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Michael Koncewicz @NotoNixon NYC/Hudson Valley

Research Scholar @TamimentLibrary, @NYULibraries. Political Historian & Author of They Said No to Nixon @ucpress

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All of the pardon stories reminded me that Incubus' "Pardon Me" was one of the most overplayed songs of my high sch… @randal_wallace No, but they could have easily destroyed the most troublesome documents/tapes. @randal_wallace Ford could have pardoned him after a trial. People don't talk about that option nearly enough as they should.🎥A PORTION OF THE WORLD IS WATCHING!🎥 A spirited debate w/ historians @JonWiener1, @dbessner, & @davidlparsons on…
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38 percent of the American people approved of Ford's pardon of Nixon in 1974. That number dipped down to 35 percent… of the few positives of the last four years is that the arguments in favor of Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon lo… excerpts from the statements my fellow @SHAFRhistorians, along with the @NSArchive, @AHAhistorians, and…
Retweeted by Michael Koncewicz"It. Has. All. Gone. Too. Far," says @GabrielSterling with Georgia Sec of State after a Dominion tech's life was th…
Retweeted by Michael KoncewiczBill Barr would have been fully on board with trying to steal the election if it came down to a single state. @margaretomara I just left it on as I was backing out, and she asked me to turn it off. I'm not a huge RHCP fan, bu… told her that Blood Sugar Sex Magik is actually a pretty good album, she wouldn’t budge.The four-year-old isn't a fan of the RHCP's "Give it Away." She asked me to change the station while we were in the car this morning.Don't praise Barr for stating the obvious. Transport Workers Union of America opposes Rahm Emmanuel as Transportation Secretary. "He’s anti-trade union, h…
Retweeted by Michael Koncewicz @robgreeneII Everyone is just chasing this moment @davidlparsons're at a point where we need to accept the fact that there's nothing stopping Trump from doing this. @melnickjeffrey1 @joshshepperd A ton of teenagers played "Bound for the Floor" while learning to play guitar during… there’s more ppl in congress born before 1945 than born after 1981
Retweeted by Michael Koncewicz @randal_wallace Yeah, I don’t agree with that tweetWait until you hear about NYC's pizza!These guys are planning to see how far they can go without supporting any actual pro-worker policies. @dbessner You should ask Maron
@Steven_Hyden "Kick It In" has been stuck in my headKinda wild how many people are still getting jobs on the basis of having worked on an unsuccessful primary campaign in 2008
Retweeted by Michael Koncewicz @PatrickIber Nixon told him that his grandfather was "a great man" when he met Thomas at Newsweek.Looking up concert tickets Jr. must have been a huge Kubrick fan"Which is to say: If Trump’s gift for illuminating the rot in our republic is edifying for liberals who wish to rep…, because Manchin and Sinema are far too radical. think it's worth pointing out that while there is much more public skepticism about Biden's staffing decisions th…"There's going to be a wave of retirements" "You can just publish your way out" "There's lots of private-sector demand for PhDs"
Retweeted by Michael Koncewicz @dnbrgr That's true, but I think that describes plenty of other people who don't have his baggage. @DavidAstinWalsh That would at least be logicalCan a moderate please explain why Rahm is indispensable?
Matthew Sweet’s “Sick of Myself” is a perfect song. Also, I miss watching Paul Shaffer play with bands on Letterman. @CalebEllinger That’s part of it. She has a long history of getting into a lot of fights on this site.I’m just going to assume that this is connected to the obelisk in Utah funniest part about this is that someone probably tried to explain Tanden’s Twitter history to Biden in 60 seco… @bleeker185 What about him?Today is a good day to remind everyone that Maria Bartiromo is a NYU Board of Trustees member."In truth, letting 10 million people get thrown out of their homes to save a bunch of rich bankers from their own m…’ve seen quite a few people make this argument on Facebook. It’s dumb, but I have a feeling it will be one of the…
Tough Times for Young Americans—Over 50% of those age 18-to-29 are living with their parents Poll: 3 in 4 young ad…
Retweeted by Michael KoncewiczThere is no shame in poverty. The shame is in greed.
Retweeted by Michael KoncewiczIn 2007 Joe Rogan went on Tom Green's talk show and Tom showed how to drink beers with fans on Skype...Green was wa…
Retweeted by Michael Koncewicz @TrevorGriffey Lol. That beats my record of 11 monthsI have a joke to tell about the academic job market, but I think I will just put in a letter that will be sent out… @craigbrucesmith @tlecaque @williamrblack I was once the runner-up for a TT job where I was an adjunct. I was encou… have just accepted that in their workplace it’s almost impossible to promote a part-time/temporary worker…
Retweeted by Michael KoncewiczJill Wine-Banks displays the photo of Woods stretched out as she answers the phone without moving her foot off the…
Retweeted by Michael KoncewiczEverything that I thought would happen in 2017 is going to take place in 2021 @billscher I think there were also probably some Rs who initially took the Russia story seriously, but then dismiss… you really believe we need to be gearing up to fight Cold War 2.0 with China, would “deconstructing the administ…
Retweeted by Michael KoncewiczJeb Bush is not going to be able to sleep tonight.
Ted Cruz: I stopped listening to rock music after 9/11 Ted Cruz’s three favorite rock and or roll bands #DiaperDon trending for a whole day because that dumb shithead complained about it is great, but discovering t…
Retweeted by Michael KoncewiczIt really tells you something about the GOP that Baker is proud of this. Amazon workers in Alabama – a strong anti-union state – vote to form a union, it will be a shot heard around the…
Retweeted by Michael KoncewiczTurkey coma you want to explain post-9/11 culture in a single clip then this is definitely one of the nominees. @Lady_Historian
Henry Wallace would have rejected the binary, demanded both, and applied that vision on a global scale
Retweeted by Michael KoncewiczJust a few days after a video of a religious wedding with 7,000 people went viral.
Flynn is the new Oliver North this message and tell Democratic leaders to do the same. @mpopov1229 YesWait! It was a blue-ribbon commission!? That changes everything!! @jbouie's advice we watched the Showtime Reagan documentary. Was struck by Carter's forthright condemnati…
Retweeted by Michael Koncewicz @jenfronc I always tell our speakers to email me after a few weeks if they don't get a check from NYU. People shoul… @dr_cdeutsch I usually try to include a few slides on it in my survey course.
In 1991, Mayor David Dinkins was booed for 40 blocks and showered with beer for marching with the Irish Lesbian and…
Retweeted by Michael Koncewicz @RobRakove a nice guy..., who is a fraud in general but a true #WarEnthusiast, was part of the Senate minority that voted to help the…
Retweeted by Michael KoncewiczToday I got a letter asking me to donate to my employer, who is terminating my job.
Retweeted by Michael KoncewiczDeese was just participating in something called society. Working at BlackRock happens all of the time. @JoshuaMound Grunge + Grammys = Gold´´I'm gonna say something typically me on behalf of all of us. I don't know what this means, I don't think it means…'s possible to bash the Ivy League and also call out phony populism.We’ve got to build a new establishment! It isn’t going to come out of the Ivy League. Let me say, I’ve already give…"Trump never had any hope of pulling off a coup" and "Most of the GOP elite just demonstrated its willingness to ab…
Retweeted by Michael KoncewiczRIP, David Dinkins DD memoir, quotes Breslin reporting—'We have a police force that is openly racist' RE: 1992 ny…
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Can someone please explain why a Biden administration would even want Rahm in the administration? There are plenty… @ckayerawlings @dbessner @davidlparsonsShe's right. Also, are Fox viewers scared of Andrew Yang? Or is that just Stuart Varney? as dumb as anything that Trump has tweeted out. @MatthewSitman YepWhy won’t prominent Republicans break with Trump and admit that Joe Biden won the presidency? The career of Elliot…
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this was three days ago
Retweeted by Michael KoncewiczI'm a wrestling fan who thinks that the Undertaker is overrated. for @madebyhistory, @NotoNixon wrote about how the case of Elliot Richardson helps explain continued Republica…
Retweeted by Michael KoncewiczTupac and Jurgen Klopp