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@DianePe23337706 @guardian Great point. Irresponsible picture choice but tbh my respect for newspapers plummets more each day.This week we take a deep dive into the case of Frederick Bailey Deeming, the so-called ‘Australian Ripper’. What dr…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Spotted ghost ‘Home Ales’ sign Arnold Road Basford #Nottingham
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!A trip to @Stonebridgecit1 in #Nottingham #StonebridgeCityFarm
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Victoria Street, Nottingham-4-2-2.jpg
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Spotted on Facebook 🤣🤣
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @fayekaburton @haunted_media @nottslive @NottinghamPost @whatsonnotts @Notts_TV @BBCNottingham @NottinghamRocks well written stuff found on the internerd poems, drama, short stories, bits of TV, comedy it’s all about th…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!So little is known about this virus. We don't know for certain that it can't be eradicated by simply burning Domini…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Unlatched: Episode 6 Featuring poetry, fiction and non-fiction by Lisa Levytska, Patrick Ofosu, Ann Kathryn Kelly a…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!So Johnson accuses Labour of exploiting the Covid crisis for ‘political opportunism’, while he and his govt have be…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Its debt is ‘at risk of becoming unsustainable’
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @nottslive Robin Hood Energy, Icelandic bank debacle and backdated pay rise - @CllrDavidMellen knows how to get the…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @nottslive Maybe cancel that back dated pay rise they're awarding themselves. Talk about rewarding failure!!!
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Fair play to the "we all know what we voted for" lads for guessing a border in Kent, and Gibraltar seceding though. Never saw them coming.
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!The restoration of our cottage windows is complete! Huge thanks to Jericho Joinery for the fantastic work
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!I may have turned the sky on for this one. Trent University, Autumn 2020.
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Annesley Hall, Nottinghamshire. Work has begun on a new roof. @nottslive @NottinghamPost @whatsonnotts
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Can’t argue with this at all. We’ve left the EU. Brexit is done, right? So I’m afraid this is entirely the faul…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @ProfBrianCox
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Vintage range cushion cover in vegan suede
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @LeoNatures is a cool resource for self-publishing.Christmas in #Clifton 😵😵
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Boris Johnson is right. There’s nothing the public hate more than people who brazenly defy the rules.
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!I'm delighted to have a poem in You Will Remain, a new anthology of work from writers in UNESCO Cities of Literatur…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!🍂 Have you been enjoying the first days of autumn? 🍂 Our Here We Are youth groups have been finding inspiration in…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Just saying...
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Markham Colliery #Derbyshire was one of twenty collieries which featured in the 2017 publication 'Images of Coal Mi…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @babblingbates I think 4 weeks is kind of manageable too, because although lockdown is harsh having a definite end… this really what happens at pubs?😯
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Congrats to the winners! Proud to hv been shortlisted for Museums & Heritage award for Best Learning Programme. Tha…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Funding is available to help make your #reduce, #reuse, #recycling project for Nottinghamshire a reality. Apply onl…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @babblingbates Agreed. I think lockdown should be all or nothing.Just remember this mess next time you’re asked to vote.
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Good job they’ve cancelled trialling fans in grounds, half of the seats would be taken up by the squad 😄 #nffc
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @FunSoph @BorisJohnson Surely ‘togetherness’ will just help #COVID19 spread..?My mystery places and squirrels have been easily guessed. On to literature - can anyone name the famous book from t…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!I'm missing me already #honk
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @Chasing_My_Tale When they start booing you & throwing stones you should worry.Nottingham City Council burning the Robin Hood Energy files
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!#October 🎵
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!With regret, Alan, you’re fired... knew saving this pic of Ronnie B would pay off one day... 😬 #WorkFromHome
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!WOW! Love these images. Spotting an intriguing viewpoint on the everyday is a real talent and Lamar has it in spade… Pierrepont is the gift that just keeps on giving 😆
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!The virus is going to be so confused when the clocks go back.
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Aerial view of Queen’s Medical Centre, #Nottingham, 1977. #QMC 🏥 Credit: @NottinghamPost
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Lovely building. I like the castle (I think it is) under the arch at the top. #carlton #Nottingham
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!What about the UK’s world-beating track n trace though..? @LeeElkWright ‘Leo’ seems a bit familiar! 😆Nottingham Castle, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire-5.jpg
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!I’m howling at this moment @CamillaTominey did she get the sack babe ?
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @ItImnot @LeeElkWright Great earworm!Former pedestrian subway, Beacon Hill Rise, St Ann's.
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Nottingham Castle, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire-9.jpg
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Today is the #AutumnEquinox, when light & dark are balanced, when summer gives way to #autumn, we celebrate harvest…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Those nice people who serve you food and pour your pint dont make the rules.....#Bekind #Respect #Pubs #hospitality
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!⛳️💪 Free socially distanced activities Every week we're providing 8-16 year olds with free foot golf, foot tennis…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @Smamfa75 Martin’s my favourite character! 😆‘Female’ is very Friday Night Dinner! Broadmarsh Throne
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Large fire in Nottingham right now
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!What horrors are hidden and kept at bay by this board?
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!If 5,000 @Official_NCFC fans donated 20 quid a month to the club they love would be £100,000 quid that would help k…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!This female needed to get home. But with her electric wheelchair running out of charge, there wasn't enough power t…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Anyone know what’s happening in #Nottingham? Looks like a huge fire.
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @roohudson It’s all down to the electorate sadly.Morning
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Forlorn, Teak Close, NG3.
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @NottArchaeology @things_to_do @Nottinghasm
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @things_to_do @Nottinghasm This is the entrance to what is known as the Rifle Range cave beneath Nottingham Castle.…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @Nottinghasm a lovely scene, unfortunately my morning walk is more urban , but still a nice sunrise over Beeston to…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @Mortlandrocks @castusthered Hopefully no-one realises they could just start drinking earlier to compensate!Clifton playing fields sunrise. morning to all @Nottinghasm @CycleNottingham the #sunrise this week are just great
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @Mortlandrocks @castusthered True. Nothing ill-judged happens before then. @castusthered I guess our highly-informed government has deduced that most cases of #COVID19 are contracted after 1… kind of society do we live in where having to leave a pub at 10pm is seen as a tough measure? #FirstWorldProblems
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Good tree in Clifton, #Nottingham. I can imagine pagans praying to their elder gods under this. @LeeElkWright I’m always a bit unsure where Sneinton ends & St Ann’s begins.Victoria Park, Bath Street, Sneinton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.jpg
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Tonight it's back to #school for your #MusicMonday! We pay tribute to @NottsHigh & @NHS_Music, who have been partne…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Former INTU Broadmarsh, Colin Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.jpg
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @kimnffckim That’s a good point well made. @QPR has actually provoked more discussion of #BlackLivesMatter by bucking the trend.Oh captain my captain. What you did to help Tyler on that magical day will remain something we will never forget a…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣% of our regular 'Tricky Hub' users have said the sessions have had a positive impact on their…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @Tim_Arnold1977 Or grouse. @tomholo It matches this side too
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!But not when Cummings fucks off to his parents 260 miles away, or fucking off to Italy... etc etc. #cunt
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!Somewhere, under the rainbow... to know the virus goes to bed at 10pm!!!!! #pubs #CovidUK
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!The debt equates to around £3,500 for every person in the city
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @nottslive Incompetent, inept and would never survive in the private sector with that level of business awareness. Well done councillors!
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @nottslive They really deserve a back dated pay rise don't they?!! FFS. Snouts in the trough again.
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @nottslive So they’ve given themselves a backdated pay rise. While many of those who pay the taxes that pay for tho…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @nottslive I'd guess its the fault of central government And nothing to do with current incumbents of Loxley house
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @nottslive Central government (the conservatives) have deliberately slashed funding to labour councils over the las…
Retweeted by Nottinghasm! @nottslive Funny that, after the former head of the council Jon Collins invested all our money in business property outside of Nottingham
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One of Twitter’s good guys, who got us looking up when we were feeling down Thank you @VirtualAstro
Retweeted by Nottinghasm!I suggested to my friend Sravani (who has just finished a course at @dmuleicester ) a visit #Nottingham and the…
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