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done with school already
Retweeted by rach @ignNickcook mmmm @ignOvercook “how was ur day” yurrrr @irlsanri0 oh my @Evs2x ppsychoapth @aft6r no bro its just nasty @poggersnoob 😁 @c003007 ? @ignNickcook mental illness @c003007 i want chipotle so bad rn @poggersnoob helo armanoob @Jst4r__ like queso gives it sum bro @c003007 i get white rice chicken queso salsa verde guacamole lettuce cheese sour cream pico de gallo w tortilla on the sidenicks chipotle order is steak n rice like just steak and rice @kctiebug sexy @nickstfupls ok dad @nickstfupls LMAOOO dawg come home @nickstfupls let me nvm @wolfyval v @nickstfupls sit still @lulshap HBD @WasteManOP @Bre4ad @joycieVAL @adderallaim 😭😭 @Bre4ad bread fan @bbylapras oh my god mommy @74koah @wolfyval diff factors to it, for me it’s cuz of an experience from freshmen year that just carried onto no… @yeahpumpy nah i’ve like deactivated over other stuff @74koah @wolfyval “i’ve never had a problem” @yeahpumpy just haven’t done that, i may be an edater but never have i blacked out my twitterLFT - t2 scrim exp - can play ALL agents - pref controller/initiator - flexible schedule every day - dedicated to…
Retweeted by rach @gabersenn v @nickgetsrailed i cant see my own hand without my glasses ngl @wunjii @nickgetsrailed LMAOOOO @AeroValorant @wunjii ya dawg idk @74koah @wolfyval just cuz u haven’t doesn’t mean other people can’t like what 😭 @skyafk HBDDDD @sojuzama me too @nickgetsrailed i rem u doing this @quackzyy edaters 🤝 @quackzyy u just an edater idk @AeroValorant @wunjii it’s a vid @AeroValorant @wunjii look at my priv and scroll down a little @quackzyy WAIT LOOK AT CHO EDGY ASS STFU 😹😹😹😹 @quackzyy dude i literally haven’tmfs go through an ebreakup and black out their twitter 😭 @wunjii 😭 @74koah @wolfyval this is genuinely so strange how you cannot grasp a simple concept that going to school for some people is difficult @74koah @wolfyval nothing to do w social life dawg literally so many factors to anxiety, you’re just being weird cu… @74koah @wolfyval when u have anxiety it is 👍 @wunjii @nickgetsrailed the sacred gc 😵‍💫 @nickgetsrailed i have proof of this @gunnypriv gotchupuppy appreciation post cause i’m sad
Retweeted by rach @nickgetsrailed aya is so cute @nickgetsrailed ur so cute @chlofps u r so hot @nobu1x u need mental help @nobu1x dawg why ru up 😭 @nobu1x u were not joking @wunjii noti!! @9nerve @AeroValorant it’s some queens jit 😹😹 @edatercentral aw @Skrrtfps @bunnyhuhval i don’t even play anymore lol @wolfyval cuz of me @wolfyval we still won ☹️ @wolfyval lowkey idek what i was doing that entire game @wolfyval bs @wolfyval mfs werent shooting at u some be @wolfyval wow my screams r so lovely @AeroValorant @neednewatpls ☹️☹️☹️😞😞😞😞 @neednewatpls noti-ce how u don’t respond to me on anything
@gunnypriv ? @wunjii i’m so tired. @wackyxz DUDE I LITERALLY DIDNT DO IT CUZ OF U AHAHAHHA @bbylapras @neednewatpls need a new one tbh @neednewatpls @xxelitism cuz u r my whore @bbylapras @neednewatpls i said that and he said no ☹️ @racelfan @rachelfan11231 change ur shitty ass name @rachelfan11231 @racheldan11231 HAHAFHSUDFHIDSOHGOIGHDG @racheldan11231 @tasyiu dan LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @ignOvercook @neednewatpls ok @tasyiu @neednewatpls i said to do this then he made it nick fan @neednewatpls @veoash valid @neednewatpls @NicksF @nickpdx dawg twitter is basically insta @ignOvercook @neednewatpls @NicksF nick san fran bro wtf ru thinking abt @neednewatpls @NicksF @nickpdx @neednewatpls @NicksF damn _nicksf @neednewatpls @nicksf @neednewatpls @keaIani this is very good @Khar_bot @ignOvercook @ALOLYAN0 dawg @ignOvercook @overcookfan @wunjii @fluffyyFPS sick of this shit @skaarzi mf bought crystals 😭school hits different when ur half asleep in all ur classes
Retweeted by rach @overcookfan wow u r hot @ignOvercook @overcookfan ight @overcookpriv comedian 😹 @KarraOf @version1gg GOOD SHIT @sojuzama bro. like i wanna cry @wunjii tf do u do for 3 hrs @wunjii when tf r ur 4 free periods then @aft6r LMAO