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Noah Vaknin @NoVa__FPS Manhattan, NY

19 Years Old, AWPer for @ratedgaminghq,

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@Its_Mazz @crackshottv AHA my intuition never fails!! @asheszu Oh this is one of my favorite shows @crackshottv @Its_Mazz I feel like you would be good at it based on nothing but, good luck you got this @NoVa__FPS: “I’m going for an opening pi.... @Stxcsgo:
Retweeted by Noah Vaknin @Phyyy_Y @Stxcsgo @sshprd If you cast on Sunday I promise a clean win @LnxaCS GL! @1Bonichan @shutoutcsgo Already got the big NO, ty for the @ tho lol you’re a real one bon @Irish1227 :((( ntTeam blew up so lf2. any roles, hit me up to build something great
Retweeted by Noah VakninNever not close, but a W is a W :D 6-4 now, wp to @Stxcsgo and @sshprd for that crazy last round!!! @FeaRylan I guess we will see, you definitely have the confidence to win it!Looks like we will have two streams tonight for the match! and anyones looking to cast a fun main match tn, hit me up, mr. @Phyyy_Y was called up for his premier duties so the…
Mythic Gold | 30 Second Delay @JACHR0 That’s why this isn’t gonna be a ranking 👀A lot of people have been asking so I figure I should put it out there. I know I missed the mid season update video… @crackshottv @LuxxuryGG Season gets harder as time goes on when you start strong like I said. Now it’s time to put… teammate is nuts can’t wait to see this in playoffs
@MellohCS lets gooooooo
@RoundCube_ instantly @cbass_csgo @JACHR0 love to see the teammates supporting each other @csgoawake Ye tell me about it haha, 3.5 people left the team so far this season it’s tough to try to bounce back
@FeaRylan @Irish1227 I decided I’m going to just do pre playoffs bc of personal things coming up unfortunateboss man said i can tweet whatever. he has made a grave mistake. 2,000 followers by March 15th and @JGrizzRG will…
Retweeted by Noah Vaknin @JGrizzRG @RatedGamingHQ Holy shit @robbie_csgo @Tribute_CS Please don’t go 5-4.Mythic Gold | 30 Second Delay thanks to everyone who tuned in for our run in the quali today, probably one of the best streams I’ve had in a…
Dreamhack Quali | 90 Second Delay @Waddill_ How can I ever reach such high heightswe won though @Stxcsgo WhyGetting second-last picked in mythic gold zZz @CarbonX_GG @ESEA @Regency_Esports @CSGO called it @itsvolk_ @PBLMesports @DrKeltic I’m so sorry ;(GG @PBLMesports. #RGCS pulls out another one 💪 Nice work! #GetRated | @ESEA
Retweeted by Noah VakninGGs to @PBLMesports as we take the win 16-13. GGs @DrKeltic! happy to get the W big Millz @RatedGamingHQ @PBLMesports @ESEA @NoVa__FPS @DekuIsntHere @Stxcsgo @StagCoaching @sshprd @cbass_csgo
Retweeted by Noah VakninGame time. #RGCS takes on @PBLMesports tonight @ 9 PM EST! #GetRated | @ESEA
Retweeted by Noah Vaknin @landmazCS @CounterNature 👀
@crackshottv @JACHR0Huge shoutouts to @davdCS and @KrakenShort for stepping up huge and ringering last second. You both played insane a…
Retweeted by Noah VakninOh yea thanks @KrakenShort for being an absolute heroWe lost 1v1 simulator vs @AbleeSports well played to them but considering the circumstances with a sub and being a… @JGrizzly_ @kokkikodi @RatedGamingHQ off topic but we are in map 3 vs able rn!!! :D if you wanna follow our last map16-14 on map 2 of the bo3, GOING MAP 3 NOW LETS GOOOOOO up vs @AbleeSports right now, could go to map 3 in this winners final, come watch :)
@fHizZz_ @DekuIsntHere @RatedGamingHQ @ValkyrieLLC @AGNEvents @JACHR0 @cbass_csgo @Stxcsgo @StagCoaching @sshprd @JJBlazt @RatedGamingHQ @AGNEvents @ValkyrieLLC @JACHR0 @cbass_csgo @DekuIsntHere @Stxcsgo @StagCoaching @sshprd @Rated_R6S no this is csgoGG's @ValkyrieLLC. #RGCS pulls out the win and advances to Round 2 of the AGN CS:GO Season 1 Playoffs! #GetRated
Retweeted by Noah Vaknin @f1ukie @DekuIsntHere @1Bonichan @cbass_csgo Hey I mean we were in the same boat, trust me. Had to use a sub with n… TAKE IT OVER VALKYRIE 16-14 WOOOOO. We were using coach @DekuIsntHere as a sub, they also had 2 subs in @f1ukie
@giraffley Happy birthday ! @tweissCS @ESEA We learned a ton just from the one game we played against y’all. @homerhpc Oh shit rly? :( @heyitsFlorence @cbass_csgo Always, always. Seb is nuts HUGE 4K ROUND FROM VALENTINES GAMER IN OFFICIAL (3 kills shown)16-13 win against Salutations :D 4-4 @Phyyy_Y is doing big boy work with cash cup finals, so for this match tonight, 9EST we have my friend…
@slovecs @slovecs I’ll send! @heyitsFlorence :|In classic mythic gold fashion, server dies at 14-15 in the last 10 seconds of the round as my teammate is defusing… but for real last one now pug of the night, come hang out :> Gold Pugs | 45 second delay
@tweissCS Oh damn! Didnt expect that. Gl regardless then @tweissCS GL vs Levitate(?) Yall got this @Zennss @tweissCS Yep! Fully aware, was still fun to play a team 2 divisions above us, and I had a good performance aim wise :)100 ADR against Premier team I'll take it :D GG's @tweissCS3-0 in the cash cup rn without playing a single match 😂
Retweeted by Noah Vaknin @CSGOKermi Happy birthday!
2021 in case anyone wants to know where the nova pog comes from @1stormie Why yes in fact I did @Tribute_CS Right click on the right of your streamlabs obs preview and click performance mode😓 code 'RATED5' at check out for 5% off ANY Periphio Gaming PC! 🔗 Reminder that you can…
Retweeted by Noah Vaknin @JACHR0 @RatedGamingHQ @Stxcsgo @cbass_csgo @sshprd @DekuIsntHere oh my I did not consent to this D:New emote? @Waddill_ But also my fault for playing gold LOL @Waddill_ Worst mapMythic Gold Pug (one is all I can take lol) off the night with a mythic gold pug, :)Going live casting a friends IM match (or whats left of it), come check out the stream and lmk if everything sounds… I guess with performance mode on I actually CAN stream. Interesting...Faceit Pugs | Testing Performance Mode OBS @CSGOKermi I was actually planning on doing the exact same thing lol. Looking forward to seeing it
@JACHR0 @launders I’m not the sandwich player :( @RayczleR He already sold sorry @JACHR0 You didn’t man. You didn’t. @ItssZoro GGs! I hope we can bring some more heat next time, make it more exciting @TRISSYBIG Nah I love this roster not about that, just a really uncharacteristic showing based on how well we’ve be…! Unfortunate loss cause our overpass is usually MUCH stronger than that, but we were not ready for how they pla… back with some more CS tn at 9:30 est, casted by @Phyyy_Y on the channel. Playing a…
@davdCS Ok but Venmo takes a fee can we do 89 @davdCS Cash :( I gotta buy a processor @crackshottv On What @NickCannn Bs it’s basically vanilla tbh @Blakerscs Prolly like 20 less than market price