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Nina Satragno @nsatragno Kitchener, Ontario

@googlechrome engineer making authentication on the web safe and easy Likes javascript, cats, plushies, videogames Dislikes C++, security bugs, bigots she/her

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@expectproblems Something tells me I'll spend a fortune on a good yoke and pedals.Was just reminded of this, the best trailer for any piece of media ever made.
Retweeted by Nina Satragno @totiiimon @paupKa Hace poco más de 1 año que vivo acá. Caí de pedo por una pasantía (3 meses) Me enamoré del país… best part about female hormones is watching a silly feel good anime and crying.
@codinghorror noHágame el favor! Ajajajajaja
Retweeted by Nina Satragno @GellmanRebecca Oh it's fine, it's hard to get better at this unless people point it out!
@GellmanRebecca TIL's amazing to think sometimes I have the energy to cook a complex meal and dessert after a day of work when now I… ♀️
Retweeted by Nina Satragno @hxxsohe Tal cual! Capaz por esa experiencia de chica ahora me gusta salir a caminar abajo de la nieve (? @hxxsohe Tenía 12 años. Mi hermana (de 8) dice está nevando! Mi vieja se queja y dice que la dejen dormir. A la ta…
Presented without comment cis women think they are immune from being clocked, here is a thread on cis women with uteruses who’ve receiv…
Retweeted by Nina SatragnoHappy #CanadaDay2020! a much needed day off on #CanadaDay2020 smash main is Doomgal @elly_maeuschen Happens to me as well 🤗 @tuxedolabs I'd be surprised if there was a good solution to that problem considering very high profile videogames suffer from that problem!Hiring rockstar developer! Must - work as hard as CEO for 0 equity - have side projects + green squares - use dark…
Retweeted by Nina SatragnoHi gorgeous
Retweeted by Nina Satragno @elle_oftheball How would you do it? It's not a problem technology can solve. @elle_oftheball It'd be rife with chasers.
@ItsOnlyJess_ Well, she's the cute one! I set up the switch on the same monitor I use for my PC. The monitor autom… @ItsOnlyJess_ And anyone (who are we kidding here, I mean my gf) coming here for whatever reason can use the other desk to work as well! @ItsOnlyJess_ It really is! This desk is much larger than the previous one and can be raised and lowered at the pr… got a new desk and chair! Now my cat can work at her desk as well. really, really hate this @googlephotos feature. Although... I guess AI can't tell I'm the same person (even thou… I like that sequence. It reinforces the (tiny) dreamesque lore the game has, and ties up to the end. But ther… VR is really good but it's a shame it's so short. It should really come with a suicide tw though... @RiotGrrrlJemma @tamzinblake I can't believe I hadn't liked the post, I've seen it so many times!
WE DID IT REDDIT @CodySkinnerFan Yes. Trans women are women.
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I finished HL:Alyx! Gameplay wise, best. game. ever. It's a first person shooter but it's nothing like any other.…
The four horsemen of typography
Retweeted by Nina Satragno @thematkie Y la pandemia! @YarrIrene Hahahahahahaha I did not expect a programming & hrt joke @YarrIrene Daaaaaarn C cup! I'm very jealous right now!Another set of lessons * Laser sights are incredibly useful * There are significantly scarier things than headcrab… @YarrIrene For me they stopped being sore about 1.5 years in and they stopped growing. Then I started progesterone… @YarrIrene More breast growth!Happy 3 year HRT anniversary to me!!! 🎉🎉🎉
@cxsmic__girl Me vine a Canadá por la seguridad social, leyes más progresivas para personas LGBT, y porque ya tenía… @cxsmic__girl Jajajajajaja me_irl - Yo cuando vivía en Argentina "cuando me mude voy a comprar por internet partes… diciendo "el barrio 31" xd #argentina #CuarentenaExtendida @elenapaoloni Nuuuuu lo siento Elena :( Podés probar hacer algo por internet, no es lo mismo pero al menos ves a todos tus amigos juntos.El discurso paternalista de Alberto es insufrible #pandemia #Argentina @dirak_ I mean I agree with you, having that expectation is stupid. It's just not surprising that people have the e… @dirak_ Native English speakers often struggle with media in other languages. Many dislike subtitles so much they w… @Emmy_Zje Your sample size will be very biased unfortunately :( (but maybe that's fine? sometimes we just want to… @ThatsSoTrinda 🤗I wonder if men feel weird playing HL:Alyx because they're a woman in the game. It's not like it comes up often, bu… really like how my land-meets-lake/river tiles turned out
Retweeted by Nina Satragnooh my god this document on "criminal and violent extremist use of emoji" is absolutely incredible…
Retweeted by Nina Satragno @gaytransistor +100, I literally cannot avoid clicking on the icon if I see it. That way I get to see first everyth… @rmondello @moondello Ahhh so it's one of those tweets to get people who engage to know about your alt... aha... I'… @rmondello OMG Ricky this is your main 😜Never have I ever been as terrified playing a videogame as in *that* part of HL:Alyx. I wouldn't blame my neighbor… @cthulusucks It's one of the best videogames ever!Listening to the Undertale soundtrack and it's as good as it was five years ago @Antoniainoc @RiotGrrrlJemma I'm in a similar situation. For me, being far helped as well. I don't hate her anymor…
@theurge14 0x01 0x01 0xFF*this might be an exaggeration and I may simply have found those tools but you'll never know :)Me starting my job last year: WTF is DER and how do people debug three different binary formats embedded in one ano… @RiotGrrrlJemma *hugs* 🤗 Remember when they deny abuse and pretend things never happened, they're lying When they… @MicaelaLibson @ElGriegoOK Ojo que solo los hombres! No le vayan a sacar el porno lésbico.Fuck people who gaslight. Especially if they're family.Google and Apple's COVID-19 exposure notification system has begun rolling out to Android and Safari operating syst…
Retweeted by Nina SatragnoThere’s a new STP out with the new features from Safari 14! It includes Privacy Report, PIN entry and account selec…
Retweeted by Nina Satragno @milliboy_g @4DegreesWest @dhh Most online services, email or otherwise, don't let you create accounts with the sam… @DPenazzi Grande profe, no sabía que gcc tenía address sanitizer también. Prefiero clang porque históricamente tie…
@gsnedders Yeah... Not the worst she did though.Doing my monthly reading of r/raisedbynarcissists and reflecting on my childhood. This one in particular hits clos… Harassment, Emotional Abuse, Bdsm Abuse and Stalking from Avilo. Read:
Retweeted by Nina Satragno @RealRifkin Banning Avilo was the right decision and I'm happy you went with it. He's a danger to the well being of… way to remember this is that "cp A B", cp will create B (as a function of A), and so must "ln A B" -- it will c…
Retweeted by Nina SatragnoMe after 4 hours of teleporting around Half Life: Alyx "I'm fine!" Me after 4 minutes of Sublevel Zero "I think I'…
If I disconnect my controllers it works 😂 I guess it's something related to fastboot.I realized it could be that GRUB is sending the video output to my headset, so I swapped the DisplayPort cables and…'ve been tweeting about my VR headset and it's great but here's a problem I have with it: GRUB disappeared. My co… @madngod Yeah it's got experimental support for leaks, I haven't tried it though. No problem! @madngod For example, it'll tell you if you use a variable after free()ing / delete'ing it, or if you write past th… @madngod Of course! clang is a compiler, and AddressSanitizer is a mode that checks that no erroneous access to me… teachers using C and C++ who fail to mention the existence of clang and AddressSanitizer are evil. Lear… @totiiimon Listen here you little child, C++ is *my* language to talk shit to. @vinians That doesn't explain it. The code goes from smart pointers and templates to pointers to aliased void* with… is it that the closer you get to the entrails that handle certificates and crypto stuff, the more C++ turns into C...?I love that "Karen" is trending in Canada btw :PComputers were a mistake @Gisnu @tosma11 I'm neither American nor live in the US though! 🇨🇦Before my play session ended I tried shooting my own body It actually took me a while to do it. Sure it's a videog… played two more hours yesterday with the teleporting commands and it was much better for my experience. One of t… @Gisnu March 30tMy combat strat: * If it's close, fire from the hip with the shotgun. * If it's medium range, close an eye and get… played 4 hours of HL:Alyx today. It is so, so different to normal PC gaming. The game taught me * I'm in bad sh… I'm also a little queasy. It doesn't help that I wanted to save and exit because I was starting to feel nausea… body feels like I've been working outside lol.Okay I played for like another hour and I'm drenched in sweat lol. Time to get some dinner.
My left controller started turning off on its own but shows two lines of battery 🤔 Please please don't be broken.…