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Connor 🗣💯 @NotRxven Scotland, United Kingdom

18 / Less than mediocre tweets / Virgin / Father of 3 / Lucy, Aaron and Grace are poggers

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@G0rillaKyle fuck man @aaunoa wtf man this was so good @jhawk889 dude? @jhawk889 mad cuz bad mate @BoweV5 @bl00zer @djh1208 peep the rt's LMFAO @jhawk889 it was never in the drafts i thought of it, made it, tweeted it so get rekt nerdGlizzy McGuire @blindmanwalkinn LMFAO @blindmanwalkinn whatsup @Elliott_Bx this is a banger mate wdym, somethin somethin somethin like a money machine ay! @moronweek LMFAOOOlmk team 🔥gay for 100gecs call me a homogectual @moronweek @xXb4rb1e_g1rlXx TRUE @xXb4rb1e_g1rlXx she basically ruins everything so that's expected @xXb4rb1e_g1rlXx 😳 @xXb4rb1e_g1rlXx hiii
@gxmblr Bro its impressive at this point @xanful @itsWaddles_ ? @sebastianjii Holy eff @daveonater 😳 @G0rillaKyle Much love brother you'll get through this 💙💙 @BoweV5 @THump on fuckin god @ayedriiii ok @ayedriiii @ayedriiii you stole this from me im gonna sue @SamjaySJ goodnight babe x @optiuh heyyyyy
@kcgotsusd HAPPY BIRFDAY KACI @SamjaySJ Sam what the hell @SamjaySJ THATS ONLY MARGINALLY BETTER MAN WHAT @SamjaySJ WHAT @wethsworld Heyocoming out as a homie, my pronouns are bro/bruh
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@SamjaySJ Let's frickin go dude I'll get my lipstick @SamjaySJ No lol can we kissI used to be a suitcase but I packed it in @VeryTinyPeen Gm @Willb3250 Goodnight king
@xanful uhh bismark i think @optiuh me @Mlord7000 We have each other @Burnin_S0uI Oh @Cwllum_ @Yoshiix6 I read this out to him and he made kissing sounds @95lsIimemarcos Hot is a strong word @bl00zer @bl00zer Good morning @aaunoa I said what I said @03Lucyy @Cwllum_ What the frick @3obbyKhan I'm good man, hope you are too:) @03Lucyy Good morning hoe @3obbyKhan Gm bobby! How are you man @xXb4rb1e_g1rlXx I'm good! Kinda still tired but I'm good @terynberrys Gm teryn what's the move fo today @SPOOKYCHRXST Happy new year! @pogstad Omg I'm crine bruh 😂😂😂 @xXb4rb1e_g1rlXx GM grace! Hru @andyju_ Yes. @andyju_ GM andy you know what imma ask for right @DatBoiKappacino Chillin out wit the lads eh bruv? @DatBoiKappacino The lads 3Head @eranacp Good morning pal @DatBoiKappacino Gm my man what's the move for today @bl00zer Good morning @pogstad Morning* @bl00zer No proof @Attqcks Ok @Attqcks Fr let's rekindle what we had @bl00zer It's actually 6:30pm so once again you are wrong @Attqcks Shutup @Attqcks Same bro @bl00zer ITS MORNING FOR ME STOP BEING A COCK @Attqcks GM bruv what's the move for today @bl00zer MY POINT IS I SAJD MORNING AND YOU DIDNT AHHHHHHHH @bl00zer I said morning. @NotVannah Deciding whether or not to get out of bed, is it 6:30pm? Perhaps, am I being lazy as fuck? Yes, yes i am @bl00zer I said good morning @NotVannah Good morning NotVannah what's the move for todayGood morning (say it back) @Burnin_S0uI What the frick dude @Burnin_S0uI Same @edenbruv Yesdo you think gay mfs go for prostate exams for funi need help
@VeesAQueen i honestly respect it @DUSKNR bedsheets @IiIfaggot @G0rillaKyle @shmeat @GorillaKyle mf flexing a kyle follow @HarryButAverage @Ninja jesus christ @aaunoa @GovMurphy @BiinnyTV @BillNye yes, yes it is @kcgotsusd @ieatchawarma WE'RE INSANE @ieatchawarma @kcgotsusd can you hurry up and deactivate damn @ieatchawarma @kcgotsusd yo @kcgotsusd @ieatchawarma LETS GOOOOO GOOD SHIT KACI @ieatchawarma @kcgotsusd @kcgotsusd @ieatchawarma fuck mucci fr 🔥 @andyju_ :3 @kcgotsusd @ieatchawarma talk to em kaysee @ieatchawarma @kcgotsusd that is NOT what i meant you're like 6 @ieatchawarma @kcgotsusd make me @andyju_ mmmmmmmmmm send nut vids