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ScotRail in Glasgow showed appreciation for essential workers in the loudest way possible is giving up its rainbow out of respect for Pride. For every colorless package, the brand will donate $1 t… have officially been replaced by robots. Boston Dynamics ‘Spot’ is now helping farmers in all sorts of wa… this 41-year-old chimpanzee reunite with a volunteer that cared for her as a baby 🐵 gang of sea lions has taken over San Francisco’s famous pier as it remains closed🛹 @TonyHawk pulled off the sweetest skateboard exchange with a young fan, thanks to this FedEx driver a rough delivery process, this Rhode Island zoo’s sloth just gave birth to a two-toed baby — both ‘mom and ba… and pedestrians helped this group of ducks safely cross the road 🦆 PM Netanyahu is pushing to annex more land after getting the green light from Pres. Trump Trump admin is planning to pull National Guard troops ONE DAY before their benefits kick in student who lost both of her parents and almost her own life in a car accident got to walk at a physical gradu… video shows police fatally shooting a man at least 13 times after he allegedly stole a car at gunpoint (war… migrant detainees are sharing what it’s like inside an ICE detention center in the middle of a global pandemi…‘[Trump] is putting people at risk’ — Connecticut's @AGWilliamTong is speaking out against the president fanning th… Dutch retirement home built a glass annex that allows residents to have visitors while staying physically dist… footage shows traffic gradually returning to London as the UK continues to ease lockdown restrictions of unaccompanied children have been deported from the U.S. under the veil of the coronavirus pandemic. Mee… Black woman and her son were violently tackled by police officers inside a Missouri Sam’s Club after being accuse… 10-year-old boy in Germany built this miniature ‘beer bench’ for a local squirrel named ‘Madame’ who visits his h… pillows were no match for Petey the puppy‘[Feminist] issues are universal and timeless’ — @MGH_8’s new series ‘Barkskins’ takes place in northernmost Americ… threatened to cut off aid to Michigan over mail-in voting hours after the state was hit with historic floods of us can only dream of hair like this officials are handing out face masks to all Zurich public transportation riders 😷 playful dog doesn’t let his neurological disorder stop him from having a good time 🐶 Cuomo brothers should take this routine to ‘SNL’ people were injured after an SUV rammed into a hijab store in Australia (warning: distressing) Tokyo bar is taking customers’ temperature and misting them with a chlorine-based disinfectant before entry adorable robot helps kids with social, emotional, and cognitive development 🤖 #MHM‘Our people are not expendable’ — Amber Torres, chairman of the Walker River Paiute Tribe, is railing against Trump… this Costco employee deftly handle an angry customer who refused to wear a mask Republic has begun selling children’s face masks. For each $20 mask sold, the retailer will donate $10 to Fe…‘I tested very positively in another sense, this morning. I tested positively toward negative, right? I tested perf…‘When you say per capita, there’s many per capitas. Is this like per capita relative to what?’ Does Trump understa… U.S. Army Field Band covered music from Super Mario over the years — and it’s a blast 🎮 many as 1.5 million cicadas are going to descend on Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina after 17 years u… Marlon Craft made a music video using only FaceTime to promote his new EP about the COVID-19 crisis Afghanistan war veteran lost his vision in combat — now he’s a world record-breaking Paralympic athlete traini… climate crisis is turning Antarctica green as warmer temps allow for more algae to bloom Missouri pilot was forced to land on the highway after his engine failed upon takeoff‘I accomplished the military’ ‘We have the super-duper missile’ ‘Better than Hollywood’ Trump thinks he’s a wart… Cincinnati Zoo is selling animal-themed face masks, and all proceeds will support the currently shuttered zoo a… au Cannes ciné-drive! With the Cannes Film Festival canceled, locals made do with a drive-in theater on t… ‘mini Harlem Globetrotter’ is taking trick shots to the next level 🏀 concerts are popping up worldwide. On Thursday, Australians honked and waved as singer Casey Donovan perfo… rescued and rehabilitated manatees were released back into the wild on Wednesday robot is disinfecting a Singapore shopping mall with UV light
GOP threats to Obamacare motivated ER doctor and cancer researcher @hiral4congress to run for Congress — and she’s… distancing but make it fashion. French designer Christophe Gernigon has created these ‘more glamorous, mor… have reopened in Oklahoma. Gamblers are required to wear masks and have their temperatures checked at the d… lines seem to be the norm as stores reopen in NJ — but at least people seem to be staying 6 feet apart you can’t get close to your congregants, you improvise 💦🔫 4-year-old is all of us right now 💇🏻‍♂️ was the line at a Ross Dress For Less in Las Vegas when the store reopened on May 20 👀 Asian and Asian American chefs are providing meals and raising money for front-line workers in NYC — even as… the llama delivering groceries to seniors in lockdown 🦙 Lori Loughlin and her fashion designer husband Mossimo Guiannulli have both agreed to plead guilty to conspir…‘We have 10 years to transform our society and the economy.’ — This activist is pushing Joe Biden to take the clima… released bodycam footage from 2017 shows Georgia police trying to tase an unarmed Ahmaud Arbery as he raises… scuba diving chemist realized that sunscreen left an oil slick in the water, so she made a sunscreen that’s sa…’s latest endorsement of hydroxychloroquine has medical experts and pundits warning Americans to tune out thei… says it’s ‘a badge of honor’ that the U.S. has the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the world fired the inspector general who was reportedly investigating Sec. of State Pompeo — and he has no real reason… Friday’s is putting bacon cheese fries on a burger and topping the whole thing with a loaded potato skin 🍔‘Don’t fly over something so that we can see some crap for $450,000’ — This front-line doctor is fed up with flyove… COVID-19 crisis is brewing at the U.S.-Mexico border as overwhelmed hospitals turn away new cases‘One came in with a sore throat … within a day he couldn’t move from his bed.’ — Listen to the heart-wrenching, rea… Virginia woman dressed in a sterilized inflatable hippo suit so she could visit and hug her mother-in-law 🦛‘We've got to take politics out of this crisis moment and remember we're all Americans, we are all fighting for our… has been soft on China. Trump did know about the threat. Trump waited to act. Congressional candidate… Gelson’s staff handle this would-be shopper who refused to wear a mask and then threatened to sue them 20 years on the force, retiring police Lt. Paul Perdue received this final sign off from his 20-year-old daug…‘We have today. Yesterday is gone. We don’t know if we have tomorrow’ — Theologian @sista_theology explains how the…‘Do I love my son any less at 4:31 than I loved him at 4:24? … and the answer was ‘no, I still love him the same.’’… will use $31M in recreational cannabis revenue to help communities harmed by the war on drugs tables in the age of social distancing… frightening black light simulation shows how easily germs can spread inside a restaurant 👀‘You might not care, but I care about the people I serve’ — PA State Rep. @malcolmkenyatta was booed by his colleag… Emma Stone’s dancing to Jonah Hill’s meditations, these stars are sharing their best advice for staying mental… quarantine: ‘Tiger King’ star Carole Baskin is selling face masks that say, ‘Hey all you cool cats and kittens’‘Horror, when it’s done well, is amazing’ — Actor @_Adam_Rodriguez joined us virtually to talk about his role in th…‘In November, we are literally voting for our lives’ — This gutting ad puts Trump’s COVID-19 inaction and the 90k+… @prabalgurung donated 2,000 N95 masks to front-line workers in NYC, because when the people in power don’t… officers and firefighters worked together to rescue a fawn trapped in a hole in New Jersey 🦌 to ‘Schitt’s Creek’ star @danjlevy school everyone who says wearing a mask infringes on their freedoms massive fire broke out an industrial facility in the UK on Wednesday. Approx 20 fire crews were reportedly called…‘How many workers should gives their lives to increase the GDP?’ — @SenSherrodBrown tore into Treasury Sec. Mnuchin…‘Taiwan can help’ — This message was written in the sky above Sydney on May 19, a day after Taiwan was excluded fro… Australian man was caught on camera licking money and rubbing it on his chest before throwing it into a containe… 100-year-old WWII veteran who raised $40M for the British National Health Service is going to be knighted,000 bees calls this Lego hive home 🐝 law student created a mini commencement ceremony for all of her fellow grads 🎓 people in China are going back into lockdown after a new cluster of COVID-19 cases was discovered next time someone shares that bogus ‘Plandemic’ video, send them this See more: pianist performed on the canals of Venice as Italy starts to reopen 🎹🛶 and water taxis have returned to the canals of Venice as Italy eases lockdown restrictions 🛶 Chinese man just reunited with his birth parents 32 years after being kidnapped‘When we have a lot of cases … I look at that, in a certain respect, as being a good thing.’ — Pres. Trump says mor…‘Just a rude person you are’ — Pres. Trump to a woman journalist who dared ask about getting the 30 million unemplo… massive layer of fog covered Sydney and its famous Harbor Bridge on Tuesday 💨