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@rinuze @Dasnerth v @seagdd omg ty @7drww 😵 @bbylapras @Viperous @rinuze @ameialuv @lialovesyu i love uim crying over it how 2 recover tweetsforgot i deleted all my tweets including the ones where me n nick met and now im really sad :( @AeroValorant @fIuffyzx @xxelitism u r old grandpappy @xxelitism when i’m out of the trenches 😭 @AeroValorant @fIuffyzx @xxelitism what’s wrong with that @AeroValorant @xxelitism u not fighting shit rs @xxelitism i will Fight anyone @xxelitism wat happened @endrynaphobia @seagdd @chlofps read pinned fam @7drww never i hate this app @seagdd @chlofps lemme see dem toez @seagdd @chlofps wow @7drww wow u look so swaggy @7drww DREW MEDIA
@dogbackp6ck 1/19 @ReDoFPS u thought this went crazy @hk4ri Oh ok. @hk4ri im p3 don’t trip 😵 @hk4ri this is why Ur gold @hk4ri do this ratio @sarachashrimpp wendy’s has chicken strips ???? @jeremaaaa yes @nubstir hbd @7drww i’m gonna kword myself today @pohluhr oh ok @7drww hey drew
@kizhybtw is This real @dogbackp6ck copying my whole flow bruh @7drww u didn’t send anything @7drww drewww @7drww drew mediaaaaa @AbramIWNL @quackzyy @disco_val stop. @daimyoFPS just read the tweet bruh @dogbackp6ck @HoodieFR I am gonna pretend i never replied. @iamhcu @dogbackp6ck @HoodieFR Dude @kotafn yes i am edating the man i met irl @haesarchive crystals @haesarchive word @dogbackp6ck I begged u to come back. @dogbackp6ck Ok so ur gonna break up w me for the two time nice @333dun yo…and yes we broke up for like 3 days just to get back together stop it @hk4ri @wackyxz @catboythomas stop talking. @wackyxz @dogbackp6ck @catboythomas 😭 @dogbackp6ck @wackyxz @catboythomas Weird flex @catboythomas @wackyxz i didn’t even deac cuz of the breakup i deac cuz of other unsaid things @wackyxz @catboythomas LMFAOOOO CHILL ON ME FAMthis is extremely awkward since it hasn’t even been awhile, but i have to reactivate to release a public statement soon 😭
@jeremaaaa check my priv im not logged in anymore so lmk if u saw my latest tweet @HitBox_Hiros tysm added back @HitBox_Hiros ♥️♥️♥️ thanks for all you’ve done w val and all rts you’ve plugged me with @pohluhr @ before i go @gunnypriv @overcookpriv yeah bro this is all abt me @overcookpriv @gunnypriv don’t need shit anymore @overcookpriv @gunnypriv because it wasn’t that bad during that time? ask fucking nick what’s been going if you’re… @overcookpriv @gunnypriv never said i didn’t trust it’s just not easy for me to open up and be vulnerable? @overcookpriv @gunnypriv yeah bro it’s all my fault after what i’ve been seeing and feeling but it’s my fault lmao. @gunnypriv so yeah tweet at me, ahit talk me in a gc, block me because i’m genuinely fucking hurting and have been for awhile @gunnypriv just insane to me that i have tried to be there for every single one of you regardless and absolutely no… @gunnypriv nick knows it all but of course that doesn’t matter right because i’m the child @gunnypriv i’m the child yet my so called friends immediately showed me what it’s actually like @gunnypriv it’s crazy how none of you know what’s going on and how it has been for past few months and then immedia… @gunnypriv you are genuinely so strange thanks tho for the support bro @elluhval i have a feeling who dis is an @elluhval @ @noxufps @wackyxz @catboythomas @ja3ob @spadies damn spadies got a girl @wackyxz @noxufps @catboythomas @ja3ob chill out devin the val comm might get angry!!!! @noxufps @wackyxz @catboythomas @ja3ob real shit @wackyxz @catboythomas @ja3ob get me out of the fucking trenches with these val comm shitcans @catboythomas @wackyxz @ja3ob real fuckin shit @wackyxz @catboythomas @ja3ob bring back shawties fuck this shit
@andrewwcn_ love u drew @andrewwcn_ lol @itsmarouS i cant talk @itsmarouS there’s no one @itsmarouS it’s hurting so bad i don’t know what to do @itsmarouS i cant sleep @wunjii cord someone @wunjii do hw @liizion tired but cant sleep wbu @9zamm yes hello @FSJamo1 sup @liizion hi @andrewwcn_ check dms @andrewwcn_ me 2 wyd @wunjii same @andrewwcn_ hello @wunjii in bed wbu @wunjii hello @luhvstar hai @andrewwcn_ huh @ignovercook ya i’m good hf tho @ignovercook for sure! @ReDoFPS ok @AbramIWNL discord dms @AbramIWNL other shit got me heated