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These fragments I have shored against my ruins.

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@inkroutes Getting better! I think it's just a normal fever. 🤞🏾 @suru_uwu You too big dreamer, Suru?My two braincells talking to each other when I'm awake and when I'm asleep: brushie
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Retweeted by so softOpen for a surprise!【紅茶香る】ハートのクッキータルト💟
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Retweeted by so softHome school seems to have been replaced by pig scratching
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Retweeted by so soft @ungalema 🤭🤭🤭Abandoned patriotism and voted for Kagu. Don't tell Mayilsami! stop being sad and look at these
Retweeted by so soft @ajitjagtap Thank you! Taking care. ☺️ @Karaboondi Yesss, doing! 💦💦💦 @ajitjagtap Yaaa. 😭 @Karaboondi Fever having. 🤧 Normal fever only I think, but self-isolating just in case. @himsini Only people with correct skin thickness can learn language! @NadjaNadika @vinayaravind One article in The Print I started reading, then made face at the bias and then read byl… fascinating part of a fever is when your eyeballs feel like they're being individually cooked like kuzhipaniyar… sick of filling buckets pretty fast
Retweeted by so soft @surusalt I see through your wiley wiles, evil bird. You do not fool me one second., I almost read an Abhijit Iyer-Mitra article but noticed the byline just in time frens. should have followup preferences means like do you want to be intimidated or shamed or gently informed tha…
Retweeted by so softThread! ✨ @surusalt Each one more flamboyant than the other, what absolute clowns. (I always vote for the unassuming ones.)なんということでしょう。トンボ探していたら、なんとキマルリ…!!
Retweeted by so softHaving too much fun judging these birds. Scroll up/down the thread and vote! @AndyWoodturner @complainette made me think of you @kskarun Thank you. It was peaceful and she was all ready to go, so good death only. 😌Thread 😍😍😍😍😍😍 love to have five-minute chat with anyone on nature's design team. that didn’t take long did it Bella.
Retweeted by so softHappy #TennantTuesday
Retweeted by so softWhen I vote for these, I like to imagine that the photographer’s name is actually the name of the bird. “Pleased…
Retweeted by so softMany #nudibranchs steal the defenses of their prey and use them in their own bodies. But some even steal…
Retweeted by so soft @beercomerad I mean, the lack of life! @beercomerad THE LIFE @npueu
Retweeted by so softWant to be a ghost without having to suffer the minor inconvenience of dying. 😭😭😭One reason I want to be an ancestor is I'd be such a cool ghost when my descendants summon me to help with earthly things. 😎Ya I'm looking at you only paatis. don't understand what's the point of dead ancestors who love you if they can't just materialize and bitchslap corona out of this world. @amulyashruthi @sbravin1 sameee energy @sbravin1 @npueu
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Retweeted by so softAll paati memories today. unearthed our oximeter to test whether it was working ok. Also suddenly remembered the last time it was used was…👑 #BestOfCrest ROUND2 (pt16/16) 👑 🐦 Andean cock-of-the-rock (Left 📷 Nathan Rupert) VS 🐦 Long-wattled…
Retweeted by so soft @chronozshre To bleat or not to bleat. That is the question. @YeahItshuMe Looking like velvet cushion. What a beauty fool! 💕 @bambaiyya__ @ungalema Cutest! @cyanramblings Thank you, Shilpa! ☺️💜 Already feeling better today. @iRatzzz Proving kids will be kids. 🤭🤭🤭 @iRatzzz I love it SO MUCH. 😭 And here's the original: @iRatzzz My favourite! Have you heard the remix? @avikpram 🤭🤭🤭 @patternducks Splendid floofs! @ungalema Questioner: How old are you? Little girl: *shows four fingers* um threeAmma's wearing paati's sari, so it's like paati's cooking in the kitchen. 💕 single day I just want a TL full of sheep with comments about sheep and discourse about sheep. @herdyshepherd1 What's your name? I'm Barley Brook Sellar. How old are you? I'm 3. What's your sheep called? Ethel.…
Retweeted by so soft @herdyshepherd1 @Caitlin86622282 I couldn't help but try to capture the moment
Retweeted by so softBringing this gem back to the TL again.さっきのマダラウスバカゲロウ(Dendroleon pupillaris)、翅閉じてくれました【館長】
Retweeted by so soft @chenthil_nathan Ooooh. Tried to start a personal army with his sons, it seems. What an idea! @pad_thaai 😳😳😳 @iamdatemike Awwww. Hope paapa is making some valid points? @pad_thaai Ahaha but that could never happen because I never eat anything healthy. @pad_thaai AAAAAAAAAAAH P @sunayanaroy Gasp!A person who failed to observe social distancing rules is found dead in a garden. Suspicion falls on the park patro…
Retweeted by so soft @sunayanaroy Not me! I'll be different!Want to be an ancestor. 🤧 @stan_gaiman I just want some drama. 🤭LET ME SOW, COWARDS!Instead I'd have to reap any wild oats. I never signed up for this!Mild life tragedy that I can't gallivant around the world sowing my wild oats everywhere only to have ten kids turn… @patternducks Not... yet. 👀Infinitely more unread DMs than descendants to bequeath them to. 😭Bequeathing to my descendants all my unread DMs.Fever flexing by using thermometer as bookmark.If you are teacher, student, researcher in development/ international economics or just plainly interested in how s…
Retweeted by so soft @purisubzi This is SO COOL!Along with the folks at @naspaa, we at @fovlabs are doing a webinar tomorrow on Cantor's World - a gaming simulatio…
Retweeted by so softremember when technology gave us the mummy’s voice
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@ricketyship Ohnoes.Now and then body reminds the brain who is boss. @Pavi_Sesh Good night! ☺️💕 @YeahItshuMe Nothing. Went off to bed. @watanonsense But how to turn off pickup line when talking to random person and turn it on when making eyes at lou.Too real bro too real @watanonsense That mask with transparent front panel to broadcast yawn.I know I said I'll draw, but my body just took me to the bed and tucked me in without my own permission. 😳My new flirting technique: yawning aggressively at every cute person in the vicinity to check whether they're into… @asmita @YeahItshuMe "allow us to feed him" 😭😂😂😂❤️ @YeahItshuMe @asmita ASHO ❤️