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A beauty and a mystery. Works in marketing, also in @outline @believermag @thebafflermag @independent @crackmagazine @i_d @guardian and others probs (he/him)

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@sachgau yes and @SzMarsupial hahahahahha @SzMarsupial it's not ciabatta or something @SzMarsupial it's sweet and can mop up gravy/cream/sauce @Max_Pecano hahahahahaaha @Max_Pecano hahahahahhhahahahaha @ZabMustefa i would get sued so many times over @Max_Pecano it is interesting that you think cheese is a seasoningMr Peanutbutter is hot tho @JordanWildon i refuse to win Twitter but thank you kindly!One of the favourite things to do is scoop up one of the cats in one arm and hold her like a baby while I pick spic… mean to tell me that a pumpkin spiced this latte @sanjanamv Ugh I know @sanjanamv Gay and marriedInstagram is great for finding out which of your friends has hot coworkersThinking about the time when my friends from university found little satisfaction in our future job prospects so we…
Retweeted by nathan ma @ted_pen YesI used to know a guy who got too high at a club and overslept the next morning so he missed his flight and got hit… I worked in the government I would send everyone little advent calendars where every day they opened a door and…
Retweeted by nathan maI love working in "fintech" @torahwilcox zoom can automatically record it! i've heard people upload the files to youtube and use the auto-trans…'s been a long day at the meme factory @MillyBurroughs whathim: *thinking about how much he loves her* her: *thinking about how some jellyfish are immortal* when I read @erikagajda omg i am thankful for someone to talk about english people/men with too and for the invite to [redacted] @rosalyster in my opinion yes @JD_quietly omg 🥺🥺🥺Me opening up about myself Thanksgiving, I'm #thankful that I'm hotWhat is everyone thankful for about meMy Gen Z colleague just asked if the club Sisyphos was a reference to syphilis @constamtinople 😍Absolute stunning beverage, a classmate had lasting heart palpitations from it, when will the other pop girls do it… @constamtinople A G R E ELet’s get lost tonight, you can be my BIPOC Kate Moss tonight
Retweeted by nathan maPersonal essays are just Mitski songs without guitars
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Retweeted by nathan mamitski me 🤝 just asking for a kiss
Retweeted by nathan maAs glam as it would be to be powerful and important, there are so many good reasons that I don't, cannot, and will… @ivelostlewis 🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️🕵️If I worked in the government I would send everyone little advent calendars where every day they opened a door and… are they calling this like it's the cast reveal for a high school musical @SophieHaigney a few years ago another american and i were tasked with doing the full on-site magazine for a provin… reminder that im very glamorous
Retweeted by nathan ma @joandiddlysquat thank you angel!! i just wake up every day and feel like the luckiest gal in the world!For my first four years in Berlin, there was one suitcase that I never unpacked between flats because I never had a… @JordanWildon also found some cute ones on home24! @JordanWildon mattress or frame? i got my frame secondhand from a friend (otherwise it was from wayfair), beds ther… @AlisonHammond you are simply the best! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️This year was actually the first time I ever bought a bed of my own because my M.O. for my entire adult life has al… @miriammalek @exxonmobil this is so funny lol @keewa i WILLI hate it when journalists say they have a 'scoop', you're not the ice cream manIn BoJack, Diane is like 36 before she gets her first viral article..... Representation mattersWe did it, @JoeVonHutch! I am so proud to announce that DADDY's Together Issue is here. Many thanks to everyone who…
Retweeted by nathan ma @sachgau truuue plus they would never call it 'app', they love their silly little COVID warnung tracker gesundheit blessing app @irinibus yeah i think the COVID poster is a joke but the support hotline is just such a massive oversight, i imagi… @irinibus Entirely fair!! It's the kind of thing that I imagine might also draw someone away from services they nee… my god Christmas, Priti Patel is planning more devastating deportations – here’s how you can stop them
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@MarxBot4000 MateI love all my straight friends though we might not agree about their lifestyle choicesHonestly the only thing that can save me when I'm incapacitated and on deadline is switching my font choice to Comi… @constamtinople breathtaking!Excited to have my first out-loud conversation of the day with another human adult at 8:30 PM on a WednesdayPeople love to get mad about how easy marketing is but at its core marketing is just playing matchmaker between the… @RachelConnoll14 @jamesdgreig Then punt him back to the baby bin where he belongs! Enough! We're ✈️ cyber bullying! @RachelConnoll14 Name and shame!!!! @RachelConnoll14 Me bullying a puppy: that's capitalism baby!Exciting to see that the Late Capitalism essay has been distilled into the Late Capitalism tweet first piece for @dazedbeauty is live! HIV, Tik Tok, & almost committing suicide; I promise it’s a sunny read wit…
Retweeted by nathan ma @cjmacaodha yes! also they set the scene IN MY OPINION @cjmacaodha !!!!! @randonrosen yes @angelica_frey just throw lil miquela in there too, sure she has a singleIt's so silly to be based in Germany while working for the UK and the US, like that's simply too many postal/"bank"… @angelica_frey in concept she's probably closest to the femmebot/android pop stars (charli, dorian electra, even so… @angelica_frey musically, aesthetically, or like in concept? @Kav_Kaushik lol i did the same and the results called me a [redacted]im done explaining shit y’all gotta start reading my mind
Retweeted by nathan maAnyway, @cyreejarelle I'm so sorry to hear this, sending you and your family love ♥️♥️♥️ @musafirani Ok lol Truuuuue @Jesse_Hirsch @jennygzhang Ahhh thank you!!! I knew someone had written about this and this is what I think I'd see…'s Sagittarius season, any fights that I start are not my legal or social responsibilityNot searching for silver linings but one nice thing about the pandemic is that I haven't heard a poem for literally… years of tracking our digital footprints, platforms are trying to free us from what we post. But with every…
Retweeted by nathan ma @josephcorcoran @DinoCrisisActor !!!!!! @DinoCrisisActor youtube cooking vids are so good!!! i watched like 30 different videos of jewish matriarchs prepar…'s nothing wrong with using recipes but if you're gonna complain about the soliloquies that lead into every re… @nrasidi idk why i'm so peeved by it but lemme tell you—i am!Not to be rude but just learn to cook lol of my tweets are open for discussion, this isn't a book clubWhy are German post offices such emotional war zonesMe reintroducing myself to society after spending like twelve months forgetting how to interact with people @saintvannity omg 😳🥺 @MarxBot4000 ♥️♥️♥️♥️ @sabfaramarzi sorry but that is the perfect description of a dog