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Trying to learn to draw | We gaming out here | PFP by @KuzuryuIo | 18+ | He/Him

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@hikarustation No more running @yuniiho Happy birthday Yunii!!! @ex_pulse Aaaaaa BIG CONGRATS NANA!!! Very much deserved! 🥳🥳🎉
@kuzuryuio Aaaaaa the long wait is finally over @SenzBaka One of us one of us one of us @hikarustation This is absolutely disgusting. @moosukii You don’t. @pwuppygf light mode 👀 @colorghost haven't started but free carry please
@Rusty_elpez Keep pulling then pull more for baal @domoariga2 So what you are saying is that you are going to buy the new skins @shimizuaiyu YOOOOOOOO I’m digging the sleeve!! @hikarustation Looks so peaceful tbh @kuzuryuio Good morning, Io!! No naps for me today @hikarustation This is my motivation for today @hiyowori Ayeee happy birthday!! I hope you have a great day!~ 🎉🥳
@OtakemaruBubs Yes time to suffer even more @domoarigathanks Yooooo???? @hazumiaileen For me I personally never had any issues with them… but maybe having that mindset that planes are rea… @anelles_ Yes please~ @asahinaChie Welcome to the Ayaka gang @Aurulita Play it more @tsubakisinensis Oh…. I want Yanfei as well but I also want Ayaka’s weapon… I guess I’m giving in and spending money ☹️ @catsgomao Loving the skins…. @kuzuryuio I thought you already hoard us @hikarustation Just make sure to not overwork yourself, Bao! @Hamuaria Yeah some food please @tsubakisinensis Already pulled for Ayaka and hehehe, yesterday was a good day @redsong01 League... @C9Vienna These emotes are great!! @anelles_ Big F @kuramekira Yes @usami_vt All of those notifications tho sheeeeeesh But love the background!! @redsong01 Let's gooooooooo @OtakemaruBubs Water or milk
@theCecilz Aaaaaaa, I WANT YOUR DOG!!! @anelles_ Is sellena going to play it as well? @hikarustation 100% pure whaleso @discord You can't have any DMs if you have no one to DM ez @hikarustation @discord Bao with the drip @hikarustation Happy Christmas @anelles_ Sharing is caring!! @hikarustation That 5G internet won't harm you anymore @redsong01 HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAISA!!!!! I HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY 🎉🎉🎉🥳 @hikarustation Knife fight in mid @domoarigathanks Just domo things @SenzBaka Let’s goooooooo @pwuppygf Not wrong tho @hikarustation Good morning?? Good night??
@catsgomao Do it… @uwusman Bruh what?? @ESaregua Nice and warm @hikarustation The way you panic at each kill tho fucking kills me lmao @hikarustation Let’s gooooo bao @hiyowori You're cracked @Hamuaria Finally took off your limiters, now you’re about to shoot up to plat in league @Hamuaria BRUHHHHHHHH @otacoman69 o7 Taco… @domoarigathanks Shitttttt big W man @kuzuryuio Good morning Io!! Can’t wait for this Friday!! Time sure does fly! @Hamuaria Good morning nerd @Aurulita Morning Auru!! @pwuppygf Emi carry please @tsubakisinensis Good morning, Tsu!! It looks like a good day out today! @shimizuaiyu Sheeeeeesh Aiyu this is fucking sick!! Can’t wait【 NEW OUTFIT DEBUT 】 Get ready to rave with this jelly a week from now ! 🗓️July 25, 2021 ⏰5 PM PST / 8 PM EST / 1…
Retweeted by Rushifa"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end" Anya Pandaria, now turned civilian, bids her farewells…
Retweeted by Rushifa @domoariga2 You can get them from sub bombs @kuzuryuio Goodnight, Io!!~ hope you get plenty of rest!
@anya_pandaria Top secret information hehehehhe @HarunaSwift Lmaooo @hazumiaileen StrugglingBrother: who even puts honey in mustard Me: it’s called honey mustard for a reason… Brother: oh…. @amberdots How did you know?You’ll do all three, won’t you? 🧡
Retweeted by Rushifa @icewitch_skye I need to try this game out again…
@shimizuaiyu Those exist?? What? @tsubakisinensis I wish for Tsu to carry me in genshin @CovfefeChan Welcome to the early gang @C9Vienna Dance like there is no tomorrow @kuzuryuio Are you still alive, Io?
@hikarustation Bao about to be Diamond in apex soon @kuzuryuio GOOOOOD MORNING IO!!!! I have been up since 5 this morning Sadge @domoariga2 It really do be like that sometimes @Girl_Dm_ I want your dog
Today is not a gamer day @hikarustation Bottom left @kuzuryuio Ok, your food always looks delicious. Io, please share your secrets @catsgomao Man @anya_pandaria Good morning, Anya!! @kuzuryuio Good morning, Io!! I hope you have a good day! @icewitch_skye I started playing once again and mannnnnnn Idk why I stopped playing for nearly 2 months to begin with @domoariga2 Wake domoGot to be up in 3 hours for work, and my ass is not even tired... Help. @icewitch_skye True, but free is still free @icewitch_skye Hear me out, Skye... Free pulls. @Rusty_elpez I was wondering why I saw this on my phone @domoarigathanks When we playing guilty gear strive tho? @shimizuaiyu I guess we are both idiots then...
@hikarustation Time to go back to sleep goodnight bao