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Retweeted by Solus @cabbagebrains excellent points imo kratom is more of a kid sidekick though the anti-hero should be less afraid t… @cabbagebrains i was gonna use narcan as the very obvious "anti-hero"in but that works just as well @notS0LUS who called it narcan and not
Retweeted by Solus @RuinerNerg no joke ever since i thought of villainin i've been desperately trying to think of the same joke about… existence of heroin strongly implies the existence of villaininhow to create the weeknd's "blinding lights"
Retweeted by Solus @BPeeg3000 @BasedDrWorm 80 years young and still feelin sprightly @weeabob sin's @BasedDrWorm @BPeeg3000 50 years young & still feelin sprythough to be fair "someone who doesn't know me by it" is basically everyone because even my immediate family has ne… only time i acknowledge my given name is when someone who doesn't know me by it is talking about someone else e… @Stairfax no @wraith_wrangler @VERYCOOLEBOY MY POST IS LITERALLY WHY HE POSTED THE RGB GRILL IN THE FIRST PLACE I AM CLEARLY THE GREATEST MIND @wraith_wrangler @VERYCOOLEBOY smh was selling this big inflatable dragon decoration that was breathing fire & we were gonna get it & set it up… @BPeeg3000 nowhat use is a therapist if we can't cuddle can tell the project zomboid devs are british because this is what they think louisville kentucky looks like
Retweeted by Solus @mikesulsenti can you confirm @SATOhara3173 uwu back, but louder. assert your dominance @Natedogisdeadlo i hardly know'er biden @ImNotTeridax @BasedDrWorm instead of swearing id offer a trade i have no money but i offer my nuggets for my nuggetsgot a gamer grill @BasedDrWorm 😘 @BasedDrWorm i am not as fluffy as him i am just similarly fat and lazy @BasedDrWorm it meI wish I was........ Djungelskog
Retweeted by Solusああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああガーリックトーストおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおお
Retweeted by SolusThe things my community make me do
Retweeted by Solus @BigFatWitchHat @bougiedemocracy i like chaika and i'm not into ntr it's less about the artists knowing what the f… @DSA_RACIST I'd never recommend *anyone* play *any* moba @mrfeelswildride yup @BasedDrWorm like it was a good idea in theory but i'm glad it's gone @BasedDrWorm some truly awful things got greenlit immediately because they got youtubers to play their demos or wha… @ZeroTwoAvatar inb4 "incest with minors is good actually"finna get swole @BasedDrWorm right on his youtube channel for over an hour straight @BasedDrWorm i see you're in the ross scott camp regarding the UI @BPeeg3000 @Natedogisdeadlo @_TronVin_ jesus christ she's not 3 years old @Natedogisdeadlo @_TronVin_ fantastic thread fellas @_TronVin_ @Natedogisdeadlo shuten douji from a game too terrible to deserve her
Retweeted by Solus @BasedDrWorm bullying is the only way i know how to make friends :( @SisypheanShade what's in it for me @BasedDrWorm that still counts she will still go uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu @BasedDrWorm make her go "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"YOU DID THIS @BasedDrWorm bully @king_of_hobbies @Fetusberry fair enough i guess @king_of_hobbies @Fetusberry what? are you talking about like, presentation photos with the sauce & meat on top in… u are lasagna and i WILL get 2 u @notS0LUS @Fetusberry I mean - spaghetti is meaningless on its own like all pasta. What you do with it matters and…
Retweeted by Solus @Lopiky0 yee you get it @Krekkov what's the tau word for "wife"?i can't believe i follow heathens who prefer spaghetti to lasagna like spaghetti is good but c'mon it's LASAGNA we… @Fuck_Off_Nerds @cabbagebrains @BasedDrWorm i do but that doesn't make it any less messy @Maximus_Honkmus @BasedDrWorm very wrong to get all of the same stuff that comes standard in lasagna in spaghetti… @BasedDrWorm spaghetti doesn't wrap perfectly around the fork and trails strands across your mouth and face while i… @Maximus_Honkmus @BasedDrWorm lasagna and spaghetti can have similar toppings but spaghetti is SO much messier worm… @BasedDrWorm how the FUCK is lasagna messier than spaghetti that shit is WAY messier than lasagna you're on CRACK @XanaxRetard oh and my dad said one day while the dishwasher installer dude was here a private investigator or some… @XanaxRetard dont get me started lmao we got letters in the mailbox addressed to the previous tenants & while we di… @BasedDrWorm @Maximus_Honkmus yeah but i could also have lasagna which is superior @BasedDrWorm all other pasta is inferior prototype lasagna (lasagna is actually a type of pasta & the dish is name…>someone knocks on the door >get up to answer it >they knock again while i'm 2 feet away & then apparently fuckin r… know what to do twitter 💅
Retweeted by SolusJust let me be black and yellow 343 holy shit why do you continue to pick up and drop the same fucking ball over and over again
Retweeted by Solus“Halo Infinite seems to be lookinf pretty good I’m kind of exci” >Color selection for spartans is gone and hidden b…
Retweeted by Solusfun night jackbox was hilarious and then i decided to go back to halo with everyone and it ruined everything beca… @BigFatWitchHat the more you deny it the more people will insist upon it just admit you like furries & everyone wi…
Retweeted by Solus @BigFatWitchHat 1000% in denial @cabbagebrains @weedhitter FUCKno @Natedogisdeadlo haha weebwtf is a videogames @nagamomkai @BasedDrWorm punk ass @Enny_Tilde shit's fucking annoying but at least they removed the requirement for people to say shit so you can sti… did we go wrong again, Artists: Working for exposure is a scam. If you spend more than 5 minutes on your entry, you've literal…
Retweeted by SolusTEST YOUR MIGHT
Retweeted by Solus @SomeoneRANRAN all things as they should be @cabbagebrains cybergloop @SisypheanShade it'd be more of a doomer move to give up on finishing it halfway through because everything is pointless but go off @BasedDrWorm really looking to show off huh @BasedDrWorm @nagamomkai hhhhehehehe please seek a solution irl, talk to someone & get meds if need be (& a professional specifically says they'll… @BasedDrWorm niceofc i can't say i'd ever encourage that kind of thing as opposed to seeking more immediate help elsewhere irl, but… @BasedDrWorm well i would hope so lmao kart games against npcs suck might cop 👀brand accounts sadposting is fucking disgusting at best it diminishes the value of people trying to admit that th… @BasedDrWorm it's fucking disgusting tbhthis shit aint cute
Retweeted by Solusjust got reminded of this tweet because mcdonald's is fucking sad posting
Retweeted by SolusYoure a fictional character. Get a better writer
Retweeted by Soluslove too be in severe pain & be unable too function normally :) vairy good @PhasesOfOurMoon
Retweeted by Solus @AsagiKurosagi yeah i feel you even minor renovations are the biggest goddamn pain in the ass