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Matt 🧠 @notMattVA Broward, FL

21 | F/A IGL @RockBottomVAL | ex @PyronicGG

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@hyjinxVAL Whatever bro
Just wanted to thank everyone for the recent support you all have shown us recently❤️ For both our longtime and ne…
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Retweeted by Matt 🧠 @ignOvercook Support Emily and slaze or you are the enemy.3 unsigned teams 👀 orgs passing on this pickup are making a mistake!
Retweeted by Matt 🧠 @RockBottomVAL @HitBox_HirosLF1 again for the roster consisting of @hyjinxVAL @maithority @shroutsss and myself. -16+ -Able to take and give c… saying @JustBreatheVAL is THE best unsigned female team ☁️
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@QtMissing @ProfessorSoop Should we talk about how I have no clue who you are, I’ve never talked to you in my life,… @QtMissing @ProfessorSoop :| @QtMissing I sit on my phone and chill when I don’t have to try. You posted a ss of a pug team running it down cong… @ProfessorSoop @QtMissing Love you bro keep grinding ❤️ @QtMissing Good shit you got me @ProfessorSoop @frostyZK Settle it in the server 😎This is just perfectly accurate... #VALORANT
Retweeted by Matt 🧠 @ignOvercook @wunjiVAL That’s what I thought love u @ignOvercook @wunjiVAL I’m ab to expose u @ignOvercook @wunjiVAL ur fake never protecting u again @ignOvercook This doesn’t even count ur begging for likes get a grip. Also ratio @wunjiVAL @ignOvercook @akusenasu Idk how you like his counter when I defend u ur fake af @ignOvercook @akusenasu @wunjiVAL RatioWhat am I watching right now?! This is criminal! @phoFPS stays... alive? 😳 📺
Retweeted by Matt 🧠Holy! We beat @clgaming 2-1. So fuckin hyped for my ladies! @JustBreatheVAL #JustBreatheWIN! We qualify for the…
Retweeted by Matt 🧠Oooo! Rock Bottom will be playing @ZestyZelda’s Money Crew on @VanguardChamps livestream! Swing by and, idk, say…
Retweeted by Matt 🧠After an EXCITING overtime in Game 1 of the Group Stage... We're moving on to Game 2! It's @ZestyZelda's Money Cre…
Retweeted by Matt 🧠 @JustBreatheVAL on top @banval1 @kayvalorant Nah CLG comes back in the lower bracket for sure. They’re a forceComing full force on Icebox, @JustBreatheVAL take the series 2-1 and qualify for the @Verizon #VCT Game Changers Pr…
Retweeted by Matt 🧠🎉 WE QUALIFIED!!! 🎉 GG's to @clgaming Red as we take them down in a close 2-1 series and QUALIFY for the…
Retweeted by Matt 🧠QUALIFIED FOR VCT!! WE BEAT CLG 2-1. Super proud of my team. @JustBreatheVAL
Retweeted by Matt 🧠We have the first 4 teams for the @Verizon #VCT Game Changers, presented by @Dignitas! 🎉Congratulations🎉 @dignitas
Retweeted by Matt 🧠LETS GOOO BABY 2-1 @clgaming WE QUALIFIED FOR THE #VCT MAIN EVENT #JustBreathe
Retweeted by Matt 🧠Clean shots from @NattyFPS for the ACE 🔥 @JustBreatheVAL | #VCT |
Retweeted by Matt 🧠So proud of the girls @JustBreatheVAL they’ve come such a long way in their short time together. Happy I could’ve h…
Retweeted by Matt 🧠🚨 WE ARE ON MAP 3 🚨 MAKE SURE TO TUNE IN #JustBreatheWin☁️
Retweeted by Matt 🧠Rock Bottom Enters The 59th VCS! 🥶@HyjinxVAL 🥶@NotMattVA 🥶@HyunFPS 🥶@PhoFPS 🥶@FrostyZK 📋@GoldenPhilly Let's hav…
Retweeted by Matt 🧠 #JustBreatheWIN @JustBreatheVAL LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @Prainex17 @480Wrap We’re announcing a female roster soon… @480Wrap Rock Bottom to the moon @Recon5VAL @VanguardChamps @SympulTV @hoolignVAL @MazzaaVAL @r3p_valorant @StealthyNP @TestyFPS_ @rileyjayyy R3p boutta go crazy 🥵🥵🥵Vcs pug squad @hyjinxVAL @phoFPS @hyunFPS @frostyZK Woohoo :d @jakeeVAL Nah u hot fam @jakeeVAL yung shroud @ignOvercook @KarraOf @marynah_1 Liking your own tweets DONT count child stay on phamsophobia @KarraOf @marynah_1 No you go to bed now. @marynah_1 Okay fine let’s run it give me 5-10 @marynah_1 Say sike rn… @marynah_1 Go to sleep son @jakeeVAL He’s a child so… blame poor parenting!Who’s raising these children and not teaching them morals or respect -.-LFT Calv#TTV needs to be grounded by his parents for the sexist things he’s saying in my ranked game pls @GrimmFPS 🥵🥵🥵LINK GOOD 240hz MONITORS THAT ARENT EXPENSIVE AF (pls)Day 1 VCT's my team goated.
Retweeted by Matt 🧠insta lock sova who just does tiktok lineups :(
Retweeted by Matt 🧠did this on @fype215 stream. sum lite
Retweeted by Matt 🧠 @ignOvercook @lucasVALORANT Aight bet. @ignOvercook @lucasVALORANT @ignOvercook HAHAHAHAHAH fuck you.2-0 in groups and won both bo3s for the 1st day of #VCT  didn’t drop a map 😜ggs to everyone we played!!
Retweeted by Matt 🧠We finish the day 7-0 without dropping a single map. GG's to @TradeLikeProsGG Prism. We take on @clgaming Red tomo…
Retweeted by Matt 🧠Match #2: @clgaming or @JustBreatheVAL?
Retweeted by Matt 🧠 @CarbynVAL My personal top 4 female teams rn are C9W, CLG, Just Breathe, and Shopify, but that’s my biased opinion gotta wait to see tho
@CarbynVAL My biased opinion: Just Breathe, realistically Just Breathe, CLG, TSM, Shopify, are all teams I’m lookin… opinion: C9W will be dethroned this tournamentAnyone wanna play skribblWho else is guilty? 😅
Retweeted by Matt 🧠We go undefeated in the #VCTGameChangers groups 😈 GGs to @MoonRaccoonsgg and @VixensVal Opening round of playoff…
Retweeted by Matt 🧠 @MrBeast 😎😭🤷🏻‍♂️BROOOOOOOO LOL
Retweeted by Matt 🧠It's TIME for #VCTGameChangers pres. @dignitas!! We are ready to ⚡️SHOCK⚡️ our competition and cement our rightful…
Retweeted by Matt 🧠Up bright and early.. ready to improve :)I respect twitch’s decision. Time to set new rules so this doesn’t happen again.
Retweeted by Matt 🧠I just got nerfed rip me @_novuh @jakeeVAL Can I be included bro I wouldn’t mind some monthly cash
she’s spittin!!! oh my god i love her
Retweeted by Matt 🧠Rock Bottom complaining but my boy cypher caught a dub today 😎🤠This really is @hyjinxVAL ass into the mic mid scrim can no longer dash through Cypher's tripwires. | #VALORANT
Retweeted by Matt 🧠Mmm astra just got even stronger @slaze444 is nuts, carried @notMattVA no cap
Retweeted by Matt 🧠 @LouVLRT_ You must have me confused with JeremiahVALORANT 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️I read the whole thing and what I got from this was this kid needs to seek serious help and I feel awful for the ac… @slaze444 Bro.#VCT competitors, it's time to switch it up! ⚡ Get ready to meet KAY/O, the latest addition to our agent roster. Co…
Retweeted by Matt 🧠This will explain everything you need to know regarding Joseph "Silent" Oliver impersonating and deceiving FaZe Cla…
Retweeted by Matt 🧠This is Ollie. He thought he heard an ant trip over here. Came by to make sure they’re ok. 13/10 heroic as h*ck…
Retweeted by Matt 🧠 @juliaaiis Yes I need something to watch while I valoplant for the next 3 hours @ApeX_vaI @ them @KOLER1337 @ScrewFaceVAL Nah fr sloths are scary af
Almost got fucked good thing I have self control kekw.@Sentinels be like
Retweeted by Matt 🧠 @hyjinxVAL is our son and no one can take him
Retweeted by Matt 🧠 @Glorinsz Yo linkSHEEEEEEESH 💀 @RockBottomVAL