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I web things. Now: 🧠 & magenta.js. Then: @polymer & @googlechrome. Looks like she will bite; usually doesn't. Unless you're pizza. I made @to_emoji, a 💯 🤖

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The El Paso massacre was the deadliest attack on the Latino community in history. Scrolling through the main pages…
Retweeted by MonicaI need everyone to watch this.
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@skullface Mine is “Look at her stupid eyebrows: performing narratives in crisis” and I am howling. (It was about… @sarah_edo I love this site so much Sarah! @slightlylate @philhawksworth @Netlify Yesssss I beat Alex, but only slightly: 160,320
This situation here isn’t nearly as tricky. For the simple reason that it’s only 4 weeks of sacrifice. The Great D…
Retweeted by Monica @sundress @rob_dodson Unfortunately, it must be said: I’m rooting against your typos @pujaarajan They’re uhhhhh not very good friendsMy dog is cute @sundress @rob_dodson im watching an MLS footie game, and one of the teams is starting Boxall and Dotson, and they’…
@pbriers @bram_gotink Also your tweet was dead on! Power structures lead to oppression and supremacies; it so happe… @pbriers @bram_gotink I like this explanation: The society we live in is white controlled,…
This list by Tema Okun of characteristics of white supremacy culture in organizations is super interesting. We’ve s… to the Bay Area to make big bucks and moving out when it gets less convenient is basically colonialism tbh.…
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COVID Update July 27: Someone you know compare COVID-19 to other illnesses? Want to see how COVID falls in relatio…
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@jennschiffer 😭😭😭OMG! We’ve raised $850, and there’s still another week left in the fundraiser! I’m SO extremely touched by everyon… think we all need this today
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I thought I would share how I, as someone who is visually impaired use my iPhone.☺️
Retweeted by MonicaAPD is on scene of a homicide at Congress Ave/4th St. PIO will provide a briefing, located at Congress Ave/3rd ST.…
Retweeted by MonicaWatching federal forces enter US cities against the will of the residents as a show of force is the scariest thing…
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@sarah_edo Sarah I LOVE LOVE LOVE this thread please don’t stop @fardarter @noopkat @Lady_Ada_King Perfect is the enemy of pesto @noopkat @Lady_Ada_King Thanks!!! This looks small and nice! @noopkat Can you tell me which one? I make my pesto in a huge blender and it’s a pain and deters me from making pesto :(Grimes, after having had an entire fucking sentient human baby with Elon Musk: woww my anata Elon-san i know this i…
Retweeted by MonicaIn Portland the feds have started using their own leaf blowers to blow back the gas that our side’s leaf blowers ha…
Retweeted by MonicaOh hey, got a way better video of the Homeland Security officers with their riot shields and leaf blowers.
Retweeted by Monica @boubou_101 @steveklabnik That opens up a whole new level of “ceci n’est pas un avocat” — it’s an avocado in a suit, going to court
.@USPS says you should give mail in ballots at least 14 days round trip. No guarantees. So if you plan to vote by…
Retweeted by Monica @jeffehobbs “Exile” from her new folklore albumLook, I don’t care how basic this makes me, this Bon Iver/Taylor Swift song is fucked up good @JCooperHolman I would listen to a whole bon swift/Taylor iver crossover album @noopkat You got it!!! @Una A loooot of hairdresser reacts and gourmet makes.
@_developit Took me several tries to not read it as redanxiousI must protect this perfect being @freialobo Nobody is asking why you have strawberry milk in the fridge in the first place and that’s the bit that worries me nowhomelessness could be ended with approx. 20 billion dollars and jeff bezos made 13 BILLION in one day. So yeah raise the taxes on the top 1%
Retweeted by Monicaif yr mad at ppl who sit at home and collect unemployment checks wait till u find out what CEOs do
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Retweeted by Monica @steveklabnik HeartTable! @sxywu Yessssssss im so happy for you!!!
@haacked Whoa whoa whoa you take this controversy somewhere else, I’m not ready to host the twitter Maury show 😅 @ada_rob Rotate your headp sure this is @alexainslie’s faultOne of my weirdest flexes is that I only worked on Chrome for 2 years, but 5 years later I still call it a “hot dog… buried the lede.
Retweeted by MonicaWe have gone overboard in classifying animals. There are only two kinds of animals: bugs and dogs. Birds? Bugs. Sna…
Retweeted by MonicaOregon’s paper of record is warning the rest of the nation that what’s happening here is textbook, authoritarian po…
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Retweeted by Monica @owencm @estark37 But if the comfy pants get food on them......wouldn’t your jeans get food on them in the same way… size of the crowd in Portland is on another level tonight.
Retweeted by Monica @jeffehobbs @cottonbureau They do, i love their t-shirts! But I’m trying to do a fundraising :)Thanks to my internet dad @jennschiffer who helped me find the best charity to donate to!I designed a t-shirt to raise money for @C_Resistance, a grassroots organization that works to dismantle the prison…
@redhoundlogo @cottonbureau @customink @sailorhg just recommended the same! I’m going to go with their fundraising… who’ve designed tshirts where profits go to charity: what did you charge for your tshirt? I’m using… @rafaFERIAH I saw the email, I’ve been a bit swamped with work to respond. Also my name is not CristinaOf all the things to get mad at zuck for, is zinc sunscreen for his pasty alien face really the one we’re going wit… @nicolehe YES. Like, girl tell me about your tv shows, it’s FINE.
@stepmuel My assistant app knows I speak Celsius, the problem is the Sonos doesn’t know that it’s me when I speak (… @bradeeoh @mathias I mean........”thanks I read it” is literally the least amount of effort you can do, it’s true.
@freialobo I still type “” in the browser even though I know it redirects to gmail to make a… is a Sonos <-> Google multi account problem as usual (what do you mean multiple people want to use the dame de… usually walk away as the Sonos tells me that by the way I can tell it to do something i know for a fact it won’t,… can do this dance with my Sonos once a day: 🙋‍♀️hey google what’s the weather in Celsius 🤖it’s <...>. By the way… much could be said about this man, but rest in power is all i’ve got. rest in power john lewis.
Retweeted by MonicaButt types
Retweeted by MonicaHonor John Lewis’ life by restoring the Voting Rights Act.
Retweeted by MonicaThis article is a trip. Ontario has a) a monument commemorating Nazis that b) nobody has bothered defacing before a… is the link to donate to the ACLU Oregon, if you want to help them sue the cops who are literally kidnapping p… The Oregon Department of Justice plans to sue several federal agencies for civil rights abuses, and state…
Retweeted by MonicaHere’s what I need people to understand about the “federal officers snatching protesters into unmarked vans” story:…
Retweeted by MonicaI’ve been too emotional to write something proper here about Rep. John Lewis. When I wrote that Black people have b…
Retweeted by Monicapeople don’t understand how important libraries are to low-income communities. my brother and I practically lived a…
Retweeted by Monica @mathias @bradeeoh This! I have filed many WebKit web components bugs that get lost in the void of radar. if nobody… @noopkat You meme but love being a woman on the internet
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"do u have protection" i feel around for my nightstand. i open the drawer and pull a wrapper out. tearing it open w…
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I spend a few hours every morning speaking to colleagues in Paris. It's disconcerting how different our lives are r…
Retweeted by MonicaIf you’re into how language changes, this is a super neat article about how tiktok users are using coded language (… @ow oh that egg shape is incredibly cute!!!You should be freaking out about this, America. beautiful friend. a wonderful smile. i will protect this perfect tortoise with my life when he returns to android…
Retweeted by Monica @kommie_p @codinghorror you can name a product anything you want imo, but if your arbitrary naming scheme goes too… @NoorDotKhan @GregWildSmith oh god are casks not kegs, are you kidding @GregWildSmith f a c t @GregWildSmith Sir I have 3 versions of python on my computer right now, the days of brew update are gone 😂
@danlizotte A yes the jibjabs well obviously @GregWildSmith Yeah but I don’t know what kegs are and why my brews are in them and where the cellar is. I just wan… tried to fix a python cert error for 3 hours thinking I wasn’t authenticated correctly when in fact python’s ssl… hate it when developers try to get cute with naming shit. My python3 installation is hella busted and brew hits m… big flashbacks to growing up in one of the most authoritarian communist countries, where “the government rep… the fanbase of the South Korean band BTS – known as ARMY – raised over $1 million for the Black Lives Matter mo…
Retweeted by MonicaProtestors in Louisville showed up at AG Daniel Cameron’s home to demand justice for #BreonnaTaylor and are now bei…
Retweeted by MonicaI was in Brooklyn on June 2 and watched as NYPD officers repeatedly struck a protester who was already on the groun…
Retweeted by MonicaAll - Please, please make this your evening read. Trump's ordering a bypass of the CDC re: COVID data.
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y’all seem to be confused about web components so here’s an minimum viable one in a couple lines of code…
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I put them away in their special little box after I use them like I’m a psychopath and somehow I am once again down to like 4.