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Award winning spooky story man. Lead Skins Writer @RiotGames. Also: Dream Daddy, The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook, Realms of Runeterra & BEST FRIEND FOREVER

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@IfyNwadiwe @ELEAGUETV @Twitch GET ITthey'll never accept us, charles. we are the superior species. use cerebro. find the other cats. together, we w… @redditships when even the red flag has red flags @NECROMANClNG i do it all for you bella @missbonekitty i look like i’m being hunted by a murdererif you think this is awesome you should see me immediately attempt to escape any large social gatheringBRAIN: AAAAAAAA ME: could you please BRAIN: BRAIN: ᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃ
@AnnaAkana @LaurynIpsum @MaggieLevin an aged mr peanut turns to his son on his deathbed, unclasping his gloved hand… @chibilola i knew that this was a test A TEST LOLA @AnnaAkana @MaggieLevin good and evil are shades of morality unknown to a creature such as mr peanut. mr peanut is… @AnnaAkana @MaggieLevin mankind has never established the depths of depravity a single peanut will go. mr peanut ca… @chibilola i just downloaded the demo i am ready to final and also fantasy @kchironis ahhh, moon juice. juice from the moon @leslee_annsh u must ascend the holy mountain commune with birdfather @RyanVerniere 👀 @alexpgwoodward bb <3Alex is extremely good at dialogue and conversation heavy game narrative. I have worked with him and have nothing b…
@AConnorManning @omgchomp jermaine is infinitely powerful @muddaub @leilaclaire @msjennimiller i mean same @omgchomp you’re gonna be loaded when you visit the misty mountains @omgchomp how dare ume: i’m gonna draw a crab pill bug monster—what should it be eating? ⁦@notquitefrodo⁩ , immediately: a shipwreck th…
Retweeted by idris elba tugboat dimension @crendor looking for a free, fun game @THEKarlaPacheco we’re both really good so i’m gonna say yes @THEKarlaPacheco people really underestimate how fast the turn hits @BangableGnome @AshleyEsqueda practice, lean on knowledgable mentors, and ship projects! you’ll improve at a crazy fast pace @omgchomp alyssa your love gives me power!!! @TheBlackNerd GET 👏🏻 IT 👏🏻 @kcthebrewer multi-award winning across multiple forms of media but WHO’S COUNTING NOT ME @NECROMANClNG god this tat fucking rules. i forgot how much this tat fucking rulesin two and a half years i went from “please god someone let me write for games” to giving talks around the world on… @SamSykesSwears i will show u the greatest curry delights next time you’re in la @SamSykesSwears some call me curry boi @TheSugarVenom dead girlfriend is one of the most boring tropes in horror. there are so many more interesting things you can explore @TheSugarVenom @Kindlejack ron howard voice it was @Kindlejack SUNNY NO ITS A TRAP but also sunny yes lets do thisahhh, incredible hulk juice. the last time i enjoyed you i [redacted] out of an abalone shell and made peace with d… @omgchomp i do love vader tho
@leilaclaire jared don’t touch that one it has SUPER DANDER, dander that is TEN TIMES THE POWER OF NORMAL DANDER @TheSugarVenom classic uh, writer syndrome @neonbath send me to the heaviside layer immediately thanks @bradsucks when everyone you know both owns and is bustopher jones @TheSugarVenom i was gonna say horniness and clinical depression but yours seems more optimisticME: i’m allergic to cats MY FRIENDS: what a coincidence i own ONE THOUSAND VERY HAIRY CATS ME: [struggling to bre… @devongiehl i love the manager in the pic tho. she knows what's up
@David_Leavitt @sbichao @Target so angry i pissed myself at the healthy teeth display of my local target. called th… @MelonieMac lol you owned him so hard he pooped his pants @IfyNwadiwe oh god @urchin13 in thems the souls of programmers lost at launch @anicacoela “maybe you can ask them to stop telling people i did a total paint job in the greyhound bus bathroom” @anicacoela OOOOOF THIS IS SO BAD @Manzinat0r @redditships some real twists and turns in the poopsock post @amycake5 yes @JeffAHamilton they keep those in comms with @RKRigneyPRODUCER: jared i expect you to be a team player on this ME: i knew you was madPRODUCER: so bad news guys ME: don’t spill yer beans PRODUCER: we lost a week of dev time ME: DON’T SPILL YER BE… @skywalkersmcu Cats was playing next door when I saw little women so Beth’s death was scored by Skimbleshanks
Retweeted by idris elba tugboat dimensionhibiscus mantis. 3/365
Retweeted by idris elba tugboat dimension @LxFrancis honestly i’d rather he just die at this point like get eaten by a huge bird @ShinodaChan_ also bandito is absolutely still called bandito @ShinodaChan_ how dare reddit imply we would defile the good name of fiddle me timbers @BlondeNerd who would win in a fight goku or me, who is also gokui envy the sheer amount of free time one would need to be mad at You Are Goku™️a subset of dbz kakarot players are currently throwing a massive, puerile shit fit on twitter dot com because... th… @callioperyder I LIVE AND DIE FOR STARCOLTFriends and supporters of @bffgame and @starcolthq, Due to some challenges in development, we are delaying the rel…
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@skipper @iGumdrop sloane you have to tell her about the blood sacrifices or it won't work @DanCasey HELLO MISTER GREYHOUND BUS DRIVER NOW WHO DID A TOTAL PAINT JOB IN THE BATHROOM @acarboni we can both wear them to a cats screening and people will believe you but not me @acarboni anthony this tweet is me every time we hang out in a group setting @nikkiblackcat i got laid when i lived on a sofa in a garage. war never changes @FacianeA oh way better. i’ll bop his account so hard @FacianeA he's got the accent though so he consistently beats me in duels @AlextricGuy man i’ll take what i can get at this point. at this rate we’re gonna see an entire carnival of sword twinks @Grunkey789 eh, she’s more part of a kitnobody is talking about how F!Byleth is the first female dlc character for smash ultimate. like... that’s kind of dope @neonbath weren’t no apples in that forest! applegate!! @JoeZieja can’t wait for claude to have an extremely brilliant abyss plan that involves saying “i have a very cleve… radcliffe and i have a very similar plot arc bernie steal thy father's silver cup? find out TONIGHT on CNNWARREN: Must I hear the Devil wag his tongue in thy mouth?! BERNIE: It is they! WARREN: From my sight. BERNIE: Twas…
@SpineEel hell yeahExperiencing depression in an open concept space with company subsidized beverage
Retweeted by idris elba tugboat dimensionall respect to the other creators but i saw that @Loserfruit was up for a fortnite skin and knew that all was right and just in the universe @AustinBedwell 😈 @prxncebubblegum i can only answer so much before release, sadly
@prxncebubblegum she took it from fiddle, yes @NeburaART nope @InquisitiveTaco fiddle something else something beautiful and terrible in its joy rework, but it is ganking other horror videogames
Retweeted by idris elba tugboat dimensionyou were the fools who let me in note to anyone lamenting the death of goofysticks: i welcome you... to clown countryNew Fiddlesticks info? TELL ME MORE: (Also no new Narrative or VO stuff this time. Soon... soon...) @ParallaxStella classic minunDamn, I just got this fundraising email from @ewarren. This shit is getting vicious smdh
Retweeted by idris elba tugboat dimension @RoguesGalleryX 😭 @neonbath 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 @neonbath bb i miss umy self worth is in the dumpster these days BUT i’ve been eating a lot of dragonfruit, which tastes like a pear tha…