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@overtimeroan @RodlinOT liar liar pants on fire be on anything for the next 5 days, just wanted to let y’all know I didn’t die 👍
@z_ho94 ZhoK on my momma we lit ❗️❗️ @FaZeAdapt @YouTubeCreators Just publish it and the checking goes away instantly... dumb glitch lol @cxltures @exotifi You cloned me but I cloned psycho so ur a psycho clone confirmed 🤡🤡 @exotifi I’m saying I cloned tf out of psycho but only blew up when I went into my own shit lmaoo @exotifi interesting @FleaYT you look so hot in this babe 😍 @faith_anne_04 Ghoulz chose you over me 😔
@dodgyurfave basically just be a 6’10 ultra chad like me @ryftpriv good one @TikoFn So much W @Hantao @GhoulzOfficial my fault babe @fakeifys bro fax @Hantao we picked up 1 comp player and won an fncs bro its not that hard 🤣🤣🤣 @ZitiChun why is everyone making their @ chun @Diiscc yea idk what u would do for 8 mins looool @Diiscc "Epic Gave Me MY OWN EMOTE..."
@GhoulzOfficial @uzlkwtf next video “I got exposed... (macros)”
@GhoulzOfficial ghoulz get off ur phone dont die @MrFutureFN i have 3 more years of highschool lol @ClixHimself @thekidlaroi LA looks cool @arfuh i alr pay wifi n phone bills lolhow do I get my parents to put me in online school @devourpham @ryftpriv no he won’t bruh he’s gonna go crazy on yt now lmaoo @FleaYT nah whos that WHO TF IS HIS DESIGNER BRO WHAT R U ON @_smonk_ stop exposing brohow is this real bro @LolVibez_ @arfuh you get literally no money if the video gets limited + the views diedidn't swear once in the video lol nice @swazlol Meanwhile where I live we have an 8pm curfew and get fine 800 dollars if we go to our friends house 🥲inconsistent uploads lol @SiggyGG 60% avd but way way lower recurring viewer ctr because of inconsistent uploads, was to be expected lolonto the next 🙂 @GhoulzOfficial Ghoulz is a weeb confirmed??
@KeenySZN @pixelap_ he flexing he outside LMFAOOnah bruh wtf @paralleltechy @TeamYouTube IT WORKED BRUH @paralleltechy @TeamYouTube if it works have my kids @muzeoo bro that’s more than half of all vids on my channel 💀 @thatdenverguyYT Thank you for this inspiration Denver @MitcheIl @OvertimeGG @gorboob no way @OvertimeGG @gorboob hey hantao @ParallelTid ikr it’s hard to be a god among mere mortals @Milliam Timeline has been dry lately, who posts banger tweets and want’s a follow? @parallelbrandon i deleted cause i didnt want u dropped bruh what r u doing @teqin1x dont want him to get dropped ik he prolly dont care n it was a joke or wtv but like bruh r u srs lol @teqin1x @parallelbrandon haha was a funny joke bro!! @TimmyFN_ @cxltures @FaZeSway another night another Cxltures deactivate on TwitterRyft is my daddy
@nnumby Aren’t u an editor just edit them 🤡🤡🤣 @lsaiaz @okheavenly same ❗️❗️❗️ @z_ho94 y r u flexing 00 dollar bills 🤡🤡 @cxltures Change yt pass @FRPsycho Gonna miss u bro ur the only reason I have influence in the comm rn 💜 @cxltures use this tweet as a dislike button + ratio 🤡🤡🤡 @Snazouu yea u can do whatever u want after the first part, legit anything lmaoo @Sauxy my fault mr bigstackssome of y’all trying so hard to be different bro it’s a song if u don’t like it u don’t needa tweet abt it 🤣 @Aeolus @NotRyft text me daddy
@LVKlE @ExcusesFN ASSIST @TonzFN nothis is crazy bruh @FaZeSway @KeenySZN why would u free someone this dumb
@OvertimeGG Notice how there wasn’t a zito part cause he’s bad 😝😫👍🥸 @ClixHimself Isn’t it the girl that gets her insides rearranged..? Unless 😳 @DelayDZN what did he ask u for this thumbnail 💯 @Inzahnity wait say OngI usually just meme on Twitter but it’s actually crazy to see what I’ve been able to do cause of y’all tysm bruhdamn I’m really 16 now ily all on god bruh 😘 @fakeifys yk what’s crazy exactly a year ago was the night of my bday n I remember playing slam for the first time…
@Dodoeu this is crazy @ClixHimself why he holding the wheel like that bruh @CSC_Snake @yxndeI bro im 15 lmaoonew video out tmrw lmaoo face reveal @ColinandSamir @MrBeast Maybe try making another similar to yalls original mrbeast vid that blew up
@spou39 mtl @cxltures @devourpham wait pham u copied my intro word for word bar for bar @cxltures @devourpham RATIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @W9VEIFY nice tweet @1PBrady @forpzy @cxltures @ryswtf @candihotti no one gonna know what this means lmaoo
what the fuck some changes to my edit course today so that everyone had a fair shot at the record, competition is extended 1… @SoaRDusk I don’t like himApazo had no say in this btw @apazo_ My fault I alr knew u didn’t manage the shorts n shit anymore thought other ppl knew, kinda dumb on whoever… @TheApeCris they prolly right tho @serpentyeah @SerpentAU assist @apazo_ @RaineXVI I can tell bruh what r they doing @SerpentAU show me ur last original tweet + cringe + ratio cause Messi is better 🤡why are they legit killing bughas channel lol
@CodeBrux @yespickle2 might change to 2 cones but might be too late lol @CodeBrux @yespickle2 fuck @Snazouu ends in 2 days (1 week from when the vid was posted), I know it’s a short time for a course but I didn’t really want to drag it outUnleft @OnePercentHQ :)
@yjq @shahh yo leak ur first dms w shah rq @shahh fr fake leaving tweets r so cringe it makes me wna die bruhstatement soon :/