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noxu @noxufps evelyn ♡

@Ev3ly6 \\ 16 \\ imm val \\ 🇦🇱🇮🇹 \\ @prepoqt \\ @blink_valorant \\ @spadies

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@181RAYS thats what's supposed to happen @HitBox_Hiros yk ur gonna be bronze 3 now right? touching grass is murderous to ur elo @steeleturnerr no @bobabonk 350 v2s valid but the slides are so bad bro LOL @bobabonk tell me ur not talking ab the yeezy slides @NorCalMitch blah blah slow this slow that pick noxu up and it’s a bright future 🥱 @arshxvi i haven’t touched the map yet. the picture they used to release it is the only thing ik about the map @sAv1oRVAL @Ev3ly6 LOLL. missing a jump pattern i’ve hit a million times before is so upsetting @seshiriaa_ what’d they eat yesterday that came out @EquitzYT dms @RAGE_369 great idea twitter user RAGE_369 @EquitzYT will u come out of retirement and show me ur ways big equitz? @kaori__val @Ev3ly6 stg she is @RAGE_369 yap @PestaFresca thanks PestaFresca, will consider @eeliigaa zzz @uhhwiiree did u just doxx urself bro @shuuuuis @urlocalpiscesgf agreed @tw1stFPS @HitBox_Hiros reason #17266482 hidden elo should just be ur actual elo @Glorinsz queuing past 3am loses you elo but is so funny @S41NA trying 2 sleep. it’s almost 3 here and i have to be up at 6 @josiesaurr just let that sink in @josiesaurr i’ll let it sink in @josiesaurr @josiesaurr hru @josiesaurr hi josie @zekeiVAL @kanatouu v @urlocalpiscesgf i’m a taurus @urlocalpiscesgf i’m not even a cancer we’ve been through this @S41NA hi bina hru @jettmainhater /: @Evs2x @urlocalpiscesgf that emoji looks just like u actually @urlocalpiscesgf @Evs2x blah blah blah all i hear is two mfs who won’t make the first move @urlocalpiscesgf @Evs2x edating @urlocalpiscesgf @Evs2x when r u two gonna stop playing and start dating @celofps @uhhwiiree okay, celofps first step towards success with women. they don’t care if you’re immortal. the p… @uhhwiiree @celofps JUST INTERACT MF IT ISNT THAT HARD @celofps @uhhwiiree u have my genes. u should be a magnet. @uhhwiiree @celofps how are u still looking for an egirl celo i raised u better than this @urlocalpiscesgf i envy people who can sing so much @uhhwiiree twerking is underrated @urlocalpiscesgf yeah ur def tone deaf @stellariwnl @ColdKarma223 bitch is busted @181KASU @Ev3ly6 stop @Ev3ly6 there was no need to violate me like this @Evs2x @urlocalpiscesgf @erieoilfan ellie exposed racist @urlocalpiscesgf @erieoilfan @Evs2x yeah how do u do it @urlocalpiscesgf @erieoilfan @Evs2x bad, cant play any of the games i enjoy bc of bans and its sunday zzzzzzzzzzzzz @urlocalpiscesgf @erieoilfan @Evs2x @urlocalpiscesgf @erieoilfan @Evs2x @urlocalpiscesgf @erieoilfan @Evs2x hi ellie hru @danny1point0 yo @erieoilfan @Evs2x @urlocalpiscesgf why aer u copying me @erieoilfan @Evs2x @urlocalpiscesgf why aer u copying me @yukowii they deserved it @erieoilfan @Evs2x @urlocalpiscesgf why aer u copying me @Evs2x @urlocalpiscesgf @unclebobwastakn yeah im thinkin maybe riot games isnt the company for me LOL @edgyqt i did. i went like 16-30 or something and won somehow @edgyqt i remember this exact game, the jett and the raze were fucking nuts and both dropped like 35 @urlocalpiscesgf @Evs2x @notrxchel /: unfortunate. good luck on convincing them to let you. head up king @ZpetZ_ lowkey dont blame that man. after 2 my mental is checked out @notrxchel why do u wanna go to online? @Aurathon_ what @Deivarian u must be an AI, gotchu bro 10101010001010101110110010101001001010010001110110101001001100100101010100110010 @scruffyyjin dude im 16 not 40 @Deivarian saying the words "beta male" is "beta male behavior", Deivarian @PhoSZN game crashes every 5 mins on it for some reason @wunjii i just wanted to play my champ @Kiy0self ill be banned there too within a couple hours @squajii i should @ColdKarma223 wanted to play jayce, usually play either trist, qiyana, riven, or irelia. @jawsator banned @ColdKarma223 they banned my champ @sAv1oRVAL good idea @AProBro69 stg @t1ffsny banned @S41NA i was thinkin maybe crush crush instead?
banned on 2 games made by riot games rn, any game recommendations? @indictify banned on 2 different riot games rnwelp @HK4RI ran into their nexus every time i spawned @Rafikki_ went into nexus for 55 minutes straight @aeluinn idiot banned my champrip bozo @cherrybtw I SWEAR TO GOD THEYRE ALL FAT @prepoqt @accentfps @wristaimers yeat make die4guy? @wristaimers someone put something in ur lunch?? @CoachJoe__ diablo is fuckin cold @39koii her 2nd most recent one is ranked @prepoqt shes rich and im not. yes im jealous @39koii watched her vod out of curiosity @aeluinn u put us on fr
@accentfps good thing u clarified it was bind, almost thought u were on icebox @rainslol @whosmicheIa v @urlocalpiscesgf stop sadtweeting on main @CoachJoe__ LOLLL love u joe @CoachJoe__ looking away from that skye flash made u look 10 years younger joe. good shit @grusomeee how are u only diamond ur aim is actually cold