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@KaedenVAL bro what @jittercIicks @jadesauve_ i think that suits u the most @jittercIicks @jadesauve_ Black @t4sted @pohluhr @3vanprivate @ignovercook @yongledd @Bobb what was it @wunjii @ignovercook @t4sted same bruh we shld go out @wunjii @ignovercook @t4sted oh i’ve been reading a lot too @wunjii @ignovercook @t4sted work and sleep on repeat LOL @wunjii @ignovercook @t4sted how’s my twinnem going @wunjii @ignovercook @t4sted you think he finally found his igl 👀 @ignovercook @t4sted wonder who the other person is @ignovercook @t4sted who’s the other person 😮 @ignovercook @t4sted nice tag @ignovercook @t4sted ricefarmer92#balls @ignovercook @t4sted Big doopsy whoopsy @ChippoVal @ReDoFPS @oPOWA K @IiveelaughIove bro 😭 @ignovercook @t4sted Oopsy doopsy @kxtieoh ur crazy @ignovercook @t4sted between u n me @t4sted @ignovercook u would say worse @ignovercook @t4sted built up tension @ignovercook @t4sted sorry @ignovercook @t4sted fuck you @t4sted @ignovercook the day i’m ur fan is the day that i will hit radiant @t4sted @ignovercook stealing my whole flow for what @1EDEN_ @666daunt bro i thought he was like arab LMFAO @1EDEN_ @666daunt wait since when were u korean @ignovercook wonderful clipsstuff from last nights stream
Retweeted by rach @oPOWA @ReDoFPS @renaiVAL @ChippoVal @Dogo_VN @FallGuysGame grown ass man
@kazvmo meow @ReDoFPS @renaiVAL @ChippoVal @Dogo_VN @FallGuysGame @oPOWA can u believe this @renaiVAL @ChippoVal @ReDoFPS @Dogo_VN @FallGuysGame @ChippoVal ur playing fall guys without me duo? @zekeiVAL usb can fuck w ur pc ya @222GenTle meow @unshtable poggiesrunning out of time
Retweeted by rach @PrincessIcyTV @DoLphinvalo AW @isohxo @stefnisu i just applied LMFAO is it rlly that bad @WIIREE_ Think this is just me being shit at the game
@kayvalorant literally insane @fairyfps UR INSANE @renaiVAL W @homiesrice HAPPY BDAY
@kayvalorant that raze ult dodge dayum @jihoriyuh @dogbackp6ck Goat asf @ignovercook @dogbackp6ck No
Retweeted by rach @ignovercook so poggies @Jst4r_ @vampvils so true @ssav1or psychotic
@Nighty10k are you jungkook @Nighty10k bro is a bts member @florscnt @MisfitsGG WOOOO @MisfitsGG @kxtieoh @Slandyyyy @VerninaEllana @florscnt @Zoessielol @yongwoon_chris @GregoFPS KATIE AND FLOR SO CUTE @kxtieoh @MisfitsGG omg who knew 😮 @serval6k like a seltzer water but with a tiny hand sanitizer after taste @LayziVAL read this wrong LMFAO, a zoo @LayziVAL thurs n fri @siph0nfps yea he did it’s posted by the hacker as well, the girl also responded to it. he’s been known for being w… @xxelitism i have work thursday and friday but i finish at 4:30 :D @siph0nfps we r not ignoring the part where he came at a girl for having an onlyfans lol @karraof i’m okay just meh hbu @LayziVAL i’m alright dreading work tomorrow @IiveelaughIove staring at my ceiling @IiveelaughIove 2 days… @karraof sitting in bed @xxelitism whenever u want @IiveelaughIove hi creeper hru @LayziVAL hai hru @veltqt work tmr :( @xxelitism i miss u @karraof hi karra hru @shuboxs for me, adding in greens n fruits every single day (a smoothie or like salads) and going no processed food… @shuboxs do you drink enough water? and what’s normally in your diet @shuboxs nono ur good LOL @shuboxs my stomach flares up wirh anxiety so idk i might be diff from you but mayb get an endoscopy @shuboxs idk my doctors thought i had IBS because of my stomach diseases but just try to go lactose free for like 2… @shuboxs oh god @kxtieoh omg faze kt ????
@ignovercook So poggersvandal could never
Retweeted by rach @dogbackp6ck @daimyoFPS nah that was muuzuu or sum @jadesauve_ GOOOO BAEEEEI really hope that I look like the mirror version of me and not the camera version.
Retweeted by rach @blink_valorant He is nobody’s dog. @blink_valorant NAH ITS REAL BRO IM CRYING @renaiVAL bro was creaming from just texting @Evs2x the person who hacked him unblocked me on his acc 🙏🏻🙏🏻nah whoever hacked three’s account LMFAOOO @threeFPS @iamhcu LMFOAOAOAOAOA @wunjii @ToozyVAL dms @wunjii @ToozyVAL Hell nah u won’t even make it here in time LMFAOO @wunjii @ToozyVAL Deadass u should @ignovercook why do you wanna go camping 😭 @ignovercook dawg camping changed my sleeping schedule i keep waking up early even though i sleep late as shit @jittercIicks lot of moving, in the heat for 7 hours 😭 @ignovercook when do u wake up normally @DiscoMuffinTTV LMFAO @ToozyVAL tour guide, activities with the visitors, and i get to interact w the animals :o