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Host of @NPR's All Things Considered. Former national security correspondent. Author of #TheBullet and #AnonymousSources.

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Interesting conversation with Stanford’s ⁦@milaniabbas⁩, on why the Fakhrizadeh assassination is playing very diffe… @mikiebarb Thank you for saving me from this same mistake tomorrow.
@BBCJonSopel You'll be over to deliver my socially distanced cocktail shortly, right?Standing up to lean out the window between live intros/interviews @npratc and can confirm the sky above DC is beaut… @BBCJonSopel Greetings from my home studio a few blocks away! Sending you a virtual mince pie--Just found a file written a year ago & labelled "2020 Story Ideas." So many places I wanted to report from, so many… @petersagal Beautiful boy. Hold him tight. Congratulations.
Good day to follow Iran expert @ArianeTabatabai ==> @stu_rush @JustineKenin An honor to be your champion.Can't wait to listen @stu_rush!
Solo #TurkeyTrot #peachtreeroadrace 10K today. Thanks ⁦@ATLtrackclub⁩ for finding a way to pull this off. Ready now… @brettsvensson1 @NPR Thank you.
in his Thanksgiving address right now, @JoeBiden "we see in the most difficult circumstances, that the soul of our…
Retweeted by Mary Louise Kelly @mikeandhisbike @NPR Thank you. @Matt_Ozug @rogbennett Feeling quite gutted about this. @Jeb2028 @NPR Thank you.Reports from Argentina that Diego Armando Maradona has died. By some distance the best player of my generation and…
Retweeted by Mary Louise Kelly @mbendernyc @NPR Thank you. @KateBennett_DC Thank you. @MiekeEoyang @wamu885 Thank you.This is our Washington DC @npr station. They have been delivering essential reporting on the pandemic, the election… and powerful from Meghan Markle: "As much as we may disagree, as physically distanced as we may be, the…⁦@politicalinsidr to ⁦@NPRKelly⁩: “I will miss the Johnny Isaksons, the Max Clelands. I will miss the Andy Youngs.…
Retweeted by Mary Louise KellyDeep respect for Jim Galloway @politicalinsidr, who retires in January after four decades @ajc. Here’s our exit int…
Just listened to a lovely interview between NPR's Mary Louise Kelly and AJC political reporter Jim Galloway! He's a…
Retweeted by Mary Louise KellyPA certified
Retweeted by Mary Louise KellyJust in from @FBI spokeswoman: "Because GSA has found ascertainment and certified the election, the FBI can begin b…
Retweeted by Mary Louise KellyA @nytimes front page mostly about Biden and less about Trump.
Retweeted by Mary Louise Kelly‘I came to my decision independently,’ @GSAEmily claims in her statement. Which is it, people?
Retweeted by Mary Louise Kelly“Do what needs to be done in with regard to initial protocols” may be as close to a concession statement that we wi…
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In case you missed it, @SAISHopkins @KissingerCenter's Professor James Steinberg joined @NPR's Mary Louise Kelly…
Retweeted by Mary Louise Kelly @SashaAnnSimons @wamu885 @WBEZ Congratulations!!White House transition pool reporter quotes @JoeBiden on why he chose to announce some of his top national security…
Retweeted by Mary Louise KellyBiden announces foreign policy & national security team. Confirms: Tony Blinken to lead State... Alejandro Mayorka…
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@KattyKay_ Beautiful—the garden, your mother, you, the love on display. So very sorry for your loss. So glad she d…
Is there a precedent for this moment in which we find ourselves? I asked presidential historian ⁦⁦@BeschlossDC⁩ to… a full hand recount overseen by Georgia's Republican secretary of state confirming that Trump lost. This is a…
Retweeted by Mary Louise KellyIt's hard to admit feeling lonely, and to discuss what it's like to feel that way right now. This is a powerful and…
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he has santibodies
Retweeted by Mary Louise KellyMerrick Garland Among Biden Candidates For Attorney General, Sources Say
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Eight months into the pandemic, why are there still not enough coronavirus tests? We just asked the man in charge… to question @Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla today, about the new vaccine, how they plan to distribute it, & his recen…'s @NPRKelly's full interview with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. Definitely worth a listen 🔊
Retweeted by Mary Louise KellyThanks @janearraf for this moment of joy @smittybeentaken @NavalAcademy @SydneyABarber Hi. Listen to the interview and you will be left with no doubt. She earned it.Oh wow did this interview lift me up. For the first time in history, a Black woman will be brigade commander, lead…
@NPR just extended WFH thru July 5 As offices remain closed, a question for workers everywhere: Do you feel like…
Retweeted by Mary Louise KellyOuch. America, what are we doing? way this could backfire for Trump: As a government official, Krebs had been forbidden from speaking to the Bide…
Retweeted by Mary Louise KellyHere in DC and so many, many places across the country. important statement here from @CISAgov's top election security official, just after his boss @C_C_Krebs was fire…
Retweeted by Mary Louise KellyBottom line. @CISAKrebs told the truth. He was fired by someone who didn't want to hear it.
Retweeted by Mary Louise KellyUPDATE: Remember Chris Krebs, the homeland security official who put out facts that contradicted Trump's false asse…
Retweeted by Mary Louise Kelly @stu_rush Stu. So sorry. Thinking of you.
They can - and sometimes must - co-exist.’s top elections official - a Republican - is not holding back. #gapol
Retweeted by Mary Louise KellySo real. Laughing & crying right there with you @RobynSchall. And I am so sorry about your grandma but I bet she wo… at the Pentagon: "Bring on the next indignity."
Retweeted by Mary Louise KellyWho's been named, what's their background, what spots are left to fill & which need Senate confirmation? Smart… what fantastic news. Congrats on the big move @itscaitlinhd !!!
Retweeted by Mary Louise KellyBack in January, I had this exchange with Pompeo: KELLY: How do you stop Iran from getting a nuclear wea…“It sure looked like he was wanting to go down that road,” Raffensperger, a Republican, said.
BREAKING: US surpasses 11 million #coronavirus cases. It took just 6 days to go from 10 million to 11 million.
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We tried to tell you this, campaigns.
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@tanisNPR Alas yes. They’ll keep coming. Ignore them. Wish I could personally, delicately & with relish eat alive e… @FrankWorkingDad That’s so kind. Thank you. I love my work; feel lucky every day to get to do it. Thanks for bringi… you ever get numb to the numbers, remember each one is a person that is loved and will be painfully missed.
Retweeted by Mary Louise Kelly @romanmars I am so sorry. I don’t know you, but know that I am thinking of you.To the older gentleman rocking a full white beard & red Santa hat, grinning & waving hi to everyone on the Rock Cre… @CaitlinPacific Happy happy birthday! You are a wonder. Today and every day.CNN: At least 172,009 people in the United States tested positive for coronavirus on Friday, the highest number of…
Retweeted by Mary Louise Kelly @sitaramgayatri Thank YOU for listening & for writing!Our Faculty Chair @RNicholasBurns and @AEI’s @KoriSchake are veterans of presidential transitions. They offered the…
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How much damage can an American president wreak on his way out the door? Very smart exchange here with ⁦@KoriSchake… me again why I can’t have a big family Thanksgiving.
Retweeted by Mary Louise KellyAnd I need to give credit here to producer @blanchardd and editor @JolieMyers whose instincts on shaping this inter… you. It moved me deeply too. Here is the interview: @LawtonPaseka @spinellimd @npratc Here you go! @HornEdSpeak @Transition46 @npratc You do indeed recall correctly! Just taped our #ConsiderThis podcast noting exac… here's the interview. So very worth your 8 mins: you are listening to @npratc rn then you heard the incomparable @MargaretAtwood read some poetry from DEARLY. Yo…
Retweeted by Mary Louise KellyCannot wait to hear this one. @Megankstack @MargaretAtwood Isn't she wonderful? Reading the book is like sitting down with wickedly funny & wise… love @MargaretAtwood? Then you will want to listen to our interview 5:50p ET @npratc. Not a fan yet? I can… is why we need local news!
Retweeted by Mary Louise KellyWow. Going to be a very interesting next few weeks in #Georgia. this is the final map:
Retweeted by Mary Louise Kelly"Trump went on a travel blitz in the final stretch of the campaign, making five campaign stops on each of the last… is the way it used to be done
Retweeted by Mary Louise KellyThank you. #ThisIsNPR"This is the longest period of time that the president has not spoken publicly in his entire presidency" reports…
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Carline has a rare talent common to great managers: she sees not just who you are now, but what you are capable of… might Ron Klain, Biden’s pick for White House Chief of Staff, handle the pandemic? I asked him:
"I remember chuckling to myself like 'how did you miss this?'" @mpinoe There's something comforting about hearing…
Retweeted by Mary Louise Kelly"I would tell her, 'you're gay.' That would be the first thing...let me save you a decade." ~Soccer phenom Megan R… GOP Senator John Cornyn==>> will say it again: intelligence & national security are supposed to be too important to be politicized. US advers… celebrates Armistice Day. On the 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, the…
Retweeted by Mary Louise Kelly*POPULAR VOTE UPDATE* @JoeBiden now ahead by more than 5 million BIDEN 77,025,893 (50.8%) TRUMP 71,955,307 (47.5%)…
Retweeted by Mary Louise KellyATLANTA (AP) — Georgia's secretary of state has announced a full hand recount of the presidential race; Biden leads by about 14,000.
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