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Alex Thornber @nucosi Brighton, England

Bookish Emo Bisexual™: Writer, Poet, Bookseller, Photographer. he/him

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No, not you being out here non essential shopping and then lecturing me about busy. Not today. Keep moving. @JohnLeCharis Much ado directed by Kenneth Branagh is the absolute GOAT. @georgiajpenny_ It’s a good shirt right.You can just tell when someone did NOT want to write their autobiography. I am disappointed but £10 richer than I would have been so. @Phil_M_thinker Oh it’s going to be David Bailey’s for sure.Good morning everyone. I call this ‘Waiting for the Train, Bored’
@DMan1504 I nearly bought this today!Goodnight Brighton. You’re still beautiful in the rain. @HelenMcClory 👀👀👀I just want to curl up on the sofa in a large cardigan and read a 600+ page biography so I can exist in someone els… @HelenMcClory A vibe I can truly get on board with. Love me some middle less fiction.Okay the universe is fucking with me now. How dare they release a David Bailey autobiography on the same day and a…, today I feel like these ghost balloons. wish it was Groundhog Day and I could stay inside all day making spooky decorations and watching cartoons with Ha… @onyx_mercedes_ Cc: @_HannaHead_ Subject: URGENT!! @Microcosmmm Thank you so much!
@helenofpylos That’s exactly it! Such a bizarre sensation but it’s nice to know It’s less uncommon than I feared.Hanna got me the coolest surprise gift today from a charity shop. The @Microcosmmm Zine Yearbook From 2009. I remem… @Microcosmmm Is there any way you can help me remember the name of a zine I used to get from you by someone who cyc… @RhiannonTripp I’ve been meaning to read this for a while now. Wish there was more SciFi in MG. @bluericard0 “Does that stranger on the train have COVID or are they awkwardly clearing their throat after a conver… in 2020 has gifted me the ability to hear someone cough from a mile away. Is it a superpower? Is it a curse? 🤷‍♀️Book two of the series done and oh my gosh that ending! I cannot imagine not being able to immediately start the ne… @charlycox1 Bullseye! @alicecrumbs Well, obviously I have no choice but to write it. Far me it from me to avoid a dare. 😛Excellent post day. More @HelenMcClory stories for this spook season. @SmutScribbler Yes! My current life definitely began the day I found myself comfortable in my truest self. Thank you for sharing. 💛 @AnnFielding8 Omg yes! That has been on my TBR forever so I guess now I have to read it immediately. Thank you. @alicecrumbs I love that! Sounds like the title of a story collection I would definitely read haha. @alicecrumbs It’s so strange! Like, I feel as if major events in a life, be they emotional or physical, can act as… much of my life before say five years ago is a flashback montage in a filler episode of a sitcom but like, I don…, I REMEMBER teenage Alex but I do not know him. I remember uni student Alex but I THINK it was a film I saw once.Do you ever feel like you’ve lived an entirely different life before the one you’re currently living but like, it w…
@blgtylr Using up all my book related wishes for a similarly timed UK release. 🤞💛 @Emspeanuts @Emspeanuts Well fuck. You’ve made me look like a fool now.If you’re thinking Something To Write Home About by The Get Up Kids... you might have a good point. Equal first place. I can’t choose.I mean, a LOT of excellent music came out in 1999 but does anything beat Look Now Look Again by Rainer Maria? I don’t think so. @LollMcC I’m not wrong though am I? HahaCurrently reading. These stories are something else. Berry is the Alice Munro of the farm lands. These yarns are i… we could harness the collective knowledge, passion and drive of booksellers worldwide I’m fairly sure we could f…’s time for a fancy coffee and the latest @popshotmag. One of my favourite times of the year. @samatlounge @MyVLF This is incredibly cool. @samatlounge @samatlounge 👀👀👀 @alicecrumbs That’s the premise for a romance novel right there!
@alicecrumbs 😂😂😂Sold a couple books off my Fleet Foxes vibe display today. That little hit of bookseller serotonin.HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best in the Biz. 🎉🥳💕’s worse— and moderately terrifying— is that this kind of book is now leaking into the kids market. @buzzingbugs I feel for you pal, I do. I pray this year none of them find their way to you.Whether intentional or not these books serve as propaganda. They cast people in lighter, funnier, modes to score po… @buzzingbugs I know. It baffles me. They’re for people to buy at Christmas for other people they don’t know very well.‘Sure they’re a literal hate preacher but if we rearrange some tweets it makes a funny joke ha ha ha ha see it’s funny’I cannot wait for the day we collectively decide not to engage with ‘satirical’ joke books that make fun of politic… story has been on sub for six months.Oh I do love the smell of stale, one line, form rejection letters in the morning.
The people who started Movember are kicking themselves right now. @blgtylr Thank you for this heads up. I was about to look it up myself haha.Grammar tip: it can be hard to remember the difference between “who” and “whom” The solution is simply to never ta…
Retweeted by Alex ThornberThis book is perfect for these slow autumnal nights. I loved every page of Lolly’s story; the setting, the history…*Bruce Springsteen tunes his guitar*The absolute POWER of this opening line. Ooooft. woke up today, took my vitamins, did some yoga, drank water, ate breakfast and yet I’m not now magically a health… @omnicuriousist Once in a while my soul yearns for unoriginality, the comfort of a familiar story projected through…
@omnicuriousist LOOK the book that started our bookshop nonsense has a movie!I am READY! @blgtylr How!? She’s already given us so much this year. @funcrusherrr don’t know who needs to hear this but clean out your purse/wallet/bag. You are just walking around in the wild li… fact that NONE of my friends have interacted with this tells me you haven’t seen Empire Records and therefor, a… @Phil_M_thinker I forgot he directed it! Such a good film. @Phil_M_thinker Oh awesome, well you’ve just inspired a reread of Into the Wild. Did you ever see the film? @Phil_M_thinker He’s fascinating! This book is fantastic so far. Never read him before.Currently reading: @TeresaStenson Each.Remember like last week— or was it 15 years ago?— when we were in lockdown and everyone was just kinda chill and ca…
Rewatching Stranger Things again and let me tell you something, if anyone deserves justice it’s Bob.The fallen leaves on my street make me feel all poetic and also miss kicking through the leaves in the park in Sout… is 100% responsible for my love of floppy haired art boys AND cardigans. @marisabcrane AJ!! Oooof time for my 9286518th rewatch of Empire Records. @SianREdwards @itsbenadam Yeah I’ve had that at self service too. I just assumed it was the limiting how many you can buy thing. @HelenMcClory Halloween this year is explicitly carving pumpkins are reading spooky stories in lieu of going out so I am very excited. @HelenMcClory Ooooh, done.The live action Princess Mononoke looks dark af. @itsbenadam Apparently it’s 16 though as I’ve literally never been ID’d for it before, I was rather baffled.Lies. I know a pissed off forest spirit when I see one. what will likely go down as the confidence boost of the century, I just got ID’d for ibuprofen in Aldi. I am— qu… @emwilcoxwrites 👀👀 @Nikki_M88 Thank you again for the tip. I ordered some in and I’m fascinated. This guys life was wild! Looking forw… reviewing books: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️: I LOVED IT ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️: I enjoyed it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️: I finished it. If anything warrants…
@_tommann_ 😂😂😂 @BooksRound @readablelife Okay I’m OBSESSED with that mask. 😂 @blgtylr Omg! But also, facts. 😂 @vampeyedesign Honestly, it’s such a silly thing to be this annoyed about but yet here I am, seething. Haha. @Chr1stop4 I want to look that good in a flower crown.Finally go past a Pret that will actually give me a filter coffee instead of an Americano and I get all the way to…
@helenofpylos Yeah l, never gets easier. It’s just been so long since I’ve been regularly sending stuff out. Gotta get used to it again. @Phil_M_thinker Oh it was glorious.The level of punctuation pettiness I aspire to: