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Beaker09 @NtzBeaker09 Dhaka, Bangladesh

An introvert person who likes #PhineasAndFerb/#MiloMurphysLaw. She/her. 2001's kid. From Dhaka, Bangladesh.🇧🇩

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I'm not doing the character fan art thingy and that's it.Star Butterfly That's it, that's the tweet
Retweeted by Beaker09This may be my favorite visual gag I ever drew. It's either this or it's the reveal of the Hash Slinging Slasher..…
Retweeted by Beaker09I don't know what's wrong with me.😖😖😖I see it I like it I want it I got it 💖💎💖 #SonicTheHedgehog #RougeTheBat
Retweeted by Beaker09 @nachiopistachio Just wow.17 years on and still going fast!
Retweeted by Beaker09#僕らのベストソングカウントダウン I like "Impress My Professor" a lot because it has a catchy melody and it is really fun listenin…
Retweeted by Beaker09 @nachiopistachio 😭😢
Pink! #SonicTheHedgehog #Sonic #amy #digitalpainting
Retweeted by Beaker09 @Ieibi97 Noo.😭😭😣😭😭I swear they do Tails so dirty when it comes to crushes lol In Sonic X, he had to deal with a death of Cosmo. Then…
Retweeted by Beaker09Every single grocery store employee works harder than the President of the United States.
Retweeted by Beaker09Quick little comic cause a lot of you seemed to like that crossover team of SpongeBob, Phineas, Sonic, and Tommy.
Retweeted by Beaker09Like and retweet if you would like to see the Sonic OVA get the soundtrack treatment! It would be perfect to have i…
Retweeted by Beaker09 @Ieibi97 @antooniverse I love you.𝓲𝓽’𝓼 𝓳𝓾𝓼𝓽 𝓭𝓾𝓬𝓴𝓼
Retweeted by Beaker09Good morning Don't give up. It'll work out somehow 💙
Retweeted by Beaker09 @AshMichelleSims Thanks for your kind words Ashley. Hopefully we'll all be happy once again.Calling this the 'Greatest Hits' is a disgrace to Phineas and Ferb imo :/ Do I need to make a best PnF songs video?
Retweeted by Beaker09 @pfmmlnews Yes, yes you do. @Ieibi97 You can do it!!!!!
@Moonchirashi @Leibi97 @Ieibi97 Thank you.❤ @clxrxscuro @Ieibi97 Thanks! @antooniverse @nachiopistachio @Ieibi97 Thank you, you good human. @nachiopistachio @Ieibi97 Thanks man! @Ieibi97 Ahhh glad you liked it!Hope this makes you feel better @Ieibi97 . More description can be found on dA. #PhineasAndFerb #selfinsert #shipフィニファわんどろ 「また同じクラスだね!!」
Retweeted by Beaker09Meeeeeow? @Ieibi97 You're not late lol. And thanks... @MarkMaciej 1. It's not too late anyways. Don't worry about that.😅 2. Aww thanks. @antooniverse I love you, Antooniverse! @soi_girl Eh that looked like a costume to me lol.Let's do this again. I know, nothing much positive about me, but still. 2 ftw
Retweeted by Beaker09 @antooniverse @TheZoneUniverse Antooniverse is right. Kris has an amazing design. @JuanEnricoDimay @Foolinpain2 @nedlingtonnymph @sleepb_ @Leibi97 Is that another request? Thank you so much my frie… @nachiopistachio @steampwrdcyborg Aww.Protecc this bean.
Retweeted by Beaker09 @AshMichelleSims Awww.❤ @nachiopistachio 😢 @MarkMaciej @Foolinpain2 @nedlingtonnymph @sleepb_ @Leibi97 Uh thanks. Bit it will be hard for me to believe, to be honest😓😅. @nachiopistachio 😢 @nachiopistachio Do I even have a right mind?
I made this Cream The Rabbit and Cheese the Chao drawing just because I love the characters 😄 they deserve more lov…
Retweeted by Beaker09 @nachiopistachio @Leibi97 Ferb(s), Lilo and Doofy?Proud of myself? I really wish I had something to be proud of, to be honest😣😥. Anyways, I tried to pick 4.… realised that I replied in the wrong place, nah just going to leave it as it is.You want to Heal the world Empower people Enact justice? Then first Find wholeness Own your power Uphold justice…
Retweeted by Beaker09josh, you're the cooliest
Retweeted by Beaker09 @cartoon_post @Tlong00381 @DanPovenmire Dan Povenmire later confirmed that green hair came from Ferb's paternal grandfather.More requests. More requests! #requests #art #fanart #PhineasandFerb #deviantart
Retweeted by Beaker09😢 was gonna make a Eggman custom design pattern on Animal Crossing NH but that mustache requires to much pixels lol…
Retweeted by Beaker09going to sleep at 6am? going to sleep at 6am. goodnight. I mean good morning. but there's also time zones. good aft…
Retweeted by Beaker09 @DanPovenmire So.. That technically means Phineas is minimum 8 years old at the current show time. And I'm Act Your… @DanPovenmire Wait.... If they weren't born, how do they exist? I though they were born in the future. Like, people… @Ieibi97 No Leibi. I'm there for you. Didn't you think what will happen to us? *hugs tight* please don't leave us alone. We love you!🤢🤮😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😠😠😠😠😠😠🙁😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 ; 🙂 Inside ; 🤢🤮😰🤬😠☹️😭
Retweeted by Beaker09 @antooniverse *hugs back* @antooniverse Thanks!Life is so unfair....😖😖😖"The pen is mightier than the sword." Trying to convince people with ideas and words is more effective than tryin…
Retweeted by Beaker09Look what I found: @nachiopistachio @RobAnderson2018 Disappointing indeed....😢😢😢It took Obama 8 years to fix 8 years of Bush but it took Trump only 3 years to undo 244 years of the USA.
Retweeted by Beaker09So.... Here is the same picture. I edited it a bit further this time. @MarkMaciej Thanks!
@antooniverse @Ieibi97 Thanks you 2! I've tried to do a bit different colouring this time.Ooof, it's finally done. LFLS (Galaxinathemagi AU) Phineas with normal Phineas. The pictures tell the rest.… @jedfarcry223 I've never seen the show, to be honest.😅 @nachiopistachio @Foolinpain1 😢Sorry for the late post, but happy birthday @dalisay_third. It's still 3rd April here, so apparently it's not over… @jedfarcry223 Thanks for the concern. @jedfarcry223 It's fine. I think I feel better now.😊 @dalisay_third Anytime my friend. @antooniverse Thank you so much. Sorry for being so clingy though. *hugs back* @dalisay_third Happy birthday Dalisay.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA… LGBTQIA flag?
Retweeted by Beaker09 @PakoHedgeDog I understand how you feel. I don't have any friends irl either, got many problems with my personality… @nachiopistachio @nachiopistachio Darkness doesn't last forever. Everything's going to be fine! @nachiopistachio 😢 @nachiopistachio Candace Flynn is there for you!
@antooniverse I don't watch What If anymore.☺What if: What if we stopped shaking hands/ran out of toilet papers/caught coronavirus? Me: What if I stopped watchi… @antooniverse Thanks man. @antooniverse So true..😊 @Tlong00381 @antooniverse @TigerBobAndAdam Because he's from our universe. Teal platypuses are from Phineas and Ferb universe.If.internet wasn't here today, I would have been terribly depressed and lonely like I have been at many times in the past.Wait... Do I even have a future anymore? @antooniverse @TigerBobAndAdam It's Perry the Platypus. Perry! @AlysonStoner Spiders love you, Alyson.These spiders in my apartment give zero f’s about physical distancing. 🕷
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