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I don’t want to hear praise for MLK today from any Republican who voted to overturn 2020 election & throw out milli…
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Retweeted by Stephanie Bayer @pawpanasiuk else stuck in this cycle 😭😭😂
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pls welcome to the stage SHRAMP SKIMPY
Retweeted by Stephanie Bayer @VirtuaJulian My high school was the HS in The Craft & a bunch of other movies, so there was always movies being fi… @VirtuaJulian You know how we raised money for band in HS? We were extras & sat in audiences. Our HS band were extr… 1st job? Didn’t get an allowance - started at 5 at my dad’s law office (Practicing the alphabet by filin… @nickchester Thinking about you — whenever you want folks around, Lawrence & I will be there with weird videos & Ni… @EGPRCHAMP Oh damn. This is going to change my mixer game. I’m still trying to find the drink you were talking about over xmas break?For reals tho, just finally bought it for the first time today and was like WHAT THE IT IS SO GOOD WHY DON’T I HAVE THIS ALL THE TIME????Shocked. Utterly shocked. Literally shocked by the revelations that have come to light that my entire core, my bein…
@Alessandreew This rule was started in 2020. Be like Grogu. @itmeJP Let me think ab— @grrlaction I send as much love as possible right now to you, Nick, and your whole family. I wish I could send gian… @DavidEllis Sending you good vibes, friend. @kateburning I wonder if it’ll jump around in time.I knew I was going to ADORE #WandaVision and I absolutely do but I don’t think there are words to express the deep,… @TheCosmicCake @Ryolnir You’re gonna rock whatever you’re gonna do next! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 @Debblues I don’t doubt that but I also think they’d fuck that up in the long run eventually or become so small & i… @TheCosmicCake @Ryolnir Ahhh! Congrats on the next adventure! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @ZombaeKillz Congrats!! 🎉 @JamesStevenson 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
@HawkinsTammy Congrats on the exciting new opportunity! ❤️❤️❤️ And good luck on the move! @ryan_bounedara @HavokRose I await all your skeleton and journaling content.This meme is truly one of my favorite images & I get so many uses out of it. #blessupWait... the NRA is filing for bankruptcy after allegations of financial mismanagement for years? @TheJamesBJones My stomach hurts watching that. @LeviRyken Happy birthday!!!roses are red resignations are tendered
Retweeted by Stephanie Bayer @AshleyEsqueda Hell. Yes. ❤️❤️❤️
@HavokRose Oh noooooo! Now THAT is sad. 😭😭😭 Yea, crossing fingers for next year & that you have a very special expe… mean, it's not like I was using mine. One day, I'll be able to go back and I'll cry on Haunted Mansion like a f…’s truly a Grogu for every occasion @AlicjaKozera So cool!This warms my heart so thanks, Ryan 😭. I really do miss being a people manager. Watching others grow & blossom & he… @PKernaghan At first, I was very confused when I saw the cropped image on my timeline like “how did he manage to hi… @tigresaa Lavender! It’s a little strong since it’s brand new but not like too intense - I’m sure it will mellow out over time too. @Debblues Oh, you’re talking about old Sabrina TV show! I’m talking about Netflix Chilling Adventure Sabrina. The n… @Debblues I’m not sure I understand what you mean by the white washed Cosby part? I liked this last season & becaus… really enjoyed The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It was gory, silly, fun — I still feel like if this show exist…’s many things going on in my brain/world at the moment but currently this is just the main one I can’t stop t…
Can’t talk rn, I’m doing hot girl S%*t
Retweeted by Stephanie Bayer @Pewology I love this sloth very much.This may be the first time the orange grifter actually legitimately won something - a second impeachment. Those… belated holiday gift from Lawrence arrived so now I have a very soft, lavender-scented, heating pad friend. @SirLarr singing Motownphilly in the shower right now has made me officially smile today. Lawrence has ma…
@TimOfLegend And here I was super excited filling out my form to be in the Hall of Brains but seeing this is more exciting! Congrats! @grrlaction I adore you and like you and was thinking again about your amazing feathered shoulder armor you wore to… @Gpryu Targeted FB ad, hahaha. You can get them mail ordered to your house! @starcade @DanAmrich They are real! You can get them delivered to you direct! I think they need a bit more salt (I… perfect cupcake doesn’t exi— @K_a_l_e_n_k_o @MadqueenShow I will always be in support of butts. Well, most butts not all butts. @echochlo This was still one of the funniest things I’ve seen & how I knew who you were. Excellent work. @Mike_Haracz In my household, it never left.
@HollieB @florieteller Maybe she's telling us both something... hahahaha @justicar @steinekin ORRRRR go full on Pollock and just use nail polish and splash it everywhere & make art. @rawrsnacks They are like weird peeks into others lives that we didn't ask for. The funeral notifications would make me nervous though. @HollieB HAVE YOU BEEN GETTING THESE TOO?! I've been like "where are these coming from???" & I'll translate them ju… @rawrsnacks Is it pricey? Now I'm curious. There's someone who has a very similar email to my personal email so I'v…'m somehow on a French email list for business seminars & I got one for "syndrome de l'imposteur" & now I'm like d… this like a preview of what it'll be like post inauguration? @SusanArendt Was it just a full and cramped bus with terrible people? It might be worth it to just schedule a car s… @Esko I wondered this too - supposedly there's a train being built that connects Orlando Intl Airport to WDW but it… @JamesStevenson I want the world to get somewhat normal so I can go one last time and ride the Magical Express befo…'s something not politics related, I'm bummed Disney is getting rid of it's Magical Express service at Disney W… @Skalemba Hell yea. @MerryKish I’m so sorry. ❤️❤️❤️ @AceyBongos Ohhhhhhh, RED YOU SAY??????Nothing says “celebration!” like a sheet cake. @Marcin360 @CDPROJEKTRED Congrats!!!🎉🍾 ♥️ @erikaishii You did a great job! These look great! And I am in support of this. I basically do this to every window… afternoon America, retweet if you think Ted Cruz is a traitor.
Retweeted by Stephanie BayerI just found out they sold Elvis & Priscilla’s Honeymoon home in Palm Springs & the new owner is stopping tours & s…
@blurrygil Like he knows how to use a calculator, pssssh. @AndyLunique Ahhhh, okay. I’m a texture person so I wondered if it’d get mushy while chillin with filling. I love t…
2021 @AndyLunique I’m curious, what’s the texture of the waffle once it’s chilled with the filling? Sort of like a cake-y cookie?I am LOSING IT
Retweeted by Stephanie Bayerbabies born in the hospital are delivered, babies born at home are DiGiorno
Retweeted by Stephanie Bayer @PKernaghan IT WAS GLORIOUS, PATRICK. @TheMikeRobles If only I could fit Choom! :)NICE right now:
Retweeted by Stephanie Bayer @PezRadar Ohhhhh, fancy! @jacquicollins_ Finally time for me to reach my lion form. Send the link.Today I learned: The Former Presidents Act—which guarantees former presidents a pension, access to health insurance…
Retweeted by Stephanie Bayer the election, I'll be able to focus on work After Biden is declared winner, I'll be able to focus on work…
Retweeted by Stephanie Bayer @nickchester WHAT ABOUT ALL THOSE WAREHOUSES OF HATS? Why won’t anyone think of the hats!?To all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the medallion presentation ceremony on Yavin
Retweeted by Stephanie Bayer“They finally kicked trump off Twitter” - @SirLarr Current Status =
Today was a good day for Lawrence to wear his 🇺🇸 flag romper. @Xmiramira They are 🔥 You did great! @MACx3D I appreciate the effort for sure. @MACx3D This is getting closer, I like it. I need him sad in court in a jumpsuit. I just neeeeeed it. The reminder…