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I am unable to write, due to the universe
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajaj @sophmallinson Willem Dafoe as Wario
@kellyAREKAYyeo Cool Kirby game and Sable and Beast Breaker
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajaj @nessathewriter He's the Boo KingDanny Devito as Yoshi.
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill BajajI started to make an elaborate meme and just immediately lost the will to live
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajaj @WritNelson Nelson. @SaidLikeEvlin This was post final cut but I think that's what I'll do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @kendrawcandraw I legit worry that's what we're getting
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajajmake danny devito mario
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajajchris pratt is playing mario
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajaj @lmichet I would have loved it if Mario just like, didn't talk at all
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajaj @axel_hexed Even Anya Taylor Joy as Peach and Jack Black can't save Chris's Pratt being Mario:/i like that jack black is bowser but i wish HE was mario!!
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill BajajOMG just found this on the Nintendo website
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill BajajMario: Chris Pratt Bowser: Jack Black
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajaj @beverlylove Counterpoint: Timothée Chalamet as WaluigiStill no Outer Wilds Switch :'/ knew something was up when Wario posted the preorder link for Bayonetta for no reason lmao are reactions to Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor Joy, Charlie Day and Jack Black respectively:'''D:):D:/Mario Movie???? @A_i Now lolMetroid looks so rad :'O @crystalmmo LmaoBlathers! I miss you :'( @crystalmmo Imagining Kirby eating a ShamblerI love the Kirby game already.Side note: I was playing Disco on the PC but I got distracted and drifted away from it. I think I just started day… @ugobananas @DanaENight @alexscokel *nods sagely*I wrote a few of the original temp minicom texts for the game, including this one. This is the one that changed the…
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill BajajDisco SwitchysiumCard Ruh-Puh-Juh looks interestingNintendo time!!!Pepper my pumpkin kitty 🎃 🐱🍃 #autumn
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajaj*Narrator voice* "Reader, he totally did not sleep." @SonySantaMonica @RominaTempest @corybarlog I'd love to see an animated short with this KratosIncredible
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill BajajHell Yeah!!! Now I'm just imagining a Wolfwalkers-esque God of War short, or hel, even a whole movie.I started this #Kratos #GodofWar art before seeing the new trailer, so I updated the outfit after watching. Absolut…
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajaj @catboyattorney Literally going to stumble into a career the way things are goingHEY YOU looking for a house in ATL? maybe somewhere hip and cool like the east atlanta village? then buy my house!…
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill BajajI mean, just look at this schedule! Each day is filled with people from all across games, from year 1 to year 10+ t…
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill BajajIf a therapist starts off with “I could be wrong so please let me know if I’ve missed the mark, I’ve noticed that…”…
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill BajajYakuza 0 (Steam) is $3.98 on Gamebillet #ad also on Game Pass
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajaj
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajaj*** Game Narrative Job Opportunity, Y'All *** A friend of mine is looking for an experienced (at least one shipped…
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajaj @annacwebs It's literally impossible @StillNotSam I love them both so much :')Possum mama !
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajaj @ChelWongAudio @GDoCExpo I think they have something to do with toys? I remember looking them up when we got that recruiting Google form @ChelWongAudio @GDoCExpo I think the last one was with Sago Mini? The schedule is being very weird rn because all t… we're on Gumball appreciation, I'm just gonna share my favorite sequence from the whole series
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill BajajDo I stay up or do I like, sleep because this would be at 2 in the morning... @ChelWongAudio @GDoCExpo I think Swapcard should have links to them on the schedule? @gcbaccaris Oh dear, that's awful :( Hope you feel better soon yo @Zlanier21 I was moderating today and a Desi dev from Niantic was talking about stuff, which felt great to see. I k… @Zlanier21 GDoC rules @DieHardDragoon Deathloop!!!I’m begging Star Wars fans to actually know the history behind its inspirations.
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajaj @Wonder_Phoenix Milo in the second picture: @nuhanotnoah He looks so cute omg :'3Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Annihilation Hereditary In the Mood for Love Lighthouse Lobster (The pronunciatio… @dirtbagboyfren The last 10 days have had too many games coming out and I need games to chill for a bit because I c… @DANILALONDERS Chocolate/Peanut Butter with cake @haiboork Happy Birthday yo 🎉🎂😁The journey here has been long and another one awaits you. Sable is NOW AVAILABLE! Enter the Gliding on Steam or…
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajaj
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill BajajSnacktime with the leme team
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajaj @NishiAngeliCus Black Vikings were very much a thing in history and also, God of War is a fictional game @GaryJKings The context for it is very w e i r d @dirtbagboyfren It's starting at 2 AM for me so I'm very likely going to sleep through it lolThe demo for Keylocker is downloadable now on Steam, and the KS is LIVE! Back us NOW on KS:…
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill BajajPicard management tip: Be willing to reevaluate your own behavior.
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill BajajSome of graphite pieces that will be showcased at the upcoming Line Weight IX show at @gallerynucleus 🥰
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajaj @AnnaHollinrake Fuckemup Anna @WritNelson Congrats 😁🙌🏽That's right, the EXCLUSIVE #GDoCExpo Direct reveal: Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator is a Day 1 Game Pass rel…
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajajoh I was too emotional to screencap it but hey we dropped new spirit swap footage anyways wishlist us on shteam…
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajaj#GDoCExpo Direct was great!!! So many fantastic games, go here for the steam pages and demos!
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill BajajAnyway if anyone wants a quick trailer, DM me. I'd very much like to make my missing money back.
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill BajajThat was great! God this show gets better every year ;u; I'm heading to the steam event page to wishlist my faves,…
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajaj @axel_hexed @iamleyeti <3AlphaWolf69 messaging EvansLaw on the Minicom in Deathloop @NishiAngeliCus Nordic doesn't mean it has to be white and the design looks like someone put an adult's head on a c…, of course it's a real tunnel! I wouldn't waste valuable union time painting a fake tunnel on the wall for yo…
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill BajajKid BoJack, a rare piece of fanart, is today's #septempera throwback.
Retweeted by Sa-ilent-hill Bajaj @Ethelmonster He's telling the ghosts to go away. @JessZhangGames Wish you the very best there ^^