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@thebadbucket comfyIT HAS BEEN DONE We have launched our Patreon! IF you've enjoyed the show please consider supporting us! You can ge…
Retweeted by Jack de QuidtGoing to go live in a few minutes to make up for that Saturday stream skip --
Retweeted by Jack de Quidtwe're LIVE with alan wake! 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲
Retweeted by Jack de Quidti knew about heaven-on-high before stormblood but i thought it'd be tucked away in an instance or something. nope. it's just there.i can't get over how good a piece of scenery heaven-on-high is. what a wild thing to have in a zone @Faux_Wren what a rad thing to call charioteer clans damn🌲🌲🌲 we’re doing alan wake again this morning!!! come hang out with us! 9.30PST/12.30EST/5.30GMT
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt @Numberonebug wow, thank you for sharing an official grandma recipehere's what i like the most about lebkuchen: there's a sort of warmth and colour to the spice that is so much more… the last week or so i've been craving lebkuchen. twitter: do you have a favourite lebkuchen recipe and if so could you share it with methe ruby sea is such a clever idea for a ffxiv zone...... @transgamerthink that's incredible @transgamerthink WOW is he known to talk sometimes or is this a very rare occurrence
@KeithJCarberry this is so wonderfulPassing Through
Retweeted by Jack de Quidti can't believe oboist is spelled oboist BUT: i need an OBOE PLAYER on wednesday in brooklyn daytime - are you that somebody??
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt
that joker meme where it's one big joker and one smaller joker and the big joker is saying "stream goes live in ten…'re LIVE!!!🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt @KeithJCarberry there's so much blundering through pacific northwestern woodland @KeithJCarberry keith did you know that the first words of alan wake are "stephen king" @KeithJCarberry it's a LOT and i think we have a good time w/ it @katbamkapow @bleatingheart 🎃we’ll be doing this in just over an hour!!! oooo get excited!!! 🌲🌲🌲
Retweeted by Jack de Quidtit's 2019 can we stop pretending like overwatch has lore
Retweeted by Jack de QuidtSunless Skies: Sovereign Edition is coming in the first half of 2020! Nintendo Switch PS4 Xbox One and as a free…
Retweeted by Jack de Quidti think this lineup is truly truly one of my favourite collection of games in a good long while
Retweeted by Jack de Quidtwhat a nice surprisedid not really expect to wake up to a crusader kings 3 announcement today folksGolden deer house in modern day street wear! #FE3H #FireEmblemThreeHouses #GoldenDeer
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲 tonight! alan wake! he's back and he's going to a farm for some reason 16.30 PT /… kings 3!!!!!!!! kings 3. crusader kings 3!!!!!The Road to PARTIZAN 03: Armour Astir Pt. 1
Retweeted by Jack de Quidtjanine just mentioned the gold saucer and I started hearing the music in my head. eyes turned skyward in horror. expectation.
hello, what would you say are your favourite kinds of cookies for: - comfort (ex. chocolate chip, snickerdoodle) -…
Retweeted by Jack de Quidtmoon update
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt @coolgarydotnet also thank u for looking out 4 me 💪🧙🏻‍♀️🔥 @coolgarydotnet i DID i am jazzed @noodledealerpro @Jau_Tweets i'm excited to do this but not jazzed about fighting extreme primals :(((( @ali_west there she is!!!!!!!hi hi! we’re pushing Alan Wake back a bit because kb’s not feeling great, but i’ll let you know when it’ll be bad t… not yet have an embassy in kugane with two fancy lads outsideam i ever gonna find out what the deal with meracydia is? every time i'm reminded that we've only ever seen a bit o…'s like "happy to announce patch 7.8, Cry Out, Ye Godsless! / happy to announce patch 8.4, Ploughshares To Swords"ffxiv patch names are both so distinctive that they feel like fake versions of themselves and so varied that i can'… @EmilyHammersley everything about this video is wonderfuldo you ever think about dril typing "i will face god and walk backwards into hell" into the compose tweet box on twitter dot com
Retweeted by Jack de Quidtgod this is such an exciting group map showing the first word of each European anthem reads like a frustrated teacher trying to direct a kinderga…
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt @atebbel I’m so excited
@nataliewatson one and a half pumpkins tall!!! @betterthemask there's So much interesting stuff going on there systems and art-wise and i just wish that....... it… @betterthemask iiiiiiiiiii would really not recommend buying a new computer to play disco elysium if i'm being honestffxiv is really gonna make me sit through a lot of cutscenes to get a magnificent bird huhif a24 do a clothing line for the lighthouse I’m not missing out this time @Faux_Wren now i'm trying to remember if alphinaud was anxious about crossing the river to rhalgr's reach and he MIGHT HAVE BEEN @Faux_Wren oh wow i don't know if i've clocked this one yet can he really not swimhot new detective game by chuck palahniukSeven hours left on Signs of the Sojourner! Everything contributed helps us make this narrative deck-builder more a…
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt"alphinaud can draw" is the running joke that keeps giving
recently started having a pot of decaf coffee in the evenings......... now that's a midnight treat to enjoyTO ANY WHO CAN HEAR! I'm sealed in this tweet and can't escape without your help! This is trickery. Click the Heart…
Retweeted by Jack de QuidtThe @EVNautilus team reacting to finding a whalefall is the purest and most wonderful thing I've seen all week. You…
Retweeted by Jack de Quidtyou ABANDON Cleopatra? oh you BETRAY Cleopatra with mouth-made vows which break themselves in swearing? oh! JAIL fo…
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt @philippawarr god whalefall is such a treat @Jazzy_Jama elm disease means there's basically been none around here for my entire life :( i'll see an elm in a fi…'s the last day for the Signs of the Sojourner campaign! Please check out the trailer & free demo—it's a narrativ…
Retweeted by Jack de Quidtwell, time for another relatable tweet. do you ever see a log and you’re like “well this is going to be a bastard to chop”logs too bigmy love for sitting by a fire is really bumping up against my dislike of chopping wood today @dongwon i HATE the eye monsterrelistening to some of WiH. thinking about Mother Glory. #friendsatthetable
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt @atebbel i imagine there is some very intense maths about how long it makes sense to bring fortnite offline @knittedsweater my favourite thing about this is that the lance is really really longfortnite is v funny because it's a game that the entire world is playing except everybody i knowplease help.... my understanding of the game....... is poor love how the first person you meet in kugane is fbzr genqr pbzcnal fyvzronyy fb genafcnerag gung rira nycuvanhq vf yvxr "abj UNAT BA"A little more than 24 hours remain in Signs of the Sojourner's crowdfunding campaign! The closer we get to the goal…
Retweeted by Jack de QuidtSimple homes
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt
………. wow kuganeokay, i have two fortnite chapter 2 questions: 1.) is there any way to see achievements i haven't unlocked yet?… are saying that it seems to be minfillia at some point post ARR, what's the origin of the "for those we have lost, for those we can yet save" line in ffxiv? i'm trying to reme… are important and good and i do like them but if you could just blast me with the good old sun pleaseturns out……. i love to be in direct sunlight @MOOMANiBE I’m so excited to dig into it on pc - I found playing it on my iPhone to be so claustrophobicaria joie album covers! coming soon to a planet near you #friendsatthetable
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt
Our final Hieron clapcast is here and available to EVERYONE!!!!! If you like what you hear, you can get 23.5 more…
Retweeted by Jack de QuidtPotentially interesting opportunity for y'all out there o_o (3-6 months, full-time remote, finishing up the story…
Retweeted by Jack de QuidtWake Attacked by Rat
Retweeted by Jack de Quidtso inspired by @katbamkapow and @notquitereal 's delightful Hallowstream i *did* challenge myself to make this bot…
Retweeted by Jack de QuidtTwo days remain on Signs of the Sojourner! Help us get closer to our goal so this narrative deck-builder can be eve…
Retweeted by Jack de Quidtwe're LIVE! with alan wake!
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲 hey........... it’s no big deal.......... but @notquitereal and i are gonna stream some alan wake in one (1)…
Retweeted by Jack de QuidtSo I did something kind of big, and quit my 9-5 as an in-house designer! Which means if you need illustration or d…
Retweeted by Jack de Quidtdamn now we gotta fight through the upside down version of fortnite and kill our dad againearly stormblood spoilers: v qrfpevorq n erpheevat zhfvpny gurzr v'q urneq nf "n fuvg angvbany nagurz" fb v jnf ern… van baelsar's nickname in japanese is The Sable King of Wolves which is so much better than "the black wolf"