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Alt account for @SahilBajaj1997. Still logged out of that one because of 2 factor authentication issues. Will be using this for the foreseeable future. He/Him

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@HazelMonforton This table is gorgeousHi! I’m a game writer/narrative designer and I’m urgently looking for work this month. I'm: ⭐️ experienced working…
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Retweeted by Sahil BajajI don't know about you, but this is the winner for me.
Retweeted by Sahil Bajajtime is hard
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Russian TikTokers practicing their English to avoid getting arrested during Navalny protests. “If they try to thro…
Retweeted by Sahil BajajSo you’re an “ideas guy”? Well, did you think of “tall vampire lady”? You didn’t? Time to go back to idea school, scrub
Retweeted by Sahil Bajaj @DanielCake That too next gen :'| @annacwebs *starts sobbing* I'm...a Goofy...Goober...Yeah 😭tALL lady b ig hat
Retweeted by Sahil BajajDetours is available to wishlist!!🎉 Please check out our game! I wrote all of the narrative for it and I’m really p…
Retweeted by Sahil BajajWell. It Look’s like I’m Become a Mother to this Litle Babby Child Which I Found
Retweeted by Sahil Bajaj @BuffTuffKRuff :'D @lmichet That coat is rad (it also looks very warm)i'm sure someone already did this but...
Retweeted by Sahil Bajaj @Zlanier21 On one hand, I'm with you as I too am a coward But on the second hand, Tall Lady...The Collector's Edition should've had a statue of the Tall Lady smh @GaryJKings Oh wow :'O📢 Hiring a Front End Programmer for Among Us 📢 Join the Innersloth team!! ✅ remote ✅ experienced pls ✅ nice lil'…
Retweeted by Sahil BajajWrote about video games, capitalism, death, life, solidarity, and cats for @giantbomb
Retweeted by Sahil Bajaj @VanKelsing Huzzah 😁🙌🏽the chinese aunties told me to post this 🥺🥺
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Retweeted by Sahil BajajI always thought the Lich King was the first time something *dark* happening in Adventure Time but uh, after going…’m looking for new work as a Narrative Designer or Game Writer! 🎮 I’ve worked in AAA and mobile. Any retweets or…
Retweeted by Sahil Bajaj @GameDesignDan This is me with Luigi's Mansion 3The best thing about this thread is that most of them are curious and adorable...and then there is a giant bird jus…
Retweeted by Sahil Bajaj @TheSugarVenom Pizza TimeNot me. Us.
Retweeted by Sahil Bajaj @SandraMJdev I...I BELIEVE IN YOU TOO!!! @kdlunas Ah okay That it does but Idk what sparked it. I think doc just wrote it in the moment @Ebonscale Somebody posted a thread on game narratives and people are discussing it Apparently that = discourse @elskwhite Seriously, it's kinda silly iirc @LizziOsborne @DSDambuster Congrats yo 😁🙌🏽I don't really see how the Topic of day counts as discourse but then again, this is twitter so...I guess? Idk, I th… @kdlunas Judging by what everyone's discussing today, I think this is what you're looking for @Seemo Yakuza 0 is very good nglA few hours left before the release of A Comfortable Burden on Steam! 🎮 We thank @havreole once again for their gr…
Retweeted by Sahil BajajWonderful, wonderful! #Minari is for everyone — opening in theaters Feb 12 & on demand Feb 26 🌱
Retweeted by Sahil Bajaj @JessZhangGames Seriously It pisses me off so much that THIS is what got me locked when people actually promote wor… there any concept artists out there who would want some work designing promotional stickers? kind of random but…
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Retweeted by Sahil BajajThe BIPOC Creator Program application previously stated that your project had to be commercialized -- but that's no…
Retweeted by Sahil Bajaj @Wanderlustin 🅱️aby 😭❤️ @corybarlog @Seaman_Suisse Ah, Atreus is Sam and Kratos is BB, got it :P @docsquiddy Because I'm in Dubai and it's like 3 in the afternoon here lolThread. @docsquiddy This was a really good thread yo @lmichet Mad respect to the people making and placing explosive barrels at convenient locations next to groups of three and moresolo game devs who know how to do at least 2 things
Retweeted by Sahil Bajaj @bombsfall Sid is an inspiration @Chef800 Story is pretty good but the gameplay and general length of the game are long @_@Just gonna wake up extra early tomorrow morning and do my homework then. This is a foolproof plan that has never failed
Retweeted by Sahil BajajIntern alert! Ideally Philippines - short (ish) term to help Gwen out. You’ll get to learn from the best at the for…
Retweeted by Sahil BajajLike, this is an RPG with Vikings. The Assassin's Creed bit is literally only for show. Even with stealth, it all e… stealth in Valhalla is so bad, it's actually starting to make me hate this game >:(Woke up and found them like this :'3 yearning
Retweeted by Sahil BajajLike, everything's fine now that 12 hours have passed but that was such a silly thing to lock my account for lmaoTwitter locked my account last night because I typed the name of the Agent 47 Game with a space in between 🙃
Aight, Joe. You been sworn in for about 20 mins. Now we on your ass. I don’t want unity with people who view me as…
Retweeted by Sahil Bajaj @jennayow New meme format dropped at parties
Retweeted by Sahil Bajaj“This could’ve been an email”
Retweeted by Sahil Bajaj @brockwilbur Bernstein is still *my* president @GameDesignDan As long as they make Final Fantasy games, there will be American PresidentsStray Doberman Accidentally Sworn In As President After Putting Paw On Inaugural Bible #InaugurationDay
Retweeted by Sahil Bajaj @kdlunas Grande would have performed if it was Bernie
Retweeted by Sahil Bajaj @SamMaggs @BlairBroon Happy Birthday Blair 🎉🎂😁BEAUTIFUL
Retweeted by Sahil BajajThis is the best David Lynch story
Retweeted by Sahil Bajaj @iyagovos That's awful :(Ajit Pai is officially gone, FCC has confirmed to Motherboard. Bye!
Retweeted by Sahil Bajaj @kyotocosmology Absolutely hate how good that name would be for a Destiny Gun >:'( @GameDesignDan FLast day to get STAR WARS Battlefront II: Celebration Edition for free on Epic Games Store
Retweeted by Sahil BajajY'all, people know that Joe Biden isn't some magical savior. We know there's still work to be done. Accountability,…
Retweeted by Sahil BajajThe fact that Claudia Conway can record her mother being toxic and abusive, Kellyanne herself implying that if she…
Retweeted by Sahil BajajSo, Nala managed to hide inside my blanket today.
Retweeted by Sahil Bajaj @AyoMakesArt It is It just knocked out Hitman 2 and stole it's clothes @six6jiang Aqueducts remain to be rad as hellShe *refuses* to come out of there, Nala managed to hide inside my blanket today.←Before After→
Retweeted by Sahil BajajMe, in 2019 vs Me, in 2020 @jesawyer Ses rn: @VanKelsing Librarian seems sus
i Amn just........... a litle creacher. Thatse It . I Canot change this
Retweeted by Sahil Bajaj @docsquiddy This is the biggest mood @kdlunas 👀👀👀yesterday i completed a chore that i’ve been putting off for 5 months. it took me 20 minutes. i will learn nothing from this
Retweeted by Sahil BajajYe @hexcats @UbisoftMTL Congrats on the Ubiversary yo 😁🙌🏽Game writers and NDs! Wanna work on a Star Wars? @UbiMassive is looking for a Cinematic Narrative Designer for thei…
Retweeted by Sahil Bajaj @six6jiang Me @ both these tweets: @BlurryCrockpot Big mood yoA reminder of some of some of the great online resources available to interactive writers- Please RT and reply wi…
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