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violinist, robot, mid level bureaucrat, dancing master, data ghost and composer on friends at the table

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a magnificent pivotwhat if one day………. i stopped writing about games and started writing about fashion……………..An old abandoned painting in the depths of the Last University....
Retweeted by Jack de Quidti've made it back to the UK and i'm beginning the process of shifting jet-lag and then getting to my emails/commiss…
Here is my complete "Carved Cities" series.
Retweeted by Jack de QuidtWell, i guess i had to put something here! It's Gunter!
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt @transgamerthink woah this is one HELL of a mapNew from me: Virginia prisons are putting up obstacles to Ramadan observance
Retweeted by Jack de Quidtjust wanted to put these all together in the same post aka TFW u can't find any of ur own art bc u usually can't t…
Retweeted by Jack de Quidtmy copy of dream askew / dream apart arrived in the UK while i was away and it’s amazing to have it as an actual pr…✨🌿🌸we’re dying the minute we’re born!!! lol🌸🌿✨
Retweeted by Jack de Quidttime to take a big sip of my Complete Works Of Lydia Davis and log on to see what people are saying about words per minuteKim Tae-ri for FRONTROW S/S 2019 COLLECTION.
Retweeted by Jack de Quidtdone ✨
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@FrogCroakley @Thairyn dream commentary team @_never_work aah see that blue light is the ghost that’s trapped in it @dancynrew Its-its are SO GOOD. the GOLD STANDARDsome attempts at some friends...who are at.....the table i'm about 18 eps into Autumn in Hieron and I wanted to tr…
Retweeted by Jack de QuidtJunji Ito said it and now you have to do it
Retweeted by Jack de QuidtSpring in Hieron 30: A Safer Second
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt @keefstuart talking to people!!!i just published איכה (ayekah), a two-player rpg about a jewish relationship with god, inspired by firebrands by…
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt @NoraReed @Friends_Table “Tiger”put the player characters of Twilight Mirage in a neural net to make it make some new character names @Friends_Table
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt @v21 @katbamkapow apples! 🎶Judith Kerr and her incredibly pissed off cat is one of the true great author photos.
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt @GameDesignDan also for some reason you’re going to be in a circus next timeI think history will remember Theresa May kindly as one of the most fucking incompetent prime ministers and arcanel…
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt @v21 it’s so important to learn about what an apple is @v21 I love thisnew zine: "Apple is a type of food that restores 4 Hunger Points."
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i want to have a weird experience myselfnot at launch, but maybe someday @halsted Y u pgod I am so excited for pathologic 2i’m sorry military what @bravemule *i* want it to be real too. please send me the SDK @panic the wizard is tapping her foot very urgentlythe first months of the year in england: jan: dreary feb: dreary mar: dreary apr: dreary may 1-14: dreary may 15-3… to announce my playdate game called “turning the crank to read a lot of documents very fast because your wiza… @zerstoerer i want to so bad
Panic, the company who funded 'Firewatch,' has spent the last 20 years making Mac software. Now, they're doing so…
Retweeted by Jack de Quidtpanic are making a portable games console with teenage engineering saw an interview with Gwendoline Christie for the first time and she has wild clarinet teacher energyi do not even want to describe the various time-of-day tricks this flight has played on me but suffice to say i wou… in the ukis there a building more cis than the airport this is a rhetorical questionat the airport. not happy about it.
Over 1.6 million emergency food parcels sent out last year. Child poverty at record highs & universal credit has b…
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt @Jasutt780 it is! designed by @q_dork @pillowfort Oh my GODi think the same thing happened between the original twilight mirage theme and it re-appearing for the finalemusic confession - between season 1 and 2 of hieron i completely forgot how to play the main theme. i outright tho… woman being pulled across the street by one large dog and one small dog stopped to compliment these so hell yeahSomebody please make my dream Twitter client: Each night, it automatically unfollows your oldest follow. Each morni…
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt @atebbel softi am in awe of the name of this fuckin 7 eleven snack. i will never ever be able to name a character anything as go… @KeithJCarberry i am so glad this shirt has your approval in particular, because i feel like all your best work has… a Solarch #friendsatthetable
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt @dancynrew i very very nearly bought this but didn’t like the neck got out my thinking crayons
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@AMindHalfFull thank you so much! @foreheadtouches god i can’t even start thinking about S6 fashion yetthese sunglasses that i have just bought from forever 21 make me look like a magnificent shithead @KeithJCarberry i love squiggle @pillowfort i can't sleep on planes lol i'm entering purgatory @polclarissou pol i am so stokedi'd like to thank pathologic 2, observation, and outer wilds for choosing to release in this difficult time @bleatingheart th thanks janinei'm going back to see my sister's grad show which is so exciting and i'm v looking forward to but i am also pre-mus…'m returning to the uk tomorrow on an unpleasant and intense flight so i could use some stabilising energy rnTime to prep for launch: OUTER WILDS is coming to the Epic Games Store and Xbox One on May 30th. //…
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt🙌
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt @GameDesignDan it would have been cooler if she had actual fuck off dragon wings and only revealed them nowi don’t remember what the name of the theatre @atebbel and i are at but my new dream is to do a live show here
natalie dormer playing both the steiger sistersshe looks like someone playing a game of thronesI’ve never seen game of thrones but margaery tyrell is what i think all game of thrones characters should look like… Gen Con event sold out!! With the wishlist system, there may be tickets that are on hold that won't get purcha…
Retweeted by Jack de Quidtim in this! it's good
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt @atebbel it'll be beautifulif you wishlisted @Friends_Table GenCon liveshow tickets: 1. Make sure you confirm the purchase in the next 2 hour…
Retweeted by Jack de Quidti'm not gonna be there but it's marielda so i might........ send some clarinetswe sold out a gencon live show????THE LEDGERS OF ADAIRE DUCARTE BEWARE OF PRYING EYES LEST I TAKE YOURS
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@bleatingheart this and all days i am on team adaire, a rogue’s rogue @bleatingheart thank you for this excuse @bleatingheart that’s true @bleatingheart he’s not good at itgoing through ikea shortcut doors is the closest thing we’ll ever feel to teleportationThis is an excellent and comprehensive thread, please take a minute to read it if you're wondering why people are t…
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt @TinyMaster i really appreciate your apology. it’s a super awful time but i feel it’s especially important that we… @MagDods @pillowfort Palestine is an occupied countryPLEASE DON'T! POST ABOUT! EUROVISION!
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt @TinyMaster I’m not sure how this would improve the lives of vulnerable people who live there in any wayfree Palestine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🇵🇸We're not doing a Eurovision stream this year btw, sorry for those who might have been looking for it. Maybe next y…
Retweeted by Jack de QuidtPreorders are still open! In a few days, Fangamer will make the order for new inventory based on those numbers Pre…
Retweeted by Jack de Quidt @bleatingheart yeah h hhh h hlots of folks are recommending katherineofsky's LP