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Ntumwa Gideon💭 @ntumwagid Kampala, Uganda

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It actually might increase your startup success chances if you're not only watching for entertainment. There are c… @Arsenal Partey already in?! Y'all too thirstyIf you wouldn't drink your vegetables, why then would you listen to an audiobookBuild a great team and give your startup a fighting chance for successThe impact at scale of small pricing changes by companies we love is mind blowing. -Netflix: Increase Monthly by $…
Retweeted by Ntumwa Gideon💭Being a leader doesn't require a title; Having a title certainly doesn't make you one.Analysis paralysis reveals you don't have a great decision-making model as a startup founder @KarthikS2206 I think both are crucial in equal measureI asked, "What's the best book about investing?" I received 400+ responses. Here are 25 brilliant books that will…
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Being a startup founder is like being a scientist: experimenting different ideas and theories all the damn time until one clicks. Repeat @ntumwagid Because we care about Ugandans, we make sure our maize flour is dust free and of the highest quality pos…
Retweeted by Ntumwa Gideon💭This is from one of our clients, a startup C.E.O, who has employed our services. I personally handled his account a… you appreciate the good work you employees are doing in your startup? An appreciated person will always do more than is expected is a handy tool for startups trying to increase their social media footprint And its FREE.… core reason behind CyberHost founding was and still is to help startups grow. Visit an… tried your maize flour, it's the best on the market by a country mile. Keep up the good work.… your startup's goal is to do inspired, creative work, you have to work as a lion. Sprint when inspired. Rest. Repeat.
You learn alot by being silent.
Retweeted by Ntumwa Gideon💭Satya Nadella is the 🐐 - LinkedIn at $26B - Nuance Communications at $20B - GitHub at $7.5B - ZeniMax at $7.5B No…
Retweeted by Ntumwa Gideon💭When you are a tiny startup, the biggest advantage you have is being forced to limit yourself to do the one thing t… wish that startups would stop bragging about their MMR but instead share their struggles and how they over came t…
SaaS definitely the future. has included the use of memes as another digital marketing resource for startups. If you… need a startup as a side hustle"Startups are not for everyone to start" Biggest lie ever. Only you can validate that.How do you love this young engineer? your team with the right tools they need? That makes a startup founder's life a bit easier and sets you…"Never forget to manage yourself during the search for success" Sanjoy KumarStartup idea: steal an idea and make it better. Original ideas are overrated.
@johnem89 Exactly. 🥂Daughter trying to SEO the hell out of the second frame 😁👍🏾 startup day?! @johnem89 Quite hard and fun in equal measures, John. How is it going there?
@wes_kao This is immensely interesting, Wes. I'm ashamed to admit that I saw bits of myself in there.The most powerful ideas in life:
Retweeted by Ntumwa Gideon💭Who know what's happening here? had a call with the founder of two $10b+ companies and came away really impressed. He shared how he raised m…
Retweeted by Ntumwa Gideon💭As a startup founder, I've learned the hard way that people don't care about the product, they care about what it does for them.Information wants to be freedAnother startup idea, anyone? @_Omahr At least you have your phone with you. You will disclose the location once you reach @bzepha1 @CharliSecrets1 Thank youStartup idea: an app for such gadgets, if there isn't one already. @Your_Miss_B I need to learn to keep my phone awayWhen I'm not in office, I am gardening. One of my few hobbies that brings in some money. If you'd rather your home… @Zimasabuhle Why are you still looking like that @Nivedita_S_ Unfortunately @afcstuff People now analyzing Arteta's success like we did with Pepevery startup should build a "bookshelf" of resources for new teammates curious to learn about their space. curatin…
Retweeted by Ntumwa Gideon💭Even if you’re not ready for the day, it cannot always be night.
Retweeted by Ntumwa Gideon💭The Ultimate Life Hack: Be nice to people.
Retweeted by Ntumwa Gideon💭Solopreneurship is about managing emotions. Some days you're amped by crazy amount you've made in a day and some d… @anafabrega11 Amazing. Thank you Ana
@UGmanofficial @ntumwagid @UGmanofficial @ntumwagid @UGmanofficialStartup Hack: Building a brand >> building an audience @Ssentongopeter5 What are the metrics for measuring worth in a friendship?! I don't expect anyone to be friends wi… @johnem89 HiUse the income from the fulltime job to fund your startup (hire and train young and talented creatives). You'll al… design review at a startup you consume is already consuming you. Make it count. For a #Bootstrap #Startup Founder, managing time becomes… @Arsenal Man, we don't know. This time choose for yourselves. But make sure you choose @LacazetteAlexSpecific knowledge is knowledge that you cannot be trained for. If society can train you, it can train someone else… @UGmanofficial @ntumwagid isn't for everyone and startups are harder than you might have been told. All it is about someti… share startup ideas (from myself and collections from other creative minds I interact with) and resources bootstr… your #dustfree posho, add beans and greens on the side, osilike.
Retweeted by Ntumwa Gideon💭A startup idea: building self-replicating robots that garden the wilderness to produce food for the world😎. Becau… @rrhoover've hired 100s of people and made plenty of costly errors along the way. Here are my 12 worst recruiting mistakes & how to avoid them 🧵
Retweeted by Ntumwa Gideon💭A startup main objective must be to solve a problem, to help. That's the fastest way to build a successful business. say, your art, writing or invention isn't an act of self promotion, it's rather an act of self expression.… you don't put your ideas out in the world, no one is going to benefit from them. Do all of us a favor and shar…
@alexlobaloba @UGmanofficial @ntumwagid @UGmanofficial80,000 miles of plasma stands tall like a tree on the sun. This was captured just an hour ago from my backyard, des…
Retweeted by Ntumwa Gideon💭 @Arsenal This Arsenal team makes you so proud. 10 men for nearly 70 minutes against top kops at AnfieldThis Arsenal team makes you so proud. 10 men for nearly 70 minutes against top kops at Anfield @Arsenal Not his fault @Ravisutanjani If you found a startup with a main aim of making money, you've got it all wrong before you even start#Founders, #investors and #team must be focused on a common goal. Nothing more dangerous in early stage #startups than misplaced enthusiasmA new startup founder's urge to find sleep at 12AM in the night @Tunde_OD @enockluyonzaYou're never too old to start a business. A 56-year-old GE Engineer quit his job to found one of golf's most iconi…
Retweeted by Ntumwa Gideon💭💔 brought this. @UGmanofficial @KalyGains @ntumwagidFirefox just stopped working for everyone. Your PC has no problem. The way around it? Disable HTTP3 in about:con… idea: add value to already existing products or services. Get returns through licensing, royalties or subsc… other lesson is: Learn to say no. Saying no could be the thing you need sometimes to propel your startup growth @jayvasdigital The other lesson is: Learn to say no. Saying no could be the thing you need sometimes to propel your startup growthEvery time I come across something from Drucker’s work, I find new layers, or new applications.After hiring great creatives, get out of their wayWhat is one unexpected piece of advice you received that ended up being extremely helpful when starting your business? @IlkayGuendogan She would've at least first put her dildo off the table before taking the pic"People spend too much time doing and not enough time thinking about what they should be doing." @naval
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