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Retweeted by nick @imcjol @OnTheFlyTwitch Bro i would love to, but ima be honest i havent played warzone in months 😭 @BugsyDrake @davbaugh This isn’t an apology... you are taking no accountability and saying you didn’t mean for it t… @katiebvg @xoxabstract @drixburger ok? @lemiwrap happy birthday lemi 💜 @meIisssax happy birthday mel 💙 @hollysisk @hannahferrier_ Laughing about a mental illness is not okay. You are a grown woman and should know bette…
@hannahferrier_ 100% agree, that was Malia just being spiteful all on her own @hannahferrier_ I agree with you Hannah, however in the aftershow last night when this conversation was talked abou… @meIisssax Mel! I really gotta be sure these days, you know? @Xouped @meIisssax ILL BE JOINING YOU THEN SIR @meIisssax me checking to make sure ur not cake @daiptix @KaleiRenay Who are you? @KaleiRenay MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEO… @TristanJass I can’t wait to see @CashNastyGaming reaction to that you know he gonna be HEATED lmao @budwardoso @BugsyDrake @canapp98 Yes, that is wrong on both ends. Back to the main point, regardless if they argue… @budwardoso @BugsyDrake @canapp98 You are too dense to continue this conversation as you are still missing the poin… @budwardoso @BugsyDrake @canapp98 Why don’t you go back and rewatch the first 10 minutes when he asked about the en… @budwardoso @BugsyDrake @canapp98 Bro you’re literally braindead and keep going back to the stupid beach club where… @budwardoso @BugsyDrake @canapp98 Nice whataboutism man! Dodging the main point here and bringing up little petty d… @budwardoso @BugsyDrake @canapp98 No they don’t what? Idk if you watched the same show myself and every other perso… @budwardoso @BugsyDrake @canapp98 Oh my God did you miss the point where I am yet again talking about WWHL where th… @budwardoso @BugsyDrake @canapp98 I never said she didn’t man.... they very clearly do not like each other, tried t… @budwardoso @BugsyDrake @canapp98 You act like Bugsy doesn’t talk about Hannah and bash her all the time 🤦🏻‍♂️ @budwardoso @BugsyDrake @canapp98 So the back and forth talking about each other which obviously will happen given… @budwardoso @BugsyDrake @canapp98 My phone auto-corrected show to shower. @MyCrownIsHeavy @budwardoso @M_Martin35 @BugsyDrake @justme_hoping @canapp98 @hannahferrier_ Malia took the most he… @budwardoso @BugsyDrake @justme_hoping @MyCrownIsHeavy @canapp98 @hannahferrier_ @BugsyDrake back on trying to just… @budwardoso @BugsyDrake @canapp98 Did you watch the shower after Below Deck where the deliberaltely mentioned her a… @Classify Happy birthday bro 💜 @BakeHatesItHere @Boy1drr @Oreologist @JoeyTheSuperJew Omg pog! Thank you bro! @ClemFTB Happy birthday bro @BugsyDrake No, you are being attacked for all the extra drama you participated in and now making jokes and laughing about a mental illness @BugsyDrake @canapp98 Laughing with Malia about Hannahs anxiety @thisisjennah @hannahferrier_ Wow, you don’t say! Thanks for telling me @hannahferrier_ Funny how she just so happened to go take a walk at this time. @hannahferrier_ Funny how Malia emphasizes you’re SICK with a twisted smile on her face... mental illnesses must be a big joke to her huh
@Daymeeein This literally came to my head immediately
Retweeted by nick @ItsBrizz Aint wrongSometimes, I wonder how I managed to get a job at 100 Thieves..
Retweeted by nick @Finesse_Aziz happy birthday yo!
@shivisdumb @StopItPIz I thought you did too tbf LAMO @MiaMalkova I agree, Reels is well done @Daymeeein same bro im tryna order this tune for my car without touching my money LMAO @BakeHatesItHere @Nlechoppa1 mayhaps 👀 ! but you gotta stream #TOPSHOTTA from @Nlechoppa1 f… @inclcore @Nlechoppa1 heyyy pablo! Did you stream #TOPSHOTTA by @Nlechoppa1 yet??? $nStickz @MykuhI @Nlechoppa1 He such a dope guy 🗣 @Nlechoppa1 Everyone go stream RN $nStickz 🗣#TOPSHOTTA @HarryButAverage Bro im about to do the same LMAOYoo can everyone go check out this BANGER @Nlechoppa1 #TOPSHOTTA $nStickz @KaleiRenay first twilight movie?? @atSerpentine @NICKMERCS i feel you... he’s such a great person all around and built such an amazing, supportive co… @atSerpentine tbh probably @NICKMERCS
@mr_nahh Wild week forsure @ThePolemikoi Meow @1ghjk5 @destinylsbright Talk to em king @KaleiRenay good point, social media shows us everything when we were younger we were so much more sheltered and on… @KaleiRenay LOL fr, they deadass just flipped a switch one day @KaleiRenay HONESTLY, i never thought the world would be full of so many self-entitled crybabies @destinylsbright Tbh only people on this app are saying no.... ig and snap every person has been saying yes lmfao @ripxRain @Xouped Bro im cryingShe's your what bro? @Xouped
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@ripxRain LMFAOOOO BRO WTF @ripxRain I do sometimes, but you’re still weirdFull Send. 🔥 merch - @NelkFilmz
Retweeted by nick @LeafWooden @NelkFilmz @KyleForgeard @stevewilldoit my guy, ily bro THANK YOU @SLM_Killer @NelkFilmz @KyleForgeard @stevewilldoit thanks brother 💙 ily @longneckedbeck happy birthday!!! 😌 @ripxRain Upload more please bro @IcyCP @NelkFilmz @KyleForgeard @stevewilldoit My guy, thank you! @ActualHeadass @NelkFilmz @KyleForgeard @stevewilldoit thank you brother!Full Send. 🔥 merch - @NelkFilmz @TommyThroatEm Bro FR @JeremyGraeme @mrwarped @Reuters Yea you’re right... guess I’m just trying to be overly-optimistic about this becau…
@JeremyGraeme @mrwarped @Reuters Nope, it wouldn’t affect my vote whatsoever truthfully... if it comes november 2nd… @JeremyGraeme @mrwarped @Reuters this seems to say slightly otherwise! We will have to wait and see what happens! 😀 @JeremyGraeme @mrwarped @Reuters Well thats one vaccine of the 150+ but sure, that is 2022, but why don’t you link… @Snekahh @coldcrocs LMFAO honestly id jump in there for you to get that money bro @austinraylynch I can’t with twitter man @Reuters So we have to wait 16-18 more months for a MAYBE .. even when vaccines are expected to be rolling out in the next few months? @Ryan_Recon BET ty! Gonna order them right now because mine is TERRIBLE @Ryan_Recon looks good bro! I need to do my wire management so bad
@mandaxxk 💙 @MykuhI Meow prrrr @mr_nahh @Aiacers @Daymeeein @CrypticNo Hasn’t been released yet @Daymeeein @CrypticNo Yea they’re saying fireworks , and that building was full of Benzene (really explosive chemical) @seakitten96 @hannahferrier_ @margaretmdougl1 @beba28708815 @discokat56 @hannahferrier_ @margaretmdougl1 Hahahaha PATHETIC @hannahferrier_ @margaretmdougl1 Oh trust me I know!!! It’s really pathetic she would try to lie like that to make herself look better 😒 @hannahferrier_ @margaretmdougl1 Not joking, take a look Hannah! @margaretmdougl1 @hannahferrier_ Ha, she replied to my tweet and said “he quit” when we saw her fire him on national TV @CaptSandyYawn @jeffreyford50 @FitzyWho @Sweenepup @hannahferrier_ So the words “You’re done after this charter” do… @CaptSandyYawn @jeffreyford50 @FitzyWho @Sweenepup @hannahferrier_ Well you also fired him mid charter and expected… @1ghjk5 Fr @hannahferrier_ Can you tell Kiko he is a better person than all of us haha! If anybody was in his position we woul…
@meltoosilly Woah, i never wanted a bunny until now @Chromee__ LOLI’ll give $50 to someone who retweets this tweet and is following @nStickzz and myself in 60 min! Tag a friend if you can!
Retweeted by nick @yungricepatty Love you bro, please dm me anytime seriously