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T-thanks 🥲 to personal reasons, I’ll be passing away now was a good day 😌 @mattalos ;u; tyyy I will get 5.4 for my bday @npcSara I heard it's your birthday! Happy birthday! I hope you had an awesome day!
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @LivBurk @BansheeLoyalist I’VE BEEN OUTED OMG BUT ILY THANK YOU SO MUCHHappy birthday to @npcSara who always provides me an endless supply of memes at obscene hours of the night🥰🥰 Ft. T…
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@Yohaan14 Tyyyy 🥰 @EOliverCoakley this is the best compliment I’ve eVER RECEIVED TYYYYHappy Birthday to @npcSara, the best cult leader I've ever had!
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @ellodees SCREAMING ETERNALLY TYYY @npcSara Enjoy your special day with the best guy!
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @ITankMuchOW Tysm 🥺🥺🖤HBD to us 😌 @_britishmuffin I AM IRONICALLY EATING MY FAV CAKE RN TYYY @_ad1812_ THIS IS SO FREAKING CUTE OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCHI hope I'm not late😅 Happy birthday to canon Killjoy @npcSara ! 💛
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @KLAUStrophobic1 GAVE BOTH OF THE PETS FROM YOU, FAMHappy Birthday @npcSara!!! Hope you have a FANTASTIC one with your loved ones! Give pats to Ammy and Tofu for me!
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @smedryx OH MY GOD TWO THINGS I LOVE MOST. TYSM 🥺 I’M SO HAPPY TO KNOW YOU @npcSara HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LORD COMMANDER & SLYTHERIN QUEEN!! Wishing you all the very best on your birthday and hopi…
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @MitchFizzl ME SCREAMING AT THE WHOLESOMENESS AND AT TBE FACT THAT YOU USED THE M WORD @npcSara HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY!!! 🥳Thanks for consistently being a positive presence — in the games industry, on stream…
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @RiotZephyreal Ty world first buddy 😌 @Asrielobro @Rinoaaa Omg ty 🥺 @npcSara @Rinoaaa Oh It's your birthday today I'm so happy towards you, I wish you a good day tho !
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @joemag_games TY FRIEND @Rinoaaa YES I HAVE GOTTEN BETTER AT GPOSE @rawrsnacks @Rinoaaa ty mel 🥺🖤🥺🖤 @taeyrun Omfg this is a huge title to live up to 🥺🥺🥺 ty friendhappy bday to the best PM in the industry!! 🎉 @npcSara
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @Rinoaaa I AM ACTUALLY EMOTIONAL OVER THIS CAUSE I MISS DOING ALL OF THESE WITH YOU. in game tea party and Gpose se… Birthday @npcSara!! Thank you for going to tea parties with me, watching dad of light, fan girling over xiv,…
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @Slootbag Tysm friend ☺️🎉 Happy Birthday @npcSara ! 🎉 Thank you for all the work you do! 💖
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @valorant_lore omg thank you so much 🥺 @pyre_lily I think this falls under a diff team on val but I’ll pass the message! @SlayerMordecai ty!! @Kurioms I will picture the best gif I can imagine 😌 ty friendHappy Birthday @npcSara I'd have a ff gif here but giphy doesn't have a good one for you. 😓
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @Sathobaka Ty 🥺🖤🥺🖤Happy bday @npcSara , wish ya the best!
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Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @RiotRabidmonk fnsjdiskdifkske thaNK YOU 🥺 @npcSara Happy birthday Killjoy
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @JourneyCroix Ty bb 🥺🖤Hey @npcSara!! Wishing you an awesome birthday!!! Have an amazing day!! 🥳🎂🥂
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @aramisx I HUMBLY ACCEPT THIS KISS FROM THE LORD COMMANDER, THANK YOU 🥺🥰 @NeathDarkWaters @jasonfj this is kinda the best bday message ever 🥺🖤 ty @jasonfj @npcSara Oh shoot new Ishgard Restoration message from Aymeric! Happy birthday frienemy! @npcSara
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @INX_Metal it’s only the beginning 🖤 we have some cool changes in the works And thank you!! @JustSeum 🖤happy bday queen🖤 @callmecresto @PlayVALORANT 1.13 was a no ship patch, so you should see these changes next week when 1.14 drops @NicCHeinz I appreciate this! Tysm 🥺 @npcSara Happy birthday Wish you an amazing day and good things for you Hope you have fun in your day
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @Spideraxe30 HAHAHAHAHAH @JeffLanda ty for the creds @npcSara They gave you proper credits, also happy birthday
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara DadafsharOh hey, I got to answer some of your burning questions about AFKers/Smurfs in VALORANT. Check it out 👊🏼 @Angelus_Demonus 🥰🥰🥰🥰 gonna play lots of games and vibe inside. Thank you, friend! @npcSara Happy Birthday friend! I hope its amazing and awesome \o/!
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @SantaDevs @JustSeum Wait omfg happy bday, bday twin I’m starting to think Sam and I are the same person Hope you have a lovely day 🖤🥺 @jasonfj Ty for being a part of @misunderstoodff 🥺🖤 @npcSara happiest of birthdays to you, our glorious FC leader!
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @SrRafles Omg I will gladly share my cake and soul with this cat 🥺🥺🥺 tyyyy @npcSara :DDDD
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @panicsw1tched It’s a perfect gif 😌 thank you for sharing it @npcSara Happy Birthday! Also this is a cursed gif but seems relevant
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara DadafsharGet ready to BLAST.
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @eviyal Thank you 🥺🥺🥺happy birthday sara!! 🥺🎉 @npcSara
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Me and random notes on my phone @radiantbutch @MattSoms17 @MrAustinT Treat yourself @lofiFaye This is so cute omgHonestly, I'm always super stoked about the UI improvements in FFXIV. Thanks for making the player experience more… @variablygeeky I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL FOR THE TIME AND EFFORT EVERYONE PUT INTO THOSE GAMESWhat's more, I can't help but think of @npcSara each time after seeing and hearing her passion for the Final Fantas…
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @Mathamagicia 🖤🖤🖤 @JagexSparky @bitloomgames @PlayPHOGS This game is so cute omg 🥺 @Sirhaian sleep u musty u awake? sleep u must.'ll cherish this always and wear it with pride like Seto's coin from Ardbert.. Thank you millions again 🥺 @npcSara
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafsharif this isn't the most wholesome thing i've seen all day TuT @npcSara Thanks for the VALORANT spike rush games! Crazy to discover that you are also a fellow FFXIVian lol. - Your sworn Spike Rush enemy
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @NeathDarkWaters A fellow Warrior of Darkness and Spike Rush enemy? This deserves a VALORANT Gun Buddy. Check your buddy collection later :) @SammyyWasTaken my witchy gf 😌Witchy me 🌙 ✨ @smedryx that's a mood
@rawrsnacks I appreciate you loadsonline vs irl me @FayeMata HAHAHAHAHAhello @TwitterGaming @verified i post quality memes @Kaerrigan <3 beautiful memoriesKJ walking alarmbot EMPLOYEE SELF-EVALUATION Q: What is one way you have grown this year? A: I’ve managed to start most workdays…
Retweeted by 🌱 Sara Dadafshar @mattalos I think my owl went to my old address and didn’t get the memo that I moved :(My Spotify Wrapped is legit just Harry Potter ambiance in hopes of me escaping this world and shifting to Hogwarts,… @heyjulesfern JULES GNDKDNSND