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Feminist, writer, host of chart topping podcast @ybooked, author of HOW TO BE A GROWN UP + THE SISTERHOOD (debut novel INSATIABLE Feb 21 @bookssphere) She/her

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@clemfletch I will not stand idly by and watch you trying to cancel my Fanny. @johnbond75babe Congratulations!“What’s scaly and in the shape of a trumpet? “Me if the gyms and nail bars don’t reopen on the 2nd.”Imagine even wanting to know that La Paz is an administrative capital and not recognising Judy Garland’s finest moment.MEET ME IN ST LOUIS!!!!!! @antonia_writes Mansfield Park was the only answer I have got right on tonight’s University Challenge!So proud of my mum who, at 74, grasped the nettle and left it all behind for a bold new start. And SO impressed tha…
Retweeted by Daisy BuchananI got one music question right once and it was Ludacris so I’m going to keep shouting that at the screen. @wuthering_alice Come at me, diabetes! @clemfletch LA LA LA I WILL NOT HEAR IT!Finally, being a Fanny Price apologist has paid off. @wuthering_alice Oooh, I am curious! (I have terrible, basic taste. I like the sphere shaped chocolates.) @wuthering_alice Did you love them? Are your tastes...singular? @johnbond75babe Never! Passing the pink Himalayan!“Both of your kidneys have failed. One is dented into the shape of salt on toast.” “Give me a box of Maldon and a s… best thing about loving Nigella is the delicious dollop of delusion served on the side of that love - I can be… @AnaBooks @BacklistedPod Thank you! I can take no credit but I had a lovely time!After we all have a go at this at the weekend, on Monday morning we must remind each other that we’re NOT dying, it’s just beetroot.“A touch more herbal tasting” = “You know your brother had that mate your parents hated? And he always carried a fu…, CORIANDER! BOOOOOOO!Ironic that it will be Oxford University that finally allows the country to drop its obsession with PPE.
Retweeted by Daisy BuchananAs Ruskin said, “I hope that cake doesn’t have any pubes on it.”Sod the cake. I’m going to have a load of that icing in a mug. For my Christmas dinner.I’ve never planned a better party than the one I planned when I was 8
Retweeted by Daisy Buchanan @silverpebble I am going in! I went a bit mad when Cult Beauty had a 20 per cent off thing and now, whenever I go o… @silverpebble @davidclewis There were those videos doing the rounds a little while ago - delicious food sculpted in… is such a BEAUTIFUL book. @silverpebble Oh! I was thinking that I might try to learn make up in Lockdown Two, this sounds great! (I don’t kno… is some mysterious found footage of me promoting my novel in the future. @davidclewis @silverpebble The trouble with MvF is that they pre game on something truly delicious and then it’s al… @silverpebble It’s all I’ve been watching. I’m self medicating HARD. I only want Nigella, Nigel, Ina, Ree and Lorra… you're writing a 2020 version of the Adam Sandler Hanukkah song, please include Doja Cat (Jewish mom)
Retweeted by Daisy BuchananHere's a photo of Vincent Price. In full Witchfinder General costume. Eating a Toblerone. With a bag full of sherbe…
Retweeted by Daisy Buchanan @silverpebble Food Network repeated the Nigella Bites Christmas Special last night and it was like getting a birthd… LAAAAAAAAA! Sky rockets in flight, I love Monday night! I launch my online course, 'Using Post-its to Transform Your Writing.' It's an online version of the workshop…
Retweeted by Daisy BuchananEthel Mertz (Vivian Vance) came to my house when I was 5, @emilynussbaum, w/her husband John Dodd, my dad’s agent.…
Retweeted by Daisy BuchananMarry me, @popbitch. lunch she drank a half-bottle of Burgundy and felt very hopeful.
Retweeted by Daisy BuchananLook everybode!! Cor whizz!
Retweeted by Daisy BuchananConsequences Of Actions 'Very Unpleasant,' Rich White People Note
Retweeted by Daisy BuchananVery cheered by @katbrown’s observation that PM’s strange use of the word ‘Calvary’ is ‘v Christmassy’. @joshspero I would argue that it might well!Bet there’s a German word for the second it takes for a tote bag to land on the floor as you try to remember whethe… @gdimelow The Beautiful Sunfish of my heart! @gdimelow When QJ turns up in a music doc I always picture Ann Perkins doing lots of wry looks to camera! @antonia_writes It’s a very low stakes Groundhog Day! X(It was just in a film, DO NOT @ me, Andy Samberg is married to Joanna Newsome, Rashida Jones is married to a Vampire Weekend.)At this stage of lockdown my marriage has deteriorated into a single ongoing conversation about whether Rashida Jon… @morris_sophie @susiemesure Cannot wait to read Percy’s future Nigel Slater-esque memoir...New episode up now. The Compleet Molesworth by Geoffrey Willans & Ronald Searle, with guests Martin Rowson…
Retweeted by Daisy Buchanan @ElleTucker @BacklistedPod She is the LOVELIEST. X @NuclearTeeth 😡😡😡😡😡 I hope they drop the Kindle in the bath and a dog chews up the charger. @gralefrit @say_shannon Maybe I’m being optimistic but I think viewers and readers are often underestimated, and ha… @jondrytay @BacklistedPod I love it so! “You can’t imagine how good the water feels against your bare skin.” “I can… is an ART - and booksellers have led me to discover some of my all time favourite writers. If you can a… you to @LisaMMcGee @SaoirseJackson @NotRollergirl and @FaneProductions for the BRILLIANT event discussing all…
Retweeted by Daisy BuchananIn case you missed this, @arobertwebb has donated FOUR of Jez's actual t-shirts from #PeepShow to auction in aid of…
Retweeted by Daisy BuchananBeing a guest on the Jilly Cooper / Imogen episode of @BacklistedPod is some of the most fun I’ve ever had. @charlieconnelly Thank you Charlie! XHAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the glorious @BacklistedPod! Thank you for making my ears feel at least 84 per cent clevere… the cowboy, never the cow
Retweeted by Daisy BuchananThis weekend I learned that my entire personality can be distilled into a single Google search. When I type Li the… people, we need your help. When a reader returns an Audible book, the individual author foots the cost. Plea…
Retweeted by Daisy Buchanan @sarahshaffi You are AMAZING XXXanother day of staring at the big screen while scrolling through my little screen so as to reward myself for starin…
Retweeted by Daisy Buchanan90% of all cocktails are inspired by what's run down into someone's armpit at a bottle bank
Retweeted by Daisy Buchanan @ClothesinBooks @MarianKeyes THANK YOU FOR THIS! I remember one very annoying ebay transaction where I realised I'd… need one of those long German words to describe 'The Low-level But Nonetheless Invasive Discomfort of the time b…
Retweeted by Daisy BuchananI love this book and I think that anyone who opened it on Christmas morning would be DELIGHTED by it. Go go go! @Bridgeanne @thebookseller @Jade__Chandler @jounwin Oh my goodness Anne! CONGRATULATIONS! XXX @Jon_Aitken I would say absolutely. You'd drink a pint of it if you didn't fear poisoning/people finding out. @ChrisBushWrites Yes and yes! It's pretty much amaretto flavoured Bailey's.It's @Ybooked day - here's @IrvineWelsh talking about creativity, collaboration, @Jenni_Fagan, Alasdair Gray and he…
WHAT A JOY TO READ! A wonderful interview, and such beautiful writing. It's really, really hard to be such a fan of…
A pricey but BRILLIANT investment for new writers - you can bid for feedback from @Diana_Beaumont. (Diana has been… to be a @YBooked guest closes tomorrow - there are some fantastic lots in the #bookstonourish @FareShareUK
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@jimsyjampots @RareLtd Amazing amazing! Congratulations! X @nickw84 A BEEYOODY! You must be so proud!...and an entire nation googles what it means... #Gogglebox
Retweeted by Daisy BuchananIn an uncertain world, it’s nice to know exactly how you are going to get diabetes. @nickw84 I would be very interested in photos, if there are any. @nickw84 How goes it? @davidclewis I’ve never felt more lactose tolerant.Adverts are going very hard on the concept of ‘having a family’. I was all for misery and solitude, but you know what? Take my money!WAIT WHO IS STEVEN?? #Gogglebox
Retweeted by Daisy BuchananWHO IS STEVEN AT JENNY AND LEE’S, WE MUST KNOW #Gogglebox
Retweeted by Daisy BuchananGILES! THAT’S A HUMAN BEING! YOU CANNOT DOUBLE DREDGE NIGELLA!“Daisy, you gave up alcohol for five weeks and chose to reintroduce it carefully and deliberately. With what? A ful… @EddieRobson @MontyBodkin Just putting this in your eyeline...Me and @MontyBodkin have saved tens of thousands of pounds on marriage counselling by simply closely observing Gile…*Shane Richie appears on screen* Mary off #Gogglebox: ‘Who’s that? Is he in The Pogues?’
Retweeted by Daisy Buchanan @phlaimeaux David, I have to say THANK YOU THANK YOU - your episode of Off Menu brought me so much joy, the phrase… I see my friends, spend time with my family and observe any religious Christmas rituals, the FIRST thing I w… @jo_thomas01 Let’s stay in touch! I’ve done it right and I’ve done it wrong! @LauraPAuthor @millieseaward @BooksSphere EEEEEEEK! Thank you so much! I really hope you like it! X 🍊 @jo_thomas01 Really good! It took a while, but it was worth it! X @wuthering_alice Also a BANGING year!. @TOTPFacts is why I keep returning to this goshforsaken heckhole. You know what you have to do. @wuthering_alice I respectfully disagree!