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I know nothing. My guess is as good as yours. But just in case ..😷

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Marketing turns the consumer into a product.
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampA friend is someone you look up to when you're feeling down.
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampWords & thought are transient and easy to change or bend. We more or less reflect the way we feel about an entity u…
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekamphonesty is a universal maxim that we should associate with intellegence rather than blight stupidity
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekamp @Plinz You mean it’s hard to accept that the world doesn’t revolve around the great I am (me) ?’s a sobering… @ReaICozy @jameswoodsq They purposely hacked one leg of.
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Siri dog shaming
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampThis is going roughly exactly how I expected.
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekamp @turton_turtons @JudgeJoeBrownTV @UkTuff @VotingREDinNOV @stabyoulots My options to vote for a decent human being… @deonteleologist 😂After visiting her grandparents. Kamala drove home smoked a joint and listeded to 2pac ...bc everybody including K… a broken clock is right twice a day.
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampJoe Biden’s heartbeat away from ruling the world...
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekampmy body is not a temple it is luigi’s mansion
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampThe selection of Kamala had nothing to do with race. Her shampoo just smelled the best.
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampShaun King never fails to impress.
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampMy wife just FaceTimed me, she has the mandatory social justice classes all day today. (This is before the new sch…“The spectre of the Woke Bro who sees pornography as a deserved treat after a long day’s keyboard activism and who…
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekamp @i_rocc_croccs @JudgeJoeBrownTV I take the position against criminals. Period. Take it how you want to
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekamp @i_rocc_croccs @JudgeJoeBrownTV Nah.. Stockholm syndrome is tolerating criminals in your community b/c they're black.
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekamp @JudgeJoeBrownTV @UkTuff @turton_turtons @VotingREDinNOV @stabyoulots Yup,and According to Biden, only Spanish are… have the general propensity and aptitude for violence. We must embrace it as we grow up; yet we must be properl…
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampThe world is a stage ... volgers.... OMG...samen met mijn vrouw net boodschappen gaan doen...masker op....komen thuis....masker af ..…
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekamp @BlackAdder256 @rasmansa I think ,most people are trained to do what an ai would do without complaining ..... Of co… @rasmansa Isn’t that the point of automating ?
Being armed IS NOT a crime. If an officer shoots someone simply for being armed, it's MURDER.
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampA man that doesn’t question his government is a weak man.
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampI never in life again wanna hear y’all say “Why don’t they make a Surviving *insert rapey white man here *!!!”…
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekamp @rhondamaryvids I'll also add they had the me too machine revved up to high gear on R Kelly and Bill Cosby. Notice…
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampFew seem to realize that most so-called leaders are made now by Mainstream Media (MSM) & NOT by the people they claim to speak for
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampThey basically just affirmative action’d the vp nom 🥴
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampIt is not death; but a bad life, which destroys the soul. --Quintus Sextius
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampTo be clear.... @JoeBiden sent A TON of Black men to prison. @KamalaHarris didn’t want to let men in Cali prisons…
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Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekampwhat type of mushroom is this
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekamp @CliffordSosis According to philosopher Dan Molter (not on Twitter, I don't think), who knows pretty much everythin…
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekamp districts: we can’t mandate masks in school also school districts: we can mandate what you wear in your own…
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampWhat do you do when you are extremely angry?
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampWhen I catch myself in envy I do laugh As it will either be inspiration Or putting me in my place
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekamp @_yasminz_ Smoke marijuana 😃✌🏽🖖🏼☮️ @voxelbased @TrainOfError @JamesClear It's hard to train students into being autonomous, self-driven, critical thin…
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampIf you ain't ever had shit, 5k a month IS pretty crazy though.
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@WoodedSoul 😅👍All bridges up in Chicago to prevent access to downtown. @cbschicago
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampEen plezierdichter...
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If I cut a pizza in 4 slices who gets the fifth slice ?Bigotry hurts people, of course, and so does failed progressive policy. It's crucial to get things right and not to…
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampWhy do women live longer than men? I feel things deeply — but you may never know it. #highlysensitiveperson #hsp
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampIf you don't hold certain types of people accountable in certain situations, then you open yourself up to being disrespected frequently.
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampWhy women live longer than men.
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampWhy women live longer than men.
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampI fell and split my lip ..I’m not invincible 😭 @lastpositivist @ETVPod @deonteleologist @MeirSimchah Take the compliment ..RT Jewish_Proverbs Heaven and hell can both be found on earth. — Yiddish proverb ✡ #Jewish
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampWe keep electing sociopaths because what we want from our leaders is impossible and only liars would promise it to us
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampObsessively problematising 'mixed race' relationships is not anti-racism, however "sophisticatedly" you put it. You…
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekamp @Plinz I believe eventually we will all speak the same language . A simple language where gender and race no longer exist .. @nr1woman I think societies are formed by techniques that shape the opinions, options and incentives of large group…
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekamp @Plinz Hmm I think school is where new ideas are tested out on the youngest of our society. Example ..toddlers no l…, inheriting a vast technical society i did not build and do not understand
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekamp @Plinz The chessboard is as much a stage, as life is. @Plinz I also think societies are formed by ideals not common sense .Which is fantastic for the chess players. @Plinz To win in economics you need to want to win as bad as winning a game of chess. It’s like in real life ,only the pawns are humans.The main difference in social and economic success is the planning horizon. Chess is a perfect example. To win, you…
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekamp @k8iekat Same here .. good night! @antihero_kate @Nobodyaskedbut @MattRKay The fact that v majority of people don’t seem to know this is happening co…
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i have a bad habit of jumping straight into thoughts, but there is something so nice about stumbling upon writing f…
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampThe popularity of Simulation Theory in certain circles starts to make a lot of sense when you think about how much…
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampGelukkig houdt iedereen zich in Amsterdam goed aan de afstandsregel en mondkapjesplicht.
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Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampSounds like trump 😂
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekamp @jamesmaslow What do you think about my shoes?🔯 #ProudJews👋
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampGood for them.😂😂😂🤣🤣😅 @kodefense1 @Surgeon_General @mnhealth It's not designed to protect you, moron. If you wear it, is helps prevent yo…
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekampwokeness | Search Online Etymology Dictionary
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampWOKENESS | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampHmm ...perhaps this is about Germany doing business with Russia ?
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampThat message is obvious. There will be no higher authority than government. It’s inderectly Carl Marx “The jewish q…
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampBLM is a Political movement ..
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampAnandamide - Molecule of the Month September 2009 - HTML-only version
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekamp Germany's Russian energy dilemma .Reminder☝🏼
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampWhen you realize you’re Henry VIII ... - Essay - The Morals of the Story - TLS
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampMaybe it’s fever talk, but I think each of us as a tunnel in an n-dimensional statespace. Reality is all the tunnel…
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekamp @nr1woman If you are still learning, then just like me, you are still making mistakes.
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampEarth to Andrew ! Can you read me over? @jingle__belle Me too!!Does size matter?"In nature there is no alienation. Everything belongs." — Ming-Dao Deng
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2020 @Plinz It’s an unnatural social construction which will leave people dumber, .. happier but dumber.Do you believe that people will announce preferred pronouns in profiles in 50 years from now, or will this pass? The future brings:
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampBarack Obama Is a Muslim - Qaddafi via @YouTube a trip down memory lane..Gadaffi was so happy his “Muslim brother”won the presidency ..