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@Grouchy_Git @RepDougCollins Remember, the RNC was hacked too. And we don’t know where that information went. It wa… @vettwotours I don’t think it will get to that. I think he’s committed actual crimes. Which is why he’s hiding his… @CarlWebbJR @corpjester1 @hogangidley45 @nytimes @GOP @realDonaldTrump @TheDemocrats You think abortion is murder.… @CarlWebbJR @corpjester1 @hogangidley45 @nytimes @GOP @realDonaldTrump @TheDemocrats I know more white magats on th… @CarlWebbJR @corpjester1 @hogangidley45 @nytimes @GOP @realDonaldTrump @TheDemocrats Most economic experts agree th… @blakesmustache You are awesome! I have a burning question though.I think I know what they have on him, money laund… @CarlWebbJR @corpjester1 @hogangidley45 @nytimes @GOP @realDonaldTrump @TheDemocrats How are you fact checking me?… @CarlWebbJR @corpjester1 @hogangidley45 @nytimes @GOP @realDonaldTrump @TheDemocrats SNOPES! LOL! You’re getting crazy now. @CarlWebbJR @corpjester1 @hogangidley45 @nytimes @GOP @realDonaldTrump @TheDemocrats You tweeted at me 18 times. Yo… @CarlWebbJR @corpjester1 @hogangidley45 @nytimes @GOP @realDonaldTrump @TheDemocrats @RaptureSquirre1 @ggreenwald #truth
@CarlWebbJR @corpjester1 @hogangidley45 @nytimes @GOP @realDonaldTrump @TheDemocrats I don’t understand why you’re… @CarlWebbJR @corpjester1 @hogangidley45 @nytimes @GOP @realDonaldTrump @TheDemocrats You have not offered a single… @CarlWebbJR @corpjester1 @hogangidley45 @nytimes @GOP @realDonaldTrump @TheDemocrats That’s not a fact based statem… @CarlWebbJR @corpjester1 @hogangidley45 @nytimes @GOP @realDonaldTrump @TheDemocrats Did you not just call democrats baby killers? @Resistance2020 @StevenBeschloss @slack2thefuture Yep. He would be considered too educated and intellectual. They r… @chill_wills @StevenBeschloss I think it makes perfect sense... @JeffRoth23 @honorcarolina @StevenBeschloss You know nothing. Every one of your beloved elected maga have taken mon… @jtmcinerney @StevenBeschloss I wonder sometimes if this rabid Republican support of Russia and their desperate def… @Pinekatz @StevenBeschloss @TheBaxterBean How can anyone take maga seriously when they scream about socialism but e… @fedmstr @StevenBeschloss Do none of you maga know that Russia is communist? Which is a political theory derived fr… @MarlaTauscher @StevenBeschloss @GOP I wonder that every day. There is no way the majority of them aren’t aware how wrong all of this is. @seanlconnelly @StevenBeschloss @SandaYama Wait until they find out how communist it is. @Resistance2020 @StevenBeschloss @slack2thefuture They would TRASH Reagan if he spoke out against Trump. They love Trump more. @HipHopConserva @SamHarrisOrg I think most republicans already did. @Pajaron11 @SamHarrisOrg Jesus. Shut up. The only people with TDS are people whose reality is entirely narrated by… @CarlWebbJR @corpjester1 @hogangidley45 @nytimes @GOP @realDonaldTrump @TheDemocrats fetus is born. Then they’re ju… @CarlWebbJR @corpjester1 @hogangidley45 @nytimes @GOP @realDonaldTrump @TheDemocrats care about the immigrant child… @CarlWebbJR @corpjester1 @hogangidley45 @nytimes @GOP @realDonaldTrump @TheDemocrats If you care so much about kids… @AJAJ19_ @bclarksandiego @RayDailey9 @lawrencehurley @TIMTV413 It angers me that the govt can collect info about th… @AJAJ19_ @bclarksandiego @RayDailey9 @lawrencehurley @TIMTV413 I mean, I wouldn’t care. I have nothing to hide. Not… @AJAJ19_ @bclarksandiego @RayDailey9 @lawrencehurley @TIMTV413 Well, since every other president has released them,… @AJAJ19_ @bclarksandiego @RayDailey9 @lawrencehurley @TIMTV413 Thank you for your opinion armchair political and le… @spirishdancer @TomJChicago You see, that shit pisses me off! I’m pissed that they knew this orange dill weed was t… @NHHome12 @JurisprudenceNJ @lawrencehurley It is in the public interest to know the president’s financials and who… @bclarksandiego @AJAJ19_ @RayDailey9 @lawrencehurley @TIMTV413 It certainly should be from this day forward. @LaurieAnn1027 @rchattermatters @JennyCat64 @frann152 @Good2GoMom @IngrahamAngle @realDonaldTrump I know. And every…
@RudyGiuliani Rudy, I know you’re only doing this stunt for the brainwashed Fox News audience, but you do realize y… @CarlWebbJR @corpjester1 @hogangidley45 @nytimes @GOP I do not use it so I don’t know if it sucks. People that I kn… @vlfuller @AndreaChalupa @SethAbramson @gaslitnation Some of this energy needs to be focused on @kenvogel since he… @LaurieAnn1027 @sheenan12 @rchattermatters @JennyCat64 @frann152 @Good2GoMom @IngrahamAngle @realDonaldTrump I pret… @CarlWebbJR @corpjester1 @hogangidley45 @nytimes @GOP Carl, I have no idea what you’re saying. Sorry. @sheenan12 @JennyCat64 @LaurieAnn1027 @frann152 @Good2GoMom @rchattermatters @IngrahamAngle @realDonaldTrump Please… @scribandotcom I agree. I feel like @kenvogel owes the public an explanation. He seems to have started all of this… @corpjester1 @CarlWebbJR @hogangidley45 @nytimes @GOP They’ll let republicans take every single benefit away from t… @DLoesch Stop taking money and courting influence from Russian surrogates, Dana. Then maybe you’ll be more credible… @sheenan12 @JennyCat64 @frann152 @Good2GoMom @rchattermatters @IngrahamAngle @realDonaldTrump I already know you wo… @sheenan12 @JennyCat64 @frann152 @Good2GoMom @rchattermatters @IngrahamAngle @realDonaldTrump Send me something not… @Magician247 @Infantry0300 @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump I don’t know, maybe one of these guys does. The entire t… @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump Oh Ronna! Don’t go down with the damn trumptanic! It’s about to sink! @JennyCat64 @frann152 @Good2GoMom @rchattermatters @IngrahamAngle @realDonaldTrump I mean, let’s just go ahead and… @ThinRedLine5 @ChiefLangley @IWiIlkaga @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec @animal_lover365 Why is i… @ThinRedLine5 @ChiefLangley @IWiIlkaga @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec @animal_lover365 When did… @ThinRedLine5 @ChiefLangley @IWiIlkaga @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec @animal_lover365 Why do y…
@ThinRedLine5 @ChiefLangley @IWiIlkaga @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec @animal_lover365 I will t… @ThinRedLine5 @ChiefLangley @IWiIlkaga @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec @animal_lover365 I still… @ThinRedLine5 @ChiefLangley @IWiIlkaga @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec @animal_lover365 No. Im j… @JoshZ2012 @apathystinks @KevinMKruse Jeezus. It’s unreal what people feel like they can say out loud. And now,with… @ThinRedLine5 @ChiefLangley @IWiIlkaga @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec @animal_lover365 And, hon… @ThinRedLine5 @ChiefLangley @IWiIlkaga @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec @animal_lover365 Why does… @ThinRedLine5 @ChiefLangley @IWiIlkaga @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec @animal_lover365 Why do y… @MarcACaputo I’m with Biden. Fuck this alt facts aka lying maga shit. Enough! Maga need to grow up and accept the f… @JoshZ2012 @KevinMKruse No. These trump voters, who I know intimately being from the Midwest, are deathly afraid of… @ThinRedLine5 @ChiefLangley @IWiIlkaga @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec @animal_lover365 is real… @ThinRedLine5 @ChiefLangley @IWiIlkaga @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec @animal_lover365 I grew u… @ThinRedLine5 @ChiefLangley @IWiIlkaga @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec @animal_lover365 I don’t… @ThinRedLine5 Again... @ThinRedLine5 @ChiefLangley @IWiIlkaga @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec @animal_lover365 You are… @ThinRedLine5 @ChiefLangley @IWiIlkaga @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec @animal_lover365 Or this.…⁦@ThinRedLine5⁩ @ThinRedLine5 @ChiefLangley @IWiIlkaga @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec @animal_lover365 I’ve see… @michaelbd @districtyoder In fact, trump has made them more hateful,more afraid, more judgmental than I have ever s… @michaelbd @districtyoder adapt for them. What you do not understand is that they will never accept the larger chan… @michaelbd @districtyoder You and your ilk at NR continue to write articles and cover them as if they are special c… @michaelbd @districtyoder in the larger culture. I have watched them desperately cling to their notions of the past… @michaelbd @districtyoder the past and it will lead to their very demise. Change is inevitable and their inability… @michaelbd @districtyoder As a child of the small town, rural evangelical midwest, I am begging you to stop treatin… @NotWhatYouThout @emptywheel Again, that is the case for innumerable threads on twitter. The QAnon threads, for exa… @ThinRedLine5 @ChiefLangley @IWiIlkaga @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec @animal_lover365 Enough.… @NotWhatYouThout @emptywheel There are plenty of entertaining twitter feeds on both sides of the aisle spinning con… @ThinRedLine5 @ChiefLangley @IWiIlkaga @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec @animal_lover365 What a s… @JenWoodruff79 @blakesmustache Again, if he’s a con, why bother wasting your time to come to his twitter timeline?… @NotWhatYouThout @emptywheel I’m trying to imagine why you would come to marcy’s twitter timeline and take the time… @JenWoodruff79 @blakesmustache I wonder, if you think it’s BS, why are you on uncle blazer’s timeline? Go back to y… @ChiefLangley @IWiIlkaga @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec @animal_lover365 What a sad small life… @ChiefLangley @IWiIlkaga @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec @animal_lover365 @ThinRedLine5 also a r… @IWiIlkaga @ChiefLangley @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec @animal_lover365 God love you, Rocky. I… @animal_lover365 @IWiIlkaga @ChiefLangley @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec 100% @ChiefLangley @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec Oh Lord. Anyone who has to say they’re intellectua… @CosmicDustBunny @chefheis @emptywheel @GaryHeinlein1 I mean, sure. How? I’m ready for our government to have radic… @ChiefLangley @PaulWDrake @awtberry @Dennis_Klaman @JackPosobiec Says the racist. @Heidimoconnor @wr2020ny There will be a lot of things that need to change. Releasing tax returns needs to be a requirement for starters. @cbenjamin2016 @Heidimoconnor @wr2020ny The only person I ever see literally crying is trump. Because he’s weak.
@wr2020ny Plus, it completely factors in to all of this Ukraine conspiracy bullshit from Paul Manafort. So, hell, l… @wr2020ny Nope. You got nothing. You don’t even know what you’re saying. But you’ll find out real quick ifvwe impl… @wr2020ny This shows you haven’t read it. I’ll tell you what, we’ll give you Schiff, Biden, Obama and we get to qu… @janetinthehous1 @emptywheel I know. John Solomon is a propagandist and opportunist making money off of vulnerable people. Disgusting. @chefheis @emptywheel @GaryHeinlein1 Let’s do this shit. Because I read the damn mueller report and you didn’t. You… @wr2020ny @BLJoseph_Video @jsolomonReports Fucking a man let’s hear it all! Trump phone and finance records, Bolto… @PJ_Burner @steve_sherwood @jsolomonReports Do you even understand your own jumbled word salad?