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@womenbewhining i haven’t read the book but the movie is incredible @gracearnprie im not gonna say it again put your fucking records on @doinkpatrol smooth by santana featuring rob thomas of matchbox 20two drinks deep about to text a girl and ask her to put her records oni caved and made a letterboxd if any of you fine folk would be interested in following me on there for since i am w…
Retweeted by viking needs a job @DarthLux god it’s so good @thewickedlady this is an anti-breakfast food account altogether
@MissyXMartinez im right missy! @digiataI then you are lostokay fine i’ll say it. breakfast is the worst mealhappy friday hope y’all are having a good day 👍🏼 @gracearnprie @pissboymcgee holy shitfuck it turtle duck don't think girls exist @chadnotweet @9NewsMelb seems like you're admitting to sexually assaulting people but idk @blackprints thanks for your support ❤️hey guys i have some big news. i have been putting this off for a while but after much support from my family & fri… @HannahLeeKidder im so proud of herbeing a stay at home dad is hard work the fuck are you talking about this is a fucking feast
@HeyLaurenSummer im so sorry. if it makes you feel any better i can still walk through walls i just can’t disappear and flyi have a confession. it hurts my heart to say this but i feel like i must come clean. i am a catfish. i am not actually danny phantom.i hate it when i break up with someone but they don’t stop using my streaming services 🙄🙄 gonna have to change my p… peepee poopoo will be our alwaysi am just trying to have a chill positive chill nice kind good nice time
@willmenaker no i don’t think so20-year establishment dems getting primaried by progressives is so fucking sexyi caved and made a letterboxd if any of you fine folk would be interested in following me on there for since i am w… why did you delete that tweet me: @J0br01 @yelyahwilliams hope she sees this @trinityycchung @trinityycchung i have experienced hell and it is making a typo on twitterhayley williams lives in my head rent free but she could also live in my apartment rent free if she wanted to @bigracks i liked spy which was more comedy than action but still a good amount
jesus christ this is going to end horribly @claireswole it was verry funny!if i were sleepless in seattle i would simply take some melatoninis there a vaccine for being a stupid fucking idiot
@tayIorjw i’ve seen good time and big time adolescence. whiplash has been at top of my list for a while idk why i’ve been putting it off @MediumWilly yes which onei am now open to trying cocaine @craymusic it's like the hunger games where our followers can sponsor us and send us different weapons @craymusic i'll be in contactstarting a hype house for people on twitter where we don't leave our rooms except once a month so we can beat the a… @badboychadhoy @gracearnprie @MichaelaOkla @matchu_chutrain not in az it’s so fucking bad @MichaelaOkla @matchu_chutrain grace does this too its disgusting @dommmino this feels like the opposite of getting treaded on @tristonianboiii fuck you @badboychadhoy it’s long as hell but pretty good. also p different than the movie just because there’s so much more going on @AsapRat just added to my list @badboychadhoy just rewatched it around a month ago def one of my faves too. have you read the book ?i’ve watched a lot of movies lately does anyone have any recommendations of other movies i should watch in the future
my husband chuckled. “you mean the chaos mustards?”
@NegaRooniFizz i’m not saying anyone deserves to get paid i’m saying that it’s ridiculous that people get mad when… young people need to get off their asses and get a job young people: okay can i monetize my tiktok and y…’t believe it’s already octobergetting my last couple listens in ❤️ day is agony but that’s okay i can just drink a baja blast and it gets a little better 👍🏼
indie girls polyamorists 🤝 won’t stop talking about grouplove @MichaelaOkla duct tapeasking god about the universe
@VinMan17 that’s how it should be @craymusic it sucks!content of this video aside any man walking around his house in a suit is a serial killer i’m sitting here. minding my own business
Retweeted by viking needs a job @rudy_betrayed i hope you have a slightly more than mediocre day rudy :) @jamiehyphenlynn just woke up so we’ll see how it goes @notskanky im so mad @notskanky i have never disagreed more with a tweet enchanted is a treasure!!!!!date: so what do you do me: [remembering girls like sensitive guys] i run a charity that feeds orphans [also remem…
i got a C in the only marketing class i ever took so i'm not even gonna try but please consider buying a shirt or a…
Retweeted by viking needs a job @DrakePlsFuckMe uh sandwich or soup or quesdadilla or something from trader joes like butter chicken or dumplings.… @DrakePlsFuckMe big disagree with this one lunch is the best mealpain @cottoncandaddy @davidcsaint omg congrats sloane!
@bocxtop dems: the war on drugs is bad us: then legalize weed and release people from prison dems: no❤️this tik tok shit easy, i have known @MediumWilly for over 5 years but i made up a tik tok about how we met through… @CaucasianJames come on man @aprilarson okay true @aprilarson it’s 2020 who is not buying their sex toys onlinei sold my hydroflask so i could buy my girlfriend a John Deere 2025R Compact Tractor but she sold her farm so she c… isn’t my phone vibrating when i favorite tweets anymore i am going to kms myself
searching for jobs is fun because half the jobs will pay you $9.00/hour if you have no experience BUT if you have t… @jillnochill what if you send me $4 and i send you $2 so we both get $2would anyone be interested in venmoing me $4 so i can get a quesadilla @sallydarr why don’t we just hire each other that way we both have jobs @waffelstudent thanks i hadn’t thought of that @RYxBread_ i used to have one but i wasn’t really uploading any patreon-exclusive stuff so i felt bad taking people… anyone be interested in giving me a job and paying me to do things. i probably can’t live off asking people t…
texting “you up?” • boring • desperate • might block you texting “does it smell like upsexy in here?” • creative… @sallydarr i’m gonna be honest i googled @MediumWilly someone: peepee poopoo me:
2020 has been bad but every year people say “this is the worst year ever” maybe life is just miserable and it will stop when we die @accidental_left @delibirda phew thank goodness @mariajeffburger that is the true accidentmy chemical friends with benefits @jodieegrace choncagoi have a new favorite shirt
@0emilygrace0 i know you are but what am iMy birthday present from @notviking has arrived 😈
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