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me clocking into my shift at chili’s:
@skipper if you show up at my house with a gun then you automatically win
@maddiegturner i think she had to have?? hers was the first story reshare so unless someone random like... sent it…
@AdamZHerman great minds 🤝 @ZakAttack1880 i am going to steal the declaration of independence. this is not a joke.
@rudy_betrayed im coming for you rudy @Michaeljonair @FBI yo why’d you tag them they just showed up at my house??? to think it’d actually be incredibly easy to steal the declaration of independence
@kimberleeerose let’s goooooooooooo
@theestallion @CashApp $notviking #BITCOINMEG
. * . • . . : . • . * . . * • . • • . . * • . *.…
yo wtf wonder and i are partnering with our favorite animal rescue @austinpetsalive for a fundraising campaign - we a…
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is anyone else just doing fucking horrible @JawnRocha because @cityinagardenn i wish! @GINASFS_ i’m going to be honest i don’t know how much they cost i just throw a handful of coins through the window and drive offnot sure why i would go broke paying for therapy when i can get a baja blast and cry in my car for two dollars* *o… @goodbeanaltalt we need a disney princess with an air fryer
@sonicgusalpha okjust got back from the dentist no cavities who want me @ducklikethebird perfect @ducklikethebird how do i. get one
@CuzinKerner i don’t think that applies here, maybe next time though!my favorite my favorite band being vocalist being glass animals hayley william… @bowserstanacct AT-LP60 is cheaper and still good @bowserstanacct i have an AT-LP120 and it sounds great 👍🏼 it was my upgrade from my crappy record player @cityinagardenn yup!my life would be considerably easier if i had $42,000it’s kinda fucked up that beyonce purposefully sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker....
i think he looks nice :/ @AnthonyJ_Curtin also a classic to think this pandemic thing is serious @jt_valecruz what if i ordered it but haven’t received it yet....... dumb ass @KylePlantEmoji im not
last day to get these 👍🏼👍🏼 @goodbeanaltalt beer and tacos sorry buddy @jodieegrace thanks jodie!! @mariokartdwi thank you for your support alexa, it means the world @roxiqt i’ll do my best! @PhilJamesson hi phil, that was a pretty good pun! thank you :)ordered taco bell for lunch later. does anyone have a problem with thisonly one more day to get these extremely comfy and cool shirts at a discount 😎 buy one or i will come to your hou…
oh no guys i think i have the coronavirus
Retweeted by viking @lyricshitposts i have a math degree. he’s right. i think.peepee poopooEffective immediately we will be removing the Fleet feature as well as deleting every kpop stan account.
@jazz_inmypants what can i say i know what i like @tropicanapussy this guy gets itas expected buying myself a “soup time” sweatshirt from @notviking even though I should be saving my money
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@sallydarr watch hot rod 10 timesnovember is over did someone wake up that guy from green dayyou should buy merch from viking because it will automatically make you cooler and more attractive and also smarter…
Retweeted by vikingpeople who live outside of NYC and don't have bodegas: where do you go to buy an obtuse rubber goose, green moose,…
@GINASFS_ if you let the weather control what you eat then you are weakif you think there are non-soup months then you don’t deserve soup won’t verify me because they know that once i have the blue check i’m going to tweet that verification mean…
@bigracks costcowhen you’re spending the night at a friend’s house and they don’t offer you a blanket
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@MichaelaOkla michaela..... that’s 100 photos a day for 10 years. that’s one every 15 minutes. what the fuck @MichaelaOkla okay new question how many photos do you have on your phone. i’m at 15,856 @MichaelaOkla 2700 files????? @MichaelaOkla also did awsten text you the whole dvd in 4k or something wtf @MichaelaOkla man i don’t even clean mine out this just makes me feel lonely lmfao @MichaelaOkla i have a lot yours now before the state-mandated dress code takes effect
Retweeted by vikingwho are some good people to follow on letterboxdVibing Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off
@braincelltwo it absolutely works i am not joking“lottery tickets are a waste of money” ok but think about this if i buy a lottery ticket when i’m depressed then i… yours now before the state-mandated dress code takes effect a song called fuck 2020 cus fucking fuck 2020
Retweeted by viking @robbystarbuck robby do you not use pronouns @idlerenegade god i wishthankful for the girl reading this :)
@AWESOMEBILL59 that’s fairif your sexist uncle is pissing you off today buy a dr pepper is a woman shirt to wear to christmas @sug_knight ugh imma have to redo this aren’t ithis year i am thankful for the same things i’m thankful for every year: • paramore • assunfortunately clifford is scheduled to be put down after contracting rabies
this is why i push merch so much lmfao im gonna be paying this off forever shitttt black friday merch sale!!! tees are cheapest they’ve been in a long time! there’s also hoodies/mugs/hat…
Retweeted by vikingme after david archuleta lost american idol in 2008: @Keefler_Elf there’s science behind this i can’t explain it but it’s there @avantnard it’s true they’ve been saying this @CDLessThanDoug it’s the angle she’s getting dr pepper don’t you worrywore my dr pepper is a woman shirt from @notviking to soccer today and it gave me a +15 bonus to speed, agility, an…
Retweeted by vikingMe @notviking 🤝 Knowing Dr. Pepper is a woman
Retweeted by vikingoh shitttt black friday merch sale!!! tees are cheapest they’ve been in a long time! there’s also hoodies/mugs/hat… @supershayne im glad you agree shayne @lilitimess that’s too much, unnecessaryi deserve $40 billion