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@ntztipu I think it's a matter of being open minded about what can or can't be a "good story". Very often it feels…
Retweeted by Manly Tear @Ninfer94 Now you're speaking my language🥳. If you wanna go further down the rabbit hole you'll wanna know the sour… @deadboyshit @noshstradamus Lol, same for me, considering starting to watch it soon... altho' thing is, I'm really… @Nekotashisan que thy theme @Nekotashisan @SovLovesYotsuba The one with the ice cream deserves to be in the hallways of the most glorious Ichik… Ichika Nakano 中野一花
Retweeted by Manly Tear @DomeKanoFR The events between 2nd and 3rd pics 🔥🎆🥳 I hope Natsuo wrote about this in his version of DomeKano, bec…ドメカノ/ #domekano / #DomesticNaKanojo / #DomesticGirlfriend 🌌🌌🎆🌌🌌
Retweeted by Manly Tear @Elitealice2 While I don't really use MAL or anitubers to decide what I'm gonna watch (I do look at 'em, but I'll s… photo of Rias to appreciate her beauty ♥️ 💜Day 161♥️ #RiasGremory #HighschoolDxD
Retweeted by Manly Tear @TBZOMBI3 Before anyone says anything, I have to point out that Aqua is the top-tier comedic character of Konosuba,…
@KoiLovesElaina Okay, here's an interesting one, from Macross Frontier (mecha + love triangle + idol music) , betwe… just couldn’t imagine letting strangers on a screen determine what I say or do online lmao
Retweeted by Manly Tear @Elitealice2 'Tis pretty sad if you think about it, how various anitubers have become popular influencers that man… @ecchi_waifus Based Stella on fire 🔥 ( literally 😅)
Retweeted by Manly Tear @EntertainersAce I'm pretty happy the situation with that Yaguchi guy wasn't dragged out and he saw reason at the e… episode of Higehiro was really good. Yoshida again proves why he is the best man of this season. A lot of deve…
Retweeted by Manly Tear @EritoWorld Nice takes on Airi & while I think it's okay for folks to be a little cautious around her (just like sh… has always been an interesting character. Unfortunately, some scenes (episode 4) did not go into details. Goto…
Retweeted by Manly Tear @Namaryuu I'm hoping it's not mainly about romance tbf, and more about helping out Sayu get to grips with her life… #ひげひろ People have a weird tendency to give shows a specific point of view that in the end turns out to…
Retweeted by Manly TearThis moment was so sweet 🥺
Retweeted by Manly TearIt's not easy being a fan of series "everyone loves to hate", like dnk or rg. It's like just because of the kind of…
Retweeted by Manly Tear @Ninfer94 The charm of stories with controversial elements is also their bane and it's true that folks should consi… just took a look at the uncensored version of Tokyo Revengers and the difference in some scene is very striking.…
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Happy draken day!! Please always be happy our beloved Kenchin
Retweeted by Manly Tear(5/10 Japan) Happy Birthday to Ken Ryuguji!
Retweeted by Manly Tear @AniTrendz Happy b-day to this badass with a heart of gold 🎉🥳 love how people always write on my MAL profile when they start 86 because they know I started that wave. That’s respect.
Retweeted by Manly Tear @Elitealice2 I just realized I didn't do that yet... BUT,But,but!!! I was eye-ing the anime anyway. Instead I shou… @TenmaWorks 🤝🥂 👏👏👏 up facts here. The setting itself is quite whacky, one where idol music can greatly influence the tide of… I'm gonna talk about three works (Anime, Drama and LN/Manga) and tell you my feeling towards these works,…
Retweeted by Manly Tear10/10 ep again. Like what they did with this ep especially that 'part'. The reveal was done well too. Managed to…
Retweeted by Manly Tear @animewesl Yea he did, and it's a given as he shares more secrets with Lena. Has to happen gradual so it doesn't f… @animewesl Also a bit broken, yet mentally strong at the same time😭 🥲man shin looks so FKING COOL here #エイティシックス #anime_86
Retweeted by Manly TearJJK stans literally stanning a side character that was stolen from FMA. Poverty fan base
Retweeted by Manly Tear @Elitealice2 Damn, you always hit 'em right where it hurts most 😂😅 Eighty-Six #05 SB/ED: Satsuki Takahashi This scene is absolutely chilling. There's been a recurring technique…
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OMG?? BAJI AND SMILEY?? We were blessed today!! #TokyoRevengers
Retweeted by Manly TearMikey-kun getting serious, ready for Moebius! 🔥 [Tokyo Revengers]
Retweeted by Manly TearThis scene got me straight through the kokoro 💘, I'll probably think about it all week, on Draken's words 🥲 I have… @DailyAnimeLove I'm watching it for everyone: Draken, Mikey, Takemichi, Hina ✌️ But for this thread, it's Draken s… @animetv_jp No thanks, Crunchyroll is following in Funimation's footsteps with their bullshit censorship of origina…
Retweeted by Manly TearVersion diffusée VS Version non-censurée. C'est juste un scandale ! Y'a pas à censurer comme ça. C'est clairement…
Retweeted by Manly TearI mean, seriously wtf is this?
Retweeted by Manly Tear @Ninfer94 He's combined likeable + alpha traits, sick combo 🥳 Dude's the type to have people that jump into fire a… is such a likeable character. You can easily see why he's so respected by his underlings.
Retweeted by Manly Tearffs, is all this censorship necessary?
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Today's going to be a bright say for you, I can tell! Anime is Asamade Jygyo Chu. If you need something to get you…
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Caption it
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Retweeted by Manly Tear @RoxyPendragon And she's the type to brighten people's day, especially his, AND she has the beauty mark ... this i…
@xai_14 Clubby... I hope this isn't how you make your entry at parties ☠️ 😅's not forget about Yuzuki Eba from A Town Where you Live 🎆🥳👍's probably a rule of the medium by this point that the finest girls get great emotional moments with the MC unde… of the 5th episode of Tokyo Revengers. #TokyoRevengers
Retweeted by Manly Tearsome mikey panels i colored today #TokyoRevengers
Retweeted by Manly TearLa nouvelle maj Twitter qui me permet de reposter cette planche stratosphérique.
Retweeted by Manly Tear @SovLovesYotsuba Ah this artwork, one of my all time-favs. The angelic white dress look + hat somehow seems to fit…"And I miss you more whenever I think about you"
Retweeted by Manly Tear @Elitealice2 @dripuniversl @jmanw29 @TwitterSupport @EliteAlice1 Rooting for ya 👍 @TenmaWorks 🤝"Lion" is definitely one of my favs, the 2nd OP 😍👍✌️ I like others like Sheryl's "Welcome To My Fan… @ntztipu 😍❤❤❤❤❤ Best song
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@LoKoKaBoosTeR @WaifuAlert Lmao, I never knew of this one. Looks pretty fun. Some of the best ones add some good c…
Retweeted by Manly Tear @Throwaw77490499 @ecchi_waifus Sagiri Yuko.'t even begin to imagine how the average person's mental would look like if they witnessed 561 deaths of people…
Happy birthday to the Quintessential Quintuplets!! My favorite anime and my number 1 waifu Nakano Yotsuba 🧡💚🧡💚
Retweeted by Manly Tear @LoKoKaBoosTeR Hmmm, guess I'll chip in with a bit of Shera L. Greenwood ✌️ Sauce is "How not to Summon a Demon… PPL !!! its OPPAI TUESDAY !!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Have a Great day out there ! 😁👍
Retweeted by Manly Tear @CxSkitter @jerging27 @Mrpotatin @HARRYPO75589081 @MangaContexts @jxpann The eastern audience would say otherwise 🥳 felt like making a more detailed post on Gotou Airi over on the HigeHiro sub, not necessarily implying that her &… @Moneyman4lyfe_ They're pretty cool, for different reasons ofc. But I know my fav 🥳✌️ Dunno whether Airi & Yoshida…
"You're better than the best. I'm lucky just to linger in your light"
Retweeted by Manly Tear @RoxyPendragon The marks of one + the smile. It's very much in the air whether her & Yoshida will actually become… @SovLovesYotsuba That's the way to go! It's not bad to take an L every once in a while 😅 I'd also kinda hope Air… @SovLovesYotsuba I was curious on it but never had THAT big expectations from the synopsis alone, just steadily get… @SovLovesYotsuba Same, she might have side-char status but she might as well be a main at this point, because she h…👉 how she didn't try to get him to kick her out or something either, didn't do or suggest anything underhanded, nei… Airi showing more signs that she's genuine in her feelings for Yoshida. I get that people will still show c… @TenmaWorks Not only is it one-sided for Sayu & she certainly has some issues, but for Yoshida to fall for her afte… have finished #higehiro's episode, so... I want to clarify: I don't see any romance between Yoshida and Sayu, it'…
Retweeted by Manly Tear @RoxyPendragon 👍👍👍 Personally, I think it's warranted to be at least a bit more cautious , from both his & her sid… I "gambling" too much by supporting this pairing, this early when the story could go in several directions? Whet… wanna believe her. I don’t know why she would have a reason to lie about her being a virgin #higehiro 4
Retweeted by Manly Tear @ArmandoValores Gotou Airi has the beauty mark under the eye too + that side tail + can hold her drink = marks of a… likes them bigger and older. #ひげひろ #higehiro
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Retweeted by Manly Tear @WaifuAlert Maids sure know how to clean( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Sauce is G-Taste(G-Best is OVA) its a Hentai
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Ara~ara, normally I should be like "we definitely checking this out ✌️" but then I see "monthly" 🥲
@SovLovesYotsubaアニメ回復術士のやり直し二巻には、しおこんぶ先生の書下ろし漫画が付属します 内容は、真の名セツナっくす。真の名前を呼ばれながらのエッチが魂ごと支配されているみたいで最高に好きなセツナちゃんとのいちゃエロです! セツナちゃんの真の名…
Retweeted by Manly TearLe père de Natsuo c’est un crack Cette scène me fera toujours autant rire
Retweeted by Manly Tear @SovLovesYotsuba Gotta love that part, how he basically fell for the same girl twice, while he thought it was a dif… heart couldn't lie, but he couldn't believe that the girl he first loved was in front of him all along.
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