games today that you can always find something interesting… @alanjack @BooDooPerson @Ninfa_dp Imo it just depends on the audience. As a kid I loved playing and discovering eve… @stvulture I shouldn't've complained @ompuco Is that Jordan Peterson from the 80s? @DevRelCallum @gchorba Minesweequel @SohierRemy Vomit dégueulasse effects @lucasmeijer A set of ~10 Children's Encyclopedias. Especially the one titled "How Does It Work?", that had cutouts… lake #OPSND #screenshotsunday
Making shaders in 2020: 1. random sample 2. slap on temporal AA 3. profit @ToughKookieGame This looks groovy!!! @MoldyMagnet Yaaay! @dittomat @Voxels I'm joking man :p it's all silly definitions.. @Ambient_Malice @DUSKdev Woa, never heard of that game. The original CoD @DUSKdev I remember Sudden Strike had morale. When your units lose morale, they either become uncontrollable, flee,…, level 12. here we go @dittomat @Voxels I'll fight you for trying to limit what coffee can mean anytime ~!
@Shirty_S @guycalledfrank I have to add that I did enjoy Receiver very much. Primarily because it's waaaay more ski… @Shirty_S @guycalledfrank "Most games wit guns are not about violence they are about skill", yes, but so are racing… @Shirty_S @guycalledfrank ..But there's so many other interesting subjects to explore except guns and violence, and… @Shirty_S @guycalledfrank I'm saying "personally" not interesting - to me. I'm not saying that someone else can't f… hello there, cloud kitty👽 @guycalledfrank @Shirty_S And too many people do that. They're burrowed in their small niches trying to better the other. @guycalledfrank @Shirty_S Yes, of course when I started learning how to make games I did the same. It's also additi… @Shirty_S @guycalledfrank And not just from that perspective of responsibility but simply from a design perspective… @Shirty_S @guycalledfrank I don't disagree about that separation. But from a perspective of a creator, that can pot… @Shirty_S @guycalledfrank *not make SUCH games, not all games xD @Shirty_S @guycalledfrank People will inevitabily still make shooter games. Again, it's my personal choice to not m… @Shirty_S @guycalledfrank I agree everything should be freely artistically exploited. But when such a huge number o… @guycalledfrank I still do enjoy good shooters from time to time, I guess it's my childhoods addiction still acting… @guycalledfrank I've never made a shooter/violent game in my life and I'd like to keep it that way. I was definitly…'s a few guests from Ghana just outside of the shot on the party. Morons @dittomat @Voxels Linear narratives and walking simulators are not games. Fight me. @adurdin Just saw. Well :/ @adurdin Eh, what happened?? @adurdin Sounds like a spinoff of Architecture in HelsinkiOh no, he died 6 days ago :'( RIP
@PepijnWillekens has an idea me: execution: @colejefferies @starkholborn Nice! It's like Library of Blabber in an actual game :D