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@AndrewR79336807 @SuUm4ya @thewiseturtle @Umberto22659773 You both make sense to me.
@Umberto22659773 @thewiseturtle @SuUm4ya No it means your body wants to fill a need. Candy is how you try to fill t… @AndrewR79336807 Perhaps I speak with you more later coyote..Otherwise tomorrow. 💝 @AndrewR79336807 I don’t mean by that that our conversation was useless .. I’ve learned a lot and learning is never useless😃 @AndrewR79336807 I have to do something productive now. Otherwise I feel useless 😁 @AndrewR79336807 Yes I’ve heard that before @AndrewR79336807 Yes . With the cake 😃 @AndrewR79336807 I probably did @AndrewR79336807 A headshot @AndrewR79336807 No stupid . @AndrewR79336807 It would have to be fast . @AndrewR79336807 I can’t stand being around groups of people. I can’t stand being around most people for long periods of time. @AndrewR79336807 I would Yes. I have not . @AndrewR79336807 I know but I love people deeply with everything in my being or I don’t at all. Perhaps that’s wron… @AndrewR79336807 I wouldn’t kill someone for a piece of cake ... unless it was needed to feed my children or my wife or my mother . @AndrewR79336807 We are animals @AndrewR79336807 My wife , my mother, I’ll tell them I love them . @AndrewR79336807 No @AndrewR79336807 The person who needs it the most . @AndrewR79336807 I’m wrong a lot .. @AndrewR79336807 Hell no @AndrewR79336807 I I become bedridden I will most likely feel useless. @AndrewR79336807 It’s impossible for me to love someone without wanting to protect them from hurt. @AndrewR79336807 See it’s ridiculous that what I’ve been saying the whole time . @AndrewR79336807 I nurture whom I love. @AndrewR79336807 I’m a woman I nurture when I love . @AndrewR79336807 Breath and don’t get a heartbeat of 166 pm @AndrewR79336807 Hmm what is Love without nurture ? @AndrewR79336807 Bc Florida has a lot of bugs and I hate to kill things bc of my phobia . @AndrewR79336807 Nurture you felt nurtured . @AndrewR79336807 Bc it’s annoying. @AndrewR79336807 Perhaps it was also a curse, because nobody can ever match that memory of what true love must feel… @AndrewR79336807 It’s like a broken record in my mind,the needle won’t move no matter what I do. @nr1woman I have seen reality. It was horrible but I loved it. It also gave me new respect for delusions, illusions, and visions.
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekamp @AndrewR79336807 Yes if I see a spider run I get that instant fear that it might crawl on me. @AndrewR79336807 All the things you imagine but know are illusions? @AndrewR79336807 What is the most beautiful thing in the world for you? @AndrewR79336807 Well it’s ridiculous to be scared of spiders that won’t harm me. @AndrewR79336807 Love ? @AndrewR79336807 It’s ridiculous and illogical .Its a phobia I’ve been trying to get rid of @AndrewR79336807 The illusion is wonderful . Just like a day on the beach is better in your mind. @AndrewR79336807 That’s a different subject. Of course what I see is interpreted by my memory . @AndrewR79336807 Why are you assuming I think about sex? When you’er the one bringing it up .. more than once I mus… @AndrewR79336807 Horror movies aren’t real. If it’s based on a true story it’s very disturbing . @AndrewR79336807 If your animal dies is it worse for them or for you? And if you die is it worse for your animal or you? @AndrewR79336807 Is that what you ask yourself? @AndrewR79336807 I want to ask you a question. @AndrewR79336807 Than why do you ask ? @AndrewR79336807 The cow being led to the slaughterhouse , a dog being hit by its owner ? I can’t it breaks my hear… @AndrewR79336807 This is a private question I wouldn’t mind discussing this with you but not here on twitter. @AndrewR79336807 Them of course @AndrewR79336807 I think I rather not discuss that here . @AndrewR79336807 Equally in depth. @AndrewR79336807 I can feel That too! Its a horrible almost unbearable pain to feel. @AndrewR79336807 If I believe you it becomes real @AndrewR79336807 It felt the most real friendship I ever felt in my life . I loved that man with all my heart. @AndrewR79336807 Oh ? I never met my best friend face to face .we Skyped after a year or so but not often. @AndrewR79336807 Do you have the answer or perhaps making love is a delusion? @AndrewR79336807 Oh? To me this means socializing. I’m socializing with you right now. @AndrewR79336807 Perhaps thats a delusion😁 @AndrewR79336807 You are social to me, more so than most people. @AndrewR79336807 Could very well be 😂 @AndrewR79336807 I think her lashing out to Bernie Sanders just recently tells me she’ll never admit to her flaws. @AndrewR79336807 I think Some people are incapable, I think he is no matter what happens it’s always somebody else’s fault . @AndrewR79336807 Of course that is logical 😂 @AndrewR79336807 I think people are social animals. @AndrewR79336807 But so does Hillary I think she’s worse bc she should know better. @AndrewR79336807 Of course that’s a horrible delusion to have ... 🤔Trump comes to mindCan I quote this anyway? Bc I love good metaphors. @RJsnda @RJsnda I love good metaphorsT or F? High doses of vitamin D rapidly reduce arterial stiffness
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampT or F? Replacing butter with vegetable oils does not decrease risk of heart disease
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampT or F? Using magnets to help prevent heart attacks
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampWhat it's like to live without a sense of smell ... @nr1woman
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampBacteria help explain why stress, fear trigger heart attacks @nr1woman
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampDon’t be scared to lose what needs to be lost.
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia OldekampIt's funny. (Translation: no, it isn't.) No matter how many times you recount the story of [TRAUMA], every single…
Retweeted by 🦋 Cornelia Oldekamp @AndrewR79336807 Inflationary ? What does that mean? @AndrewR79336807 Me too @AndrewR79336807 Yes but most people share the same illusions so it’s lonely if you don’t share them. @AndrewR79336807 Of course but I don’t mind mine to be questioned do you? @AndrewR79336807 Yes me too! @AndrewR79336807 You mean the acceptance of some nasty realities? @AndrewR79336807 I had a client with schizophrenia. He only got aggressive when people denied his reality. You mean… @AndrewR79336807 Yes!!! I feel the same way! @AndrewR79336807 You mean I’ve hurt your feelings ? I hope not 😟 @AndrewR79336807 No I rather not discuss things with people who aren’t really interested in the subject if they did they would research it. @AndrewR79336807 Ah thats good advise. @AndrewR79336807 How come you can And others dont? @AndrewR79336807 Yes I get frustrated when people relate everything to themselves even if it’s about something subj… @AndrewR79336807 Ridiculous! @NDinDesign The change of having ID and autism isn’t related just like neurotypicals aren’t grouped as high functio… @AndrewR79336807 Thats bc you are nice @AndrewR79336807 I rather speak with people Who dont take everything personal , my opinion shouldnt matter to them.… @AndrewR79336807 People call me arrogant 😂 @AndrewR79336807 it’s caused by frustration. @AndrewR79336807 I know . I’m not shy or insecure though. On the contrary. @AndrewR79336807 People give me anxiety. @NDinDesign The sentence in your bio