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Jared Rosen @notquitefrodo Gloss Angeles, CA

Award winning spooky story man. Lead Skins Writer @RiotGames. Dream Daddy, The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook & @starcolthq's BEST FRIEND FOREVER

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@SamSykesSwears Me: i am dead St. Peter: yes, but fear not, i must only check this record of... uh Me: what St. Peter: Me: what @HyperbolicTelly @acarboni liz you once fed me a ball of bread while i screamed BALL BREAD from a prone position on the floor @basicallybubble @omgchomp wanna do some 💫Ritual Magic💫 it worked last timeas @acarboni put it, new jared is nice and maybe works too much. old jared was an opium-addicted, severely alcoholi… @omgchomp lately my thoughts have been filled with intricate revenge scenarios totally normal tho right?
@Sparxlol @Spideraxe30 in chinese mythology dragons are on par with gods @_starfall i wonder 👀 @SanctusBot @Spideraxe30 🤷🏻‍♂️ i don’t pick the skins @papuchochoe that was the original pitch, but ended up being changed later @papuchochoe yes 👀 @Spideraxe30 yes she is!bios for the Immortal Journey skins! i love working on this line because gives me a chance to learn about wuxia gen… my teeth) Yes... dear.... she is so hot.. I agree
Retweeted by Jared Rosen @KikkaVO @itsnonbb @NikaHarper Messengers 2: The Scarecrow @callioperyder cal this is giving me lifeone of my favorite norman reedus factoids is that he he has extremely graphic sex with a ghost in a movie about a haunted scarecrow @bromanconsul meeeee @Silcris88 may queen vibeswhere is @kchironis when i need her to nod solemnly with meC is like praying to an oblong statue unearthed from the primeval deep ocean and hoping tentacles don’t explode out of your headlua is the malevolent genie of code. one wrong letter and it grants a twisted, darkly literal version of the thing you asked it for @DoubleEdgeCat @NeburaART i wanna be a cicada sex zombie @EricaFails "bruvvers of modena" - me, a 63 year old historian
@BRKeogh croc 2 croc 2 croc 2 croc 2 croc 2 croc 2 croc croc 2 croc 2 ikaruga @pretorhunter last shift, the blackcoat’s daughter, a dark song, ghost in the dark, pooka (the only Very Solid entr…[mouth full of cicadas] you're not my dad @_chloi the alchemist’s cookbook, last shift, ghost in the dark, possum, the blackcoat’s daughter, the endless @spookperson sanctuary™️ @alisontheperson what if you haven’t checked linkedin in an extremely long time and maybe your linkedin is bad @callioperyder I’m wearing my greek statue donut shirt 👀 @KateyAnthony @aspect_justice @moobeat not sure about the universe pages, sorry @SunderCR 😍😷i took this selfie of me a few nights ago and i like it a lot. i did not like being sick, however @jenndangerous i’ve grown to appreciate a good butterscotch. can’t say that about biden @slib69420 biden googling "is quiet gone forever" @nikkiblackcat @random_tangent same same @nikkiblackcat oh hell yes i love to live dunk on the ruling class @leilaclaire yeah hi can i get a strawberry klombuchaWARREN: [specific policy points] BERNIE: [specific policy points] HARRIS: it's not a cop badge, its a sheriff sta…
@williamaximoff I try to add a little extra story nugget with prestige skins so it isn't just "X skin, but also Prestige" @zKyonn i'm not super sure. it's possible!updated star guardian neeko prestige skin bio! hey, wait a minute... @PokeKellz @DoubleEdgeCat the normal hours are times of crisis. we must be wary of them @JumaraloStyle me extremely*stuffing twenty sour patch kids in my mouth at the same time as tears stream down my face* HOW DOEEEEES IT FEEEEEEELzoe turning into a pencil sketch chaos witch & sending the star guardians to the hell dimension is exactly what hap…
@rachel_sala but it will kill you now @Lord_of_brocean @kiandymundi 2 followersguns? can’t touch them sorry. gummy bear flavored smokeable dumbass juice? GET THEE HENCE, DEMON @sojyoo i love multi eyed bird creature @alexpgwoodward chronic illness solidarity ✊🏻 @metalmaryo sir what kind of deck is this “black hooeurs” oh jesus christEDELGARD: my house will lounge in the finest imperial velvetwear DIMITRI: enjoy this regal blue lounge attire furn…
@MammalianHybrid GOOD @JeffAHamilton The Gang Plays FNMdennis deck has no win condition and prevents the opponent from losing so you’re trapped in the game with him foreverMagic Decks for the Always Sunny cast: Dee - white bird weenie with zero synergy Mac - red pump barbarian. huge,… up in the dead of night, drenched in sweat, screaming in terror as i remember donald duck killing a man with zettaflare @katewelchhhh anxiety classic™️, a work week favorite @skipper “only you can see me, sloane” “only you can see facebook dating” @LAController @PodShare @ElvinaBeck 1200 smackers a month so a dozen people can watch me sleep, i have a strict cur… @SamSykesSwears Lost Odyssey and Xenosaga ep 1 are up there after Chrono Cross. And Dragon Seed if you can track it downLove to be equally sick and angry because I can perform acts of self-care, but with EXTREME PREJUDICE
The Black Tree of Spring has resurrected more than anyone bargained for... #carcassnation #zweihanderrpg
Retweeted by Jared Rosenvibing so hard to imagine dragons "radioactive" i take a corner going too fast in my 1998 pt cruiser and roll my ca…
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@skipper but would you date a hot centaur @bromanconsul magic when @callioperyder did you make a wish on an old monkey paw?I know a thing or two about evil curses and Cal has been cursed for a hot minute
@acarboni SSSSSEGA DREAMCAST @kchironis rent my adjutants they are extremely overpowered @RyanVerniere @matthewmercer @chrisprynoski @Monkmus @JodySchaeffer12 @JohnnyRedactor @ZweihanderRPG one encounter… shroud is lifted! #ZweihanderRPG @RyanVerniere @Monkmus @JodySchaeffer12 @JohnnyRedactor @ZweihanderRPG
Retweeted by Jared Rosenas above, so below @nikkiblackcat it’s pronounced Hwhite Claw
ME: [visiting someone in their pokemon camp] hi i'm jared TRAINER: ah voated remain, bah these asshoaels want tae… @MalloCacahuete oh hey that was @TKittenWritten!I've been thinking about this for days and I think the best part is that the joke ISN'T that Bob is being hit on by…
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@_a_brick_ NEVER BE CLEANNNNN @nickfolkman the writers guild is AFRAID of fresh, bold stories like handy mcshoot @nickfolkman hot pitch: the teen also shoots things out of their hands, but not as good @SamSykesSwears [Jared remembered that] @white_mage809 i mean that’s pretty standard worldbuilding for shooters, and i appreciate it’s not the easiest genre to do story in @nickfolkman i’ve got a great idea for a game story check it out: in a world gone mad, one man had the power to shoot stuff out of his hands @TheSugarVenom same @NightmareT12 @Cam_Rogers that's from the fan side, where it's really feast or famine @Authoroux what's a plot. did he say @TheSugarVenom ah yes, like when small children put a cat turd in a butterscotch wrapper @Authoroux "now you see, a script is a page with words. like a book, but... a script" @hazelgoldblog they will if i have anything to say about it @BunchesOfBees the last of us 3: UGH JOEL i wish i’d never been BORN @BunchesOfBees does he have a tragic backstory is he looking for his son @FayeMata can you sound more like dark souls? thanks @gregbuchanan @bengelinas @TheSugarVenom *brings writer back at the absolute last second* okay so it turns out we need a story? ha ha crazy right. you have three days @JonathonGarrard @bengelinas *sobs in bioshock* @maryknews @bengelinas oh god the KILL SHOTThings People Say To Games Writers _ the story doesn’t matter _ it’s fine, who cares _ anybody can write something… @TracyEOBrien This was one of my stepdad’s favorite phrases, which really meant “I can do anything I want and if it…