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Nick Suttner @nsuttner San Francisco via Chicago

Independent game writer/designer/consultant. Game stuff @panic. Ex-@Oculus/@PlayStation/@1UP. Comics @deftruetales! Podcast @thespelunkyshow! He/him

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can’t stop thinking about this picture
Retweeted by Nick Suttner @Joebob Oh hell yeah, that makes me so happy to hear! My great pleasure. He also has an incredible back catalog of… Honey, do you think I’m a good cook? Me: Is CHEP a Brambles company?
Retweeted by Nick SuttnerI saw it. Now you have to see it, too.
Retweeted by Nick Suttner @108 Hooray! Thanks!
@108 This is The Stupidest Question, Tim, but should I definitely wait to watch this if I haven’t played it yet? (T… me, cowards. (jk but for the love of god please)This week on the finale of our Into the Depths miniseries on Noita: We'll be interviewing @PetriPurho and…
Retweeted by Nick Suttner @TheSakeDiary Damn. It’s too good.
I Seem To Have Difficulty
Retweeted by Nick SuttnerEpisode 45 is here! Andy's Sprawling Birthday Spectacular! It's @nealen's big 5-0 and we're celebrating by diving…
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Retweeted by Nick SuttnerEvery day since quarantine I’ve thrown a few of these against my wall. It’s getting...intense
Retweeted by Nick Suttner @shawnethegirl @GregRicey @therealjonwebb DuhBob Millz: Furniture made OF skeletons FOR skeletons BY skeletons!!!
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This is an important question @j00zt1n @telefontelaviv You really do @j00zt1n @telefontelaviv I really hope you've checked out their most recent album, it's a masterpiece. Probably their best, impossibly.TWP #104
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fool me once, fool on you. fool me twice, fool got two. fool me thrice, fool be poppin. fool four times, and the fool ain't stoppin
Retweeted by Nick Suttner @SincereEngineer *to the tune of Do You Want to Build a Snowman* @cabel @stevenf @mrgan @renowned i.e. the worst timeI am laughing with joy at how great this album is and how it makes me feel. Sometimes my body doesn't know how to p… all odds, the summer just got a bit better. @laurenrecords Okay in the Winter Break email today Aaron said to email him about unreleased demos and BOY DO I NEE… if we kissed and all my teeth fell out into your mouth
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Parasite (2019)
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Um... we launched an indie games job board 4.5 days ago and it has 10,000 page views. 👀👀👀
Retweeted by Nick Suttneri hope this ishmael finds you whale
Retweeted by Nick Suttnerif you see a horse: that's symbolism, baby. better find out what that horse means before it's too late
Retweeted by Nick SuttnerThis week on the podcast: We'll be harvesting an array of questions and topics from our Discord and seeing where it…
Retweeted by Nick Suttner @sxezskoz @ShawnLayden @helvetica @nealen @doougle Yeah good plan Andy @helvetica @doougle Can we just talk about this on the podcast? @nealen catch up :-) @siroup_games 🤩 @cabel @GregRicey @shawnethegirl Noma? Don’t see it online... @j00zt1n @johndsanders @Jkooza Yup
@sarchasmband Coo coo @sarchasmband Does that mean you guys are going on first? Second?i delete my twitter account and immediately wake up as a 20 year old on my parents' bed. i've been asleep for half…
Retweeted by Nick SuttnerThe 4th installment of our miniseries is up! Into the Depths: Noita - Part 4 (w/ guest co-host @bfod) We discuss…
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Proud to have been even the tiniest part of this, helping @natethenate. A slick start to something awesome, check i… engines with exploded boilers
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@tw2113 @Bully Ah yuphello! i've released deskspace, a little self-care app. features: - week-long mood log - reminder timer - daily ta…
Retweeted by Nick Suttner @SeanaLyn Hell yeahWatching @Bully cover Mazzy Star on this livestream and right now it feels like the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.
every time you close a browser tab a new one should open up on your enemies computer like in tetris attack
Retweeted by Nick Suttner @StoryFort @aeiowu If you need a writer / collaborator / possibly money, you let me know.Love this @cd1684 @BossFightBooks This is so kind, thank you. Seriously means a lot, especially 4+ years after release, makes me so happy to hear. @StoryFort @aeiowu 👀 @cd1684 @BossFightBooks <333 @BossFightBooks @cd1684 Woah thanks so much!!This is a fantastic little roll n write where a single piece of hidden information makes it feel totally unique. So…
@mailshy The Last Dance Earth Defense Force 5
Retweeted by Nick SuttnerKlan Member Suddenly Opposed to Wearing Shitty Homemade Masks
Retweeted by Nick Suttner @AndrewNK ☺️ @caroltchung ❤️❤️❤️Having a good hair day and feeling more like a real person with a couple weeks of beard growth.
eating a can of joke snakes to liven up my autopsy
Retweeted by Nick SuttnerI knew Lonely Mountains: Downhill would be good, but I’m a little upset no one told me it was one of the greatest g…
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@puzzletheory Wait seriously? That's hilarious, I can't imagine playing without a controller. @puzzletheory Playing with a keyboard? @DimerHunton @metanetsoftware @itsjonrobertson I realize how serious of a claim that is! @davidhellman You def got me to finally play itI knew Lonely Mountains: Downhill would be good, but I’m a little upset no one told me it was one of the greatest g… is gonna be good, send Nate some jobs you’re looking to fill! of my fav episodes of late, just hanging out talkin' games with @mossmouth
Did anyone ever make the joke of calling Death Stranding A Long Hike, because dibs @mikehuguenor FUCK @ChappersChapman @johntdrake @Xbox Woah hi Mike! Did you work at Rare in 2008 when I visited to write a BK: N&B + VP: TiP story for EGM?In case you weren't up early for Videogames: Call of the Sea was announced with a beautiful trailer - I'm SO happy…
Retweeted by Nick Suttner @StuartIWalton @CesarQuintero @OutBlueGames @cissyspeaks @RawFury Woah thank you!! @SaulVillegas45 @OutBlueGames @cissyspeaks @RawFury Thanks sir! ❤️
@scottstephan ☺️ @EvolveTom @OutBlueGames @cissyspeaks @RawFury Thanks Tom! @muzboz @OutBlueGames @cissyspeaks @RawFury Thanks! :-)"Is every racing game video a speed run?" - @sutterdan, keeping me sane during quarantine @twesthause @OutBlueGames @cissyspeaks @RawFury Thanks much Tyler! @burywite @SBFVGSPodcast @OutBlueGames @cissyspeaks @RawFury <3 @dirtytea @OutBlueGames @cissyspeaks @RawFury Thanks Tyler! @chronofloss @cissyspeaks @OutBlueGames @RawFury She really is! @KelpieLives @OutBlueGames @cissyspeaks @RawFury Thanks so much Kristen <33 @TacoDouglas @SBFVGSPodcast @OutBlueGames @cissyspeaks @RawFury Thanks Mike!! @robkrekel @OutBlueGames @cissyspeaks @RawFury Thanks much Robert! @Twitchikins @OutBlueGames @cissyspeaks @RawFury Thanks very much! @GabrielNorori @ryanodonnell Thank you!! @crowsmack @OutBlueGames @cissyspeaks @RawFury <33 @Nelsormensch @OutBlueGames @cissyspeaks @RawFury Thanks Nels!! @fire_tony @OutBlueGames @cissyspeaks @RawFury Thanks much! @lumberfemme @OutBlueGames @cissyspeaks @RawFury Thanks very much Claire! @lauraehall @OutBlueGames @cissyspeaks @RawFury Thanks Laura!! @CorneliaGeppert @OutBlueGames @cissyspeaks @RawFury Thanks so much Cornelia!! @kreilly77 @OutBlueGames @cissyspeaks @RawFury We'll take it! Thanks!